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San Diego Chapter Safari Club International Price $3.50 Vol. XXXI, No. 2, April 2010 "CONSERVATION OF WILDLIFE AND PRESERVATION OF THE HUNTER"

Argentina -- A Unique Destination

With speaker Michael Malinauskas of Gaucho Safaris

From the north to the south of its territory, Argentina presents a unique variety of wild species to outdoor fans. Hunting and fishing can present a new experience to hunters and fishermen for the rareness of the wildlife and the high numbers that are present. Wing shooting is hot barreled, with dove, partridge, geese, and over 14 species of ducks. Large game to be found are red stag, water buffalo, blackbuck antelope, and wild boar. When fishing in Argentina's beautiful rivers and streams, you will find brown and rainbow trout as well as dorado. Chapter member Mike Malinauskas, of Gaucho Safaris will give us tips on when and where to visit this outstanding outdoor sports destination. Don't miss this meeting! Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Tom Ham's Lighthouse 2150 Harbor Island Drive San Diego's Harbor Island 5:30 PM No-Host Social Hour 6:30 PM Dinner 7:30 PM Annual Meeting and Archery Program $30 per person Call Lyons & O'Haver Taxidermy for reservations: 619-697-3217 Non-members are welcome to attend our meetings.

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2010 Calendar of Events

April 21, 2010 Hunting Argentina with Mike Malinauskas Tom Ham's Lighthouse May 2, 2010 Ladies Shoot at Project 2000 in El Cajon See info on page 9 May 15, 2010 Field Dog Demonstration Day at the DeGraw Ranch; See info on page 10 June, 2010 No Dinner Meeting July 21, 2010 Annual Meeting with speaker Craig Boddington and Tribute to Bill Poole at Tom Ham's Lighthouse August, 2010 Dark September 15, 2010 Dinner Meeting TBA October, 2010 No Dinner Meeting November, 2010 Dinner Meeting TBA December, 2010 Christmas Event TBA For updates see


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President's Page / Gerry Faust . . . . . . . . 3 Aggression in Sengwa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-6 New Chapter Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Yellowtail Hunting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Youth Duck Hunt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Education and SCIF Sables Report. . . . . . . . . 9-10 Auction 2010 Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Auction 2010 The Celebration. . . . . . . . . . . 12-16 Polaris Ranger 800 XP ATV Winner . . . . . . . . . 17 Another Winner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Our Fine Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 - 22 Bulletin Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Membership Application Form. . . . . . . . . . 24



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President's Page

By Dr. Gerry Faust, San Diego Chapter President Let me start by giving one more THANK YOU! to the 2010 Auction Committee and all of the volunteers who helped make this year's event so successful and memorable. What a great job everyone did! At 10:30 the day of the event I never would have believed we would be ready when doors opened at 3:00 pm., but it all came together. We also want to thank our exhibitors and the donors who supported us so well and, of course, to those who attended Auction 2010...yet another big THANK YOU. Your generosity has made this a successful event and your enthusiasm and participation helped make Auction 2010 one to remember. For those who did not attend...just make sure you come next year! You should not miss out on the fun. Your Board took a big sigh of relief, and for some exhaustion, as "Protecting the Legacy" came to a close. But, it was only a week later that we reviewed the event and began planning to make next year's event even bigger and better. I also want to draw everyone's attention to our schedule of events for the coming months. We have a lot on the schedule and more to come! There are the Youth Pheasant Hunts and other events for our up and coming generation of hunters, some fantastic Sables Events, including the May barbeque and special education programs, a whole series of Veteran and Wounded Warrior programs, Dinner meetings and many other fun events. Whatever you do, don't miss

the July 21 dinner meeting as we will be introducing our new board, honoring Bill Poole and presenting a great program with Craig Boddington. Craig is one of the big stars and most prolific authors of the hunting world. This man has stories, pictures and video that will thrill you, get your heart pumping, and give you a whole new view of hunting in Africa and around the world. This will be a big event so get your reservation in early. My message is simple...This is your club. Join in... bring your friends...we have a lot planned and a lot of work to do as we remain First for Hunters.


