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The Sani-Station

The Sani-Station is a facility that provides both fresh water and waste disposal for your campsite. The Sani-Station is a facility from which fresh water can be drawn, and waste water can be disposed of. That's why hygiene is our first priority.

cassette into the drain, which is self-cleaning and opens automatically. He can also use the fresh water to clean his waste container.

Fresh water supply Hygenic and easy to use

There are no potentially contaminated flaps that need to be touched by the user when he disposes his waste. He only needs to insert his own tube or After the button for fresh water has been pressed, the Sani-Station dispenses fresh water. A red "stop" button can be pressed at any time so that the user's water tank does not overflow.




To set up the Sani-Station, a 12cm strong, frostproof reinforced concrete foundation with a size of 1000 x 780 mm is required. The foundation must also be level to the road surface so that the disposal of low-lying tanks is possible. You will need a wastewater pipe with a diameter of 100 mm, a fresh water pipe, and a power cable to install the Sani-Station.

Your facilities

No staff are needed to operate the Sani-Station. The fees for the fresh water supply and waste disposal are inserted into an integrated slot machine by the user. The Sani-Station is made of stainless steel. It is both rust-resistant and saltwater-proof. The Sani-Station has a panel with room for operating instructions in two languages. The instructions are easy to follow and understand.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: L 1000 x B 780 x H 1500 Weight: ca. 115 kg Electrical connection: 220/230 Volts Water Connection: 3/4 in. Internal thread Wastewater Connection: 100 mm Diameter Freshwater Connection: 3/4 in. External thread Control: Fully programmable micro-processor.

Easy to use

Panel with room for two languages

Saltwaterproof and rust-resistant

The varnishing is variable



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