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Softmaker MegaFont XXL ­ Part 1 Key to Original Font Names

The "MegaFont XXL" Fonts CD-ROM containing thousands of fonts is sold by the Softmaker GmbH, Nürnberg, run by Mr. Martin Kotulla, since December 2002. It comprises almost the entire "Berthold Types" collection including the original Berthold typefaces and numerous ATF and ITC typefaces licensed by the H. Berthold AG. Furthermore MegaFont XXL contains many other typefaces by Adobe, Compugraphic, Esselte Letraset, Fundicion Tipografica Neufville, Linotype (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen), Monotype/AGFA, URW++ and other foundries. The fonts of the MegaFont XXL CD were forged by Mr. Martin Kotulla by the "Linotype Method" (see the report "The Funny Font Forging Industry" He forged copyright notices by always inserting "2002" as "year of first publication" (compare § 506 c USA Copyright Law, Criminal offenses: Fraudulent copyright notice). The MegaFont collection is of particular importance for historians of typography. It includes many original fonts of the Berthold period 1858­1993 no longer available elsewhere, e.g. the original Palatino by Hermann Zapf of 1950. The Berthold foundry was founded in 1858 in Berlin as "H. Berthold Messinglinienfabrik und Schriftgießerei" and was transformed into a stockholding company in 1896. The H. Berthold AG was the most important German type foundry for highest-quality photocomposition. Due to mismanagement the H. Berthold AG went broke in 1993. Some years ago a new company called "Berthold Types Limited" was founded in Chicago, Illinois. Many fonts contained in the MegaFont XXL collection are still sold by other type foundries at very high prices. The Softmaker GmbH removed almost all the original typeface trademarks and replaced them by new "fancy" typeface names. For instance, the typeface "Concorde" by Günter Gerhard Lange is sold by Berthold Types Ltd. (see, while the Softmaker GmbH offers the Berthold "Concorde" on its MegaFont CD under two different fancy names: "C791 Roman" and "Concept". Further examples: The typeface names Diskus, Fette Fraktur, Frutiger, Helvetica, Kabel, Melior, Memphis, Méridien, Neue Hammer Unziale, Optima, Palatino, Peignot, Raleigh, Sabon, Syntax, Times, Trump Mediäval, Univers, etc. etc. are trademarks of the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, licensed through Linotype Library GmbH, Bad Homburg. Considering that almost all font trademarks have been removed, it is utterly ludicrous that Softmaker GmbH claims in the MegaFont XXL CD booklet: "Alle Marken werden anerkannt" (All trademarks are recognized). It should be remarked that the Softmaker GmbH replaced the typeface names repeatedly during the past ten years. For instance, on its "Truepack Profi-CD" of 1994, the typeface "Aachen" was labeled "Aachen" (this is the true trademark!), while on the MegaFont XXL CD of 2002, "Aachen" is now labeled "Aargau". Other examples: "Candida" formerly labeled "Candidate", is now labeled as "Canyon" and also "Quantity". "Univers" was (in 1994) labeled as "Unitus", while it is now labeled "Ultimate" by the Softmaker GmbH, etc. In 1994, Softmaker stated that "URW Antiqua" is a trademark, while it now replaced "URW Antiqua" by "Antiqua" removing the name "URW". You can see: In the course of time, the Softmaker GmbH of Nürnberg has refined the art of trademark deception. On the other hand, while constantly coining new fancy names to replace original trademarks, the Softmaker GmbH seems to often have lost track of the fancy names already coined. This explains that many typefaces are contained on the Megafont CD in two or three versions with different fancy names. For instance, Softmaker coined "Agnes" for the trademark Ariston, but due to sloppy bookkeeping, it coined another fancy name "Artistic" for Ariston. The original Berthold typefaces can usually be recognized by the missing double dagger (ANSI 135) and the missing Icelandic (Old English) edh/thorn letters, as the original Berthold Typefaces never contained these signs. Several fonts are defective. For instance, "Metaphor" (= Méridien by Adrian Frutiger, 1955) does not even contain the apostrophe (ASCII 39), nor the paragraph sign (ANSI 182) needed for MS Word. On comparing "Metaphor Regular" with "Metaphor Bold", you will discover that the former contains 247 glyphs and the latter 317 glyphs. On the following pages the original typeface names and the original typeface designers (including the year of first release) are listed for hundreds of typeface families with more than thousand styles (regular, bold, italic, etc.). Special emphasis has been placed on the classical old style, transitional, modern, sanserif and slabserif typefaces, which have been a hallmark of the former H.Berthold AG and which have been completely analysed and identified. Should you need more details on these fonts download Part 2 detailing 5835 typefaces classified by Western Europe fonts, Central Europe fonts, Expert fonts with ligatures etc. Ulrich Stiehl, 15-Nov-2004 and 27-March-2005

1. Adobe PS Core Fonts

Softmaker Typeface Name

Avignon PS Book PS Century PS Courier PS Roman PS Sans PS Sans PS Condensed

Original Typeface Name

Avant Garde Gothic Bookman Century Schoolbook Courier Times New Roman Helvetica Helvetica Narrow

(File Name)

(avip60.ttf) (book60.ttf) (cent60.ttf) (coup60.ttf) (roma60.ttf) (saps60.ttf) (sapc60.ttf)

2. URW++ Typefaces

Softmaker Typeface Name

Antiqua Standard Antiqua Standard Cd Antiqua Standard Ex Antiqua Standard Nr Antiqua Standard Wd Baskerville Standard Baskerville Standard Cd Baskerville Standard Ex Baskerville Standard Nr Baskerville Standard Wd Bodoni Standard Bodoni Standard Cd Bodoni Standard Ex Bodoni Standard Nr Bodoni Standard Wd Clarendon Standard Clarendon Standard Cd Clarendon Standard Ex Clarendon Standard Nr Clarendon Standard Wd Egyptienne Standard Egyptienne Standard Cd Egyptienne Standard Ex Egyptienne Standard Nr Egyptienne Standard Wd Garamond Standard Garamond Standard Cd Garamond Standard Ex Garamond Standard Nr Garamond Standard Wd Grotesk Standard Grotesk Standard Cd Grotesk Standard Ex Grotesk Standard Nr Grotesk Standard Wd Imperial Standard Imperial Standard Cd Imperial Standard Ex Imperial Standard Nr Imperial Standard Wd Linear Standard Linear Standard Cd Linear Standard Ex Linear Standard Nr Linear Standard Wd Typewriter Standard Typewriter Standard Cd Typewriter Standard Ex Typewriter Standard Nr Typewriter Standard Wd

Original Typeface Name

URW Antiqua

(File Name)

(uant60.ttf) (uanc60.ttf) (uane60.ttf) (uann60.ttf) (uanw60.ttf) (ubas60.ttf) (ubasc60.ttf) (ubase60.ttf) (ubasn60.ttf) (ubasw60.ttf) (ubodl60.ttf) (ubodcl60.ttf) (ubodel60.ttf) (ubodnl60.ttf) (ubodwl60.ttf) (uclal60.ttf) (uclacl60.ttf) (uclael60.ttf) (uclanl60.ttf) (uclawl60.ttf) (uegya60.ttf) (uegyca60.ttf) (uegyea60.ttf) (uegyna60.ttf) (uegywa60.ttf) (ugar60.ttf) (ugarc60.ttf) (ugare60.ttf) (ugarn60.ttf) (ugarw60.ttf) (ugroa60.ttf) (ugroca60.ttf) (ugroea60.ttf) (ugrona60.ttf) (ugrowa60.ttf) (uimp60.ttf) (uimpc60.ttf) (uimpe60.ttf) (uimpn60.ttf) (uimpw60.ttf) (ulin60.ttf) (ulinc60.ttf) (uline60.ttf) (ulinn60.ttf) (ulinw60.ttf) (utypa60.ttf) (utypca60.ttf) (utypea60.ttf) (utypna60.ttf) (utypwa60.ttf)

URW Baskerville

URW Bodoni

URW Clarendon

URW Egyptienne

URW Garamond

URW Grotesk

URW Imperial

URW Linear

URW Typewriter

For URW Latino, URW Palladio and other URW typefaces see the following section.

3. Berthold Typefaces (incl. ATF and ITC fonts) and fonts by other foundries

(B) = Hermann Berthold, Berlin (For more details see the 2-volumed book "Berthold Types", 1985) (CG) = Compugraphic, ATF = American Type Founders, ITC = International Typeface Corporation Softmaker Typeface Name

A750 Sans Schoolbook A760 Roman A770 Deco A770 Roman A780 Deco A820 Roman A850 Deco Aargau Abilene Abott Old Style Absolute Accent Acton Adelon Ad Lib Advertisers Gothic Aesop Agnes Alfredo Alligator Allstar Almeria Alperton Alternate Gothic No1 Alternate Gothic No2, No3 Alte Schwabacher Altitude American Text Amos Anaconda Antigone Antigone Condensed Antigone Compact Antigone Nord Antiqua Aquarius Archie Argentine Arizona Artistic Aspen Atkins Atkins Outline Atkins Condensed Atkins Extended Auckland Austin Avignon Avignon Condensed B650 Deco B652 Sans B690 Script B691 Deco B691 Sans B693 Deco B693 Roman B693 Roman Condensed B694 Roman B695 Roman B730 Script B731 Deco B733 Deco B790 Deco B790 Slab B791 Roman

Original Typeface Name

Akzidenz-Grotesk Schulbuch (B) Aldus-Buchschrift (Stempel) (B) Amelia (Typo Bach) Amalthea (Bauersche Gießerei) (B)

Designer and Year

Berthold, 1983 Hermann Zapf, 1954 F.H.Ernst Schneidler, 1956

(File Name)

(acsb.ttf) (alde.ttf) (amel.ttf) (amar.ttf) (ange.ttf) (arbi.ttf) (aure.ttf) (aarg60.ttf) (abil.ttf) (abos.ttf) (abso.ttf) (acce.ttf) (acto.ttf) (adell60.ttf) (adli.ttf) (adve.ttf) (aege.ttf) (agne.ttf) (alfr60.ttf) (alli.ttf) (alls60.ttf) (alme60.ttf) (alpn.ttf) (ago160.ttf) (ago360.ttf) (alsc60.ttf) (alti.ttf) (amte.ttf) (amos.ttf) (anac.ttf) (angol60.ttf) (angoc60.ttf) (angc60.ttf) (angon60.ttf) (anti60.ttf) (aqua.ttf) (arci.ttf) (arge.ttf) (ariz.ttf) (arti60.ttf) (aspe.ttf) (atkig.ttf) (atkimo.ttf) (atkcl.ttf) (atkxl.ttf) (auck.ttf) (aust60.ttf) (aviga60.ttf) (avic60.ttf) (balz.ttf) (bago.ttf) (bnsc.ttf) (beav.ttf) (bxns.ttf) (begk.ttf) (bejs.ttf) (bejc.ttf) (bela.ttf) (begn.ttf) (bibi.ttf) (biso.ttf) (bisq.ttf) (bolt.ttf) (botl.ttf) (boom.ttf)

