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FlushStar® toilets must: 1. Flush at least 250 grams of waste material 2. Flush less than 2.0 gallons per flush with a standard replacement flapper, or have a specific flapper or flush design that uses less than 2.0 gpf



Products with three stars

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use 1.28 gpf or less (20% less than standard toilets)

American Standard Pressure Assist toilets Amercian Standard ­ 3" flapper toilets with "Flush Right System" American Standard Champion (including Doral, Oakmont, Skyline, Townsend, and 1-piece) American Standard FloWise American Standard Glenwall Pressure Assist (wall mount) Briggs Vacuity Vacuum Assist Capizzi Pressure Assist (1.1 gallons) Caroma Dual Flush (Caravelle, Tasman, Reflections, and Royale) Crane Economiser Pressure Assist Crane SureFlush Crane VIP Flush Vacuum Assist Eljer Aquasaver Pressure Assist Gerber Ultra Flush Pressure Assist Kohler Bancroft Kohler Cimarron Kohler Memoirs - 1-piece models only Kohler Pressure Assist Pressure Lite models Kohler Pressure Assist 1.1 gpf models Kohler Purist and San Raphael Mansfield Alto Mansfield Maverick Mansfield Quantum, Quantum One Niagara Flapperless Sterling Rockton and Karsten Dual Flush

, and Ecoquantum

Pressure Assist

Toto Aquia Toto Drake Toto Plymouth Toto Ultimate and Ultramax Vitra Atlantis Western Pottery Aris (MUST have tank # ULF8PFVFMWH, which has pedestal flushvalve) Western Pottery Clinton (MUST have tank # ULF8PFVFMWH, which has pedestal flushvalve)

This list will be updated as new eligible products enter the local market. If you have any questions about the FlushStar® list, please call (206) 684-4150. Please note that Pressure Assist toilets may be louder than other models. Why FlushStar Toilets? ® FlushStar toilets contain internal parts and designs that are less likely to result in excessive water use over time, along with a reduced likelihood for clogging or the need to double-flush. Many other toilets on the market, not on the ® FlushStar list, may provide satisfactory flushing performance for customers. However, products not on the list are more likely to need occasional double-flushing and/or they are sold in such a way that, under normal maintenance, they may use more water. The FlushStar list combines information from two sources: The LADWP SPS and the MaP testing. Products meeting ® the minimum recommended "standards" from both of these two sources are eligible for the FlushStar list. Visit for more details. September, 2006

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