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GMAC RFC turned to SAP Portals to look for a solution that would provide users with a single, rolebased entry point into their legacy systems, databases, documents, Web content, and a variety of applications, tools, and services.


GMAC Residential Funding Corp. (GMAC RFC), a wholly owned subsidiary of GMAC Financial Services, is the largest non-agency issuer of mortgage-backed securities and home equity loan asset-backed securities in the United States. The financial services giant turned to SAP Portals to help it sort through the mountain of information upon which its business depends. "We had a dilemma with business intelligence," says Scott Anderson, technology director. "We had a large reporting group generating hundreds of reports from multiple applications and decision-support tools. It was difficult not only to find what we wanted, but also to be sure the information was accurate and correct. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to centralize reporting and that we could personalize for users so they could access the specific information they needed."

The SAP Portals solution provides GMAC RFC users with a single, role-based entry point into their legacy systems, databases, documents, Web content, other structured and unstructured information and data sources, and a variety of applications, tools, and services. SAP Portals' patented Drag&Relate technology lets them access and correlate information by simply clicking on the information and dragging it to another data source to which they want to relate it. "We not only wanted to push information out to the decision point; we also wanted to reduce the costs associated with the huge reporting framework we had previously established," Anderson says. "With the SAP Portals solution, as we add new data or information sources, our users can access this information without our needing to map numerous desktop

results. Our people need to make decisions right now. This solution enables them to get that information, make the decision, and do their job." As much as the SAP Portals solution has accelerated information flow and improved internal productivity, GMAC RFC projects that it will realize its primary payback by the development of stronger relationship with its customers. "We will achieve our biggest ROI when we expand the portal to our clients," Anderson says. "This collaborative model will enable our clients to log in and view a customized window containing everything they need to know about their business with our company. This will make both our people and their people more efficient, accelerate business processes, and improve productivity and cash flow."


GMAC RFC employs 4000 associates worldwide and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, with international offices in England, Mexico, and Japan. The company is one of the top10 servicers of residential subprime mortgages and one of the top-25 mortgage servicers in the United States. GMAC RFC leverages its strengths in lending, securitization, and investment to offer a broad portfolio of innovative capital solutions. The bulk of the company's business involves buying closed loans from financial institutions, pooling them, selling them as securities on Wall Street, and tracking the performance of the assets over time. "There are a lot of business processes in this pipeline, from

applications to the changing data sources." That means faster, more informed decision-making. "The SAP Portals solution enables the business user to get instant access to information," Anderson says. "They don't have to wait a day or two for someone in IT to construct a query and send the

the time we acquire a loan to the time we resell the security," Anderson says. "We needed to streamline our reporting, information gathering, and analysis around those processes." GMAC RFC evaluated a number of vendors and solutions before selecting SAP Portals.

"We could have chosen classic reporting and business- intelligence tools, but they were not truly portals," Anderson says. "As we evaluated portal vendors, the majority of them were focused on unstructured content. SAP Portals provided the capability to create personalized desktops for our users and map their views to both structured and unstructured data. The SAP Portals' Drag&Relate capability was also a differentiator. It enables users to correlate information on the fly: take a particular attribute about a particular client at a certain time and link the information together to answer an adhoc query." Another differentiator was the portal's thin client. "Our previous business-intelligence framework was thick-client technology," Anderson says. "The SAP Portals solutions allowed us to deploy a browser-based, thin-client application to mobile users so they could easily dial in to get the information they need." GMAC RFC rolled out the solution with a pilot for its salespeople. The next stage of the implementation will focus on internal users. GMAC RFC will then deploy the portal enterprise-wide and extend it to customers. The company is running the solution on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform using an Oracle database. Currently, 150 users work with the solution across multiple sites; GMAC RFC expects to bring 500 users online by the end of the year.


flexible, role-based information access to its salespeople, sales managers, underwriters, business managers, and executive management. Each user will incorporate SAP Portals iViews, personalized windows with always-on, always-active links that provide constantly updated answers to the business questions users face in their daily work. GMAC RFC "SAP Portals provided can choose from hundreds of the capability to create iViews based on industry, user-role, personalized desktops or application at iViewStudio for our users..." ( "Salespeople can get the information they need to capitalize on opportunities and service accounts," Anderson says. "Operations associates and underwriters will use iViews to manage the information and data sources they require to review loan packages and issue securities. The managers will use iViews to monitor key performance indicators and receive alerts based upon preset thresholds." GMAC RFC users will take advantage of SAP Portals' Drag&Relate technology to get the level of detail they need to do their jobs. "Suppose we established a commitment with a financial institution to purchase a certain amount of loan product from them at a

GMAC RFC is implementing the SAP Portals solution to provide

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given price, and they agree to deliver the product in a certain amount of time," Anderson says. "We can use Drag&Relate technology to determine the outstanding commitments for the client. We can drag the commitment onto the funded loan component to see how much of the product we have actually purchased and how much of the remaining balance needs to be fulfilled." That's the kind of high-resolution, interactive information GMAC RFC users need. "Management information is typically provided at the summary level," Anderson says. "With SAP Portals' Drag&Relate capability, we can immediately take action by dragging onto a related component and drilling down to the details. Now our managers do not have to pick up the phone to call somebody to get this information. They can immediately get the detail and find out what the issues are." And they can get the information from anywhere. "Like most organizations, we have multiple systems, and it is very difficult to correlate information across those systems," Anderson says. "SAP Portals enables us to unify these multiple systems and place the information on a single desktop. From the user perspective, this is completely seamless. The users don't know they are collecting information across different systems. They just know that it works and they are getting their answers."


portals to create communities," Anderson says. "While I think that's good, it doesn't have the business value that we focused on. We are focused on providing business intelligence, information upon which we can run our business, and filtering it down through personalization to the point where we're not threshing through tons of stuff to find what we're looking for." That takes a load off IT. "The SAP Portals solution provides our users with an interface that allows them to construct their own queries and immediately retrieve the information needed for business decisions," Anderson says. "They are able to save and further analyze the information based upon their needs, rather than upon pre-defined assumptions in canned reports. This flexibility gives the information consumer direct and immediate access to the data and removes the gatekeeper ­ IT ­ from the process. This efficiency pickup allows us to utilize our development staff for other projects." It also means competitive advantage in the marketplace. "We think that, without this portal solution, which allows us to push information out to the decision point and filter content based on each person's needs, we will fall behind as a business," Anderson says. "It is critical to have a tool like this to gain efficiencies in both our internal processes as well as our processes with our customers. GMAC RFC considers itself to be a technology leader in its business. The SAP Portals solution will help us sustain and increase that leadership." GMAC RFC is pleased with both the SAP Portals solution as well as the company itself. "SAP Portals has been great to work with," Anderson says. "They have bent over backwards to accommodate us, both in helping us with the implementation as well as working with us to develop a proof-of-concept for the external portal rollout to our customers."

For GMAC RFC, that's the core reason why they chose SAP Portals: for the marriage of portal technology and business intelligence. "I think a lot of organizations are more focused on using

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