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EMOBILE 2012/9/24 /×/-

SDSDQY-016G-J*** (16GB)

SDSDQY-032G-J*** (32GB)


S11HT (EMONSTER) S12HT (EMONSTER lite) S31HT (HTC Aria) H11T Dual Diamond S22HT H12HW H31IA Pocket WiFi S II S41HW Pocket WiFi S S31HW GALAPAGOS A01SH smart bar(S42HW A01HW Sony Ericsson mini (S51SE) GS02 Dell StreakPro(GS01) GS03 × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×

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SDSDQY-064G-J*** (64GB)

SDSDQY-004G-J*** (4GB)

SDSDQY-008G-J*** (8GB)

SDSDQ-016G-J*** (16GB)

SDSDQ-032G-J*** (32GB)

SDSDQ-002G-J*** (2GB)

SDSDQ-004G-J*** (4GB)

SDSDQ-008G-J*** (8GB)



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