Aachen (Letraset) (CG) (Linotype)

Colin Brignall, 1969

Albertus (Monotype) (CG) Ad Lib ATF (Linotype) Aeterna (Ludwig & Meyer) (B) Ariston (B)

Berthold Wolpe, 1940

Heinrich Jost, 1927 Martin Wilke, 1932

Americana ATF (Linotype) Alternate Gothic No 1 (Linotype) (B) Alte Schwabacher (B) American Greeting Script (Linotype)

Richard Isbell, 1965

Berthold, year unknown

Antiqua Olive (Olive) (B) Antiqua Olive (Olive) (B) Antiqua Olive (Olive) (B) Antiqua Olive (Olive) (B) URW Antiqua

Roger Excoffon, 1969

Arkona (B) Ariston (B) Akzidenz-Grotesk Buch (B) Akzidenz-Grotesk Buch (B) Akzidenz-Grotesk Buch (B) Akzidenz-Grotesk Buch (B) Aster (CG) Avant Garde Gothic ITC (B) Avant Garde Gothic ITC (B)

Karl Klauß, 1935 Martin Wilke, 1932 Günter Gerhard Lange, 1972

Francesco Simoncini, 1958 H. Lubalin, 1970 Ed Benguiat, 1974

Berthold-Script (B)

G.G.Lange, 1977

Benguiat Gothic ITC (B) Ed Benguiat, 1979/1980 Berliner Grotesk, Berthold Hausschnitt 1913 Erik Spiekermann, 1979 Benguiat ITC (B) Ed Benguiat, 1978 Bell (Monotype) (B) Berkeley Old Style ITC (B) Richard Austin, 1788 Tony Stan, 1983

Bookman ITC (B)

Ed Benguiat, 1975

B820 Roman B820 Script B821 Deco B822 Deco Ballad Script Balloon Balloon Two Baltimore Bandit Bank Design Barbedor Barbedor Osf Baskerville Baskerville Nova Baskerville Old Face Baskerville Old Style Bay Script Beacon Belfort Bellboy Belsize Benjamin Benjamin Condensed Benjamin Gothic Benson Bergamo Bergamo Osf Bernhard Condensed Bernhard Elegant Bernhard Fashion Bernhard Modern Bernhard Script Bestseller Bilbao Birmingham Bluff BoaScript Bodoni Bodoni Display Bodoni No2 Bodoni Poster Bodoni Condensed Bodoni Recut Bodoni Recut Condensed Bodoni Recut-Narrow Bombay Bonita Boston Boulder Boyle Bravo Bristol Broadway Broadway Engraved Browning Brush Script Bryce C650 Script C651 Roman C652 Deco C653 Deco C654 Deco C720 Deco C721 Script C790 Deco C790 Roman C790 Roman Condensed C791 Deco C791 Roman C792 Roman C793 Roman C794 Roman

Boulevard (B)

Balmoral ITC (Letraset) (Linotype) Balloon ATF (B) Bell (Monotype) (B) Banco (Olive) (Linotype) Barbedor (URW++) (Linotype) Baskerville (B) New Baskerville ITC (Linotype) (B) Baskerville Old Face (B) Baskerville Old Face (B) ??

Benguiat ITC (B) Benguiat ITC (B) Benguiat Gothic ITC (B) Belwe (CG) (Linotype) Bembo (Monotype) (Adobe) (B) Bembo (Monotype) (Adobe) (B)

Bernhard Modern ATF (B) Bernhard Schönschrift (Bauersche) (B) Berling (Berlingska) (B) ?? Bison (Stempel) (B) Bauer Bodoni (Bauer) (Linotype) (B) Bauer Bodoni (Bauer) (Linotype) (B)

Berthold Bodoni (B) Berthold Bodoni (B) Berthold Bodoni (B) Berling (Roman only), see "Bestseller" Beton (B), Neufville version of bold "A" Block (B) Bramley TSI (Letraset) (Linotype) Britannic (Stephenson Blake) (B) Broadway (Linotype) Broadway engraved (Linotype) Brush ATF (Linotype) (B) Calligraphia (Linotype) Caledonia-Antiqua (Stempel) (B)

Caslon No. 224 ITC (B) Caslon No. 224 ITC (B) Colossalis (B) Concorde (B) Comenius-Antiqua (B) Cooper Old Style ATF (B) Corvinus (Bauersche) (B)

(brid.ttf) (bris.ttf) (broc.ttf) (brod.ttf) Martin Wait, 1978 (bald60.ttf) M.R.Kaufmann, 1939 (ball60.ttf) (balt.ttf) Richard Austin, 1788 (bamo60.ttf) Roger Excoffon, 1951 (band.ttf) (bade.ttf) (barb60.ttf) (barb50.ttf) Berthold, 1961 (bask60.ttf) Linotype, 1978 (basn60.ttf) I.Moore, 1768 (baof60.ttf) I.Moore, 1768 (baof.ttf) (basr60.ttf) (beon.ttf) (bert60.ttf) (belb60.ttf) (belz.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1978 (benj60.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1979 (bejc60.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1979/1980 (beng60.ttf) George Belwe, 1913 (bens60.ttf) Monotype, A.Fairbank, 1930 (berg60.ttf) Monotype, A.Fairbank, 1930 (berg50.ttf) (bern60.ttf) (bael.ttf) (befa60.ttf) Lucian Bernhard, 1937 (berm.ttf) L.Bernhard, 1925 (bers.ttf) Karl E. Forsberg, 1951 (best60.ttf) (bilb60.ttf) (birm60.ttf) Julius Kirn, 1938 (bluf60.ttf) (boas.ttf) Bauersche Gießerei, 1926 (bodo60.ttf) Bauersche Gießerei, 1926 (bodd60.ttf) (boul60.ttf) (bopo.ttf) (bocd.ttf) Berthold, 1930 (bodrl60.ttf) Berthold, 1975 (bodc60.ttf) Berthold, 1975 (bodk60.ttf) (bomb.ttf) (boni60.ttf) Heinrich Jost, 1931/1936 (bostl60.ttf) H.Hoffmann, 1908 (bold60.ttf) (boyl60.ttf) Alan Meeks, 1979 (brav60.ttf) Stephenson Blake, 1905 (brisl60.ttf) Morris F. Benton, 1925 (broa60.ttf) Morris F. Benton, 1925 (broe60.ttf) (brow.ttf) Robert E. Smith, 1972 (brus60.ttf) (bryc60.ttf) (cali.ttf) W.A.Dwiggins, 1938 (canv.ttf) (camp.ttf) (caro.ttf) (caso.ttf) (chev.ttf) (chap.ttf) (colu.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1983 (conp.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1983 (conc.ttf) Aldo Novarese, 1984 (colq.ttf) C.G.Lange, 1969 (conn.ttf) Hermann Zapf, 1976 (comn.ttf) O.B.Cooper, 1919/1924 (copo.ttf) Imre Reiner, 1934 (cord.ttf) C.G.Lange, 1955

C795 Roman C820 Roman Calgary Calgary Osf Calligraph Script Cambridge Canossa Canyon Carlisle Casad Caslon Antique Caslon Caslon Osf Caslon Elegant Caslon Openface Casual Cathedral Open Cayenne Cedar Openface Centrum Century Expanded Century Old Style Century Schoolbook Chancery Chandler Chantilly Chantilly Condensed Chantilly Extra Condensed Chantilly Display Chatelaine Cheltenham Cheltenham Condensed Cheltenham XCondensed Cheltenham Old Style Cimarron Clarendon Classic Garamond Classic Garamond Osf Classic Garamond Swash Classic Garamond Cd Clearface Clearface Old Style Cockney Comic Type Comix Commercial Script Compressed Computer Concept Concept Condensed Conway Cooper Black Copperplate Gothic Copperplate Condensed Cordoba Cornered Crossharbour Curacao Curzon Cycle D650 Roman D690 Roman D730 Deco D730 Roman D730 Script D790 Roman D790 Script D820 Sans D891 Deco Deco Black Delano Delaware

Century ATF (B) Cremona (Alphatype) (B) Cushing ITC (B) Cushing ITC (B) Centaur (Monotype) (B) ?? Candida (B) - "Q" has Neufville Q-tail! Caslon Adbold (Typo Bach) Caslon No. 224 ITC (B) Caslon No. 224 ITC (B) Caslon 540 ATF (B) (B)

Morris Fuller Benton, 1900 Vladimir Andrich, 1982 Vincent Pacella, 1982 Vincent Pacella, 1982 Bruce Rogers, 1914/1929 (Jakob Erbar, 1936)

Ed Benguiat, 1983 ATF, 1925

City (B) Century ITC (B) Century Old Style ATF (B) Century Schookbook ATF (B) ?? Gill Sans (Monotype) (B) Gill Sans (Monotype) (B) Gill Sans (Monotype) (B) Gill Sans (Monotype) (B) Chesterfield (Letraset) (Linotype) Cheltenham ITC (B) Cheltenham ITC (B) Cheltenham ITC (B) Cheltenham Old Style normal ATF (B) Clarendon (Haas'sche) (B) Garamond (B) Garamond (B) Garamond (B) Garamond (B) Clearface ITC (B) Clearface ATF (B) Le Cochin (CG Collage) (B)

Georg Trump, 1937 Tony Stan 1980 Morris F. Benton, 1906 Morris F. Benton, 1915

Eric Gill, 1928/1937

Alan Meeks, 1977 Tony Stan, 1979

M.F.Benton, 1896/1911 Hermann Eidenbenz, 1953 Günter Gerhard Lange, 1972

Vic Caruso, 1979 Morris F. Benton, 1907 Ludwig & Mayer, 1932

Commercial Script (B) Compacta (Letraset) (B) Concorde (B) Concorde (B) Cooper Black ATF (B) Copperplate Gothic ATF (B) (B) ??

