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Sunday 8th Special Eucharistic Ministers' and Altar Servers' Training 10.00am-4.00pm Monday 9th Parent Council Executive Meeting 6.00pm Tuesday 10th Opening School Mass 7.00pm Wednesday 11th Year 8 and new student ID photographs Friday 13th Year 8 Activity Day/Night (Includes Year 11 Peer Support Leaders) House Council Meeting 3.35-4.30pm Tuesday 17th College Assembly (includes 2003 Year 12 Achievers) House Pastoral Meetings 3.35-5.00pm Santa Maria Ministry Meeting 7.00pm Wednesday 18th Community Network Meeting 9.00am College Board Meeting 5.30pm Thursday 19th Year 9 Parent/Daughter Information Evening 7.00pm Friday 20th Student Leadership Council Meeting 3.35-4.30pm


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6 February 2004 Issue 1


Happy New Year and welcome back to all members of the Santa Maria community for 2004. I trust you have all enjoyed your holiday break, are well rested and ready for this year.

"The blessing of

unity still dwells amongst us, and oh, what a blessing."...

M C McAuley

Ms Sarah Kelly (Director of Performing Arts) Mrs Helen McGuane (College Sacristan) Mrs Danyella Roddis (Food & Technology) Miss Michelle Rudrum (Business, Information and Communication Technology and Religious A special welcome to our new families joining Education) us this year. I hope your time here at Santa Miss Elizabeth Serrao (Society & Environment Maria will be a very fulfilling experience. Our and Religious Education) Year 8s and new students in other year groups Miss Amy Thomson (Society & Environment seem most happy and confident in their new and Religious Education) surroundings. Mr Loon Yeang (Mathematics) Mrs Gay Reid (Mathematics) We have a number of staff changing roles, Mrs Isabelle Gault (LOTE) others returning after taking leave and staff new to Santa Maria. Congratulations to Mrs Danielle Spark on her marriage during the Christmas break. Staff changing roles Mrs Simone Sawiris (A/Head of Science Many of us have been working hard to prepare Learning Area team) the College for the beginning of the term. You Ms Nicole Clark (Head of Frayne/Year 10, will notice several improvements around the Term 1) campus ­ the most notable being a face lift on Ms Jessica Beazley (Head of Society & the exterior of the boarding community Environment Learning Area team) buildings, new furniture and blinds. Mrs Meg Watson (Co-ordinator for Food Technology) A great number of additional ICT resources Mrs Glynnis Ryan (Head of Dillon House and have also been installed throughout the Year 12 for the start of this year) campus. Whilst, changes to the Library and Mrs Andrea Hilliard (Co-ordinator for Information services area have further Business & Technology) improved this important facility. Mrs Tracy Webster (Head of Year 11 and O'Reilly House). As indicated in a letter home, last week, the upgrade to the roadways and parking is to be Familiar faces returning completed by mid-March. We all need to take Mrs Thelma Cluning (Visual Arts) great care whilst this construction continues. Ms Colleen McManus (English) Access to these construction areas is restricted Mrs Maria Mosole (Religious Education) to those involved in the upgrade. Ms Natalie Sader (Mathematics) Mrs Maureen Hislop (Boarding Community) Have a wonderful year. I will see you all at our Opening School Mass on Tuesday, 10 February Staff new to Santa Maria 2004 for a 7:00pm start. Mrs Shani Andrews (Society & Environment, A/Head of Year 9 and O'Donnell House) God bless you all Mrs Anne Fisher (Science) Ms Lisa Fogliani (Science) Anne Pitos Miss Rhiannon Geddis (Society & Environment and Religious Education) Please refer to the back page Mrs Rachel Grieves (Mathematics) Mrs Janice Hewett (Accounts Receivable) for our Reflection and Prayer

College office hours: 8.00am-4.00pm Student Absences Ph 9329 1552 College Canteen Ph 9329 1536 Uniform Shop Ph 9329 1518 Opening times: Tuesday 3.00-5.00pm Wednesday 10.00am-4.00pm Boarding Community Ursula House 9329 1521 Sylvester House 9329 1520 Catherine House 9329 1522 Bertrand House 9329 1523

ROSARY GROUP Please join us in the College Chapel at 8:30am on Wednesdays

6 February 2004 - Issue 1


WHAT'S HAPPENING? Whilst all girls are currently settling into their courses of study there are a few initiatives that you might like to know about which are happening in the College. Santa Maria College will be participating in "It's Academic" and I encourage girls in Year 10 to get involved. The Society and Environment Learning Area is coordinating this event.


