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Sulfite Containing Drugs

Please consult the PDR and drug insert to confirm information contained on this page prior to drug use

Sulfite Containing Drug Preparations Epinephrine (1ml and 30 ml) vials; a sulfite free epinephrine preparation can be ordered from pharmacy. We also have sulfite free 1ml vials. Local anesthetic solutions containing epinephrine Dobutamine (pre-mixed bags) Dopamine (pre-mixed bags) Gentamicin (80mg vial); see below Inmrinone Phenylephrine (10mg vial) and all standard phenylephrine syringes and bags; Propofol (Baxter generic); see below Dexamethasone

Sulfite Free Drug Preparations Amiodarone Aprotonin IV fluids; i.e. LR, NS, D5 ½ NS etc Atropine Dilaudid Diprivan (Astra/Zeneca); contains EDTA as preservative Ephedrine Esmolol Fentanyl Gentamycin, 80mg pre-mixed bags Glycopyrolate Heparin Hydralazine Insulin Metoprolol Midazolam Morphine Naloxone Neostigmine Nipride Nitroglycerin Local anesthetics without epinephrine Pancuronium, Rocuronium, Atracurium, Vecuronium Propofol (Bedford generic); has benzyl alcohol as preservative Protamine Saline; 10 cc vial' Succinylchone Thiopental

Water; 10 cc vial


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