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The DISA/DITCO Process


DOD Users

4 March 2009


· · · · · Overview Terms and Definitions Processes How Satcom Direct Fits Recommendations

* This presentation does not purport to be the U.S. government's official perspective and is based on our observations and actual experiences


· · · · · · Point of Service Activation (PSA) Accounting Authority (AA) Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC) Inmarsat Distribution Partner (DP) Inmarsat Service Provider (ISP) Octal Codes and Inmarsat Subscriber Numbers



Point of Service Activation

­ The activity which processes applications for MES service activation, assigns Inmarsat Mobile Numbers (IMNs) and transmits customer service activation information to the Customer Activation Group (CAG) and appropriate national bodies. ­ Satcom Direct is authorized by Inmarsat to offer Inmarsat terminal activation services and terminal particular updates

PSA Responsibilities

· · · · · · · · Receipt of application, forwarding of changes of terminal particulars and collection of necessary endorsements Activations, de-activations, changes in vessels' info such as, "aircraft owners and accounting authorities" details Advising the respective government agencies, the accounting authority and the aircraft-owners of progress Updating the official activated terminals database Advising the LES for the quicker activation of communications of all terminals Acceptance and servicing of terminals under foreign flags with transfer of authority to the Satcom Direct PSA service, through Inmarsat, attendance of the said transfer and checking of particulars Monitoring of terminal status in the Inmarsat database Dealing with users' queries and routing them to the LES or the relative departments for their attention and action


­ Land Earth Station Operator


­ Aircraft Earth Station ­ Mobile Earth Station


­ An Accounting Authority is tasked with settling international accounts ­ An AA:

· Is a clearing house where the bills from the different Land Earth Stations (LESs) are processed and combined into one easy-to-read bill for the User (Ship/Land/Aero Mobile Earth Stations) · Acts as an intermediary between the customer and the various LESs that provide communication services

­ An AA is required to take care of the bills of an aircraft, ship or land mobile, as it moves from one location or ocean region to another


­ After a Mobile Earth Station (MES) makes a call through an LES, the LES Operator (LESO) identifies the Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC) for that MES, and subsequently sends the charge for the call to the AA. If an MES incurs call charges with several LESOs, each LESO passes details of its charges to the AA. The AA consolidates all the charges into a single bill which it then submits to the MES customer for settlement. ­ A MES will only be commissioned if a valid AAIC is entered into the commissioning form. ­ Arrangements will be made by an AA with the relevant Point of Service Activation (PSA) to reflect their AAIC as that for their aircraft, ship or land mobile terminal(s). The PSA concerned will commission your aircraft, ship or land mobile and inform Inmarsat London accordingly. Inmarsat London will then broadcast the updated information to all the service providers (i.e. Land Earth Stations) in the world, so that the bills for the mobile stations will be correctly dispatched and settled.


· Satcom Direct highly recommends NOT using an AA

­ Invoices processed through an Accounting Authority are billed at full tariff rates ­ An AA assures that the LESO gets paid ­ They are not working for you









Local Dealers ISPs AA,PSAs ,

End Users

Exclusive SD Contractors how do I get my terminal activated ?

Processes Discussion

· · · · Initial Activation Transitions Modifications Termination

MDS Program Office

End Owner

Who's Responsible ?



Process Flow


Process: Initial Activation

· · · · Documentation Timing Flow Responsibilities


Telecommunications Service Requests

Telecommunications requirement prepared in accordance with chapter 3, DISAC 310-130-1 and submitted to DISA or DISA activities for fulfillment. A TSR may not be issued except by an authorized telecommunications certification office

Octal Codes

(Classic Inmarsat)


Federal Government Aircraft Earth Stations (AES) require 24-bit ICAO technical addresses (Octal Codes) for Aero-H/H+/I terminals Air Force manages program for military aircraft Commercial requests go through FAA at Oklahoma City, OK (Gulfstream/Boeing/Etc.)

· ·

Octal Codes

DOD requests must contain:

· · · · · · Point of Contact Identification of the aircraft; i.e., C-32A, C-37B Full Aircraft Tail Number (99-0004) Name and Address of the Major Command and the Unit to which the aircraft is assigned Location where the aircraft will be home-based Fax telephone number to receive octal code

Octal Codes

Submit requests to:

DOD International AIMS Program Office 460 Richard Ray Blvd, Ste 200 Robins AFB, Georgia 31098-1639 Commercial 478.926.9859 Fax 478.926.5390 DSN 468.9859

Swift 64 ISNs

· Inmarsat assigns blocks of ISNs (forward IDs) to the various avionics manufacturers · Example: 76ES08ABC123 76HW05DEF456 76TT07CBA789 · Manufacturers should send ISNs with terminals to whomever ordered the avionics, one for each Swift64 channel card

Who Obtains IMNs?