New to Santa Maria this year is the "SmArts" programme. This involves several students in Year 11 in the areas of English and Society and Environment, working with lecturers and tutors from the University of Western Australia to design their own presentations on an Australian Theme. The girls will be working with other students from schools and colleges across the metropolitan area. The coordinator, Mrs Claire Newton, will keep the Santa Maria Community up to date with their progress. Learning Areas will provide many opportunities for girls to be involved in contests, competitions and events this year and I encourage all girls to consider participating in them. These opportunities can only help with their learning, aid their self confidence and organizational abilities. Other upcoming events are the Years 8, 9 and 10 Parent Evenings. I recommend all parents attend as important information regarding teaching and learning will be given. Dates and times can be found in the College Calendar and Diary, however more details regarding these evenings will follow. Mr Andrew Watson Deputy Principal, Curriculum

Science Snippets

Welcome to our two new teachers this year, Mrs Anne Fisher and Ms Lisa Fogliani. We wish them and all new members of the Santa Maria College a great year in Science! One of the first events that will kick off the year is `Clean Up Australia Day'. This is held nationally on Sunday 7th March. We will be arranging a group of volunteers for this day, and hope students and their families will get involved. This is not solely a Science activity, but one that the Year 9 students, the Young Mercies and all members of the College are encouraged to be involved in. Further details will be published in the Newsletter closer to the date, but please put this date in your calendar. It is important for us to recognize the value of this form of service to both our local community and the planet. Mrs Simone Sawiris A/Head of Science

6 February 2004 - Issue 1




The programmes are set, the expectations are covered, the pencils are out and we are off to a great start in 2004 in the Art department! It is encouraging to see so many students wanting to be part of the Visual Arts area and continuing the exciting outcomes and contributions we can make to the College community. We have a great staff and continue to create a happy, safe environment for our girls to work in. You will notice a new sculpture in the grounds in the Mercy Walk garden ­ it was commissioned in 2003 by the Student Representative Councils of 2002 and 2003 in conjunction with the Art Department. The artist, Si Hummerston has achieved a masterly outcome in an interesting range of materials and he must be congratulated on the standard of his work. The sculpture is imposing, and is designed to be visually informative from all angles. When viewing from the West, it stands in front of the beautiful tree that grows in the grassed area and the foliage provides a wonderful backdrop to the sculpture. It is further complimented by the great new paved area which the Mozzies have created to provide more seating for our girls. The grounds staff will now do wondrous things in the garden, as only they know how! It is made of three vertical parts, each one symbolize aspects of College life and commitment. The wooden cross represents our faith in, and commitment to the Lord, as His presence in our lives underpins what we do. A stainless steel semi circle is attached to the upper side of this cross and it represents the sky/heavens with its stars, the moon etc. The black powder coated Mercy Cross reflects our College founders and is fashioned on the crosses in the stained glass windows of the Chapel. The third segment is a semi circle covered in copper sheeting into which the leaves of the College crest have been rendered. Attached to this `earth' section are a series of four silhouettes made of iron plate. One is seated reading a book to represent academic life; one climbing a ladder to represent striving to achieve potential; a larger figure holding the hand of a smaller one to represent the Mercy service traditions and the fourth on a swing to represent the fun and enjoyment life holds. The copper and iron are already weathering well and allow us to see how different materials have combined to emphasise the nature of life itself. Congratulations to the SRC of 2002/3 for continuing the initiative of the SRC of 2001 in supporting the development of public art around the College. These works certainly add variety and interest to our grounds. I look forward to working with this year's Council if they choose to participate in the programme. We all look forward to a wonderful, productive year and we will keep you informed during the semester of interesting exhibitions etc. Mrs Thelma Cluning Art Coordinator

Some of our new Year 8s enjoying the lovely surroundings at Santa Maria College. Our new sculpture is pictured behind them.