Morris F. Benton, 1908 Fred Lambert, 1963 C.G.Lange, 1969 C.G.Lange, 1969 O.B.Cooper, 1921 F.W.Goudy, 1902

Croissant (Letraset) (Linotype)

Phillip Kelly, 1978

Daily News (B) Deepdene (Monotype) (B) Diotima (Stempel (B) Diskus halbfett (Stempel) (B) Dominante (Ludwig & Mayer) (B)

Gustav Jaeger, 1982 F.W.Goudy, 1929/1934 Gudrun Zapf-v.Hesse, 1953 Martin Wilke, 1940 Johannes Schweitzer, 1959

(coai.ttf) (cren.ttf) (calg60.ttf) (calg50.ttf) (bisc60.ttf) (camb60.ttf) (canol60.ttf) (cayo60.ttf) (clis60.ttf) (caab.ttf) (carb60.ttf) (casl60.ttf) (casl50.ttf) (casei60.ttf) (caof.ttf) (casu60.ttf) (cato.ttf) (caye60.ttf) (cedo.ttf) (cetrl60.ttf) (cexp60.ttf) (ceno60.ttf) (csch60.ttf) (chay.ttf) (chlr60.ttf) (chanl60.ttf) (chac60.ttf) (chakb60.ttf) (chad60.ttf) (chat60.ttf) (chell60.ttf) (checl60.ttf) (chex60.ttf) (cheo60.ttf) (cimm60.ttf) (clarl60.ttf) (clga.ttf) (clgaf.ttf) (clgsi.ttf) (clgc.ttf) (clea60.ttf) (clfa.ttf) (cock.ttf) (comy.ttf) (comi.ttf) (comt.ttf) (compl60.ttf) (cput60.ttf) (conc60.ttf) (cocc60.ttf) (conf60.ttf) (coop60.ttf) (coppl60.ttf) (copcl60.ttf) (cord60.ttf) (corn.ttf) (croh.ttf) (cuao60.ttf) (corz60.ttf) (cycl60.ttf) (dayl.ttf) (deem.ttf) (disc.ttf) (dios.ttf) (dici.ttf) (dome.ttf) (dori.ttf) (draf.ttf) (dyno.ttf) (deco60.ttf) (dela60.ttf) (delw60.ttf)

Dessau Dillon Disciple Dom Durango E710 Roman E720 Roman E780 Blackletter E820 Deco E820 Sans E821 Sans E831 Deco Edgware Egyptian Condensed Egyptian Text Egyptian Wide Elegant Script Elmore Elmshorn Entebbe Estelle Etienne Eurasia Eurasia Condensed Eurasia Extended Ewok Exemplary F650 Deco F692 Blackletter F730 Deco F731 Deco F761 Deco F820 Deco F820 Roman F821 Deco Falcon Farringdon Ferrara Ferrara Osf Fette Engschrift Fette Mittelschrift Flagstaff Fleming Flipper Florence Script Fraktur Franklin Gothic Franklin Gothic Condensed Franklin Gothic Condensed Osf Franklin Original Franklin Gothic New Franklin Headline Fremont Fremont Osf FrontPage Fuego Function Function Condensed Function Two Function Condensed Two Function Display Function Poster Function Script Function Stencil G731 Script G761 Deco G790 Roman G820 Blackletter G820 Deco G821 Deco Gainsborough Gambler

Bauhaus ITC (B) Diskus mager (Stempel) (B)

E.Benguiat, V.Caruso, 1974 Martin Wilke, 1938

Egizio (Nebiolo) (B) Ehrhardt (Monotype) (B) Engravers Old English ATF (B) Eras ITC (B)

Aldo Novarese, 1955/1958 Monotype, 1938 Morris Fuller Benton, 1902 Albert Boton, 1976

Egyptienne (Lettergieterij Amsterdam) (B) ?? Egyptienne Lettergieterij (B) Englische Schreibschrift (B) Enviro ITC (Letraset) (Linotype) Enviro ITC (Letraset) (Linotype) Eckmann (Klingspor) (B) Eurostile (Societa Nebiolo) (B) Eurostile (Societa Nebiolo) (B) Eurostile (Societa Nebiolo) (B) Excelsior, News No. 14 (CG) Fanfare schmal (B) Fette Fraktur (B)

19th century

Berthold, 1970 F.Scott Garland, 1982 F.Scott Garland, 1982 Otto Eckmann, 1900 Aldo Novarese, 1962 Aldo Novarese, 1962 Aldo Novarese, 1962

Louis Oppenheim, 1927 Johannes Wagner, 1875

Franklin-Antiqua (B)

C.G.Lange, 1976

?? Fenice ITC (B) Fenice ITC (B) DIN 1451 Engschrift (B) DIN 1451 Mittelschrift (B) Flange (Typesettra) (B) Flyer (Haas'sche Schriftgießerei) (B) Fette Fraktur (B) Franklin Gothic ITC (B) (B) (B) Franklin Gothic ATF (B) (B) (B) Friz Quadrata ITC (B) (B) Frutiger 45, 55 etc. (Stempel) (B) Futura (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B)

Aldo Novarese, 1981 Berthold, 1981 Berthold, 1981 Typesettra, 1980 Haas'sche, year unknown Johannes Wagner, 1875 Vic Caruso, 1980

Morris Fuller Benton, 1904

Ernst Friz, 1965 Adrian Frutiger, 1976 Paul Renner, 1928

Goudy Old Style, ATF (B) ??

Frederic W. Goudy, 1915

(dessl60.ttf) (dilo60.ttf) (disi60.ttf) (domc.ttf) (duro60.ttf) (egoi.ttf) (ehrm.ttf) (engv.ttf) (erde.ttf) (ergol.ttf) (erbr.ttf) (essx.ttf) (edgw.ttf) (egcn.ttf) (egtxl60.ttf) (egyp.ttf) (eleg60.ttf) (elmo60.ttf) (elms60.ttf) (ente.ttf) (este.ttf) (etie60.ttf) (eura.ttf) (eurc.ttf) (eurx.ttf) (ewok60.ttf) (exem.ttf) (fanc.ttf) (frkt.ttf) (finc.ttf) (fior.ttf) (flot.ttf) (fren.ttf) (fras.ttf) (frbe.ttf) (falcl60.ttf) (farr.ttf) (ferrl60.ttf) (ferrl50.ttf) (feen60.ttf) (femi60.ttf) (flag.ttf) (fleml.ttf) (flip60.ttf) (flor60.ttf) (fefr60.ttf) (fran60.ttf) (frac60.ttf) (frac50.ttf) (fror60.ttf) (frnw.ttf) (frhe.ttf) (frem60.ttf) (frem50.ttf) (fronl60.ttf) (fueg60.ttf) (funcl60.ttf) (fnccl60.ttf) (ftwol.ttf) (ftwcl.ttf) (fund60.ttf) (funcp60.ttf) (funs60.ttf) (funcs60.ttf) (gili.ttf) (glac.ttf) (goca.ttf) (greg.ttf) (grap.ttf) (grav.ttf) (gain60.ttf) (gaml.ttf)

Gandalf Garamond Garamond Condensed Garamond No7 Garamond Elegant Garamond Nova Garamond Nova Condensed Garamond Original Gareth Gerling German Caslon German Garamond German Garamond Osf German Typewriter Giambattista Gibson Giulio Glendale Stencil Gothic Gotisch Goudy Elegant Goudy Elegant Two Goudy Handtooled Goudy Heavyface Goudy Old Style Goudy Old Style Osf Goudy Old Style Two Greenford Greyhound Grotesk H652 Script H790 Roman Handmade Script Harlem Nights Harrogate Hastings Hayden Headlight Hegel Hegel Condensed Hegel Extended Hegel Diagonal Hegel Inserat Helena Henderson Herman Heron Hidalgo Hobo Hobson Honcho Honeymoon Houston Hover Hubert Hudson I770 Roman I770 Sans I770 Script I771 Roman I772 Roman I781 Deco I830 Deco I831 Slab I832 Slab Iceberg Ingrid Inverserif Isonorm Istria Italian Garamond Italian Garamond Osf

Garamond (B) (B) (B) (B) Garamond ITC (B) (B) Garamond (Stempel AG) (B) Galliard ITC (B) Gerstner Original (B) Garamond (Stempel AG) (B) (B) Schreibmaschinenschrift (B) Bodoni Old Face (B) Gill Sans (Monotype) (B)

Fette Gotisch (Typo Bach) (E&F) Goudy Sans ITC (CG)

Goudy Old Style ATF (B) (B)

Peignot (Haas'sche) (Linotype) (B) URW Grotesk Horley Old Style (Monotype) (B)

Horley Old Style (Monotype) (B)

Helvetica (Haas) (Stempel) (B) (B) (B) (B) Helvetica Inserat (Stempel) (B)

Herold Reklameschrift (B) Haenel-Antiqua schmalfett (B)

Honda ITC (Linotype)

Houston (Context) (B)

Impressum (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) Impact (Lettergieterij Amsterdam) (B) Impuls (J.Wagner) (B) Imprint (Monotype) (B) Imprimatur (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) Libra (Tetterode, Amsterdam) (Linotype) Italia ITC (B) Italian Old Style (Monotype) (B) Isbell ITC (B) Inverserif (Typo Bach) ISO 3098 (DIN 6776) B (B) Italia ITC (B) ?? Garamond 100 ?? (CG)

(gala60.ttf) (gara60.ttf) (gar860.ttf) (gar760.ttf) (gaeli60.ttf) Tony Stan, 1977 (ganol60.ttf) (gancl60.ttf) Stempel, 1925 (gaor60.ttf) (gare60.ttf) Karl Gerstner, 1987 (gerll.ttf) (gecab.ttf) Stempel, 1925 (gargl60.ttf) (gargl50.ttf) Berthold, 1969 (gety.ttf) Günter Gerhard Lange, 1983 (giam.ttf) Eric Gill, 1928/1937 (gibsl.ttf) (giul60.ttf) (glen60.ttf) (rogo.ttf) (fego60.ttf) ITC, 1986 (F.W.Goudy) (goue60.ttf) (gosn.ttf) (goch60.ttf) (gohe60.ttf) Frederic W. Goudy, 1915 (goud60.ttf) (goudi50.ttf) (goos.ttf) (grnf.ttf) A.M.Cassandre, 1937 (grey.ttf) (grotl60.ttf) (hark.ttf) Monotype, 1925 (hopp.ttf) (hand60.ttf) (hani60.ttf) (haog60.ttf) Monotype, 1925 (hastl60.ttf) (hayd60.ttf) (head60.ttf) Max Miedinger, 1958 (hegeg.ttf) (hegca.ttf) (heexa.ttf) (hegdb.ttf) Stempel, 1969 (hegib.ttf) (heln60.ttf) (hend60.ttf) H.Hoffmann, 1904 (herma.ttf) Berthold, year unknown (hero.ttf) (high60.ttf) (hobo60.ttf) (hobs60.ttf) Ronne Bonder, 1970 (honc.ttf) (hone60.ttf) (horn60.ttf) ?? (hove.ttf) (hube.ttf) (huds.ttf) K.F.Bauer, W.Baum, 1963 (imma.ttf) Geoffrey Lee, 1965 (impa.ttf) P.Zimmermann, 1954 (impo.ttf) Meynell, Mason etc., 1912 (immi.ttf) K.F.Bauer, W.Baum, 1952 (impv.ttf) (insp.ttf) (isli.ttf) Colin Brignall, 1977 (istm.ttf) Frederic W. Goudy, 1924 (isos.ttf) Dick Isbell, J.Campbell, 1981 (icbe60.ttf) (ingr.ttf) (inve.ttf) Berthold, 1981 (ison60.ttf) Colin Brignall, 1977 (istr60.ttf) (gait60.ttf) (gaiti50.ttf) G.G.Lange, 1972