Aggression in Sengwa

By Richard Neel The plan for my ninth hunt with Buffalo Range Safaris began to take shape after the Reno SCI Convention. The previous eight hunts have always exceeded my expectations, so considering another outfitter has never entered my mind. Rob Style, co-owner of Buffalo Range Safaris, coowned with brother Barry, arrived in San Diego just after the Reno Convention. We both knew what I wanted to hunt and Rob thought it may be wise to try to get a late season hunt in order to get the best deal possible. With the negative news coming out of Zim we were sure some openings would be available. We set the date to meet in Vic Falls on November 9th and to leave for the as yet an unknown safari area. With this date in mind I then called Gracy Travel for reservations. The flight left San Diego November 1st, with me still not knowing where we would be hunting. As it turned out the permits did not get signed until the 2nd while I was in the air in route to Zim. I arrived in Vic Falls on the 5th and was picked up at the Vic Falls airport by a representative of the Ultimate Lodge owned by Russell Caldecott. I had planned to spend four nights at the Ultimate and get in some fishing. The fishing plan quickly went south after I arrived at the lodge. There was a family of five that had booked with Russell to go fishing for a few days. However, during their first day on the water they were attacked by a hippo which bit a beach ball size hole in the bottom of the boat. Fortunately they were close enough to shore that the guide could gun the engine, and even as the boat was going down, they managed to make it to shore. Needless to say their enthusiasm for fishing quickly went down as fast as the boat. John Sharp came into the lodge for a couple of days and it was exciting for me to meet him and hear some of the episodes of his more memorable hunts. Rob just finishing a hunt in Matetsi, came into the lodge to let me know we were hunting an area known as Sengwa Research which is adjacent to the Charisa hunting block. We drove to Bulawayo and spent the night then headed for our destination. Early the next morning it was off to the range to check the zero on the guns. I had brought my .500 Nitro Express and my .458 Lott. Satisfied both were shooting to the point of aim we went to get some paper work signed by the warden in charge of the area. Now it was time to begin hunting. We had four elephants on quota, two bulls and two cows. We were looking for old large bodied bulls with broken ivory or non trophy bulls with poor ivory. The cows we were looking for were to be old and without any dependant calves. Driving to the top of an escarpment to glass a large area was our first stop. The view from this vantage point was almost beyond description. Photos could not begin the match the beauty that stretched in front of our eyes. After a few minutes we saw what we were looking for, an old bull with one tusk. It was about a twenty minute drive down to the area where we last saw the bull. After a short search we located his tracks and began to follow. In a relatively short time we caught up to the bull. However, now the bull had joined up with a couple of cows. One had a calf that was quite old and the other a very young calf that was sleeping next to its mother. The bull was standing between them. We made an approach, but the wind was swirling some and the cow with the older calf knew something was not right. Not wanting to cause them to move off, we retreated and made another approach from a different angle. We were able to get to about twenty yards from the bull and were fairly well concealed behind a small tree. Unfortunately the bull's head was obscured just enough by some brush that it did not allow me to pick out the landmark points of the head for a side brain shot. After waiting for about a half hour the baby woke up and Rob said "get ready, they are going to move." The bull was swinging his head in our direction and I took a frontal brain shot. The shot was off center and the bull only stumbled badly. Through my years of hunting with Rob I have always taken brain shots and I know if the animal does not go straight down Rob will put in a body shot, which he did. Rob has always taught me to save the second barrel, especially when around cows. This advice may very well have saved our lives. In a nano second after Rob shot he yelled "shoot this cow!" I was on his left side and being left handed I had to step around him to shoot, and because of the tree I could not see the cow coming. When I stepped around Rob the cow was literally in our laps. I did not have time to aim just point and shoot. The power of the .500 knocked her straight down. I quickly reloaded and fired two rounds into her chest. 4

During this time the bull had gone down about fifty yards away so again I reloaded and we ran over to put in an insurance shot into the bull. Knowing that the cow was not dead we went back and although she was going nowhere, put in a killing shot. The heat, which was easily over a hundred degrees, coupled with the high humidity quickly sapped what strength I had left and running back to the cow became a mission. The events happened so fast that Rob and I sat down to reconstruct what had taken place. We went back and found my footprints where I was standing, and discovered it was only four yards from where I was standing to where the cow went down. I have no doubt that if I was using a bolt gun instead of the double you may not be reading this report. In retrospect, no amount of reading or watching videos can ever begin to prepare you for such an event. We spent the next three days looking for either a bull or a cow that we still had on license. I am not ashamed to say, after the previous event, going back into cow herds was quite a check on the nervous

system. On day five we caught up to a herd of cows, three adults, two youngsters and a dependent calf. We got in close enough for a good look and after some time determined that one of the cows did not have a calf with her. Because of a problem that came up with the .500, (a spring broke on the rear trigger), I was now using the .458 Lott. The cow eventually presented herself for a side brain shot. She went straight down onto her knees. We dashed in quickly to put in an insurance shot then quickly withdrew to see what the rest of the herd was doing. Thankfully they ran off, never to be seen again. After pictures and making sure the recovery team had arrived we went back to camp for lunch. After lunch the "Appy" (apprentice PH) who was in charge of the camp thought he knew an area where we might find a bull. With about two hours of daylight left we headed out to try to locate a bull. After a short drive, although not seeing them we

