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Another spanking-hot, Scarlett Hill publication!

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Welcome to the 12th issue of

America's "BLUSHING BEST" fanzine for wickedly wise women & wonderfully enlightened men with a passion for STRICTLY OLD-FASHIONED FEMALE DOMINATION with ALL the timelessly thrilling, agelessly chilling, NEVER too old be oh-so fulfilling trimmings!!


Another SPANKING-HOT Scarlett Hill publication!

Maddie's Mail

NNL's resident Lady Spanker shares 2 lovely letters sure to tickle your fancy as they did hers!

Sadie Hawkins Day!

Delightful summer camp story & drawing. Witty and very warm too!

Page 5

Page 18

Metamorphosis of

Sweet Babe Donna

Part One of an exceptional story of spousal spanking finally realized! Triumphant!

The Spanking Room!

A beautiful disciplinarian, an over-sexed man... Need we say more!?!

Page 25

Page 29

No Excuse!

Insightful, intense account of domestic discipline at the hands of a worried wife. A realistic reward.

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Ms. Maddie's Mail

Questions, comments, concerns, opinions... no-nonsense responses!

It took a while to read through the stacks of mail that piled up during my absence and set aside those that I thought would interest you-- so many naughty boys and girls in need of correction, so many questions and comments!-- but then it came time to do the layouts and space became its usual pain in the bottom consideration- not the type of pain in the bottom I like, mind you!-- and I had to narrow my choices to these two wonderful letters. No-Nonsense Both could easily stand alone as either "lifestory" (a popular feature we've been unable to provide since early isLillian Russell, famous sues due to lack of contributions, boys!) and "where it American actress and began" columns. (They will in fact replace our "where" singer, was considered the ideal of feminine beauty feature in this issue only. No pouting!) during "The Gay The first letter is a true gem. Woven within the tapestry Nineties." Born Helen of a personal journey, the writer eloquently summarizes Louise Leonard in Clinton, the philosophy and reason for this publication's success. Iowa on December 4, 1861, she was raised in a Sadly, it also laments the frustration we all feel at our time when certain inability to reassure our sisters to test the waters of our misbehavior meritted community. There are so many wonderful gentlemen anxspanking punishment. As ious to please a lady's every whim... this clipping shows, she never lost that belief. What I present the first of many in this issue: Dear Maddie, I have been a subscriber to "No-Nonsense Ladies" for about a month now and am writing to tell you what a warm and wonderful revelation your publication has been and to share with you my "how it all began" memories. First of all, let me say what a delicious surprise your "NNL" has been, in what I've found, for the most part, to be somewhat of a wasteland. I'm reminded of the old adage about having to kiss a lot of toads... Well, I'm not a princess, but I am an intelligent, reasonably sophisticated, attractive professional in my mid-forties, with an occasionally naughty streak, who hasn't had a deliciously thorough application of a hairbrush (either playfully and sensually in a sexual situation or more vigorously when I deserved it in a disciplinary setting) to my buns by a warm and witty No-Nonsense Lady for more than twenty years, and who misses it terribly. As my work has kept me in the public eye over the years, this is a desire that I've had to keep pretty well in check. Also, I've tended to be a bit shy in discussing my delicious obsession with most of the women I've dated, or have pulled back when I sensed it wasn't a turn-on for them. As you might imagine, this has caused a fair degree of frustration in not really finding fulfillment in a loving relationship. Obviously, as the song goes, "I've been looking for love in all the wrong places." A few years ago, quite by accident, I discovered a few sources of fem-dom spanking oriented audio,

Ladies - Past

transgressions her husband committed to earn her nononsense response and why she chose to spank him, we do not know. However, we think it fairly plain that Lillian was a woman after our own hearts; a true no-nonsense lady!

American Weekly Magazine (drawing & clipping) "Among the beautiful and celebrated women who were married with a double ring ceremony was Lillian Russell. That was in 1893 when a husband wearing a wedding ring was a distinct rarity. The bridegroom on this occasion was Signor Don Giovanni Perugini who was Lillian's leading man in the comic opera 'Princess Nicotine'. Signor Perugini was not of foreign birth but an American whose real name was Jack Chatterton. Whether the Signor wore his wedding ring on his right to signify authority, or on his left hand which signifies submission, I cannot say. However, at a later date when a divorce was imminent Signor Perugini complained Lillian had often humiliated him by spanking him with a hair brush. No-Nonsense Ladies #12, Page 5

