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Accessing Blackboard at USC

The Blackboard course management system is used at USC for presenting course materials on the web. Access to this system is restricted to University students and is by USC Network username and password this same username and password combo is used to access other University computer systems, including the Gamecock Email system for students. A handout on Blackboard system requirements prepared by Academic Services of the University (8037776015) is available on the web at the USC Blackboard login site ( under the "Information for Students" link. Following are some answers to frequently asked questions to get you started using Blackboard. You will find more information at the conclusion of this discussion for contacting Academic Services if you have questions or problems. How do I determine my USC Network Username and password to login to Blackboard? You must lookup your USC network username and set a password through the University's VIP service. VIP is a webbased system that is used for secure access to official University records for both students and University employees. If you have been a student at USC previously, you are probably already familiar with VIP. To access VIP, use your web browser to open Follow the directions on screen to login as a student. Your USC identification number is your SSN (social security number). Your Student PIN will be your month/date of birth if you have not used the VIP system previously (for example, if you were both on March 8, your PIN would be 0308). You are forced to change your PIN when you first login to VIP just follow the prompts to change your PIN, then proceed with the following directions. If you have taken USC courses previously and have used VIP before, then use the 4 digit PIN that you set previously. If you do not remember your PIN, you must contact the University Registrar's Office (803777 5555) to have it reset. Academic Services cannot reset student PINs. Once you have logged into VIP successfully, click on the Technology link on the left then click on SHOW ME NETWORK USERNAME. Your username (this is based on your real name) will be displayed and you can set a password (or reset your password in the event it has expired or you have forgotten it). You will get a confirmation message displayed and can then click on LOGOUT (upper right corner) to exit VIP. You will not need to return to VIP for Blackboard access until you need to reset your Network Username password at a later date. Please note that it may take 1020 minutes for your new password to take effect for Blackboard.


How do I login to Blackboard? Use your web browser to open Click on the Login link. On the next screen, enter your USC Network Username and the password you created for it on VIP. Do not use your SSN and PIN on this screen ­ that combination is only used to login to the VIP system at the USC. After successfully logging into Blackboard, you will see your course(s) listed under the MY COURSES block. Just click on the course title to open your course. How do I set my email address in Blackboard? By default, everyone's email address in Blackboard defaults to the University's Gamecock Email system (usually referred to as GEM) This system is webbased and is accessed using the same username/password combination used for logging into Blackboard. Your email address on this system will be [email protected] where 'yourusername' is your USC Network username that you use to login to Blackboard/GEM. To access this webbased email system, use your web browser to open: If you want email sent to you from Blackboard to go to another email address rather than GEM you may make this change in Blackboard. From the TOOLS menu, click on Personal Information, then Edit Personal Information, and change your email address in the field labeled 'EMail'. Then just press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen. Whom do I contact if I have trouble with Blackboard or accessing Blackboard? Call 8037776015 or email [email protected] for assistance. Please include your USC Network Username and the name of your course, and a thorough description of your problem. Consultants are available by phone MF, 8:30 a.m. ­ 5 p.m. While there is no official evening/weekend support, consultants do typically check email after office hours and often may be able to resolve your problem evenings and weekends.



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