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Commemorative Speech written by Molly Bostwick

"A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen." This quote by Edward de Bono makes me think of one girl. A girl like no other, a girl so beautiful she captured the attention of every person she passed, a girl that changed my life in countless ways, without even knowing it. That girl was Samantha Spady. I'm sure many, if not all of you have several thoughts running through your mind when you hear her name. Unfortunately, those who weren't touched with the presence of Sam in their lives only know her through the media. I'm here today to tell you that Sam isn't just a statistic; she isn't the girl who drank too much, or the college student who made a deadly mistake. Maybe you knew her, maybe you didn't, but one thing is for sure, Sam was a person with incredible beauty, God given talents, and an unexplainable innocence that touched the lives of thousands. With a contagious smile that could brighten a room in an instant, eyes as blue as the sea and a fashion sense to be envious of, Sam's beauty was obvious to all. She was the girl that every guy wanted to talk to, and every girl wanted to be. Her infamous Abercrombie and Hollister t-shirts, paired with her favorite pair of American Eagle jeans, somehow always looked perfect on her, no matter what the occasion. But it wasn't just her striking features that made Sam beautiful. She truly had a heart of gold and she proved it to me on so many occasions. I met Sam in the fall of my freshman year after we both joined Chi Omega fraternity. As we grew as friends, I noticed there was something special about her. It was impossible to be upset when you were around her, and if you tried to be, she would always come up with something clever to say to you that would force you to break a smile. Sam's characteristics became something I counted on when I felt as though I was holding the weight of the world on my shoulders. I always knew I could count on Sam to drop everything she had to do, to pick me up just so we could go for a drive and I could feel better about whatever dramatic situation I had gotten myself into. No one else could turn thunderstorms into sunshine like she could. Sam's beauty, both inside and out, was without comparison, and continues to be unsurpassed by anyone else I have ever encountered. Besides possessing an astonishing beauty, Sam was also extremely talented. She sketched drawings of people that looked so realistic they came to life in front of your eyes. I remember walking into her dorm room for the first time and seeing pictures of Jennifer Aniston look-a-likes hanging from her walls and being completely astonished at this unknown ability she had, that had never been mentioned before. Her creativity and artistic touch were something that set Sam apart from so many of my other friends. Through her drawings, Sam created a fantasy land that gave herself as well as others the opportunity to escape the confusion that envelopes everyday life. Although Sam's artistic talent was so remarkable it never even dawned on her to boast of her abilities. Some people would call it being modest, but it was only natural for Sam to not recognize how amazing she was. On a lighter note, Sam also encompassed every child's astonishment of the world around them. I can recall many instances where a group of friends would be joking around and laughing, then after a few moments, Sam would join in with the laughter when she finally caught on to the joke. Her facial expressions were like those of a little kid on Christmas. With almost every occasion, regardless of how exciting the event actually was, Sam's face would light up and a huge smile would spread across her face. One of the best ways that Sam portrayed this innocence was when I met one of her favorite friends, a large stuffed alligator, named Alligator. When I was finally introduced to her stuffed reptile companion, her eyes beamed with excitement, and her vivacious smile showed how delighted she was that I had finally met him. Sam slept next to Alligator every night, and even snuggled with him during our 16 hour road trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona last spring break. Sam's innocence wasn't just a unique characteristic of her, but also a constant reminder that sometimes life doesn't need to be taken so seriously. Sam Spady was a woman like no other. She will continue to touch the lives of many even after her unexpected passing. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a better person because I had Sam in my life. She taught me to always be accepting of others, shared her incredible artistic talent with me, and reminded me that life is meant to be enjoyed, and she did all of this by simply being Sam. Sam should not be remembered as a statistic, but rather as an incredible woman who displayed many honorable traits that we all should strive for in our own lives. So I'll leave you with a line from one of Sam's favorite songs by Maroon Five, "She will be loved."


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