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certainly heard them. We found that there were seven bulls in this bachelor group. The noise they were making made the hair on your neck stand up. Elephants screaming and not being able to see them gives you pause. Both Rob and the Appy said they have never heard elephants make such a racket. They both thought either a bull was in musk or a group of cows was near. We carefully checked out each one of the bulls. The first five we checked were not what we were looking for; they were either too young or trophy quality. We found the last two. One was just what we were looking for, an old bull with broken tusk. They began to walk across our front and I had an alley to shoot through. Rob said be patient and wait until the bull was clear for a side brain shot. The bull went straight down at the shot. Again we ran in for an insurance shot then backed out. It was getting too dark for photos so we packed up and came back the next day for photos and brought the recovery team with us. We stayed a couple more days in camp then headed out to Vic Falls where Rob had to pick up some trophies in the area for export to clients. We again spent the night in Bulawayo then off the next day to Buffalo Range.

I spent the next week with Barry Style, wife Kim and daughter Brianna. I had not been to Buffalo Range for some time and when Barry asked if I wanted to take a look at the property, I said "sure." This turned out to be rather a tearful experience. To see what has happened to a pristine 90,000 acre conservancy would bring tears to any eye. Talking to Barry these are just a few things that have been taken from them. A conservative estimate of over 150 miles of wire stolen, two thousand hectares of high yield cane fields gone, three thousand hectares farm land which grew beans, paprika etc., gone, stands of hardwood trees that took generations to grow, gone, untold tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen. Perhaps the biggest heartbreak is what once was a property teaming with game, now is almost completely barren because of re-settlement and poaching. Through all of this Rob and Barry have been determined to hang in there and try their very best to remain in some kind of control of the property that has been the legacy of their family for generations. I can only pray that some time in the very near future things will begin to come right for them and the country. They cannot hold out forever faced with the daily problems that have become a way of life for them. I would hope all the members of the San Diego chapter who know them and have hunted with them will say a prayer for them all.

Welcome to New Chapter Members!

By Ace Blackburn We would like to welcome those of you who have become recent new members of the San Diego chapter and know you will enjoy your membership and its benefits. The Chapter's Trophy Times newsletter will keep you informed of upcoming local events, dinners and meetings. You'll read committee reports and stories of chapter members' hunting trips. From SCI National, you'll receive the Safari Times monthly publication and Safari Magazine which will keep you informed of what's happening in the outdoor world. Please also visit the chapter website at for updated information on events and meetings. We look forward to meeting each of you and hope to see you at the chapter's next event. 6 New chapter members who joined us at Auction 2010. Joe Artes Ronald Magrini Larry Basson David Maurer Alexander Blackburn Joel Mendahall John Clement Jenna Mendenhall Rick Ellington Edwin Migge Karen Hermsen Jeff Muehl Pat Hermsen Mike Muehl Chris Hulit A.J. Pappas Inyathi African Safaris George Petersen Derek Jones Ryan Rothfleish Brian Juhnke Daniel Robinson Trent Kososki Grant Stencil Paul Loska Ken Wille