· Current government process indicates a "cart before the horse" situation

­ IMNs are assigned to PSAs in pools ­ The PSA assigns IMNs to each service type for each channel card (speech, audio3.1, etc.) ­ The PSA activates the IMNs with Inmarsat ­ ...Therefore, the terminal has to be activated prior to the TSR being submitted in order for the TSR to contain the IMNs!

SwiftBroadband SIMs

· Manufacturers Receive "Blank" SIMs from Inmarsat · MSISDN, IMEI, Etc., Needed · Integrator Contracts With Satcom Direct to Register, Activate and Configure With Specialized Services · Services Transition To Final Owner

Stuff to Think About...

· SIMs are in sealed avionics trays · SwiftBroadband terminals are still capable of Swift 64 Service


Telecommunications Service Order

The authorization from Headquarters, DISA, a DISA area, or DISA-DSC to start, change, or discontinue circuits or trunks and to effect administrative changes


Status of Acquisition Message

What About Satcom Direct ?

Customer Service Agreement

Inmarsat T & Cs

Process: Transitions

· Example · Responsibilities · Ownership


· · USAF buys new Gulfstream 550 (C-37B) Gulfstream Long Beach is integration center

­ Gulfstream is the owner and responsible agent for the aircraft until ASC signs the DD-250 ­ For airtime services, Gulfstream contracts with Satcom Direct for Inmarsat and Iridium


At this point, Gulfstream is paying the monthly bill

­ Risk is on Gulfstream, not the Government ­ "Forces" good engineering and test practices

Example Continued

· · · · · · · Prior to aircraft DD-250 and delivery, USAF submits paperwork TSR to HQ HQ validates and sends to AFCA AFCA processes and submits to DITCO MSS DITCO sends RFP to Set-Asides Bids submitted and a vendor is awarded contract Based on user requirements, vendor contracts with Satcom Direct

Example Continued

· Upon notification of delivery, Satcom Direct transitions terminal to new owner

­ ­ ­ ­ Seamlessly No "Down Time" Mission Doesn't Suffer Waiting on Paperwork to Catch Up No Last Minute, Friday Afternoon, "Gotta Have by Monday Morning" Scrambles

How Biz Av Does It ...

G-450 is assembled John Doe places an order with Gulfstream for a G-450 Completion center "mission-izes" aircraft "Green" G-450 is delivered to completion center for interiors and customer options

Completion center responsible for integration, test and selloff to customer. Contracts with Satcom Direct for airtime service and technical support

Customer flies away connected with no break in service Satcom Direct activations department transitions contract to new customer through Inmarsat ESAS

Completion center submits CSA to new customer contract with Satcom Direct

Aircraft and systems "sold" to customer

Process: Modifications

· Example · Responsibilities · Ownership


HSD-128 upgrading to



Process: Termination

· · Owners must submit documentation to their respective headquarters to terminate service Especially important if an aircraft is changing ownership or equipment is moving to another program

Process: Responsibilities

· ·

The aircraft owner is ultimately responsible for processing paperwork and billing Satcom Direct will support every way possible but our hands are often tied

Peaceful Purposes Clause

· "I Thought Inmarsat Had a Peaceful Purposes Clause Which Meant We Weren't Allowed to Use Inmarsat Services in an Offensive Manner" [ ... to Break Things and Kill People...] Clause was Essentially Rescinded When Inmarsat Went Public "Officially" Rescinded in 2008 After a Major USAF Program Balked Statements Now Removed From Inmarsat's Terms and Conditions

· · ·

What Satcom Direct Can Do For Your Program...

· · Inmarsat and Global One Number Single 10-digit number (Global One Number ) to Reach:


­ All Inmarsat (Aero-H/H+/I, Swift 64 64K Speech, 64UDI, 56.6K, 3.1kHz, 4.8 LSV) ­ Aeronautical Radiotelephone (MagnaStar/LiveTV) ­ Iridium channels on-board the aircraft

· · · · ·

Combine all AESID, DDI, and IMNs to the Same Single 10-digit Number Automatic Fax Detection Using the Same 10-digit number Direct Calls to the Swift 64 Channel (Secure STE-ISDN) Using the Same 10-digit Number Secure STU-III Capability on Aero-H and Low Speed (mini-M) Swift 64 Channel Using the Same 10-digit Number Free GON Service to Military Customers--No Monthly Fee ($40/Month Value)


What Satcom Direct Can Do For Your Program...

· · · · · Access to all Ground Earth Stations (no exceptions) With a Single Billing Invoice (No FCC Itinerant Charges) User-defined Customizable Prompts, Features, and Language Using the Same 10-digit Number Free Access to Web Based Log-on to Track Terminal Activity Via Plane Simple Free Training For Inmarsat 101 "Fundamentals of Inmarsat" and 201 "Intermediate Inmarsat" Free Limited Engineering Support


· Free 24/7 Premium Technical Support

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