6 February 2004 - Issue 1


Santa Maria College

Dear Parents, Friends, Families and all members of the Santa Maria Community You are invited to the Opening College Mass which will be held on Tuesday 10 February 2004 at 7.00pm. The Mass will be celebrated on the front lawn of the College. As the Mass is held outdoors, you may need to consider wearing suitable clothing if the evening is going to be cool. Please bring a chair or picnic rug to sit on. Parking will be available on the oval. Students will need to meet their Tutor Teachers at 6.50pm and sit with their group for Mass. All students must wear their school uniform and blazer if cool.

6 February 2004 - Issue 1



From the Boarding Community

I wish a very warm welcome to all Boarders and their families to our Boarding Community for 2004. As the Boarders arrived back on Sunday 1st February there was great excitement as old friends met up and new ones were introduced. The fun or challenge of fitting everything into their allocated rooms then commenced. Once established into rooms the task of saying goodbye was in front of them. This proved to be more difficult for parents than girls. Although it is never easy, parents can be assured that everything is being done to ensure that the girls settle into boarding as easily and happily as possible. Each new girl has been allocated a House buddy and a Year 12 buddy as companions. Activities have been organized to keep the girls busy and give them a focus other than missing home. Each afternoon this week the pool has been open for a swim and the new girls have had organized sessions in the library during study time. This weekend is a time for bonding and acquainting themselves with the routines of boarding with some fun activities. On Friday evening there will be a session on pool and water safety then on Saturday all Boarders will go to Adventure World for the day followed by videos in the Houses in the evening. On Sunday a "Survivor Series " involving some of the household skills needed in Boarding will be held followed by Liturgy workshops in the afternoon. Our weekend will end with Mass in the chapel celebrated by Fr Hugh Galloway. The first of our gatherings for Boarders' parents was also held on Sunday 1st February with a large number of parents attending the Sundowner in the newly refurbished Recreation Centre. The atmosphere was very positive and showed a great building of fellowship among the parents. Thank you to all the parents for attending, I look forward to continuing to build the community aspect of the Boarding Community. A special thank you to all the Housemothers and catering staff as well as our nurse for the wonderful effort they put into preparing the Houses, and function for the start of the year and for the warm welcome extended to all. Mrs Helen Chaffer Director of Boarding

Lisa Lambkin has been selected in the Women's U19 Softball, South East Asia Competition. The team will be travelling to Manila this year to compete. Good Luck Lisa. Ashleigh Nelson (Year 12) has been selected to captain the Western Australian U/18 Women's Hockey team which will compete in the U/18 National Championships in Darwin during April. Congratulations, Ashleigh, on this outstanding achievement.

Family Info

TO ALL NEW & EXISTING PARENTS An invitation is extended to all new and existing parents to attend the first Community Network meeting of 2004. It will be held on Wednesday February 18th at 9.00am in the College Boardroom. The agenda will include the following: Community Network a) Role b) Structure c) Liaison people for each Tutor Group Functions for 2004 Year events and House events Planning for Term 1 events General Business Don't miss the opportunity to become involved in the activities being planned for your daughter in 2004. You will be made to feel very welcome. Any enquiries, please phone Liz Smith, Community Network Co-ordinator 9330 1008.



is being formally re-established in 2004, to provide and maintain a valuable link with its past community members. If you are interested in becoming involved as a member of the committee, we invite your expression of interest in writing to: Anne Pitos Principal Santa Maria College Locked Bag 1 Melville 6156 or fax (08) 9317 2838 Closing date is Friday 20th February 2004. The Association's first meeting for 2004 is to be held in March 2004.

