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SCAN MARINE/WALLAS Shipping your Wallas ceramic 95DU (aka 125, 125DU, 95DU/25), or 85DU Stove The Wallas Safeflame 95DU or 85DU stoves (with or without the blower lid assembly) are true marine products, built to withstand the challenges of marine use, but susceptible to damage if shipped (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) without proper packaging. The costs of repairing the most common form of damage (broken ceramic) can well exceed the cost of servicing that may have been the original reason for shipping the unit. In light of this, we make the following strong recommendation when shipping these units: Purchase a good quality polyethylene cooler/ice chest of approximately 48 quart capacity. Our favorite is the one shown here. If your stove is fitted with a lid, close the lid and tape it closed. Pack your stove inside, upside down using plenty of padding below and on all sides, until the stove is fully "trapped". Tape the cooler lid closed with plenty of fibrous tape passed fully around the box (tape does not stick well to a polyethylene surface). Coolers like this sell for between $20 and $35, making them a very useful bit of insurance, not to mention a good place to keep your drinks! Questions? Call 1-888-606-6665 toll free! Thank you.

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Microsoft Word - Shipping your stove.doc

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Microsoft Word - Shipping your stove.doc