Yellowtail Hunting at Los Coronados Islands

By Tom Keough I have been a freediver/spearfisherman for over forty years. Recently, while I was free diving at Los Coronados Islands in Mexico, I saw a good sized yellowtail cruising by in the distance. I took a breath and dived down to about twenty feet and waited. After looking each other over for a while, the fish slowly turned toward me and swam past about eighteen/twenty feet away. I aimed my speargun, pulled the trigger, and scored a solid hit. Yellowtail are strong fish and after I speared this one, he dragged me further down. I tried to give him some line so I could get to the surface for a breath of air. But my unreeling line that is connected to the spear shaft got tangled on the handle of the reel on my speargun. The reel has one-hundred-fifty+ feet of line for such emergencies. As I was untangling the line from the reel, the fish continued to pull me down and about. Finally getting the line untangled, I released a good length of line from the reel as I made a good swim up to the surface for air. The fish pulled me up and down for a few more minutes until it made another determined downward run. Damned if the line didn't get wound around the reel handle again. This has never happened to me like this before and it happened two times on this fish. Down I went again while untangling the line and this time as I was undoing the snarl, my gloved right hand got wrapped tight by the loose untangled line. I was being pulled further down until I was able to pull my hand out of my glove (which I never saw again). Now, the line could freely unreel so I could make another fast swim up to the surface for greatly appreciated air. Suddenly, a large bull sea lion appeared and chased the yellowtail around in circles below me. Over the years I have had to let go of and lose several spear guns, along with the speared fish, when a big (about 600 lb.) bull grabbed them, since there is no way you can stop a determined sea lion that has clamped onto a free meal. For some reason, the sea lion didn't bite down on the fish, but simply went away. I am grateful about that because I didn't need any more hassle and was getting tired. My diving partner was watching me from our distant anchored boat, and he dived in and swam over to give me a welcome hand. We brought my now deenergized fish up to the surface and back to the boat. He later said that when he saw me disappear under the water for both long periods of down-time, he really thought I was gone so he hustled over to where I was. Other than that it was a rather uneventful day.


Youth Duck Hunt in Imperial Valley

By Mike Barry On February 6th, several recent graduates of our chapters' PRIDE hunter safety program took advantage of the special "Juniors Only" waterfowl weekend. The hunt took place at "Club Branches," a private club northeast of Imperial in Imperial Valley. A special thanks to Dennis Carson, the club owner, for making this great facility available to these junior hunters. The junior waterfowl 2-day season is for hunters 15 years or younger and who have completed a California Department of Fish and Game Hunter Safety Program. It is a federally mandated program nationwide and comes, depending on the area of the country, the weekend after the general waterfowl season. If you have kids interested in taking advantage of the junior hunt, they must have the California junior hunting license. Juniors however, do not need either the state or federal duck stamps. If the hunter turns 16 during the waterfowl season for the state, they must buy a federal stamp only and may hunt the rest of the season without the state stamp. For information, please contact us on the chapter website at


Education and SCIF Sables Report

By Barbara DeGraw, Education Chairman and SCIF Sables Rep. CHAPTER EDUCATION DRAWING Support the San Diego Chapter's Education Committee's efforts and give yourself a chance for great opportunities. Our special Education Drawing offers: First Place: Five-day fishing trip on the Kenai River in Alaska Second Place: Two-day romantic get-away at the lovely Orchard Hill Inn in Julian, CA Third Place: A beautiful sparkling crystal Swarovski pin Tickets are $15 each or 7 tickets for $100 and winner will be drawn on May 2nd at the Ladies shoot. You need not be present to win. For tickets please contact Barbara DeGraw at 760-765-0759 or [email protected] or contact Lyons & O'Haver at 619-697-3217. Tickets will also be available at Chapter events. LADIES SHOOT AT PROJECT 2000 Ladies, set aside May 2, 2010 at 1 PM for our first Ladies Shoot at the Project 2000 Range. There will be fun opportunities and prizes for the experienced and not so experienced shooters. Guys are invited and welcome as observers, not as coaches. After the range, we'll have a "gourmet" meal together. Bring your own .22 or use one of our loaners. To sign up please call Barbara DeGraw at 760-765-0759 or [email protected] or Lyons & O'Haver at 619-697-3217. Cost for the event is $22. If you don't shoot you can't expect to win prizes. See you there. RENDEZVOUS ENCAMPMENT Parents and kids, look for details later on this overnight experience at the 1880s encampment on the Mesa Grande in Santa Isabel. This will be held one night during the May 29 to June 6 Rendezvous. Encampment includes an overnight in the hills, tomahawk throwing, archery instruction, muzzle loader demonstration, eating over an open fire, period clothing and tales around the campfire. The event is free for youth and just $25 for the adult buddy. Barbara DeGraw, Education Chair will be the contact for this event. Please e-mail [email protected]

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FIELD DOG TRAINING DEMONSTRATION DAY The chapter is holding a great event on May 15 when Steve Raney of Raney Ranch will offer a wonderful demonstration of field dog training. You will be amazed at the discipline of these dogs and their performance in the field. The dogs will be running from 11 to 4. Bring your binoculars, folding chair and bow along with the family to the DeGraw Ranch in Julian. Activities for the day will include: five station archery trail, gun safety videos, field dog training demonstration with field and water retrieving, refreshments, wine tasting by James Doyle of Eagle Gap Winery and food by Raul. Make your reservations by calling Lyons & O'Haver at 619-6973217. Youth attendees are free and cost for adults is $30.


