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WESTMINSTER `HOW TO' TRAINING SERIES WM505 - How To: Enrol a Chaplain ­ Northern Ireland


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HOW TO: Enrol a Chaplain ­ Northern Ireland

Description This document outlines the steps that a Unit in Northern Ireland must follow to enrol a new Chaplain using Westminster. This document compliments and accompanies the Enrol an Adult Volunteer Flowchart, but with slight differences allowing for the different route the paperwork follows for Chaplains. NOTE: It must be remembered that it is the CSC on the recommendation of the Corps Chaplain who appoints Unit Chaplains and not the Unit or Area Officer. If Area is not content with the proposed appointment, the Corps Chaplain must be consulted before any action or decisions are made. Process Step Summary 1. When a new Volunteer applies to become a Unit Chaplain he or she completes SCC Forms P1 (attaching 4 passport-sized photographs), P6 and Access Northern Ireland application form. 2. If the CO/OIC and Chairman are content the P1 and P6 are sent to the Area Chaplain. 3. At this point, it is imperative that the CO/OIC reiterates that the applicant will have NO unsupervised access to Cadets during the application process. 4. Applicant's basic details are entered onto Westminster, using the process steps shown in this document. 5.

Area Chaplain/Area Office Actions

Unit/Applicant Actions

Unit forwards the Access Northern Ireland application direct to Area.

6. Area checks the Access Northern Ireland application for correct completion and forwards to AccessNI. 7. Area Chaplain interviews the applicant, obtains the references, and ensures that Section G of P6 is sent to the right authority. 8. When Disclosure complete, AOM updates Westminster CRB field with date. NOTE: A completed Disclosure does not mean that the applicant is suitable for appointment. 9. When Area Chaplain has received satisfactory references they are sent, together with all other documentation to Area Officer. 10. The Area Officer signs at Section D of P6 if content and sends all paperwork to the Corps Chaplain. 11. Corps Chaplain attaches Section G received from proper authority, checks paperwork, and, if satisfied, completes Section E and forwards to MSSC HQ for recommendation to CSC for appointment.

MSSC HQ Actions

12. HQ Administrator collates all paperwork, confirms that Area has entered disclosure date on Westminster record, adds PIN, payroll number and Rank information and generates MSSC Authority Card. NOTE: A Unit may have more than one Chaplain appointed and the new appointment of a Unit Chaplain does not mean that the existing Chaplain has left. 13. When application successfully processed, confirmation of appointment and MSSC Authority Card is sent to Applicant copy to Corps and Staff Chaplains. Area Office notified by Westminster weekly update report.

NI 2009 Edition - 1 of 10 v1.2

Westminster Process Steps

1. From Point 4 (Page 1) ­ Adult Administrator logs onto Westminster and clicks on the down arrow to the right of the Personnel module icon ­ selects Add New Adult:

1. Click arrow for dropdown menu

2. Select Add Personnel

2. A blank main Adult screen appears. Once selected, the Personnel Creation Wizard screen is opened allowing the user to create the initial adult record. The first wizard step is seen below:

3. Select Adult and click Next. The Adult Personal Details screen appears, and is ready for completion. There are 8 mandatory fields which require completion prior to saving the record using the Create button:

Create button

The 8 mandatory fields (*) are highlighted

Rank for uniformed volunteers is entered by HQ Admin

Use one Firstname and not more than one i.e. Johann Sebastian Bach is entered as: Firstname: Johann Initials: J S Surname: Bach Note that there MUST be a space between the initials

NI 2009 Edition

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During the initial data load, many people had all of their first names entered. Please correct this to just one first name over time. Navigation to various areas of the record can be achieved by using the shortcut buttons in the upper part of the pane:


Pick the most relevant Adult Category if more than one applies.

5. If you have already saved a photograph of the applicant on your PC, upload this by clicking the Browse button to the right of the Upload New Photo field. If you do not hold an electronic version of the applicants photo, either scan the photo into your PC or use a digital camera to capture the image and save it to your PC. In the Adult Notes, do not enter untoward personal comments about the volunteer, since they will be entitled to see this data under the Data Protection Act. 6. Complete the remaining fields on the main screen, especially Contact Details (address, email, contact telephone numbers). Note that it is important to enter an email address, since email will be the primary communication method for many communications:

TIP: Don't forget to click Apply Changes when you have entered information onto the main adult screen. To change information that you have already saved, click on the field, make changes and click Apply Changes.