J790 Blackletter Jacobite Japanette Jessamine Josephs Brush Josie Jugendstil K690 Flare K791 Geometrical K791 Geometrical Condensed K792 Geometrical Kaleidoscope Karin Keyboard Kingston Koblenz Kremlin Script L650 Deco L690 Script L691 Script L730 Roman L730 Sans L730 Script L850 Script L850 Slab L890 Roman Ladykiller Laramie Lega LeHavre Letter Gothic Letter Gothic No2 LightText Limoges Livorno Looking Glass Louis Lyon M650 Roman M651 Deco M690 Roman M691 Deco M730 Deco M730 Sans M791 Modern Macao Mac Envy Madeira Magazine Malaga MapType Marriage Marseille Matthew Maurice Medoc Melmac Melville Metaphor Micr Micro MicroSquare MicroSquare Ex MicroStencil Missouri Moab Mobil Graphics Modern Bodoni Modern Bodoni Condensed Modern Century Modern Century Condensed Modern Typewriter

Unger-Fraktur (B) Original Janson-Antiqua (Stempel) (B) Jersey kursiv extrafett (B) Joanna (Monotype) (B) ?? Kabel Stempel (B) Kabel Stempel (B) Kabel ITC (Photo-Lettering) (B)

Korinna ITC (B) Kabel ITC (Photo-Lettering) (B) Künstler-Schreibschrift (Linotype)

Life (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) Lightline Gothic ATF (B)

Lubalin Graph ITC (B) Lynton (Typesettra) (B) Lapidar (B) Le Cochin (Ludwig & Mayer) (B)

Linotext (Linotype)

Lo-Type (Louis Oppenheim 1913) (B) Life (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) Marbrook (B) Maximal (CG)

Modern No. 216 ITC (B)

Madison (B) Madison (B) Karten-Augustea (B) ?? URW Latino Galliard ITC (B)

Melior (Stempel) (B) Murray Hill ATF (B) Méridien (Haas'sche) (Linotype) (B) MICR B 13 (Linotype) (B) Microgramma (Typo Bach) (E&F) Microgramma Microgramma Microgramma Memphis (Stempel) (B)

Berthold Bodoni (B) Berthold Bodoni (B) Century ITC (B)

(joha.ttf) (jaco.ttf) (japa.ttf) Gustav Jaeger, 1985 (jesa.ttf) (chch60.ttf) Eric Gill, 1930 (josil.ttf) (juge60.ttf) (knni.ttf) Rudolf Koch, 1927 (kocol.ttf) Rudolf Koch, 1927 (kocc.ttf) Photo-Lettering, 1976 (kocm.ttf) (kale60.ttf) (kari60.ttf) (keyt.ttf) Ed Benguiat, V.Caruso, 1974 (king60.ttf) Photo-Lettering, 1976 (kobl60.ttf) D.Stempel, 1902 (krsc60.ttf) (lacs.ttf) (lege.ttf) (leyt.ttf) F.Simoncini, W.Bilz, 1965 (liga.ttf) Morris F. Benton, 1908 (ligh.ttf) (lisc.ttf) (lucf.ttf) H.Lubalin, A.Dispigna, 1974 (lubbl.ttf) Leslie Usherwood, 1980 (lync.ttf) Aldo Novarese, 1977 (ladk.ttf) (lara60.ttf) Ludwig & Mayer, 1932 (lega.ttf) (leha60.ttf) (lgot60.ttf) (legh.ttf) Morris F. Benton, 1901 (lifr.ttf) (limo60.ttf) (livo60.ttf) (look.ttf) Erik Spiekermann, 1980 (loui.ttf) F.Simoncini, W.Bilz, 1965 (lyon60.ttf) Leslie Usherwood, 1983 (marbl.ttf) (mech.ttf) (metp.ttf) (metr.ttf) (mrbg.ttf) (mgra.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1982 (modnl.ttf) (maco60.ttf) (mace.ttf) H.Hoffmeister, 1909 (made60.ttf) H.Hoffmeister, 1909 (maga.ttf) (mala60.ttf) Berthold, 1964 (mapt.ttf) (marr60.ttf) Hermann Zapf, ca. 1990 (mars60.ttf) Matthew Carter, 1978 (matt.ttf) (maur60.ttf) (medo60.ttf) Hermann Zapf, 1952 (melm.ttf) E.J.Klumpp, 1956 (melv60.ttf) Adrian Frutiger, 1955 (meph60.ttf) ?? (micc.ttf) A.Butti, A.Novarese, 1952 (mico60.ttf) (micr60.ttf) (mice60.ttf) (micrs60.ttf) Rudolf Weiß, 1930 (miouf60.ttf) (moab60.ttf) (mobi60.ttf) Berthold, 1930 (mobo.ttf) Berthold, 1975 (mobc.ttf) Tony Stan, 1980 (mocel.ttf) (moccl.ttf) (motyl.ttf)

Johann F. Unger, ca. 1800 Stempel, 1937

Modern Typewriter Condensed Modesto Montpellier N690 Deco N691 Deco N691 Sans N692 Sans N790 Modern Navarro N-Car Neasden Nebraska Neutral Grotesk Newcastle New Orleans Nicolas Northfields Novelty O670 Script O801 Flare O830 Roman OCR-A OCR-B Oklahoma Old Blackletter OnStage Openface Opus Orator Organ Grinder Osborne Ottoman P650 Blackletter P650 Deco P691 Deco P700 Deco P700 Roman P700 Sans P700 Script P732 Deco P760 Sans P761 Roman P790 Blackletter P790 Roman P820 Deco P820 Script P821 Roman P850 Deco Palazzo Palazzo Original Palazzo Werk Palladio Palmer Pamplona Park Avenue Pedro Pelota Pencil Peoria Persistent Persistent Osf Persistent Condensed Philadelphia Pickering Pittsburgh Pizzicato Pizzicato Osf Pizzicato Initials Pizzicato Decorative Pizzicato Swash Placid Placid Osf

(Original) Modern (Monotype) (B) Modern No. 216 ITC (B)

Monotype, year unknown Ed Benguiat, 1982

News Gothic ATF 1909 und 1958 (B) Neuzeit S (Stempel) (B) Normande (B) Novarese ITC (B)

Morris Fuller Benton, 1909 Stempel 1966 Berthold, 1860 Aldo Novarese, 1980

Newtext ITC (B) Neuzeit-Grotesk DIN 30640 (Stempel) (B) News Gothic ATF 1909 und 1958 (B) Nicolas Cochin (Haas'sche) (B) Novarese ITC (B) Okay (B) Optima (Stempel) (B) Osiris (B) OCR-A ATF (B) OCR-B (Monotype) (B) ??

Ray Baker, 1974 Wilhelm Pischner, 1928 John L. Renshaw 1958 G.Peignot, 1912 A.Novarese, 1980 Berthold, year unknown Hermann Zapf, 1958 Gustav Jaeger, 1984 Amer. Typefounders, 1968 Adrian Frutiger, 1968

Optima (Stempel) (B) ?? Organda ?? ?? ??

Hermann Zapf, 1958

Perpetua (Monotype) (B) Permanent Headline (Ludwig & Mayer) (B)

Eric Gill, 1927 Ludwig & Mayer, 1968

Placard (Monotype) (Linotype) (B) Plantin (Monotype) (B) Poppl-Fraktur (B) Post-Antiqua (B)

?? F.H.Pierpont, 1913 Friedrich Poppl, 1986 Herbert Post, 1939

URW Palladio (Original) Palatino (Stempel) (B) (Original) Palatino (Stempel) (B) URW Palladio Palette (B)

Hermann Zapf, ca. 1990 Hermann Zapf, 1950/1951 Hermann Zapf, 1950/1951 Hermann Zapf, ca. 1990 Martin Wilke, 1950

Polka ATF (B)

Peter Dom, 1950

Peignot (B) Perpetua (Monotype) (B) (B) (B)

A.M.Cassandre, 1937 Eric Gill, 1927

Plantin (Monotype) (B) (B)

F.H.Pierpont, 1913

(motcl.ttf) (mods.ttf) (mope60.ttf) (neot.ttf) (neul.ttf) (nwgo.ttf) (nesa.ttf) (norw.ttf) (nava60.ttf) (niss60.ttf) (nden.ttf) (nebkl.ttf) (neutl60.ttf) (newcl60.ttf) (norl.ttf) (nico60.ttf) (norf.ttf) (novl.ttf) (occa.ttf) (optt.ttf) (osmi.ttf) (ocra60.ttf) (ocrb60.ttf) (okla60.ttf) (oldb60.ttf) (onst60.ttf) (open60.ttf) (opus60.ttf) (orat60.ttf) (orga.ttf) (osbo60.ttf) (otto.ttf) (pald.ttf) (pari.ttf) (perv.ttf) (perg.ttf) (perp.ttf) (pers.ttf) (ppsc.ttf) (pino.ttf) (plaq.ttf) (plidl.ttf) (poef.ttf) (pora.ttf) (pret.ttf) (prem.ttf) (pris.ttf) (publ.ttf) (pala60.ttf) (palo.ttf) (palwi.ttf) (pall60.ttf) (pale60.ttf) (paml60.ttf) (park50.ttf) (pedr60.ttf) (pelo60.ttf) (penc60.ttf) (peor60.ttf) (peri60.ttf) (peri50.ttf) (perct60.ttf) (phil60.ttf) (pick60.ttf) (pitb60.ttf) (pizz60.ttf) (pizz50.ttf) (pizzn60.ttf) (pizzv60.ttf) (pizzs60.ttf) (plac60.ttf) (placbi50.ttf)

