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Tuesday, January 1

6:30 a.m. 8:05 a.m. 9:01 a.m. 9:57 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 1:19 p.m. 2:52 p.m. 4:25 p.m. 6:40 p.m. 8:20 p.m. 13 Gantry Row Champion "Police at the Funeral, Part 1" Champion "Police at the Funeral, Part 2" Mystery! Jericho "The Hollow Men" Mystery! Foyle's War "Bleak Midwinter" Mystery! Foyle's War "Casualties of War" Mystery! Miss Marple "At Bertram's Hotel" Mystery! Miss Marple "Ordeal by Innocence" Mystery! The Inspector Lynley Mysteries "Chinese Walls" Mystery! The Inspector Lynley Mysteries "In the Blink of an Eye"

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Table of Contents

Center for Distance ..............1 2nd Annual Conference ......2 Envisioning ..........................3 DTI Ex-Offender Program......4 Mystery Marathon................5 Automotive Award ..............6 KKC Focus Group ................6 Monice Purnell ....................6 KKC Photo Gallery ..............7

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KKC Administration

Clyde El-Amin, President Saundra Banyard, Vice President Rosemary Jackson, Ph.D.

Vice President, Educational Media and Distance Learning

Eric Griggs, Provost, DTI William Reynolds, Provost, WCI Vera Averyhart-Fullard, Ph.D.

Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Riley B. Davis Robert Kelly

Dean, Dawson Technical Institute

Jacquie Hood-Martin

Dean, Career Programs

Lifelong Learners

Whether you are young or old, want to change or develop a new career there are classes that can enrich your life, improve your health, classes that will offer you and your family a new perspective on life and its myriad options. Lifelong learning doesn't mean condemning yourself to a stack of dusty textbooks. Lifelong learning means taking advantage of opportunities, individuals, groups, and events that can make personal enrichment, and the education of yourself a fun, social experience.

Englewood 815 West 63rd St. Chicago, IL 60621 773-873-8800

Dorothy McMurtry

Dean, Adult Education

Darrylinn Tood

Dean, Center for Distance Learning

As we enter 2008, the Center for Distance Learning (CDL) continues its mission to provide technology enhanced, educational opportunities for all distance learning within the seven City Colleges of Chicago (CCC). Through new technology and new allies in education, the CDL and the CCC are broadening horizons locally, nationally and internationally. Local Expansion Currently the CDL offers several methods of taking CCC career programs from a distance. One method is strictly online and another is through televised courses with online components. In 2008 a new course

Kathleen Welch

Dean, Student Services

Spring 2008 Continuing Education / Lifelong Learning

Business and Career Development

See a relationship banker for details.


Member FDIC ©2007 Park National Bank

Alexander Dering

Interim Dean, Washburne Culinary Institute

Dana Alston, Ph.D

Associate Dean of Instruction

delivery method will be added, iTunes University. In efforts to enhance education though technology, the Apple company has modified their popular iTunes application for use in attaining college credit. This would allow students to download course content and materials just as they would songs from the iTunes application. Kennedy-King College is proud to be the only college that has been selected to host this service through the CDL. Staff members Mr. Selom Assignon, Instructional Design Manager, and Mr. Kin Yee, Instructional Technology Manager, are overseeing the iTunes University project development. With the assistance of the

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Phyllis Brooks, Ed.D

Associate Dean of Instruction - DTI



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2nd Annual Addiction Studies Conference Identified New Solutions

On Thursday, December 6, 2007 Kennedy-King College Addictions Studies Program and the International Institute of Black Addictions Professionals presented its Second Annual Conference titled "Arrested Development in the Black Community": Drugs, Crime and Ostracism." The conference opened with a welcome from Vice President Saundra Banyard. The conference addressed: Africentric and Strength Based Models for addressing Addictions and Criminality in the Black community; creative holistic solutions for decreasing recidivism in the Black community; strategic, spiritual principles for successful transitions from incarceration to the community; the impact of trauma on Black adolescents; and implications for prevention of drug use and criminality. Larry Ross, KKC faculty, Addition Studies Program and conference coordinator said, "Culturally specific treatment for Afrikan Americans considers how many Black people use alcohol and other drugs to cope with post traumatic slavery disorder, personal racism, and institutionalized racism. Thus, to address addictions culturally specific treatment for Afrikan Americans includes Afrikan Spirituality, Afrikan & Afrikan American History, to engender race esteem and pride, family & community support, holistic health practices, Afrikan cosmology, and service to the community." Participants who attended the conference conveyed that it was the best conference they have ever attended; they indicated

Clyde El-Amin, President, Kennedy-King College, shares information about the college's programs during an interview on WCIU Channel 25 with TV show host Munir Muhammad.