Maddie's Mail

Perhaps my view of "the lifestyle" is narrow, but some of the material out there - women in spiked hairdos and bizarre apparel calling men "worms" or just the unimaginative situations portrayed in some of the newsletters - is such a turn-off and a gross insult to the intelligence. It just makes you feel dirty. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown such garbage in the fireplace, and some of the shame that has attached to having ordered it in the first place. I know this will not happen with NNL if you continue on your present course. Your No-Nonsense Ladies, whether fictional or real, for the most part, embody the warm and witty "upscale" traits A single sight or sound... many report similar trigthat this reader finds gers as their first recollection spanking's spark... so alluring and desirHere, Stephen recounts a unique experience of voyeurisable. This certainly intic infatuation with a neighbor's mother and a chance cludes your own discipline display that he knows set the fires burning that delicious admonishwill last him a lifetime. ments to us "naughty boys" about what we might look forward to if we don't watch our video, and printed material, and was able, at least step. And your material is obviously written, or on some level, to indulge my interests and desires, at least edited, by individuals of taste and intelliwhich actually went back to my (relatively ungence. spanked) childhood. I probably need a few cracks Short of the bliss of finding "the real thing'' in from one of your hairbrushes right now, Maddie, a warm and loving relationship with my own Noto keep this rambling discourse focused, but Nonsense Lady, your newsletter, with its basiplease bear with me; I'm somewhat new at this. cally nurturing outlook, is a warm refuge for the Anyhow, back to the reasons for finding such spirit. Dare I even hope that through it I may one delight in your publication. As I'm sure you know, day find that special Lady. I only wish there were so much of the material out there is low-brow, more non-professional women with a proclivity near-illiterate, over-priced, and seems to concenfor keeping naughty guys in line with their hairtrate too much on the debasement of men, rather brushes in your personal ads. than the warm and deliciously wicked, and often Oh, and speaking of hairbrushes... As you will nurturing, orientation of many of the situations see from what follows, my own orientation from portrayed in the stories and real-life accounts I've past experience is in this direction (with the ocread in my first four issues of NNL.

No-Nonsense Ladies #12, Page 6

Maddie's Mail

casional "added spice" of a switching). Again, it was a particular delight of mine in discovering NNL to find such extensive attention to the hairbrushing of naughty guys (like myself). Add to that the delicious illustrations of No-Nonsense Ladies applying their hairbrushes to naughty boys' buns or waiting for their bad boys with the hairbrush on the table, etc. Part of my delight in finding such loving attention focused on my favorite implement, considering the fact that some of your writers and correspondents are probably somewhat younger than myself, is the fact that, during my childhood, Dr. Spock's book seemed to be having some influence, dissuading some "progressive parents" from use of the tried and true methods; although, as I will relate below, I remember (now with some wistful envy) accounts of any number of my contemporaries receiving frequent smarting attention from their mothers', aunts', and baby-sitters' hairbrushes for their misbehavior. In fact, Maddie, I remember with a shudder of delight a most alluring substitute eighth grade teacher telling a classmate (in front of the class) that, in her former school system in another state, she would have taken him into the cloakroom after school and blistered his bare backside with a hairbrush for his rotten behavior! But it did seem like the fifties were the twilight years for hairbrush discipline - at least that was my impression. Perhaps you'd like to discuss this in your column - Has there been a renaissance of the hairbrush, or has it been in frequent use all along in the lifestyle since the fifties? To put it another way, is one likely to find women in, say, their mid-thirties who appreciate what I would call the "lure of the hairbrush", or are the greatest number of hairbrush ladies likely to be of my generation or older? Where does one find the traditional oval-backed black wooden or ivory hairbrushes of the type depicted in NNL's illustrations? Well on to how it all started for me... There was a strikingly beautiful lady who lived next door to the house I grew up in. A divorcee in her late thirties, Mrs. H was always very warm and friendly to me when I came over to play with her son and I really enjoyed being around her. However, when I reached puberty, my appreciation of her changed significantly. My bedroom window looked directly across our driveway into her bedroom. One summer evening, I happened to look across the way and was riveted by the sight of Mrs. H sitting at her vanity brushing her dark, thick wavy hair. She was wearing a black negligee and the sight of her drawing that brush through her luxuriant hair had me at rapt attention by the window. I might add, a certain part of me was at especially rapt attention. I guess you can imagine the rest of my evening. In the weeks ahead, my "observation post" became very active, as I fantasized over Mrs. H and hoped for more thrilling glances of her. One very still evening, my expectations were once again rewarded with a rather thrilling and unexpected twist. Mrs. H had apparently just gotten home from the PTA meeting at the school her son and I attended. She was wearing a dark blue suit with a white blouse and high heels. She took off the jacket to her suit and sat down at the vanity. Once again, I was treated to the then somewhat mysterious and alluring ritual of an attractive woman brushing her hair. By this time, I had a pair of binoculars I'd received as a birthday present but had never put to much use. So there I was, shamelessly spying on this gorgeous lady and very much aware of my budding sexuality when, lo and behold, her son Tommy comes in, wearing his pajamas and looking very dejected. Both of our windows were open and the air was so still, I could hear her address her son. I knew he had gotten into some mischief at school that week, and apparently his mother had found out about it at the PTA meeting. Tapping the hairbrush on her lap, she told him she'd had a long discussion with his teacher and that they'd decided that a "good sound paddling with a hairbrush" was in order. She then proceeded to take down his pajama pants. What followed was a methodical application of the hairbrush to his bottom and thighs which had him howling, kicking, and promising to behave. Throughout the hairbrushing, which must have gone on for fifty or sixty strokes, Mrs. H asked Tommy questions about whether he was learning his manners, whether he thought he'd act up again, etc. I felt sorry for Tommy, but the thrill of watching the hairbrushing administered by his beautiful mother was unmistakable. When it was over, she let him compose himself, massaged his sore bottom, helped him with his pajama pants, and gently kissed him good night. She then picked up the hairbrush and continued brushing her hair. After a few dozen strokes, yours truly let go with a riproaring sneeze! OH MY! Get your complete copy to find out what happened to this gent and feast your eyes on the rest of the awesome She-spanks-He erotica in this timelessly thrilling issue via

No-Nonsense Ladies #12, Page 7


No-Nonsense Ladies 12 (sample)

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