Poem Exclusive Poem Lavish Poem Lavish Condensed Poem Popular Poem Renaissance Pol Casual Pollock Prescott Prestige Prestige Two Principal Puente-Triline Q650 Roman Q853 Flare Quagga Quantico Quantity Quantity Condensed R650 Deco R651 Roman R690 Deco R690 Roman R690 Script R691 Script R790 Deco R790 Roman R790 Sans R791 Deco R791 Script Rambault Rambault Condensed Rimini Robinson Rochefort Roman Cyrillic Roman Eleven Roman Greek Rookie Rundgotisch S650 Roman S670 Roman S671 Slab S690 Roman S691 Roman S720 Deco S721 Script One S721 Script Three S730 Deco S750 Sans S760 Deco S760 Script S780 Deco S790 Roman S800 Script S841 Sans S842 Deco S850 Script Salmon Sans Sans Condensed Sans Extended Sans Outline Sans Outline Extended Sans Diagonal Savannah Savoy Savoy Osf Saxony Scott Sebastian Senator Serenade Two

Poppl-Exquisit (B) Poppl-Laudatio (B) (B) Poppl-Pontifex (B) Poppl-Residenz (B)

Friedrich Poppl, 1970 Friedrich Poppl, 1982 Friedrich Poppl, 1976 Friedrich Poppl, 1977

Playbill (Stephenson Blake) (Linotype)

Robert Harling, 1938

Princetown (Letraset) (Linotype) Quadriga-Antiqua (B) Quorum ITC (B) Quorum ITC (B) Candida (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) Candida (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) Raleigh (CG) (Linotype) Renault (Societé Wolff Olins) (B)

Dick Jones, 1981 Manfred Barz, 1979 Ray Baker, 1977 Ray Baker, 1977 Jakob Erbar, 1937 Jakob Erbar, 1936 Robert Norton, 1978 Wolff Olins, 1978

Romic (TSI) (B)

Colin Brignall, 1979

Rockwell (Monotype) (B) (B)

Monotype, 1934

Romana (B) Weiß-Rundgotisch (B) Salon-Antiqua Index (Stempel) (B) Schneider (B) Schadow-Antiqua (C.E.Weber) (B) Seneca (B)

Johannes Wagner, 1930 Emil Rudolf Weiß, 1937 D.Stempel, 1906 W.Schneider, 1987 Georg Trump, 1938 Gustav Jaeger, 1979

Sorbonne (B) Syntax (Stempel) (B)

Berthold, 1905 Hans Eduard Meyer, 1968

Helvetica (Haas'sche) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) Sabon-Antiqua (Stempel) (B) (B) Syntax (Stempel) (B) Serif Gothic ITC (B) ?? Serif Gothic ITC (B)

Max Miedinger, 1958

Jan Tschichold, 1967 Hans Eduard Meyer, 1968 Herb Lubalin, 1974 Herb Lubalin, 1974

(poex.ttf) (poell.ttf) (poecl.ttf) (poep.ttf) (poer.ttf) (poca.ttf) (polll60.ttf) (play60.ttf) (pres60.ttf) (prst.ttf) (prcp.ttf) (puet60.ttf) (quaoli.ttf) (quotl.ttf) (quos60.ttf) (quac60.ttf) (quan.ttf) (quac.ttf) (raiu.ttf) (ralg.ttf) (refx.ttf) (reno.ttf) (rege.ttf) (rein.ttf) (rols.ttf) (romn.ttf) (rohsl.ttf) (rond.ttf) (rohd.ttf) (rambl.ttf) (ramc.ttf) (rimi60.ttf) (rosam60.ttf) (rofo60.ttf) (romy.ttf) (romv.ttf) (romg.ttf) (rook.ttf) (weru60.ttf) (salix.ttf) (scenl.ttf) (schd.ttf) (sevi.ttf) (senal.ttf) (shot.ttf) (shia.ttf) (shiv.ttf) (sieg.ttf) (skyl.ttf) (slag.ttf) (slog.ttf) (snak.ttf) (sorb.ttf) (sprn.ttf) (sytt.ttf) (stei.ttf) (stud.ttf) (salm60.ttf) (sansa60.ttf) (sancl60.ttf) (sanel60.ttf) (sanob60.ttf) (sanok60.ttf) (sand60.ttf) (sava60.ttf) (savo60.ttf) (savo50.ttf) (saxy60.ttf) (stop60.ttf) (sebal60.ttf) (sentb60.ttf) (sertl.ttf)

Sheffield Sheridan Simpson Soledad Somerset Spokane Square Serif Stafford Stafford Condensed Status Stencil Sterling Summit Sunset Sunset Gothic Surfboard T720 Deco T731 Roman Tabasco Tampa Tampico Thong Tico Timber Tin Plate Tioga Script Transfer Gothic Tremolo Troubadour Troubadour Osf Typewriter Typewriter Osf Typewriter Condensed Uncial Unic University Oldstyle University Oldstyle Osf Unziale Usambara V691 Roman Vag VAG Rounded Vandenburg Vanity Book Vanity Display Varennes Violin Script Visalia W650 Blackletter W690 Roman W730 Roman Walbaum Display Walbaum Fraktur WalbaumOriginal Walbaum Original Wallaby Whitehall Winona Woodtype Yorkshire Z650 Script Z690 Blackletter Zabriskie Book Zabriskie International Zabriskie Script Zabriskie Script Swash Zephyr Zepp

Lubalin Graph ITC (B) Rockwell (Monotype) (B) (B)

Souvenir ITC (B) Souvenir Gothic (TypeSpectra) (B)

Tiffany ITC (B)

Tiffany ITC (B)

?? Monotone Gothic ATF (B) ?? Trump-Mediäval (Stempel) (B) American Typewriter ITC (B) (B) ?? Neue Hammer-Unziale II (B) ?? Berkeley Old Style ITC (B) Neue Hammer-Unziale I (Stempel) (B) Vendôme (Olive) (B) V.A.G.Variation VAG Rundschrift (B) Van Dijck Titling (Monotype) (B) (B) Vendôme (Olive) (B)

Walbaum-Fraktur (B) Weiß-Antiqua (Bauersche) (B) Windsor (Stephenson Blake) (B) Walbaum (B) Walbaum-Fraktur (B) Walbaum (B) (B) Wallau halbfett (Klingspor) (B)

?? Zentenar-Fraktur (Bauersche) (B) Zapf Book ITC (B) Zapf International ITC (B) Zapf Chancery ITC (B) (B)

(shel60.ttf) (sher60.ttf) (spri60.ttf) (sole60.ttf) (some60.ttf) (skid60.ttf) H.Lubalin, A.Dispigna, 1974 (squal60.ttf) Monotype, 1934 (stafl60.ttf) (stac60.ttf) (stat.ttf) (sten60.ttf) (ster60.ttf) (summ60.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1970 (sunsl60.ttf) TypeSpectra, 1977 (sung.ttf) (subo.ttf) (thun.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1974 (tiftl.ttf) (taba.ttf) (tamp60.ttf) (targ60.ttf) (thon.ttf) (tico.ttf) Ed Benguiat, 1974 (timbl60.ttf) (tinp.ttf) (tiogl60.ttf) M.F.Benton, 1908 (tranl.ttf) (trem.ttf) Georg Trump, 1954 (trum.ttf) (truo.ttf) Joel Kadan, T.Stan, 1974 (typel60.ttf) (typel50.ttf) (typcl60.ttf) (?? V.Hammer 1953) (amun60.ttf) (unii60.ttf) Tony Stan, 1983 (univ60.ttf) (univ50.ttf) V.Hammer, 1953 (amunb.ttf) (usam.ttf) François Ganeau, 1952 (vent.ttf) (vwtwl.ttf) Berthold, 1979 (vwro60.ttf) (vand60.ttf) Jan van Krimpen, 1935 (vant.ttf) (vadi.ttf) François Ganeau, 1952 (vend60.ttf) (viol60.ttf) (visa60.ttf) J.E.Walbaum, 1800 (walf.ttf) E.R.Weiß, 1928 (weis.ttf) S. Blake, 1905 (wnds.ttf) C.G.Lange, 1975 (wald.ttf) J.E.Walbaum, 1800 (walf60.ttf) J.E.Walbaum, 1800 (walo.ttf) (walb60.ttf) Rudolf Koch, 1930 (wall.ttf) (whit60.ttf) (wino60.ttf) (wood60.ttf) (yosh.ttf) (zanz.ttf) F.H.Ernst Schneidler, 1937 (zenf.ttf) Hermann Zapf, 1976 (zabbli.ttf) Hermann Zapf, 1977 (zainl.ttf) Hermann Zapf, 1979 (zasc.ttf) (zass.ttf) (zeph.ttf) (zepp.ttf)

3.1. Inverted List of above Section 3: Original Font Names -> Softmaker Fancy Names

Only the font names that have been identified are listed. All font variations (e.g. Helvetica Narrow) are omitted.