KKC students and faculty participate in the CCC Town Hall Meeting on Hope, Help, Healing: Ending Domestic Violence that will be broadcast on WYCC-TV20 20 in March during Women's History Month.

Dr. Hattie Wash, Psy.D.,CMDAC Conference Speaker and Author of "Culturally Specific Treatment Models for Afrikan-Americans.

that it was an educational, uplifting and spiritual experience in that the presenters were knowledgeable, dynamic and inspiring. Furthermore, participants noted that they were provided with a new way of looking at addiction in the Afrikan American community: with culturally specific and viable treatment strategies.

Alumni Roundtable: Among the participating Alumni were Dawin Wright, General Motors Corp; George Bell, Chevrolet Motor Division, Michael Blackwell, Honda Motor Corp. of America, Daniel McConnell, Warranty Group, Suzette Burgess, Honda Motor Corp. of America; Monica Horton, Chicago Transit Authority and Kenneth Zanders, AC Delco.

Center for Distance

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Career Programs Department's Dean Jacquie Martin-Hood, iTunes University will launch in spring 2008. National Expansion The CDL has partnered with Muhammad University (MU), a predominantly black K ­ 12 school which has campuses across the United States. MU seeks to expand its educational offerings along with its growing student body, by providing fully online courses and hybrid courses. The CDL met with MU's Technology Team to discuss priorities and goals in creating this online learning environment. After an exchange of ideas, CDL has agreed to work with MU on developing a new online curriculum adjusted for pre-college users. The meeting is just the beginning of a long-term collaborative partnership. International Expansion KKC, through the Applied Science department and CDL, is developing online courses to train instructors in Ghana. While providing educational opportunities for those who need them most, the CDL has an opportunity to work with learning institutions abroad. The goal of this international partnership is to develop an online program that effectively trains instructors in Ghana in automotive technology, air conditioning and electrical fields. Ghanaian students will complete their certification degree fully online through KKC using Blackboard. This collaboration with technical institutions in Ghana supports KKC's Mission and Purpose to make education accessible to everyone.

Welton Murphy, director of admissions and recruitment , greeted students from Vocational School Center Odenwald Area ( Berufliches Schulzentrum Oldenwaldkreis ) in Michelstadt, Germany. KKC was one of several advanced education institutions visited as part of a student study of the American educational system. The program was designed to encourage students to study, work, and live in the United States.

Congressman Bobby Rush with Leroy Kennedy, IIT were Partners with KKC for Franchise Business Conference III. Over 200 participants were introduced to Franchise Opportunities.



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Auto Tech Receives Awards and Donations

The Auto Body program is now a member of the I-Car Educational Alliance which allows students to receive education on-line through the Inter-Industry Council on Auto Repair (I-CAR). Students that complete the program receive Gold Star preferential recognition that affords students first choice at job placement at I-Car Gold Star collision repair facilities. Automotive students entered a 1981 customized Buick Regal in the 2007 Chicago World of Wheels Custom Auto Show and won the "Best of Class" award in the "Conservative Custom" Category. The car was featured of Fox-TV Channel 32 in Chicago. In addition, the Auto Body program received four major contributions that include; $17, 000 dollar in-kind donation of paint mixing equipment from NAPA Auto parts: $ 9,000 dollars from Inner-Industry Council on Auto Repair (I-CAR) for auto body panels and educational software; $11,000 from Aeromotive for hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell training boards; and, State Farm Insurance Company and Mitchell International donated five laptop computers loaded with collision estimating software and simulators. The Automotive Technology Program held an Alumni Roundtable geared towards improving marketing of the Automotive Program. Among the participating Alumni were Dawin Wright, General Motors Corp; George Bell, Chevrolet

Envisioning Kennedy-King College and Greater Englewood:

