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Faculty Senate Steering Committee Report ­ April 3, 2002 Nominees for Elected Committees: Committee Academic Responsibility Admissions University Athletics Advisory Board of Governors ­ Faculty Club Bookstore Curricula and Courses Faculty Advisory Faculty Budget Faculty Grievance Faculty Welfare Honorary Degrees Instructional Development Nominees Kenneth Gaines (LAW) Mindy Fenske (THSP) Kathryn Edwards (HIST) O'Neal Smalls (LAW) E.T. Aylward (SIP) Dorothy Disterheft (ENGL) Mary O'Leary (MATH) Valinda Littlefield (HIST) Randy Rose (BADM) Ernest Wiggins (JOUR) Robert Herzstein (HIST) Saundra Schneider (GINT) James R. Augustine (MEDC) Timir Datta (PHYS) Jerry Hudgins (ENGR) Caroline Strobel (BADM) Sally Woodin (BIOL) Craig Davis (MEDC) Diane Follingstad (PSYC) Martin McWilliams (LAW) Daniel Feldman (BADM) Robert G. Best (MEDC) Manton Matthews (CSCE) Erica Toboloski (THSP) Lewis Johnson (MEDC) Vicki Vance (BIOL) Freeman Henry (FREN) Dennis Oberhelman (BADM) Donna Richter (HEAL) Judy James (ENGL) Clarke F. Millette (MEDC) Christopher Berg (MUSC) Amy Donnelly (EDUC) Rotating Off Robert Lawther (BIOL) Patricia McNeely (JOUR) Elizabeth Dickey (JOUR) Jean Ann Linney (PSYC) Elaine Frank (HEAL) Rodney Roenfeldt (BADM) Sally Boyd (CONT. ED) Carl Boger (HRSM) Gary Geer (LIBR) Sandra Tonnsen (EDUC) Terry Smith (THSP) Jeffery Persels (FREN) Daniel Feldman (BADM) Michael Sutton (ENGR) John Freeman (LAW) Pat Hubbard (LAW) Steven Lynn (ENGL) Dan Sabia (GINT) Eugene Reeder (PHAR) Ann Dreher (THSP) John Gandy (SOWK) Davis Baird (PHIL) Jamil Khan (ENGR) Cheryl Wissick (EDUC) Timir Datta (PHYS) Stephen McNeill (ENGR) Judith Alexander (NURS) Pamela Melton (LIBR) Sarah Westphal (GERM) Marja Warehime (FREN) George Holmes (MEDC) Dennis Nolan (LAW) Mary Ann Wimsatt (ENGL))

Intellectual Property Libraries Scholastic Standards and Petitions Tenure Review Board University Disability Affairs (2-year terms)

Note: If you plan to nominate from the floor, please be sure to contact the nominee before the Faculty Senate meeting.


Faculty Senate Steering Committee Report ­ March 1, 2000

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Faculty Senate Steering Committee Report March 1, 2000