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SAP Solution Brief SAP for Banking: Head of Retail Banking

SAP® Deposits Management, an SAP for Banking Application

Enhance Revenue with New Products While Cutting Costs

Under pressure to cut costs and still lead the competition, your retail banking group must handle ever-larger batch processing in real time, while responding to customer demands for new products and services ­ also in real time. To finesse both, you need a technically capable IT architecture that adapts to new business models. The SAP® Deposits Management application provides all this, helping you realize the revenue growth your bank requires to stay ahead.

In their highly competitive business environment, retail banking departments must find ways to increase revenues while lowering costs. Methods include scaling up processes to manage on the order of millions of transactions per hour, consolidating operations to improve efficiency, and breaking up value chains to make business-area outsourcing a viable option. In addition to improving internal operations, leading banks are coming out with a stream of innovative new products and services to attract new customers and to retain the trusted customer base they already have. All of this only increases the already-considerable volume of data that you, as retail banking head, must manage in order to keep performance levels at their highest. In addition to IT solutions that can handle this amount of data in real time, you need tools to accelerate the time-to-market cycles for your new products and services. The SAP® Deposits Management application within the SAP for Banking solution portfolio addresses both needs. It's flexible, scalable, and easily integrated with other software. By exploiting the robust functionality SAP Deposits Management offers, you can significantly enhance revenue growth and cut costs today ­ and continue to do so for years to come.

The following institutions are a selection of customers successfully using the SAP® Deposits Management application:

· Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale, Germany · Deutsche Postbank AG, Germany · UBS AG, Switzerland · Ukrsibbank, Ukraine · Zürcher Kantonalbank, Switzerland

A Fully Weighted Deposits Management Solution

SAP Deposits Management is modular, scalable software that automates and streamlines transaction processing for the balancebased products of large retail and private banks. It integrates processing across all account types and for all related debit and credit cards and is able to handle multiple sales channels. SAP Deposits Management delivers preconfigured products for personal and corporate checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs (time deposits), bank accounts, internal clearing accounts, and one-time accounts. What's more, it is designed to handle the high-performance processing your retail banking operations require now. To support your contract and transaction services, SAP Deposits Management provides key functionality: automated, real-time posting; highly efficient post-processing; and opening, settling, and closing account and card contracts. SAP Deposits Management also handles account interest and charges, performs effective dating of all transactions, and manages back-office processes for checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs. Its rich spectrum of functions includes account administration and monitoring, payment transactions, and account statement delivery.

Product Configuration Tools Aid Revenue Growth

As a complementary function, the highly flexible financial condition model gives product managers the power to formulate and customize product pricing. Beyond adapting current products and services, the tool puts your retail banking group in a position to generate new products for future markets. With it, you design products graphically ­ without modifying any system code ­ which means you launch your new products rapidly and with control: they are ready to launch at the time you want them to launch.

Operational Efficiency Helps Trim Costs

A factor making SAP Deposits Management a cost-effective IT investment is its capacity for maximum automation, which reduces manual workloads to the lowest possible level. The key to this lies in identifying redundant processes and eradicating them, then streamlining the processes that remain. The software further trims your outlay for IT maintenance, operation, and change through system consolidation, process standardization, and integration with the SAP NetWeaver® platform. SAP Deposits Management can manage millions of accounts and process millions of payments per hour, operating within a framework of posting-control rules specifically structured for individual bank segments. Despite its enormous capacity, the application is capable of real-time online processing and is available 24x7. As a result, end-of-day processing runs in parallel with postings processing. This significantly reduces the complexity of posting-control processes and makes it possible for you to provide the detailed, pertinent information today's banking customer expects. For most banks, processing posting-control items is labor and cost intensive. With posting-control processes automated and streamlined, the employees who once handled these tasks are free for deployment to revenue-generating activities.

In addition to giving you the functionality you need to support the products you offer today, SAP Deposits Management makes it possible for you to readily adapt existing products and services to meet changing market requirements with a product configuration tool. The tool enables you to adapt such fundamental products and services as automatic payments (standing orders), direct debits, cash concentration, and interest compensation.

The posting-control rules in SAP Deposits Management grant you the discretion to determine which posting errors will be processed automatically. As this minimizes the amount of exception handling performed manually, it can result in significantly reduced costs. For those posting-control items that do have to be processed manually, the software offers posting-control tools to heighten efficiency for this work as well. Again, costs drop. SAP Deposits Management includes functions for managing posting locks and their underlying business events ­ garnishment, death, insolvency, and low credit rating. With these tools, bank employees can set a single lock or set a central lock for all accounts, checks, and debit and credit cards owned by a specific customer. Your staff's manual workload goes down. Additional savings are generated.

Impressive Business Benefits

Enhance Revenue and Cost Efficiency Through Automated Deposits Management

Banks throughout the world have installed SAP Deposits Management to optimize their processing chain for deposits, from initial transaction to wrap-up. The application also helps them more efficiently manage their existing product portfolio and prepare for new market opportunities. Global banking is a fast-paced game. The critical functions and essential information provided by SAP Deposits Management help banks compete successfully. To learn more about SAP Deposits Management and the SAP for Banking set of solutions, please call your local SAP representative or visit us on the Web at

Powered by SAP NetWeaver®

In addition to being instrumental in increasing revenue and cutting costs, SAP Deposits Management provides the scalability on which your bank can base its future growth. By processing data in real time, the application eliminates the downtime you would otherwise need for batch processing. The product configuration tool supports quick, decisive reactions to market trends from your sales force and back-office staff, empowering them to respond with the appropriate new products. SAP Deposits Management also helps lower total cost of ownership by standardizing core business processes, consolidating systems, and eliminating redundant activities. With open and accessible interfaces, the application integrates harmoniously into existing SAP and non-SAP IT landscapes and accommodates new technologies. Since system migration can be performed in incremental steps, any modifications you make can be implemented seamlessly.

SAP Deposits Management is powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform. SAP NetWeaver unifies technology components into a single platform, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity and obtain more business value from their IT investments. It provides the best way to integrate all systems running SAP or non-SAP software. SAP NetWeaver also helps organizations align IT with their business. With SAP NetWeaver, organizations can compose and enhance business solutions rapidly using enterprise services. As the foundation for enterprise services architecture, SAP NetWeaver allows organizations to evolve their current IT landscapes into a strategic environment that drives business change. /contactsap

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