What We Can Expect and What We Must Do A Resident's Perspective

Looking at the picture above helps one understand both the daunting task and vast opportunity Kennedy-King College represents for Greater Englewood and indeed all of Chicago. For these tired but wide-eyed newcomers standing in Chicago's Illinois Central Station just shy of one hundred years ago Chicago and Englewood represented new opportunities and freedoms. Surely they stood in awe, imagining the new Kennedy-King College coming one day to 63rd and Halsted? Hardly. They expected less and yet a good deal, then they sought jobs, certainly, and a society civil enough to allow them their self-respect. The right to vote, for instance, a place to call "home," a church of their own and education for the children, enough so that they could read, write and count. Beyond such basics it was gravy, of which they could not be sure. Things only dreamt, unknown to them. Two blue-ribbon reports, The Global Edge and Vision 2011 have just come out. We will not review them here, but you should know they concern "globalization" and its impact on Chicago. The good news is, lots of jobs are forecast. The bad news is, half those jobs--ones for us without adequate education--will not allow anyone to enter the "middle class." Neither report suggested that an Associate's Degree will be a requirement to become a janitor, but it will certainly help even there, and that's just what it's come to. Like our pictured migrants we stand on the platform in a new city and a new century. We have more foreknowledge perhaps, but definite plans must be had before we leave that platform and go into the city. "All globalization," to paraphrase once Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, "is local." That is, how well we confront the future will be determined by how well we prepare ourselves right here and now, and where we actually live. Fortunately, Kennedy-King College is in our community, but to be a part of our community will require effort on both sides. Good models are scarce. We must make one. First, just how will Kennedy-King College (or, "KKC") conceive of itself as an "open campus?" No image is dearer to Greater Englewood's heart and yet, long before "9/11," basic security concerns made this problematic. KKC cannot become (ahem!) "a hangout" nor would we want it so. What is definite and "doable" is "community use and participation" and this is encouraged. Teamwork Englewood, for instance, used KKC's athletic facilities and equipment for its

Ion McGee, James Warren, Kenneth McMillian, and Ron Ray

Motor Division, Michael Blackwell, Honda Motor Corp. of America, Daniel McConnell, Warranty Group, Suzette Burgess, Honda Motor Corp. of America; Monica Horton, Chicago Transit Authority and Kenneth Zanders, AC Delco.

"A Black Family Arriving in Chicago, 1910." From: Harsh Research Collection, Chicago Public Library.

KKC Determines Service Success Through Focus Groups

This fall, KKC students, faculty, staff, and administrators participated in the 2007-2008 Academic and Student Support Services Annual Program and Service Analysis (Student Services APSA). Student Services APSA is a review and analysis process designed to evaluate and improve the quality of services at all seven Chicago city colleges to ensure student learning and academic success. The participants focused on three main areas: recruitment, retention, and student transition. Over 10 focus groups were conducted, in the Black Box Theatre to solicit opinions and recommendations from students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Student Services APSA has moved into Phase Two, where tactics for implementing various recommendations will be determined.

Monice Purnell Represents KKC On NPR

Monice Purnell, second year psychology student, represented Kennedy-King College on two National Public Radio ( NPR) broadcasts of Tell Me More with host Michelle Martin.· One program addressed the issue of HIV/AIDS and the other, solicited responses from College Students on a recent Pew Poll on Racial Attitudes. The programs can be accessed online at by the following links. HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC SWEEPING D.C. story.php?storyId=16690364 Debate Pew on Race: story.php?storyId=16317568

summer youth program wrap-up. The Weed and Seed program, designed to address truancy and re-entry will use college facilities and its students to provide tutoring for Chicago Public School from two area high schools. This fall KKC hosted a Health, Wellness & Fitness Celebration, plus the 2 Kilometer Park National Bank & KKC Scholarship Run. Imagine Englewood If, an Englewood community organization recently hosted a conference at KKC that addressed local sources of "fresh" food and groceries in Englewood. It is up to community groups to imagine KKC as a venue. There are ground rules regarding use and access, but we can expect many, many partnerships and shared use of facilities and academic resources. Second, to what degree can we expect KKC to use the "community as a classroom?" Will students learn and earn while doing real life work in local hospitals, child care facilities and the like? Many of KKC's programs have an internship, practicum, capstone project for "hands-on" learning. Nursing, for instance, has a lengthy practicum. Programs like Culinary Arts, Automotive, HVAC, Media Communications and Child Development require direct interaction with the community from almost "day one." Greater Englewood must develop an awareness of these programs and promote them whenever possible. Continued on page 4