Auction 2010 Report

By Dennis Kerr, Auction 2010 Chairman I am pleased to report that our Auction 2010: Protecting the Legacy, has been a great success. I must say as the day drew near there were some anxious moments, but through the hard work and diligent efforts of your Auction Committee those moments were resolved and all-in-all we are very pleased with the outcome. Thank you everybody who attended and made it such a fabulous evening. Your attendance and purchases have substantially funded the San Diego Chapter for another year. We did a few things different this year. For example we had four deck of cards drawings for firearms this year instead of two as in years past. We also had a drawing for the Beretta that non-attendees could enter. We had free drink tickets for all, rather than just the "early birds". I hope these changes added to the event and would like to hear from membership in this regard. The Rancho Bernardo Inn presented some challenges, especially for exhibitors. Certainly the venue was more intimate this year compared to others. I have received mixed reviews on the Inn; some loved the intimate atmosphere, while others felt it was merely crowded. I was up and moving around all evening and there were times that it was difficult to get from points A to B, however the other side of this issue is that there was a palpable energy created by the quarters. Aside from the size of the venue, I thought the setting was lovely and the food fab. I would like to hear from all on this issue or any other thoughts you may have on the event. The Posting of the Colors, the Tribute to Bill Poole and the Live Auction were high-lights of the event. There were some great deals for purchasers at the Auctions, both Live and Silent, and our donors must be thanked all around for stepping to the plate during these difficult economic times. Our donors and exhibitors are deserving of your patronage and will appreciate knowing that you saw them at the event. The drawing items were fabulous, especially the Polaris.

San Diego Chapter · Safari Club International

Once again, but never enough, I must thank the members of the Auction Committee for the countless hours they have devoted to making this the great event that it has come to be. Every committee member gave 110% of their time and energy to this endeavor and they all deserve a hearty THANK YOU. I would also like to extend a thank you to Gloria Thorp, the event coordinator for our event at the R.B. Inn. Gloria and her staff were very accommodating, and Gloria personally suffered with us as we tried to fit ourselves into this new venue. Another measure of the success of Auction 2010 was the large number of new attendees and consequently the large number of new members that joined our organization. So by any measure, new members, revenue, or just plain fun, Auction 2010 was a great success. Once again, THANK YOU. Dennis Kerr is Auction Chair for Auction 2010 and would appreciate any comments, observations or criticisms from the membership. Dennis is best reached via email at [email protected]

AUCTION27, 2010 2010 Saturday, February


Auction 2010: Protecting the Legacy The Celebration


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Auction 2010 Exhibitors

Thank You Exhibitors for participating and supporting Auction 2010: Protecting The Legacy.