6 February 2004 - Issue 1

Family Info



Did you know that packed lunches stored in school bags are in ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria!!! Bacteria require food, warmth, moisture and time to multiply in numbers. They double in numbers about every 20 minutes, providing the right food and conditions exist for growth. Packed lunches stored in school bags can get very warm especially in summer. Any food poisoning bacteria already in the food when the lunch is prepared may multiply to extremely dangerous numbers within 4 to 5 hours leading up to lunch time. This can result in food poisoning. The following practise can play an important part in controlling the growth of bacteria: 1. BUYING FOOD * Avoid damaged or bloated cans and packets. * Avoid dairy products, meat, fish, and poultry stored out of the refrigerator or above the load line in the freezers. * Avoid mouldy, infested or discoloured food. * Be guided by the use-by-date before buying food. 2. TRANSPORTING FOOD HOME * On shopping trips, take perishable food home in an esky. * Place cold foods in the freezer or refrigerator as soon as possible. 3. STORING FOODS * Keep raw and cooked food well separated. * Store cooked food above raw food in the refrigerator to prevent drips on ready to eat food. * Keep vegetables away from raw meat. * Follow directions on the label (eg refrigerate after opening) * Keep food well covered with plastic wrap, aluminium foil or in sealed containers. 4. HANDLING FOOD Washing your hands is the easiest and most effective method of protecting food from bacteria. * Wash your hands before handling food. * After visiting the toilet, smoking, coughing, sneezing. * After touching your hair, body, face, garbage, nappies, pets or raw food. * Between handling raw and cooked foods. 5. PACKING OF LUNCHES * Use a tight fitting lid. * Always wash fruit and vegetables well. * Place a frozen drink in the box to help keep the box cold and slow down growth of bacteria. * Place lunches in the lunch box in an insulated bag.

6. AVOID USING HIGH RISK FOODS AS FILLING These included high protein foods that contain a lot of moisture. Examples include: * Cooked meats and chicken. * Hams, pate and smallgoods. * Salads and vegetables not washed properly. * Dips. 7. IDEAS FOR SUITABLE LUNCHES INCLUDE:

* Sandwiches/rolls:

* Peanut paste and salad. * Carrot, date and walnut. * Tahini and salad. * Honey. * Frozen fruit drinks. * Yoghurt (unopened container). * Fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay healthy, Mrs Terri Rustand College Nurse * Vegemite and hard cheese. * Banana and almond. * Avocado and salad. * Hard cheese and salad. * Hommus and salad. * Jam.

6 February 2004 - Issue 1

Family Info



The Uniform Shop is currently in need of voluntary assistance. If you can help us out on any Wednesday 10.30am to 2.30pm, only once a term, please phone Coralie on Wednesdays between 9am-5pm on 9329 1518. Also, many thanks go to the ladies who volunteered their time during the last week of January. Your help is greatly appreciated and we wish you all the best for 2004.


Parents/Guardians are reminded that unless they have an arrangement in place, fees from the first billing 2004 are due and payable on 8th February 2004. Why not use our new fees payment facility available on the College website? This new option is already proving to be a great success with many parents taking advantage of paying fees at their leisure, any time of the day and any day of the week. Mr Andrew McKenzie-Fraser Bursar


Please ensure that when purchasing bathers, you ask for assistance in having them fitted correctly as unfortunately, there will be no exchange on bathers, under any circumstances.

Mrs Coralie Martin Uniform Shop Manager

Sports Report

Welcome back to Santa Maria College for another year. The College will again be undertaking a wide range of sports that allows all students the opportunity to participate and represent the College. If your daughter has an interest in any of the sports offered at Santa Maria College I would encourage her to find out more information so that she doesn't miss out on the teams. All sports information is in the orientation booklet and is placed in the daily memo when it becomes close to the time for that sport to commence. If you have any questions about the sporting program at the College please do not hesitate to call me on 9329 1529. I look forward to working with your daughter in her sporting pursuits this year. Miss Tania Masson Director of Sport


Swimming training recommenced for the 2004 season during the school holidays on January 12th and was held three mornings per week. The response has been pleasing with approximately thirty girls per session. We have once again acquired the services of Brendan McNally, our Head Coach, and our 2003 swimming captain, Jodie Harwood returns to assist him. This year, Monday and Friday morning training sessions will be held at Melville Aquatic Centre, and will commence on Friday February 6th. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning training sessions will be held in the College pool. Swimmers will be required to attend at least four sessions per week, with both sessions at Melville being compulsory. Allowances will be made for those girls who train with a club outside of school. Once again, Santa Maria is involved in both the IGSSA carnival, held on Friday March 12th, and the ACC carnival, held on Tuesday March 16th. Our Interhouse swimming carnival will be held at Challenge Stadium on Tuesday February 24th and the results from this and training attendance will determine the College swimming squad. I wish all swimmers the very best of luck for the remainder of the season. Miss Ashe Christopher Swimming Coordinator

