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Doors for Buildings and Condominiums

Doors for Hotels

Ceramidoor New SYA-WOOD Prosper Visitor 2 P28 P28 P28 P28

Doors for Condominiums and Apartments

Tredoor Series Seledoor Series BL Door MW-TX P29 P29 P30 P30 P30 P30 P30

Doors for Buildings and Condominiums

MWGas Chamber with Colored Steel Sheet Hedateita

Doors for Buildings and Medical Facilities

Smood S Series L-Door EcoDoor SD Yag Door LSD Soundproof Door for Theater Smoke Shield Fireproof Folding Door DOORCON Smoke Shield Sliding Door FIREARD FIREARD Glass Wall P31 P31 P31 P32 P32 P32 P32 P32 P33 P33 P33



Doors for Hotels and Condominiums






For Hotels

For Hotels

Ceramic Woodgrain Fireproof Door


Lightweight Steel Door


High-end Condominium Door

Condominium Door

[Specified fireproof fittings]

Uses natural wooden aesthetic single panels on the surface, to give a high class appearance with top quality paint for accenting various types of wood.

[Specified fireproof fittings]

Aesthetic steel finish, with superior soundproofing.

Tredoor Series

[Specified fireproof fittings]

The materials, colors, and decorations all contribute to high grade living.

Seledoor Series

[Specified fireproof fittings]

The simple appearance adds urban refinement to the basic function.


The center accent component declares the perceptiveness of the resident.


A ripple press process sketches a gentle beautiful shadow.


We offer you the pleasure Security Security of selecting from an wealth of designs and colors.





Textured panel silhouetted by interlacing of light and shadow. For Hotels For Hotels


Sharply accented stylish ultra bright metallic finish.


Line of relaxing colors and simple designs.




Wooden Fireproof Door New


Wooden Fireproof Door

Visitor 2

[Specified fireproof fittings ­ Fireproof fittings]

Doors for use in hotels employ multi-layered construction to provide superior soundproofing to give guests the impression of being in a peaceful forest.

[ Fireproof fittings]

Simple structure to reduce costs, models with unequal double swing doors and models with windows.


A wide variety is available from simple column to ornamental.


The aura of wood gives a peaceful warmness to the entrance.


Basic model with a simple design.



Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Condominiums and Apartments / for Buildings and Medical Facilities

A BL-bs door is also available which has been certified as an "Improved Crime Prevention Door" by the Center for Better Living



Entrance Door

BL Door [Specified fireproof fittings]

Gas Chamber with Colored Steel Sheet

Gas Chamber with Colored Steel Sheet which takes into account matching of the front door and exterior walls.

Lightweight Steel Sliding Door

Smood S Series

Lightweight Steel Balanced Door


Awarded certification by the Center for Better Living. High quality and top performance.

Improved anti-bacterial performance, quieter and easier to open Barrier free model suspended sliding door ideal for medical and welfare facilities.

Advantages of both sliding and swinging doors, and even the advantages of an automatic door.

Doors for Wooden Apartment House

MW-TX [Fireproof fittings]

Linear type

Can be opened and closed with merely an assist; compared to a belt type, less debris generated by friction, and quieter.

A dimple lock that is difficult to pick is standard equipment, the front door is both chic and secure.

When entering the room

When leaving the room

Small dead space

Balcony Partition with Zipper


Revolutionary partition guaranteeing can be opened safety in an emergency instead of being kicked as with conventional veranda partitions.

Small physical movement

Fully open type

Fully open model in which the door pocket itself can be opened like a door when carrying a stretcher through the entrance.

Lightweight Steel Sliding Door Doors for Wooden Apartment House



[Fireproof fittings]

Cost effective sliding door ideal for simple indoor partitions. Can also be added later when remodeling.

Ample variety of apartment doors easy to make, attractive, and hard to break down.

Dual sliding door pocket, board storage type

Cuts door pocket space in half to obtain ample opening even in confined spaces.



Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Nonresidential Buildings

Fireproof - Smoke proof

Fireproof - Smoke proof·@

Heavyweight Steel Door


Heavyweight Steel Door

Soundproof Door for Theater

DOORCON Smoke Shield Sliding Door

[Specified fireproof fittings]

Various versions for blocking block smoke in fireproof areas of stairways.


[Specified fireproof fittings]

Varied lineup of heavyweight steel doors suitable for various locations and needs.

Top performance soundproof properties for studios and concert halls where special soundproof environments are indispensable.

See-through type made of heat resistant tempered glass that provides both clear field of vision and safety.

DOORCON Smoke Shield NK1 Model

Two models; one model interlocked with the smoke sensor is normally open and automatically closes in an emergency, and one that is normally closed.

New Process Heavyweight Steel Door

Yag Door


When installing side doors, can be used in large openings where the door surface is greater than 3 m2.

Fireproof - Smoke proof

A new process removes traces of welding on the steel surface, warping and straining are also eliminated.

Smoke Shield Fireproof Folding Door

[Specified fireproof fittings]

Stores compactly in narrow door pockets in front of elevators.

Fireproof - Smoke proof


Glass Wall

Possessing both flame retardant and heat retardant properties, one-hour fire resistant transparent partition.

Lightweight Steel Door


DOORCON E1 Model (one way double slide)

The door pocket width occupies approximately 1/2 of the opening.

Lightweight door for made to order structures, ideal for a wide variety of applications.



Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Building and Condominiums

Doors for Building and Condominiums



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