African Elephant Hair Jewelry David Anderson PO Box 61606 Santa Barbara, CA 93160 Phone: 1-800-597-2327 Fax: 805-685-5934 Animal Crafts Taxidermy Mike Barry PO Box 435 Pine Valley, CA 91962 Phone: 619-473-8312 [email protected] Aussie Gear Lisa Anderson Blue Heron Inn John and Fran Latham PO Box 254 Yakutat, Alaska 99689 Phone: 907-784-3287 [email protected] Boot Bay Mark Wagner 11224 County Line Rd E Edgewood, WA 98372 Phone: 907-617-0507 [email protected] Dakota Hunting Farms Bill Mitchell 6060 Zumirez Dr Malibu, CA 92065 Phone: 818-371-2336 Fax: 310-457-1169 [email protected] DM Safaris Diekie Muller Republic of South Africa Phone: 949-945-8284 [email protected] Safari Global Travel Global Rescue, HTH Worldwide Travel and MED JET ASSIST, Bob Dawson Ins. Bob Dawson PO Box 212560 Chula Vista, CA 91921 Phone: 619-990-3068 Fax: 619-934-8287 [email protected] Kuvhima Safaris Andre Stewart PO Box 607 Ellisras, Limpopo, 0555 RSA Phone: 27 83 320 8866 Fax: 27 14 763 4065 Lyons & O'Haver Taxidermy 8181 Parkway Drive La Mesa, CA 91942 Phone: 619-697-3217 [email protected] My Country Club Joel Mendenhall 26439 Hwy 76 Santa Ysabel, CA 92070 Phone: 760-782-3503 Fax: 760-782-9224 [email protected] Multiple Use Managers Gordon Long 6942 Lawson Road Valley Springs, CA 95252 Phone: 209-772-7299 [email protected] Ranger Doug's Shootists' Emporium Doug Oliver 649-C Main St Ramona, CA 92065 Phone: 760-789-4867 [email protected] San Diego Miche Bags Sarah Hernandez 611 Alpine View Road Alpine, CA 91901 Phone: 619-971-3375 [email protected] Sinalopato Duck & Dove Club Roberto Balderrama Leyva Y Cardenas S/N Los Mochis, Sinaloa, 81200 Mexico Silverfish Press Mike Rivkin PO Box 12452 La Jolla, CA 92039 Phone: 858-361-0484 Fax: 858-625-0219 [email protected] Southern Hunting Safaris New Zealand Scott Thomson 10 Gall Street Fairlie, New Zeland Phone: 011-643-685-8823 [email protected] SportEar Ray Bori 8683 S. 700 W., Suite 200 Sandy, UT 84070 Phone: 801-566-0240 [email protected] Daniel Toledo Wildlife 6737 Bright Ave, #201 Whittier, CA 90601 Phone: 562-305-0605 [email protected]

Hughie Lyons 8181 Parkway Drive La Mesa, CA 91942 Palomar Hunt Club Phone: 619-697-3217 Christian Magil Fax: 619-463-1053 [email protected] 26439 Hwy 76 Santa Ysabel, CA 92070 Phone: 951-440-8721 Inyathi African Safaris Fax: 760-782-3000 Jon Goudeau Borderland Adventures [email protected] 1319 Olive Ave Matt Woodward Vista, CA 92083 PO Box 4546 P2K RANGE Phone: 951-830-0168 Tubac, AZ 85646 Project 2000 [email protected] Phone: 520-820-4728 Dennis Rohman [email protected] 2082 Willow Glen Road Justin Young Fine Art El Cajon, CA 92019 Justin Young Divix Golf, Inc. Phone: 619-442-9971 5 Sage Lane Todd Jones [email protected] Lamar, CO 81052 1677 N. Marshall Ave (Ste. D) Phone: 719-336-2556 El Cajon, CA 92020 [email protected] Phone: 619-441-5000 [email protected]


Polaris Ranger 800 XP ATV Winner

"I never win anything . . . the last time I won something I was five years old and it was a free haircut and a pink shirt." That was the first thing Dr. Don Wood, a veterinarian from Ramona and new SCI member had to say after he won the POLARIS RANGER 800 XP (what an ATV!) at Auction 2010: Protecting the Legacy. Don joined SCI only a couple of months ago after being invited to attend a dinner meeting by one of his clients, Barbara DeGraw. His next meeting was the Christmas party and trophy room tour at Nancy and Jim Hill's home. Don says, "We have met such nice people, and had so much fun at these meetings, we had to join". Auction 2010 was his first SCI fundraiser, but certainly won't be his last. Right now he and his family are discussing all the wonderful ways they can try out their new vehicle. So far they have spent time trying out the trails in the National forest near their home and others in Pauma Valley...and we're betting the Spring Turkey season will see them racing around the woods on that fantastic Polaris LE. When Don appeared at Motoworld of El Cajon to pick up his prize, he was still smiling ear to ear and mumbling "I never win Anything." Glenn Bagge, VP and General Manager of Motoworld said, "It was hard to tell whether Don or his son Ben was more excited about that beautiful Polaris." Don wasn't the only one impressed with SCI. While manning the Motoworld exhibit at Auction 2010, Glenn was blown away with the enthusiasm and great people at the event. Glenn and his sales manager, both avid hunters, have joined SCI and the San Diego Chapter. "We really want to work with SCI in the future," he said. I guess he was serious (see below): Motoworld of El Cajon is excited to offer exclusive discounts to SCI members storewide! Just bring in this newsletter or the Motoworld of El Cajon ad and you will receive a preferred customer discount card! Motoworld of El Cajon is a multiline power sports dealership that carries Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and KTM. They offer a full line of parts, accessories, a full service department as well as casual clothing and shoes for outdoor enthusiasts. Visit Motoworld at 315 Magnolia Ave. El Cajon or on Ask for Glenn and get that discount card.