6 February 2004 - Issue 1



Trials for the Interschool IGGSA tennis teams began this week and continue in Week 2. Trials occur from 7:00 ­ 8:00am and breakfast is available afterwards. Dates for trials are as follows: Year 8 Monday, February 9 Thursday, February 12 Junior (Year 9 & 10) Thursday, February 5 Wednesday, February 11 Senior (Year 11 & 12) Wednesday, February 4 Tuesday, February 10

Following trials, training will occur from 6:55 ­ 8:00am on the following mornings, beginning in Week 3. Year 8 Monday mornings Juniors Wednesday mornings Seniors Tuesday mornings The first round of competition begins in Week 3 against PLC. Seniors and Year 8s play on Wednesdays after school, Juniors on Thursdays. Girls will be advised at the beginning of Week 3 of teams. Further fixtures and dates are available on the College calendar. Please contact Miss Masson or Ms Ragus for further information. Miss Natalie Ragus Tennis Coordinator


The IGSSA Volleyball season has officially begun. The first round of fixtures will be against PLC with the Junior teams playing on Wednesday 18th February, and the Senior teams and Year 8s, on Thursday 19th February. Please note the following trial dates on your sporting calendar: Year 8 Volleyball Trials ­ Wednesday 4th February and Tuesday 10th February Junior Volleyball Trials ­ Monday 9th February and Thursday 12th February Senior Volleyball Trials ­ Thursday 5th February and Wednesday 11th February If your daughter missed the first trial date, she is more than welcome to come to the second trial. We understand that the first week is always quite hectic so there may be some students who were not aware of the trial dates and we would like to give them the opportunity to trial. As there are many teams to fill, we encourage all girls who have an interest in Volleyball to attend trials, even if they haven't played before. It is very important that if a student commits to an Interschool Volleyball Team, they must maintain that commitment until the end of the season. The following list outlines training and game days: Year 8 Training - Tuesday afternoons (3.45 ­ 5.00 pm) commencing 17th February Game ­ Thursday afternoons commencing 19th February Junior Training ­Monday afternoons (3.45-5.00pm) commencing 16th February Game ­ Wednesday afternoons commencing 18th February Senior Training - Tuesday afternoons (3.45 ­ 5.00 pm) commencing 17th February Game ­ Thursday afternoons commencing 19th February On game days the time that your daughter arrives back at Santa Maria will vary depending on where the fixture is being played. Games are scheduled to finish at 5:30pm so if your daughter has a home game this is the time she will need to be collected. On days when the fixture is played at an away venue we envisage your daughter being back at Santa Maria by 6:00pm at the latest. Please collect your daughter promptly from the grass embankment between the gymnasium and the boarding school. I look forward to seeing many girls attend the trials and look forward to a very successful and enjoyable Volleyball season. Thankyou. Mrs Danielle Spark Volleyball Coordinator

6 February 2004 - Issue 1


A Careering section will appear in most issues of the College Newsletter. The purpose of this section is to inform parents and students about relevant career information such as: · Work\work experience opportunities · University information · TAFE information · Career development programs · TEE revision seminars · Career profiles · General career education · Accessing career information · Scholarship information It is most beneficial for parents and students to keep their eyes open for information relevant to them, particularly Year 12 students and parents. Whilst every effort is made to inform students of upcoming events and deadlines via the College memo, student e-mails and/or assemblies, the newsletter is a guaranteed hard copy of career information for the girls. WORK EXPERIENCE OPPORTUNITIES POLICE SERVICE The WA Police Service will be offering work experience for Year 11 and 12 students during 2004.


This opportunity would suit those students who have a genuine interest in becoming a police officer. Students who are selected to attend the course must be able to complete a COMPULSORY PHYSICAL COMPONENT which includes swimming and running. The work experience is held during school holidays in April, July and October in Joondalup. Places are limited so interested students should see me ASAP. THE SUNDAY TIMES The Sunday Times will be running a work experience program during 2004 which provides students with an introduction to journalism and the newspaper industry. The program is open to Year 11 and 12 students only and places are limited. If you have a genuine interest in journalism then please see me ASAP about this work experience opportunity. Wesley College will again be running TEE revision and study courses during 2004. These seminars include "Get a Head-Start" in April and "Consolidate your Year" in October/November. The seminars are open to Year 11 and 12 students. Further information including how to enrol, will follow in the near future. Mrs Jane Carmignani College Counsellor

Community Corner


The CathNews is a highly commended free news service which keeps you abreast of the latest Catholic issues. Subscribe for some interesting holiday reading. Simply go to and insert your email address in the green subscribe box.


