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Vol. 1, No. 5 February-March 2008

Linda Gist Calvin President General Margaret "Peggy" Sinclair Hurd Executive Advisor



National Society Daughters of The American Revolution

Distributed to: Executive Officers, Vice Presidents General, State Regents, national chairmen, VIS National Vice Chairmen, VIS Division Chairmen, State VIS Chairmen, and past VIS National Chairmen. Please pass the information along to the Daughters in your state! This newsletter may be downloaded on the VIS Committee web site:

Patsy West National Chairman

[email protected]

- Important Announcements: VIS Committee Meeting-Congress DAR Web Server Upgrade RootsWeb Web Sites Moving E-Membership Updates Updating Your Email Address


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Important Announcements

Please distribute these announcements to Daughters in your states and chapters. If your state has a members' web site or an online state newsletter, please include these announcements so that we can reach as many Daughters as possible.

VIS Committee Meeting at Continental Congress

As you make your plans to attend Congress, please plan to attend the VIS Committee meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, July 8, 2008, from 1-2 p.m. in the National Officers Club (NOC) room. We want to meet all of you who have worked so hard this past year, and all of you who would like to join VIS activities.

DAR Web Server Upgrade Scheduled

During the month of April, DAR will upgrade the servers that host the Public and Members' Web sites. This exciting development will afford our web sites more reliability and faster downloads. During the transition, members may experience delays or dead links. We expect any problems to be minimal and will work to quickly resolve any issues. However, members concerned about any particular problems should feel free to alert [email protected]

RootsWeb Sites Moved to

On March 13, 2008, The Generations Network announced that all RootsWeb sites are being moved to


"This move will not change the RootsWeb experience or alter the ease of navigation to or within RootsWeb. RootsWeb will remain a free online experience. What will be different is that the Web address for all RootsWeb pages will change from www. to [. . .] "All old RootsWeb URLs will continue to work, whether they are bookmarks or favorites, links to or from a hosted page or URLs manually typed in your Internet browser. We will have a redirect in place so that all old URLs will automatically end up on the appropriate new RootsWeb URL. You will never need to update your old favorites or links unless you want to. We have worked to make the transition as seamless as possible for our users, and this change should have a minimal impact on your experience with the site." More information can be found here: We encourage state VIS chairmen to update the URLs on their state sites. The VIS Committee is in the process of updating our database to the new URLs.

E-Membership Updates

PMD System Updates have been made to the PMD System so chapters can now update the status of their prospective members. Five designations have been added: Contacted (meaning a chapter officer has contacted the prospective), In Process (meaning the prospective has been voted on and is working on her papers), Pending (meaning the application has been sent to Washington), Became a Member (meaning a National Number has been assigned) and Remove (means the person is no longer interested in membership or wishes to be assigned to a different chapter). Complete instructions on how to use both the PMD and e-Membership can be found under the Help Desk link in e-Membership. e-Membership Features A new PowerPoint show highlighting the various features of e-Membership is now available on the Members' web site under Forms>Miscellaneous>e-Membership.

Notify DAR When Your Email Address Changes

Correct email addresses are important for conducting DAR business! Be sure to include your full name, chapter, state, and old and new email addresses. Please notify your chapter registrar when your email changes. She is responsible for notifying NSDAR and your state registrar. Please notify your state VIS chairman of your email address change if you are a webmaster, chapter or state email contact, or if you belong to a state online group. If you are a chapter or state email contact or a webmaster, also notify Beth Davis ([email protected]) so that she can update the VIS database. Note that changing an email address in e-Membership does NOT change the VIS database, and vice versa.


If you are a national chairman, State Regent or Vice President General, please also notify Martha Lawrence ([email protected]) in the President General's office as soon as your email changes. Please remember that a "Challenge/Response" SPAM filter is not permitted on an email address used by chapter and state email contacts for DAR business. Other DAR leaders are strongly discouraged from using this kind of SPAM filter.

DAR Email Protocol--A Reminder

Email is an important way to correspond with other Daughters. Remember that email is really only a variation of mail correspondence, and that, with commonsense exceptions, the same courtesy rules apply. Here are a few issues that have arisen that relate to email protocol: BE CAREFUL. Don't write anything in an email that you wouldn't mind being the lead headline and story in tomorrow's local newspaper. BE CLEAR. Choose your words to convey a clear message and to achieve a friendly, helpful tone. CHECK EMAIL. If you have a DAR job, you will receive timely and important communications via email. Check your email often (daily if possible) and respond promptly. If you are the email contact for your chapter or state, be very attentive to inquiries and handle them quickly. Be sure to check your SPAM folder to make sure an important email hasn't accidentally ended up there. ACKNOWLEDGE. If you are an officer or chairman, always acknowledge the receipt of reports. A simple "Report Received" will let the sender know her hard work has been received by you. Similarly, if you request information from someone, a simple "thank you" when it is received is always appropriate. EMAIL FORMAT: - CC & BCC. This is a handy tool to share the same information with several people. But remember, if you have a disagreement with someone, take it up directly with that person, and do not involve other parties. - SUBJECT LINE. Always put something descriptive in the Subject line. Many people save emails for future reference, and a descriptive Subject line helps identify the message for later retrieval. Several important items should be separated into more than one message so that they can later be found by their topic. For DAR business, it's helpful to have "DAR" at the beginning of the Subject line. - MESSAGE STRING. Consider enabling the feature "include original text in a FWD or a reply" (Outlook Express: Tools, Options, Spelling). This allows the receiver to view an entire "conversation" on an important topic without having to search for your original message. - IDENTIFICATION. In DAR matters, always include your full name and chapter or office. Don't assume everyone knows who you are. No one will think you are being too formal; they will appreciate being sure who you are and what your job is. DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO SPAM. Unless you have a specific agreement with a recipient, your funny jokes, poignant poems, and other non-DAR-content emails are SPAM. Be sure the people to whom you send these types of emails welcome them.


EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGES. When you change your email address, notify everyone who needs to know. For your DAR contacts, include your full name, chapter, office, and both your old and new email addresses to help the recipient know where to update her records. If you must send a generic message to your entire address book, include clear information so that all will know who you are. Allowing a month's overlap between old and new addresses is a good idea, so that you can be sure everyone has your new address. TO WHOM AM I SENDING THIS EMAIL? Before you press the "send" key, ALWAYS check to see that you are sending the email to the person you intend to send it to. This simple check can save much embarrassment.


Before placing an order with J.E. Caldwell, please check the "VIS pin" page on the national committee web site at: It contains all of the information you need to know about eligibility and ordering a VIS pin. There are several ways to earn a VIS pin, and the process is described.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Windows Windows them all Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows Key + E - Opens Windows Explorer Key + M - Minimizes wll windows Key + D - Switches between minimizing all open programs and showing Key Key Key Key Key + F - Opens the Find window + R - Opens the Run window + Break/Pause - Opens System Properties + Tab - Cycles through items on the task bar - Opens the Start Menu

General Shortcuts ALT+ F4 - Quit a program / Shut down ALT + TAB - Navigates between applications CTRL + ESC - Display the Start menu SHIFT + TAB - Tab backwards through a form CTRL + B - Bold Face CTRL + I ­ Italics CTRL + U ­ Underline CTRL + X - Cut to Clipboard CTRL + C - Copy to Clipboard CTRL + V - Paste from Clipboard CTRL + P ­ Print CTRL + O - Open File F1 - Help menu CTRL + Z ­ Undo CTRL + Y ­ Redo CTRL + SHIFT + T - Undo a closed tab. SHIFT + Restart - To restart just Windows and not your whole computer, hold down the shift key when you click the OK button on the shutdown screen. Saves lots of time. From: Computers Today at


Web Site of the Month

Each month, a web site is selected as "Web Site of the Month" by VIS web site review volunteers. February 2008 March 2008

Rancho Buena Vista, Vista, CA New York State Society

Volunteers Wanted!

Daughters who are able to work with chapters to build web sites are always needed. If you have the skill and experience, please contact Elizabeth Swanay-O'Neil at: [email protected] If you are interested in reviewing existing web sites and want to help select the Web Site of the Month, please email Marsha Bratton at: [email protected] If you are interested in making national forms writable, please email Patsy West at: [email protected] Webmasters who are comfortable working with html code, and are experienced in working with DIVs and CSS, please contact Patsy West at the above email address about possibly working on a special project.


40 New Web Sites Approved - February & March 2008

Congratulations to the chapters, states, and webmasters whose new web sites were approved in February and March 2008! This list does not include 48 updated web sites that were approved.

CHAPTER CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA DC LA LA LA MA MA MI MS NC NY NY PA PA PA PA SC TX VA WA Alta Mira Beverly Hills Caymus Claremont Desert Palm Emigrant Trail Estudillo Gabilan Golden Nugget Jedediah Smith La Cuesta Malibu Martin Severance Monserate Patience Wright San Andreas Lake San Clemente Island San Marino Santa Rosa Siskiyou Western Shores Manor House Catahoula D'Arbonne Live Oak Col. Timothy Bigelow General Israel Putnam Muskegon Chapter Bernard Romans Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Knickerbocker Manhattan Monongahela Valley Montrose Colonel Hugh White/ Colonel John Chatham Harrisburg Nation Ford Stoddert-del Norte John Lynch Robert Gray LOCATION Lindsay Beverly Hills Calistoga Claremont El Centro Auburn Hemet Gilroy Paradise Apple Valley San Luis Obispo Malibu Pasadena Fallbrook Laguna Beach Millbrea San Clemente San Marino Santa Rosa Yreka Long Beach Washington, DC Jonesville Farmerville Jennings Worcester Danvers Muskegon Columbus Wilmington New York New York California Montrose Lock Haven Harrisburg Tega Cay El Paso Lynchburg Hoquiam URL



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