Aachen (Letraset) (CG) (Linotype) -> Aargau Ad Lib ATF (Linotype) -> Ad Lib Aeterna (Ludwig & Meyer) (B) -> Aesop Akzidenz-Grotesk Buch (B) -> Atkins Akzidenz-Grotesk Schulbuch (B) -> A750 Sans Schoolbook Albertus (Monotype) (CG) -> Adelon Aldus-Buchschrift (Stempel) (B) -> A760 Roman Alte Schwabacher (B) -> Alte Schwabacher Alternate Gothic No 1 (Linotype) (B) -> Alternate Gothic No1 Amalthea (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) -> A770 Roman Amelia (Typo Bach) -> A770 Deco American Greeting Script (Linotype) -> Altitude American Typewriter ITC (B) -> Typewriter Americana ATF (Linotype) -> Almeria Antiqua Olive (Olive) (B) -> Antigone Ariston (B) -> Agnes Ariston (B) -> Artistic Arkona (B) -> Argentine Aster (CG) -> Austin Avant Garde Gothic ITC (B) -> Avignon Balloon ATF (B) -> Balloon Balmoral ITC (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Ballad Script Banco (Olive) (Linotype) -> Bandit Barbedor (URW++) (Linotype) -> Barbedor Baskerville (B) -> Baskerville Baskerville Old Face (B) -> Baskerville Old Face Bauer Bodoni (Bauer) (Linotype) (B) -> Bodoni Bauhaus ITC (B) -> Dessau Bell (Monotype) (B) -> B694 Roman Bell (Monotype) (B) -> Baltimore Belwe (CG) -> Benson Bembo (Monotype) (Adobe) (B) (with short ascenders!) -> Bergamo Benguiat Gothic ITC (B) -> B691 Sans Benguiat Gothic ITC (B) -> Benjamin Gothic Benguiat ITC (B) -> B693 Roman Benguiat ITC (B) -> Benjamin Berkeley Old Style ITC (B) -> B695 Roman Berkeley Old Style ITC (B) -> University Oldstyle Berliner Grotesk (B) -> B693 Deco Berling (Berlingska) (B) -> Bestseller Bernhard Modern ATF (B) -> Bernhard Modern Bernhard Schönschrift (Bauersche) (B) -> Bernhard Script Berthold Bodoni (B) -> Bodoni Recut Berthold Bodoni (B) -> Modern Bodoni Berthold Bodoni (B) -> Modern Bodoni Condensed Berthold-Script (B) -> B690 Script Beton (B), Neufville version of bold "A" -> Boston Bison (Stempel) (B) -> Bluff Block -> Boulder Bodoni, see above Berthold Bodoni, Bauer Bodoni Bodoni Old Face (B) -> Giambattista Bookman ITC (B) -> B791 Roman Boulevard (B) -> B820 Script Bramley TSI (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Bravo Britannic (Stephenson Blake) (B) -> Bristol Broadway (Linotype) -> Broadway Broadway engraved (Linotype) -> Broadway Engraved Brush ATF (Linotype) (B) -> Brush Script Caledonia-Antiqua (Stempel) (B) -> C651 Roman Calligraphia (Linotype) -> C650 Script Candida (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) -> Quantity Candida (B) - "Q" has Neufville Q-tail! -> Canyon Caslon 540 ATF (B) -> Caslon Elegant Caslon Adbold (Typo Bach) -> Casad Caslon No. 224 ITC (B) -> C790 Roman Caslon No. 224 ITC (B) -> Caslon Centaur (Monotype) (B) -> Cambridge Century ATF (B) -> C795 Roman Century ITC (B) -> Century Expanded Century ITC (B) -> Modern Century Century Old Style ATF (B) -> Century Old Style Century Schookbook ATF (B) -> Century Schoolbook Cheltenham ITC (B) -> Cheltenham Cheltenham Old Style normal ATF (B) -> Cheltenham Old Style Chesterfield (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Chatelaine City (B) -> Centrum Clarendon Clarendon (Haas'sche) -> Clarendon Clearface ATF (B) -> Clearface Old Style Clearface ITC (B) -> Clearface Clearface Gothic ATF (B) -> ClearGothic Serial (see section 4) Colossalis (B) -> C791 Deco Comenius-Antiqua (B) -> C792 Roman Commercial Script (B) -> Commercial Script Compacta (Letraset) (B) -> Compressed Concorde (B) -> C791 Roman Concorde (B) -> Concept Cooper Black ATF (B) -> Cooper Black Cooper Old Style ATF (B) -> C793 Roman Copperplate Gothic ATF (B) -> Copperplate Gothic Corvinus (Bauersche) (B) -> C794 Roman Cremona (Alphatype) (B) -> C820 Roman Croissant (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Curacao Cushing ITC (B) -> Calgary Daily News (B) -> D650 Roman Deepdene (Monotype) (B) -> D690 Roman DIN 1451 Engschrift (B) -> Fette Engschrift DIN 1451 Mittelschrift (B) -> Fette Mittelschrift Diotima (Stempel) (B) -> D730 Roman Diskus halbfett (Stempel) (B) -> D730 Script Diskus mager (Stempel) (B) -> Disciple Dominante (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) -> D790 Roman Eckmann (Klingspor) (B) -> Etienne Egizio (Nebiolo) (B) -> E710 Roman Egyptienne (Lettergieterij Amsterdam) (B) -> Egyptian Condensed Ehrhardt (Monotype) (B) -> E720 Roman Englische Schreibschrift (B) -> Elegant Script Engravers Old English ATF (B) -> E780 Blackletter Enviro ITC (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Elmore Enviro ITC (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Entebbe Eras ITC (B) -> E820 Sans Eurostile (Societa Nebiolo) (B) -> Eurasia Excelsior, News No. 14 (CG) -> Exemplary Fanfare schmal (B) -> F650 Deco Fenice ITC (B) -> Ferrara Fette Fraktur (B) -> F692 Blackletter Fette Fraktur (B) -> Fraktur Fette Gotisch (Typo Bach) (E&F) -> Gotisch Flange (Typesettra) (B) -> Fleming Flyer (Haas'sche Schriftgießerei) (B) -> Flipper Franklin Gothic ATF (B) -> Franklin Original Franklin Gothic ITC (B) -> Franklin Gothic Franklin-Antiqua (B) -> F820 Roman Friz Quadrata ITC (B) -> Fremont Frutiger 45, 55 etc. (Stempel) (B) -> FrontPage

Futura (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) -> Function Galliard ITC (B) -> Gareth Galliard ITC (B) -> Matthew Garamond (B) -> Classic Garamond Garamond (B) -> Garamond Garamond (Stempel AG) (B) -> Garamond Original Garamond (Stempel AG) (B) -> German Garamond Garamond 100 (CG) ?? -> Italian Garamond Garamond ITC (B) -> Garamond Nova Gerstner Original (B) -> Gerling Gill Sans (Monotype) (B) -> Chantilly Gill Sans (Monotype) (B) -> Gibson Goudy Old Style ATF (B) -> Goudy Old Style Goudy Old Style, ATF (B) -> G790 Roman Goudy Sans ITC (CG) -> Goudy Elegant Haenel-Antiqua (B) -> Heron Helvetica (Haas) (Stempel) (B) -> Hegel Helvetica (Haas'sche) (B) -> Sans Herold Reklameschrift (B) -> Herman Honda ITC (Linotype) -> Honcho Horley Old Style (Monotype) (B) -> H790 Roman Horley Old Style (Monotype) (B) -> Hastings Houston (Context) (B) -> Hover Impact (Lettergieterij Amsterdam) (B) -> I770 Sans Impressum (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) -> I770 Roman Imprimatur (Bauersche Gießerei) (B) -> I772 Roman Imprint (Monotype) (B) -> I771 Roman Impuls (J.Wagner) (B) -> I770 Script Inverserif (Typo Bach) -> Inverserif Isbell ITC (B) -> Iceberg ISO 3098 (DIN 6776) B (B) -> Isonorm Italia ITC (B) -> I831 Slab Italia ITC (B) -> Istria Italian Old Style (Monotype) (B) -> I832 Slab Janson (Stempel) (B) see below Original Janson-Antiqua Jersey kursiv extrafett (B) -> Jessamine Joanna (Monotype) (B) -> Josie Kabel ITC (Photo-Lettering) (B) -> K792 Geometrical Kabel ITC (Photo-Lettering) (B) -> Koblenz Kabel Stempel (B) -> K791 Geometrical Karten-Augustea (B) -> MapType Korinna ITC (B) -> Kingston Künstler-Schreibschrift (Linotype) -> Kremlin Script Lapidar (B) -> Ladykiller Le Cochin (CG Collage) (B) -> Cockney Le Cochin (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) -> Lega Libra (Tetterode, Amsterdam) (Linotype) -> I830 Deco Life (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) -> L730 Roman Life (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) -> Lyon Lightline Gothic ATF (B) -> L730 Sans Linotext (Linotype) -> LightText Lo-Type (Louis Oppenheim 1913) (B) -> Louis Lubalin Graph ITC (B) -> L850 Slab Lubalin Graph ITC (B) -> Square Serif Lynton (Typesettra) (B) -> L890 Roman Madison (B) -> Madeira Madison (B) -> Magazine Marbrook (B) -> M650 Roman Maximal (CG) -> M690 Roman Melior (Stempel) (B) -> Melmac Memphis (Stempel) (B) -> Missouri Méridien (Haas'sche) (Linotype) (B) -> Metaphor MICR B 13 (Linotype) (B) -> Micr Microgramma (Typo Bach) (E&F) -> Micro Modern (Original) (Monotype) (B) -> Modesto Modern No. 216 ITC (B) -> M791 Modern

Modern No. 216 ITC (B) -> Montpellier Monotone Gothic ATF (B) ?? -> Transfer Gothic Murray Hill ATF (B) -> Melville Neue Hammer-Unziale I (Stempel) (B) -> Unziale Neue Hammer-Unziale II (B) ?? -> Uncial Neuzeit-Grotesk DIN 30640 (Stempel) (B) -> Neutral Grotesk Neuzeit S (Stempel) -> N692 Sans New Baskerville ITC (Linotype) (B) -> Baskerville Nova News Gothic ATF (B) ?? -> Newcastle News Gothic ATF 1909 (B) -> N691 Sans Newtext ITC (B) -> Nebraska Nicolas Cochin (Haas'sche) (B) -> Nicolas Normande (B) -> N790 Modern Novarese ITC (B) -> Navarro Novarese ITC (B) -> Novelty OCR-A ATF (B) -> OCR-A OCR-B (Monotype) (B) -> OCR-B Okay (B) -> O670 Script Optima (Stempel) (B) -> O801 Flare Optima (Stempel) (B) -> Opus Original Janson-Antiqua (Stempel) (B) -> Jacobite Osiris (B) -> O830 Roman Palatino (Original) (Stempel) (B) -> Palazzo Original Palette (B) -> Palmer Peignot (B) -> Peoria Peignot (Haas'sche) (Linotype) (B) -> Greyhound Permanent Headline (Ludwig & Mayer) (B) -> P700 Sans Perpetua (Monotype) (B) -> P700 Roman Perpetua (Monotype) (B) -> Persistent Placard (Monotype) (Linotype) (B) -> P760 Sans Plantin (Monotype) (B) -> P761 Roman Plantin (Monotype) (B) -> Placid Playbill (Stephenson Blake) (Linotype) -> Prescott Polka ATF (B) -> Pedro Poppl-Exquisit (B) -> Poem Exclusive Poppl-Fraktur (B) -> P790 Blackletter Poppl-Laudatio (B) -> Poem Lavish Poppl-Pontifex (B) -> Poem Popular Poppl-Residenz (B) -> Poem Renaissance Post-Antiqua (B) -> P790 Roman Princetown (Letraset) (Linotype) -> Principal Quadriga-Antiqua (B) -> Q650 Roman Quorum ITC (B) -> Q853 Flare Quorum ITC (B) -> Quagga Raleigh (CG) (Linotype) -> R651 Roman Renault (Societé Wolff Olins) (B) -> R690 Roman Rockwell (Monotype) (B) -> Rambault Rockwell (Monotype) (B) -> Stafford Romana (B) -> Rookie Romic (TSI) (B) -> R790 Roman Sabon-Antiqua (Stempel) (B) -> Savoy Salon-Antiqua Index (Stempel) (B) -> S650 Roman Schadow-Antiqua (C.E.Weber) (B) -> S671 Slab Schneider (B) -> S670 Roman Schreibmaschinenschrift (B) -> German Typewriter Seneca (B) -> S691 Roman Serif Gothic ITC (B) -> Sebastian Serif Gothic ITC (B) -> Serenade Two Sorbonne (B) -> S790 Roman Souvenir Gothic (TypeSpectra) (B) -> Sunset Gothic Souvenir ITC (B) -> Sunset Syntax (Stempel) (B) -> S841 Sans Syntax (Stempel) (B) -> Saxony Tiffany ITC (B) -> T731 Roman Tiffany ITC (B) -> Timber Trump-Mediäval (Stempel) (B) -> Troubadour