And We Have Another Winner!

Jake Gamez and grandfather Gerry Faust show off the Beretta Black Onyx 28 gauge that Jake won in the Special Drawing at Auction 2010: Protecting the Legacy. Jake had his first hunt at the San Diego SCI sponsored Junior Pheasant Hunt last year and took his first turkey while hunting with Grandpa that same year. "This is why we are protecting the legacy," says Gerry. "Four of my grandchildren have started hunting with me and with their parents in the last two years. It is a family tradition and gives us so much great time together and so much fun." Jake helped set up the drawing displays for this year's Auction and Gerry gave him two tickets for the Beretta drawing as a reward for his early morning efforts. "Boy did that pay off!" says Jake. "Now I'm really ready for those turkeys."

Jacob Gamez, special winner of a Beretta black onyx 28 gauge at Auction 2010: Protecting the Legacy

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Are you looking for a hunting partner, information about a specific animal, hunting locations, firearms questions or other sports-related subjects? Chapter members have the opportunity to post non-commercial items on a newly created space in the newsletter. Contact the Trophy Times editor, [email protected] for information. For Sale - Remington 770 Bolt Action Center Fire Rifle with Scope (Bushnell) New In Box 24" inch barrel 7mm Remington Mag with 3 shot Mag box (Retail $450) Will sell for $400 (OBO) and buyer pays transfer fees. All Federal and State laws apply. Contact Gretchen at 760-722-6695 or [email protected] .375 Winchester post '64 with Leupold scope in good condition. Smooth and perfect for your upcoming safari! Asking $1200 or best offer. Please call Craig at (619)871-5246 Bob Fusselman would like to trade a Custom Safari Weatherby .460 for a Custom Safari in .300 Weatherby Mag. Call Bill at 858-292-5882 WANTED: White Muzzleloaders A collector is looking for muzzleloaders built by Doc White or the White Rifle Company. Call Chapter member Jim Dodd at 858-220-3249 or e-mail [email protected] if you have a gun to sell.


By the Trophy Times

Your hunting and fishing yarns and tales of adventure. The Trophy Times needs your stories and reports covering the areas of hunting, fishing, shooting, conservation, and related subjects. These stories are for your enjoyment and education of San Diego Chapter Safari Club International members. Receive the satisfaction of seeing your name in print. Please send stories and photographs to the Trophy Times editor, [email protected]


Copyright ©2010 San Diego Chapter Safari Club International, all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or incorporated into any information retrieval system without written permission of the publisher. For permission, contact the editor.

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Our advertisers help us publish this newsletter for you by deferring some of the cost. Be sure to give them your business when shopping and take a moment to say "Thanks for your support". · Big Bore Productions, LLC · Bob Dawson Insurance Services · California Outdoor Heritage Alliance · Dez Construction · El Cajon Gun Exchange · Featherstone Drywall · Fisherman's Landing · James L. Hill D.D.S., Inc. · Beard Hobbs - Attorney at Law · L.E.I. Medical Group · John Latham - Master Guide · Lyons & O'Haver Taxidermists · Miche Bag · Motoworld · Project 2000 Shooting Range · Safari Global Travel · Tuffpak by Nalpak · Ervin S. Wheeler, M.D., F.C.A.S. · Johnny Vivier Safaris · Willow Creek Archery · Zigman - Shields

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Safari Club International San Diego Chapter P.O. Box 600155 San Diego, CA 92160 Change Service Requested



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MOVING? Send your change of address to the Chapter P.O. Box above.



NAME _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (first) (middle) (last) (spouse) ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (number and street or P.O. Box) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (city) (state) (zip) (country) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Home phone - give area code Business phone - give area code FAX phone - give area code __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Occupation Company name PLEASE LIST GUN, HUNTING AND CONSERVATION GROUPS YOU BELONG TO: _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GIVE US A BRIEF PICTURE OF YOUR HUNTING EXPERIENCES, INCLUDING YEAR, SPECIES COLLECTED AND LOCATION OF HUNT: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT MEMBERS OF SAN DIEGO CHAPTER, SCI ARE YOU ACQUAINTED WITH? ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Member Dues One Time Initiation Fee $80 Per Year ($55 National & $25 chapter) $50 $130 Total

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