NI 2009 Edition

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Complete the Adult Next of Kin details:

8. If the applicant has applied for a uniformed role, complete the Adult Size Details area:

9. The Cadet Force Medal area will calculate the applicant's entitlement for the medal using their joining date. The joining date field will be completed by HQ Admin when the enrolment process has been completed:

NI 2009 Edition

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10. The Adult Medical Details area must be completed if the applicant has reported any medical or dietary issues. It is also imperative that any existing adult's record be updated should they develop any issues during their service. Details of how to update an adult's medical record may be found later on in this How To series:

11. The Adult Driving Licence area must be completed if the volunteer will ever drive a White Fleet vehicle on behalf of the Unit or MSSC. Supplementary Information 12. The Adult Menu sidebar items must also be completed. These contain useful supplementary information about the volunteer: Appointments and History A User with HQ Admin permission rights completes this when the Chaplaincy appointment is complete.

Attachments Where possible, scan the applicant's `P' Forms ( it is NOT recommended that the Form P1 be attached in this way, as this contains information about the person's bank account), photograph and any relevant documents pertinent to the application (i.e. HM Forces Discharge documents). These can then be uploaded to the Attachments area using the following method: Go to the Attachments menu item in the Adult Menu.

NI 2009 Edition

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The attachment upload screen will appear, allowing you to choose a document to upload into the record. First, click on the button to look for the scanned and saved document:

The Choose File dialog box will open, allowing you to locate the folder in which you have saved your scanned documents and select the file to upload. When you have located the appropriate file or picture, click Open.

You will see that the file's path has been placed in the File Name field, ready for you to name and upload. Go to the Subject field and name the document/picture, in this case, we will add a subject name of: SCC Form P15 ­ this gives an accurate synopsis of the document contained within. At this point, we can click on applicant's record. in order to add the scanned document to the

Once the document has been successfully added, the screen will refresh as below:

Westminster provides a `Thumbnail' of the document (i.e. a link to the actual scan), which can be clicked on in order to look at the document at a later date.

NI 2009 Edition - 6 of 10 v1.2

Scanning the initial application pack in this way provides an excellent tracking method for Area and subsequent submission to MSSCHQ. It will also provide a back up copy of the pack if it should get mislaid in the postal system. In addition, scanning the photograph of the applicant will aid the electronic generation of the ID Card. Once you have started scanning documents onto your PC, it is good practice to create a new folder entitled `Westminster Docs to Upload' or similar, then you will have a central repository for your documents until you have finished with them. Following the addition of an attachment, the bracketed number next to the Attachments menu item will reflect the number of attachments therein:

Communication History This is a record of key communications between MSSC and the Adult/Unit. When you have scanned the application pack into the PC and attached it to the applicant's record, create a Communication log to indicate the fact that the pack has been sent to Area Office.

Click on Communications in the Adult Menu:

The Communication History screen will open:

In order to generate a Communication record, add a date in the Communication Date field and a Communication Type. In the Remarks field, add as much information as possible, such as the nature of the documents, number included, whether there was a photograph, CRB Form etc, add details of where it was sent and by whom ­ similar to that shown above. When you have completed the relevant fields, click the Communications History. in order to add the item to

NI 2009 Edition

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When Area Office have actioned the documentation, they will add the onward submission date and contents to this log, which the Unit Adult Administrator can view. This is a good `tracker' system. See below for a working example of this:

Specialist Expertise Optional, and can be used to indicate specialist expertise that may be of benefit to the SCC e.g. Paramedic or Teacher.

Issued Kit This area will function when the Stores Module goes live. Qualifications The Adult Qualifications on the Training Menu sidebar must also be completed if the applicant has any qualification from previous Cadet service or from service with other organisations. For further details, see How To Update an Adult Qualification. The majority of these will have already been added by Area Offices (for retrospective qualifications). Qualifications, which are gained following the release of the National/Area Courses module and the Events module, will be added by the relevant Course Director during the post-course admin phase.

NI 2009 Edition - 8 of 10 v1.2

Following the input of the applicant's details by the Unit, Point 8 (Page 1) of the Process Step Summary is followed. At the successful completion of the process, the Volunteer will be able to carry out a full range of duties including unsupervised access to Cadets. Attendance Record This menu item will display system-generated attendance records and relies on the National/Area Courses and Events Modules for its information. As soon as the adult applies to attend a course or event, it will be recorded here. This area will be updated by the system when course/event results are added:

Disclosure Details This area is only visible to those users with CRB Administrator permissions. Full Service History Clicking this item will open a File Download dialog box, which will ask the user if they require the file to be opened or saved. Clicking open will create a PDF version of the adult's service history to date:

This function is particularly useful for adults attending career courses/boards who require this information for the Promotion Board President.

NI 2009 Edition

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A completed record will look similar to below:

NI 2009 Edition

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