Unger-Fraktur (B) -> J790 Blackletter Univers (Haas'sche) (B) -> Ultimate Serial (see section 4) URW Antiqua -> Antiqua URW Grotesk -> Grotesk URW Latino -> Marseille URW Palladio -> Palazzo URW Palladio -> Palladio V.A.G.Variation -> Vag VAG Rundschrift (B) -> VAG Rounded Van Dijck Titling (Monotype) (B) -> Vanity Book Vendôme (Olive) (B) -> V691 Roman Vendôme (Olive) (B) -> Varennes Walbaum (B) -> Walbaum Display Walbaum (B) -> WalbaumOriginal Walbaum-Fraktur (B) -> W650 Blackletter Walbaum-Fraktur (B) -> Walbaum Fraktur Wallau halbfett (Klingspor) (B) -> Wallaby Weiß-Antiqua (Bauersche) (B) -> W690 Roman Weiß-Rundgotisch (B) -> Rundgotisch Windsor (Stephenson Blake) (B) -> W730 Roman Zapf Book ITC (B) -> Zabriskie Book Zapf Chancery ITC (B) -> Zabriskie Script Zapf International ITC (B) -> Zabriskie International Zentenar-Fraktur (Bauersche) (B) -> Z690 Blackletter

"Berthold Types 1985" fonts not found on MegaFont XXL These typefaces are contained in the two-volumed book "Berthold Types" 1985, but are apparently not included in the Softmaker MegaFont XXL collection. The font marked (B) are original Berthold fonts Aja (B) Akzidenz-Grotesk (1898-1912) (B) AG Buch Rounded (B) AG Old Face (B) Augustea (1905-1926) (B), but see above Karten-Augustea (B) Barcelona ITC Barmen (B) Bembo (Monotype) (original 1930 version with long ascenders)

Bernhard gothic ATF Berthold Imago (B) Caprice (B) Caslon-Gotisch (B) Catull (B) Century Nova ATF Chevalier (Haas'sche) Cosmos (B) Delta Digi-Grotesk Serie S (Hell) DIN 16/17 (B) Engravers Roman (B) Folio (Bauersche) Formata (B) Garamont (Lettergieterij) Granby Elephant (Stempel) Grotesque No. 7 (Stepheson Blake) Jaeger-Antiqua (B) Kennerley Old Style (Berthold) Künstlerschreibschrift (version by Hans Bohn, 1957) (B) Largo (Ludwig & Mayer) L.C.D. (B) London Text (B) Original Century ATF Poppl-College (B) Primus-Antiqua (Typoart, former DDR) Promotor (Lettergieterij) Rhapsodie (Ludwig & Mayer) Römisch (Bayrisches Landesvermessungsamt) (B) Sayer Esprit (B) Serifa (Bauersche Schriftgießerei) Steile Futura (Fundicion Tipografica Neufville) Stymie ATF Symbol ITC Times 327 (original version) (Monotype) Times 421 (original version) (Monotype) Univers 45, 55 (Deberny & Peignot) Usherwood ITC Veljovic ITC Venus (Bauersche) Venus-Egyptienne (Bauersche) Weidemann ITC Wilhelm-Klingspor-Gotisch (Stempel)

Note: When the H. Berthold AG went broke in 1993, the loot seems to have been split among different sharks. One of these sharks was a company with the name ClassicFontCorporation, USA RWE, which grabbed many of the fonts listed above as "not found" on the Megafont, e.g. original versions of the Akzidenz-Grotesk (1898-1912), the Augustea (1905-1926) etc. These fonts with fictitious "creation year" 1993 appeared much later on the CD-ROM "Windows XP Profischriften" published by Franzis-Verlag in Poing near Munich in 2003.

4. Brendel & Pabst Typefaces (Brendel Informatik, Cologne)

All B&P fonts are defective. They do not even comprise the complete 1252 code page. Moreover most fonts are only thickness variations of the regular cut without italic cuts. It seems that several fonts, especially the sanserif fonts, have been intentionally forged. A few typefaces are claimed to be original fonts of a so-called "Brendel Type Studio". Since all the B&P fonts are defective, no effort was made to identify the original fonts. ** These typefaces are not contained in the preceding section "3. Berthold Typefaces" Softmaker Typeface Name

Accolade Serial Adelon Serial Ballantines Serial Bamberg Serial Basker Old Serial Baskerville Serial Belfast Serial Bernstein Serial Bodoni Serial Calgary Serial Cambridge Serial Casablanca Serial Casad Serial Chantilly Serial Clarendon Serial Clearface Serial ClearGothic Serial Colonel Serial Columbia Serial Congress Serial Deko Black Serial Deko Display Serial Denver Serial Derringer Serial Diamante Serial Digital Serial Dragon Serial Enschede Serial Expressa Serial Florida Serial Formula Serial Francisco Serial Garamond Serial Gascogne Serial Glasgow Serial Goudita Serial Goudy Serial Granada Serial Grenoble Serial Hamburg Serial Helium Serial Hoboken Serial Horsham Serial Jessica Serial Koblenz Serial Korinth Serial Leamington Serial Limerick Serial Limerick Condensed Serial Lingwood Serial Litera Serial Marathon Serial Marseille Serial Melbourne Serial Mercedes Serial Mexico Serial Montreal Serial Napoli Serial Nashville Serial Nevada Serial

Original Typeface Name

Accolade (Ingrama) (CG) ** Albertus (CG) Ballantines Script ?? Baskerville (B) Baskerville (B) ?? ?? Bodoni (B) Cushing (B) Centaur (B) ?? Caslon Adbold (Typo Bach) Gill Sans (B) Clarendon (B) Clearface (B) Clearface Gothic ATF (B)** ?? ?? Congress ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Digital Sans Dragon ?? Expressa ?? Modified Sanserif Font ?? ?? Modified Sanserif Font ?? ?? Garamond (B) ?? ?? ?? Goudy Old Style (B) ?? ?? ?? Modified Sanserif Font ?? (see "g") ?? ?? ?? ?? Kabel (B) Korinna ITC (B) Leamington (Ingrama, Linotype) ** ?? ?? Lingwood ?? ?? Modified Palatino Roman (see "E", "&") URW Latino Roman (B) ?? ?? ?? ?? Modified Sanserif Font ?? (see "Q") ?? Nashville Nevada


no Berthold Type! Brendel Type Studio no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! M.F.Benton 1907 no italics available! Brendel Type Studio

(File Name)

(s-acco.ttf) (s-adell.ttf) (s-balll.ttf) (s-bamba.ttf) (s-basoa.ttf) (s-baskl.ttf) (s-belfa.ttf) (s-berna.ttf) (s-bodol.ttf) (s-calga.ttf) (s-cambl.ttf) (s-csaba.ttf) (s-caadl.ttf) (s-chana.ttf) (s-clarl.ttf) (s-cleaa.ttf) (s-clega.ttf) (s-colol.ttf) (s-colua.ttf) (s-congl.ttf) (s-debl.ttf) (s-dedib.ttf) (s-denvl.ttf) (s-derra.ttf) (s-diama.ttf) (s-digi.ttf) (s-draga.ttf) (s-enscl.ttf) (s-exprl.ttf) (s-florl.ttf) (s-forma.ttf) (s-frisa.ttf) (s-garsa.ttf) (s-gasca.ttf) (s-glasa.ttf) (s-goitl.ttf) (s-gouyl.ttf) (s-grana.ttf) (s-grena.ttf) (s-hamba.ttf) (s-helia.ttf) (s-hobka.ttf) (s-hosha.ttf) (s-jessl.ttf) (s-kobla.ttf) (s-koria.ttf) (s-leaml.ttf) (s-limea.ttf) (s-limca.ttf) (s-lingl.ttf) (s-litel.ttf) (s-maraa.ttf) (s-marsl.ttf) (s-melbl.ttf) (s-mercl.ttf) (s-mexia.ttf) (s-monta.ttf) (s-napoa.ttf) (s-nasha.ttf) (s-nevaa.ttf)

no italics available! Brendel Type Studio Brendel Type Studio no italics available! Brendel Type Studio, no i.!

no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! no italics available!

no italics available! no italics available! no italics available!

no Berthold Type!

Brendel Type Studio Hermann Zapf, 1950/51 no italics available! no italics available!

no italics available! Brendel Type Studio Brendel Type Studio , no i.!

OnStage Serial Ornitons Serial Palermo Serial Pasadena Serial Penthouse Serial Plakette Serial Plymouth Serial Priamos Serial Quadrat Serial Quebec Serial Raleigh Serial Ravenna Serial Riccione Serial Rochester Serial Roundest Serial Salzburg Serial Saxony Serial Seagull Serial Sigvar Serial Stafford Serial Stratford Serial Sunset Serial Sydney Serial Thames Serial Toledo Serial Typewriter Serial Ultimate Serial Valencia Serial Veracruz Serial Verona Serial Volkswagen Serial Wichita Serial Worcester Serial

?? ?? ?? Pasadene ?? Plak (Linotype) ** ?? ?? Friz Quadrata ITC (B) ?? Modified Sanserif Font ?? (see "Q") Raleigh (CG) ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Syntax (B) ?? ?? Rockwell (Monotype) (B) Stratford (Ingrama) (Linotype)** Souvenir (B) ?? ?? Modified Times (Monotype) ?? ?? American Typewriter ITC (B) Univers (Haas'sche) (B)** ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

no italics available! no italics available! Brendel Type Studio no italics available! Paul Renner, 1930 no italics available! Ernst Friz, 1965 no italics available!

no italics available!

Monotype, 1934 no italics available! no italics available! no italics available! Stanley Morison, 1931

Adrian Frutiger, 1957

no italics available! no italics available!