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Dawson Technical Institute to train Cook County Ex-Offender Residents

Dawson Technical Institute has been selected by Cook County President Todd Stroger and the Cook County Board to train ex-offenders who want to re-enter the workforce by becoming a union apprentice working on Cook County construction projects. Contractors working on Cook County construction projects will receive incentives to hire and sponsor ex-offenders trained at Dawson into union apprenticeship programs. DTI will provide apprenticeship preparation training for qualified ex-offenders selected by Cook County's re-entry program in the following skills trade areas; carpentry, cement masonry, plumbing, bricklaying, welding, material testing and painting. The program is scheduled to begin summer 2008.


Everybody loves a holiday weekend--and everybody loves a good mystery. Join us on Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1 to bring in 2008 with a holiday garland of mystery favorites.


That, after all, is the question that lies behind every mystery program. Who committed the crime--and how can it be solved? Mysteries have evolved in interesting ways in recent years, as writers have adapted a 200-year-old genre to the attitudes, institutions, and technologies of modern times. But the essential question remains the same: Whodunit? And the basic challenge remains the same, too: Can you, working along with the master sleuth, figure out the solution to the crime before it is revealed in the final scene? WYCC-TV20 presents the New Year's Mystery Marathon on Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1 to feed your appetite for mysteries, and to help you hone your crimesolving skills. The best in mystery programs will air non-stop (except to take a break for BBC World News) from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. both days. Many of the programs have not been seen before on Wise TV.

Monday, December 31

6:31 a.m. 7:28 a.m. 8:25 a.m. 9:58 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 1:19 p.m. 2:53 p.m. 4:26 p.m. 6:40 p.m. 8:20 p.m.

Envisioning Kennedy-King College and Greater Englewood:

continued from page 3

Third, how can KKC assist with community problems? Will faculty be available to consult community groups and will there be opportunities for research, surveys, on issues like transportation, education and quality of life issues? For now, it is certain that KKC can help in the classroom. Workforce development, for instance, is addressed by the business and industry programs. Likewise, Adult Education has great promise for addressing individuals' missteps and shortcomings. Large-scale surveys and empirical research in the community are a ways off yet, but collaborative efforts with other institutions cannot be ruled out and the community should encourage them. Fourth, and immensely important, how will KKC share cultural experiences with the community, e.g., public forums, music and art festivals, drama, etc.? We see them now. The recent Community Forum regarding the legislative stalemate in Springfield comes to mind, and Chocolate Chips Theater Company is hard at work and will again display its cultural and entertainment prowess during Black History Month 2008. The radio (WKKC-FM 89.3) and television (WYCC-TV) stations are training our youth and link the world to the community. Our community groups only need inform KKC of what they want and will support. "Ye are the light of the world" then, and if KKC and Greater Englewood work together and in the right spirit along the lines suggested here, we shall be as "[a] city that is sat on a hill [and] cannot be hid." (Matthew, 5:14) Article by: John Ellis, Editor of the BeeLine and an Englewood Resident Edited by: Riley Davis, KKC

Champion "Look to the Lady, Part 1" Champion "Look to the Lady, Part 2" Jonathan Creek "The Wrestler's Tomb" Mystery! Jericho "To Murder and Create" Mystery! Foyle's War "Invasion" Mystery! Foyle's War "Bad Blood" Mystery! Miss Marple "Towards Zero" Mystery! Miss Marple "Nemesis" Mystery! The Inspector Lynley Mysteries "Natural Causes" Mystery! The Inspector Lynley Mysteries "One Guilty Deed"

Listing continued on page 8

F.Y.I. Wants Your Insights, Observations & Opinions!

We're looking for articles, stories, photos and other relevant information about the college and community for future issues of F.Y.I. Send your articles and or photographs to Deborah Crable, Director Marketing & Communications @ [email protected] or drop them off in Building W, Room 220. Please include your name and contact information. For purposes of editing an article we prefer electronic submissions. Thank You.


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