Catherine McAuley Family Centre, 18 Barrett Street, Wembley

Fri 20th Feb 5pm-9pm Sat 21st February 9am-5pm Sun 22nd February 9am-5pm Thousands of books at Bargain Prices. Sausage Sizzle Friday

Separated, Divorced, Widowed?

The Beginning Experience is running a weekend programme designed to assist people in learning to close the door gently on a relationship that has ended in order to get on with living. The next weekend will be held at Safety Bay, From Friday 12th March to Sunday 14th March 2004. For further information and registration, please phone Bev on 9315 9303

St Thomas More Parish Bateman, Religious Education Classes will begin for the year on 18th February 2004 at 4.00pm. Enrolments will be taken on Wednesday 11th February 4.00pm - 5.00pm at the Church. Students need to have been baptized and have attended Religious Classes for at least one year prior to making a Sacrament. Enrolments forms are available from the Church Office, 100 Dean Road, Bateman. For enquiries please contact Annemarie or Tina on 9310-1747 (Wednesday 10.30-5.30 and Thursday 9.00-3.00). Please note that fees for the year can be paid on enrolment. $30/year for a single child and $40/year for family.

6 February 2004 - Issue 1


That wonderful night where we show case school talent of Santa Maria and CBC will be held on

6th March 2004 Gates open 4.00pm

Plus special Guest Tod Johnston & Peace Love and All that Stuff Information and Tickets will be sent out soon to all families.

Additional tickets available at Student Reception. Credit Card payment facility available.

We look forward to seeing you there for a great night of fun and entertainment.

For more information please contact Susie Prott 9317 3173 or 0418 907108 or Email [email protected]

6 February 2004 - Issue 1


Here is a great opportunity to assist Santa Maria College Arts Development


Become a sponsor of "Hot Autumn Night". You will be helping the College as well as promoting your business to a large local market. Sponsorship offers are as follows:

Diamond Sponsor - $1,000

The Diamond Sponsor will be provided with: Space for signage at centre stage Inclusion in poster advertising from Fremantle to Melville Inclusion in radio advertising 10 tickets for the evening Vouchers for food and beverages

Gold Sponsor - $500

The Gold Sponsor will be provided with: Space for signage at two locations for company exposure 6 tickets for the evening Vouchers for food and beverages

Silver Sponsor - $250

The Silver Sponsor will be provided with: Space for signage at two locations for company exposure 4 tickets for the evening

Please telephone Susie Prott on 0418 907 108 or Murray Meaton 9386 8311 or fill out the form below and return to Julie Jones at the College Student Reception.

Yes, I would like to sponsor "Hot Autumn Night" for the Diamond/Gold/Silver (cross out whichever is not applicable) and enclose $.............. as payment. I understand my tickets/vouchers and all event information will be sent to me two weeks prior to the event. I will be contacted to discuss logos/banners and advertising space prior to event. Daughter's Name, Year and House ..................................................................... Business Owner's Name ....................................Business Name ......................... Phone Number(s) ..........................................


REFLECTION Feast Day 11 February OUR LADY OF LOURDES The appearance of the Immaculate Virgin Mary to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 near Lourdes in France was a call to penance and prayer, which has found particular expression in the service of the sick and disabled. Many people travel to Lourdes to pray for healing for themselves or others. Let us pray to Mary to intercede for our sick and suffering family members and friends. Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. in his address at a US University's symposium, reflects on our present day society with reference to the influence of the media, he says: "People who conform their hearts to the ideas of any particular age, disappear right along with the age.", "The more secular we become - both as individuals and as a country - the less we care about the true, the right and the lasting." and finally, "The Church is the only reliable bearer of wisdom for the contemporary world; the only reliable defender of the human person."

PRAYER Jesus Christ you are the word of God - the Wisdom of God. You have told us yourself: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." Help us to find our truth in you, to love you more and become more aware of your great love for us. Jesus we place our trust and our lives in your hands. Teach us to pray so that we become more aware of your presence within us. AMEN


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