(s-ragtl.ttf) (s-ornia.ttf) (s-palml.ttf) (s-pasaa.ttf) (s-penta.ttf) (s-plakl.ttf) (s-plyml.ttf) (s-priaa.ttf) (s-quadl.ttf) (s-quebl.ttf) (s-ralel.ttf) (s-ravea.ttf) (s-ricca.ttf) (s-rochl.ttf) (s-rouna.ttf) (s-salza.ttf) (s-saxoa.ttf) (s-seagl.ttf) (s-sigva.ttf) (s-stafa.ttf) (s-stra.ttf) (s-sunsa.ttf) (s-sydna.ttf) (s-tham.ttf) (s-tolea.ttf) (s-typea.ttf) (s-ultia.ttf) (s-valea.ttf) (s-veraa.ttf) (s-veroa.ttf) (s-volkl.ttf) (s-wichl.ttf) (s-worc.ttf)

5. Berthold Types sold by Adobe

The ADOBE # following the typeface refers to the original package no. referenced in Adobe Type On Call 4.2 and Adobe Font Folio 8 AG Book Rounded ADOBE #303 AG Book Stencil et al ADOBE #286 AG Old Face ADOBE #249 AG Schoolbook ADOBE #306 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Collection Includes ADOBE Packages #96, 270 & 248 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk ADOBE #96 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed ADOBE #270 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended ADOBE #248 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Upgrades Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Collection Upgrade to ADOBE Packages #96, 270 & 248 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Upgrade to ADOBE #96 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed Upgrade to ADOBE #270 Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended Upgrade to ADOBE #248 Barmeno ADOBE #273 Berthold Baskerville ADOBE #324 Berthold Baskerville Book ADOBE #232 Berliner Grotesk ADOBE #311 Berthold Scripts 1 ADOBE #260 (Bellevue, Boulevard, Berthold-Script) Berthold Scripts 2 ADOBE #393 (Aja, Poppl Exquisit) Berthold Scripts 3 ADOBE #395 (Arkona, El Greco) Block Berthold ADOBE #325 Berthold Bodoni Antiqua + Expert Includes ADOBE Packages #224 & #268 Berthold Bodoni Antiqua ADOBE #224 Berthold Bodoni Antiqua Expert ADOBE #268 Berthold Bodoni Antiqua Condensed ADOBE #316 Berthold Bodoni Old Face + Expert Includes ADOBE Packages #304 & #310 Berthold Bodoni Old Face ADOBE #304 Berthold Bodoni Old Face Expert ADOBE #310 See the upgrade Boton ADOBE #320 Berthold Caslon Book ADOBE #295 Berthold Caslon Book Expert ADOBE #296 Catull ADOBE #341 Christiana ADOBE #314 Berthold City ADOBE #222 Colossalis ADOBE #259 Comenius ADOBE #327 Concorde ADOBE #84 Concorde Expert ADOBE #292 Concorde Condensed ADOBE #330 Concorde Nova + Expert ADOBE #266 Cosmos ADOBE #274 Cremona ADOBE #344 Jaeger Daily News ADOBE #332 Delta Jaeger ADOBE #318 Formata Collection Includes ADOBE Packages #218, #337 & #323 Formata ADOBE #218 Formata Expert ADOBE #337 Formata Condensed ADOBE #323 Berthold Garamond + Expert Includes ADOBE Packages #250 & #331 Berthold Garamond ADOBE #250 Berthold Garamond Expert ADOBE #331 Imago ADOBE #217 See the upgrade [Poppl] Laudatio ADOBE #328 [Poppl] Laudatio Condensed ADOBE #329 Lo-Type ADOBE #346 Nofret + Expert Includes ADOBE Packages #219 & #338 Nofret ADOBE #219 Nofret Expert ADOBE #338 [Poppl] Laudatio ADOBE #328 [Poppl] Laudatio Condensed ADOBE #329 Poppl-Pontifex + Expert Includes ADOBE Packages #245 & #265 Poppl-Pontifex ADOBE #245 Poppl-Pontifex Expert ADOBE #265 Poppl-Residenz ADOBE #254 Post-Antiqua ADOBE #92 Post-Mediaeval ADOBE #280 Berthold Walbaum Book + Expert Includes ADOBE Packages #81 & #198 Berthold Walbaum Book ADOBE #81 Berthold Walbaum Book Expert ADOBE #198

6. "The FontSite 500 CD" by Sean Cavanaugh (

This CD contains a tiny subset of the MegaFont CD. Some fonts have original font names, other fonts have fancy names. GARALDE / VENETIAN Bergamo Bergamo Expert Bergamo SC & OsF Caslon Caslon Expert Gareth Garamond Garamond Expert Garamond SC & OsF Garamond Condensed Goudy Old Style Goudy Catalogue Jenson Recut URW Palladio URW Palladio Expert URW Palladio SC & OsF Savoy Savoy Expert Savoy Small Caps & OsF Schnittger Schnittger SC & OsF University Old Style University Old Style Expert Vendôme SLAB SERIF Cheltenham Cheltenham Condensed Clarendon Glytus URW Latino URW Latino Expert Litho Antique Litho Antique Expert Litho Antique SC & OsF Old Town Serific Typewriter Typewriter Condensed SCRIPT Brody Commercial Script Deanna Script Deanna Swash Caps Function Script Hudson Legend Melville Mistral Park Avenue Phyllis Phyllis Swash Caps Platinum Blonde Plaza Plaza Initials Tarrington Typo Upright Vivaldi UNCIAL American Uncial Linden Rosslaire BORDERS / SYMBOLS Arrows Chap Borders Celtic Borders CombiNumerals Deanna Borders Deanna Flowers Linedraw Fixed Picto Sean Symbols FREE FORM Barbedor Barbedor Expert Barbedor SC & OsF Bernhard Modern Della Robbia Della Robbia Condensed Engravers Litho Engravers Litho Condensed Engravers Roman Flanders Lydian TRANSITIONAL URW Antiqua URW Antiqua Expert URW Antiqua SC & OsF Baskerville Baskerville Expert Clearface Clearface Expert Century Old Style Century Old Style Expert Century Old Style SC & OsF English Serif English Serif Expert English Serif SC+OsF Jessica Lanston Bell New Baskerville Nicolas Cochin DIDONE / MODERN Basel Bodoni Bodoni Expert Bodoni Small Caps & OsF Modern 216 Walbaum SANS SERIF Antique Olive Antique Olive SC+OsF Bank Gothic Bank Gothic Condensed Benjamin Gothic Chantilly Cori Sans Engravers Gothic Fette Engschrift Fette Mittelschrift Franklin Gothic Franklin Gothic Condensed Franklin Gothic Cnd. SC & OsF Function Function Small Caps & OsF Function Condensed Goudy Sans URW Grotesk URW Grotesk Expert URW Grotesk SC+OsF Lanston Koch Micro Square Micro Square Expert Micro Square SC & OsF Opus Opus Small Caps & OsF Orator Syntax Letter Gothic News Gothic News Gothic SC+OsF Unitus Unitus Condensed DECORATIVE / DISPLAY Abbot Old Style Ad Lib Algerian Arnold Boecklin ATF Peignot Ben Franklin Belwe Bernhard Fashion Bernhard Tango Binner Caslon Antique Chisel Chromatic Churchward Cipollini Collner Grotesk Copperplate Gothic Coronado Davida Delphian Open Titling Dresden Dynamo Eldamar Elefont Embie Empire ATF Erbar Deco Function Display Gallia Glaser Stencil Goudy Handtooled Goudy Handtooled Sm Caps Goudy Lombardic Caps Handel Gothic Harlem Nights Hobo Honeymoon Horndon Huxley Vertical Isabell Mercedes Mona Lisa Nissan OCR-A & OCR-B Onyx Paddington Bold Parisian Pericles Pinocchio Plakette Platz Publicity Reflex Salut Stop Ticonderoga Toxica VAG Rounded BLACKLETTER Alte Schwabacher Engravers Old English Fette Fraktur Fette Gotisch Olde English

7. "infiniType 2.0" (

Under the label "infiniType 2.0", Mr. Martin Kotulla sells a small selection of the fonts contained on the MegaFont XXL CD, as both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts, to the target group of customers who want to pay more money for fewer fonts: Goudita Grenoble Handmade Script Hoboken Hobson Isonorm Italian Garamond Joseph's Brush Jugendstil Karin Kremlin Script Lyon Macao Malaga Marseille Maurice Melbourne Mercedes Metaphor Mexico Micro MicroSquare Old Blackletter Palazzo Persistent Quadrat Roman PS Salmon Sans, Sans PS Sans Condensed Sans Diagonal Sans Extended Savoy Saxony Square Serif Tampa Tampico Toledo Typewriter VAG Rounded Verona Violin Script Winona Goudy Italian Britannic Freestyle Script Hollandse Mediæval Hogarth Script ISO 3098, DIN 6776 Simoncini Garamond Churchward Brush Arnold Böcklin Kalligraphia Künstlerschreibschrift Life, Dutch 806 Mandarin Staccato 222 Melior Chevalier Milton, Musketeer Aral Meridien, Latin 725 Media Microgramma Square 721 Old English Palatino Perpetua, Lapidary 333 Friz Quadrata, Flareserif 816 Times Stilla Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica Sabon Syntax ITC Lubalin Graph Tango Tarragon Trooper ITC American Typewriter Volkswagenschrift Windsor Vladimir Script Victorian

"infiniType" Name Aargau Alfredo Allstar Antigone Artistic Belfort Bellboy Benson Bergamo Bilbao Bodoni Bodoni Standard Bravo Cambridge Carlisle Casad Caslon Caslon Elegant Centrum Chantilly Cheltenham Cimarron Clearface ClearGothic Colonel Curacao Curzon Denver Durango Entebbe Estelle Farnham Fraktur Franklin Gothic FrontPage Function Function Display Gainsborough GaradSM Garamond Elegant Garamond Standard Giulio Gotisch

Original Font Name Aachen Algerian Princetown Antique Olive, Incised 901 Ariston Berliner Grotesk Belshaw Belwe, Kuenstler 816 Bembo, Aldine 401 Blippo Bauer Bodoni, Modern 405 URW Bodoni Bramley Centaur, Venetian 301 Chisel Caslon Adbold ITC Caslon 224, Dutch 785 Caslon 540, Dutch 771 City, Square Slabserif 711 Gill Sans, Humanist 521 ITC Cheltenham Zirkus, Circus ITC Clearface Clearface Gothic Colon Croissant Cortez De Vinne Dynamo Enviro Equinox Frankfurter Fette Fraktur ITC Franklin Gothic Frutiger Futura Futura Display Glastonbury Berthold Garamond Letraset Garamond URW Garamond Gillies Fette Gotisch


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