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Dr Milena Fernandes - Biogeochemist


Areas of expertise Biogeochemistry, organic geochemistry and environmental chemistry. Countries of work experience Australia, France, Brazil, Portugal, Russia. Overview of experience and qualifications Dr Milena Fernandes has worked for 15 years as an aquatic chemist. Research interests include nutrient cycling, food web structure, and humanderived perturbations of coastal ecosystems. She has authored more than 85 scientific publications, including 25 papers in scientific journals and books. Dr Fernandes joined the SARDI Marine Environment & Ecology Program in June 2002. Her work currently involves projects developing quantitative models of nutrient loads and environmental responses associated with coastal aquaculture, eutrophication and seagrass loss along the southern Australian coastline, definition of habitat maps, tropho- and nutrient-dynamics in the Coorong lagoons, and the occurrence of persistent organic chemicals in Adelaide's coastal waters. In the last six years, she has played a key role in developing a better understanding of biogeochemical cycles in coastal ecosystems in South Australia through her participation in major initiatives funded by the Aquafin CRC, FRDC, CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Research Flagship, as well as State and Commonwealth Governments. Prior to moving to SARDI, Dr Fernandes worked extensively in the characterization of natural and anthropogenic organic matter in rivers, estuaries and other coastal margins. Dr Fernandes has close links to universities in Australia and overseas. She has contributed to postgraduate courses and is currently involved in the supervision of several PhD students. Professional appointments: 2002-present: Senior Research Scientist, SARDI Aquatic Sciences. 2002: Honorary Research Associate, La Trobe University. 2000-2002: Postdoctoral Fellow, La Trobe University. 1998-2000: Research Scientist and Lecturer, National School of Public Health (Brazil). 1997-1998: Research Fellow, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Research and Consulting: 2005-present: Habitat mapping and mineral precipitation in the Coorong lagoons. 2003-present: Effects of anthropogenic inputs to seagrass and reef ecosystems. 2002-present: Environmental impacts of aquaculture. 2002-present: Endocrine disrupting chemicals in the aquatic environment. 2000-2002: The role of combustion particulates in the release and dispersal of aromatic pollutants in aquatic systems. 2000-2002: The persistence of organic pollutants in riverine particulates. 2000-2001: Evaluation of total PAHs in urban particulate matter. 1998-2001: Semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds as indicators of air quality. 1997-1999: Polar biomarkers in sediments of the Amazon shelf. 1993-present: The origin and fate of natural and anthropogenic organic chemicals in water, suspended matter and sediments in coastal margins (e.g. estuaries such as those of the Seine and Rhône rivers in France, Ob and Yenisei in the Arctic, Amazon and Capibaribe in Brazil). Contact Dr. Milena Fernandes Senior Research Scientist Marine Environment and Ecology SARDI Aquatic Sciences Tel: 08 8207 5306 Fax: 08 8207 5406 E-mail: [email protected] SARDI website:


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