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Transportation, storage and processing of chilled and frozen goods in Europe

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Schenker AB ­ strong player in a global network

Schenker AB has 4,000 employees in 30 offices in Sweden. We offer everything from land transport and international ocean and air freight, to consultancy services and storage and logistics solutions. In Sweden many people associate us with truck transportation, which is where we have our roots. But we have developed strongly in other types of transport such as boat, air and train and within integrated logistics solutions. We also see a lot of potential for the future.

Our goal is to be the most environmentally sustainable logistics provider in the world. This ambition also benefits our customers' efficiency, as reduced environmental impact requires more efficient logistics planning. We are part of a global network and can utilize knowledge, experience and ideas from all the corners of the world. We can also combine different methods of transport ­ truck, boat, air and train ­ and create logistics solutions with the best possible balance between economic and ecological demands. The global company Schenker was started over 100 years ago by Gottfried Schenker in Vienna, Austria. Early on he saw the advantages of public transport of goods ­ of loading goods from different consignors together. That is still the basis for our operations.

Today, Schenker AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of DB Schenker, which is part of Deutsche Bahn's transport and logistics division. DB Schenker has 88,000 employees at 2,000 offices around the world and is number one in European land transport, number two in air freight and number three in ocean freight in the world. 90,000 consignments per day The Swedish Land Division offers land transports throughout Europe. There are a broad range of services and products from small, individual parcel consignments to complex, customised transport solutions. We deliver 90,000 consignments per day in Sweden and Europe.





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DB SCHENKERcoldsped in brief

DB SCHENKERcoldsped offer complete integrated solutions by combining transport and storage services for chilled and frozen goods in Sweden and Europe. We operate according to a fixed timetable and have control over the entire transport chain, from booking to delivery.

Through Schenker, you gain access to an extensive European network for thermo transports of full or part loads. Our seven cold store depots have large resources for product processing such as packing and freezing. Unbroken controlled chain Our vehicle fleet is extensive and all load spaces are equipped with refrigeration and freezer units, as well as temperature writers that register and document the temperature throughout the entire transport. Of course, your goods are managed in an unbroken, controlled chain according to HACCP's guidelines. Integrated solutions By combining domestic and international transports with our storage services we create cost effective logistics solutions for temperature sensitive goods. We can manage the whole flow from producer to customer. E-services simplify your planning You can choose to go online with our e-services. You can follow your consignments, book transports, get economical reports and make print-outs of transport documentation. Customised solutions We provide a number of options for our storage and transport services. This will help you to offer exactly the service that suits your customers' needs best.

Sustainable development Schenker's ambition is to become the most sustainable logistics provider in the world. 85 % of Schenker's land operations in Europe have achieved their ISO 14001 certificates. Schenker is aware of its responsibility towards the environment. Our goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emission per ton-km by more than 20 % by 2020 (Sweden Land transport, 50 %). Strategies spanning seven areas will help us reach this goal, for example; Driver behavior (eco-driving, reduced speed), New vehicles, Better fuels and Inter-/co-modality. Road safety is another aspect of sustainabilty for Schenker. Here, driver behavior is one of the key aspects. Schenker work closely together with the subcontractors to change the attitude towards speeding. Own vehicles are equipped with alco-locks.

Fact box Service: DB SCHENKERcoldsped Aim: Complete solutions for chilled and frozen goods Market: Sweden, Nordic region, Europe Vehicle fleet: 800 load carriers Most of our vehicles are Euroclass 3 and 4 Offices: 15 offices, 7 cold storage depots in Sweden


Professionals in frozen connections

Schenker are the market leader in Sweden for transport, storage and processing for chilled and frozen foods. Our long experience and expertise in the field guarantee that your temperature sensitive goods will be handled in the right way.

In our strategically situated cold store depots in Sweden we can customise customer specific solutions through different forms of product processing (for example preparation, thawing, packing and freezing) coupled with our storage services. The cold store unit in Malmö is also approved for handling and storing carcasses. We guarantee the right quality and security according to Food legislation and your demands. As a customer you can rely on us always handling your goods in the right way. Resources for special needs Our cold store depots have resources to store seasonal products such as Christmas ham, crayfish, vegetables and berries that require large storage spaces for a short period. IGLO ­ storage system that keeps our promises IGLO is a Windows based system with a common database for all our cold store depots. This results in secure procedures for order, storage and invoicing. Safe temperature controlled transports in Sweden and Europe Schenker transports chilled and frozen goods across the

country. Collection and delivery follow a fixed timetable. Within Sweden, we reach most locations the day after collecting the goods from you. Through DB SCHENKERcoldsped, you also gain access to a comprehensive network for thermo transports of full or part loads to the rest of Europe, running at scheduled times. As we manage your goods in our own network we have full control of the goods all the way to your customer. High quality and security Our vehicle fleet consists of 800 load carriers. All load spaces are equipped with refrigeration and freezer units, as well as temperature writers that register and document the temperature throughout the entire transport. The products are handled according to HACCP in an uninterrupted, controlled chain that guarantees high quality and security. Custom solutions We provide customer specific solutions ­ distribution to retailers, restaurants and commercial kitchens, and provide transport for product specific temperature intervals. We also have specially equipped vehicles for suspended loads.


We are close to you It is important for us to be near our customers and offer a high level of service. As we have our own offices in many locations, the goods will always be handled by drivers who know the district. You also contact the same people when you book your transport because the booking office is close to you.

Options We provide a number of options for our storage and transport services. This will help you to offer exactly the service that suits your customers' needs best. One service which is much in demand is Time-specified unloading, which can be selected against an additional charge. The list gives a selection of our most common options.


Processing goods Freezing Sorting Stretch filming Palleting Document printing Cross-docking


Weighing, packing, marking and weight laying. Boxed goods as well as carcasses. Unpacking, sorting and resorting goods. Plastic-wrapping pallets. If the goods are to be transported to or from a vehicle without a pallet. We send the transport documentation together with the consignment. Coordination of consignments to be delivered to the same consignee but from different consignor locations.




Electronic payment without cash. The consignee pays with a credit card on Schenker's web page, via telephone or via a bank. We can provide a copy of the goods receipt/delivery confirmation. We insure your goods. You decide the exact time for distribution. We administer a joint pallet transfer system (domestic). We attend to all administration for export/import consignments as well as all types of customs clearance services (international).

Proof of Delivery (POD) Goods insurance Time-specified unloading Pallet transfer system Customs clearance services


On route with Arla Foods

Schenker carry out extensive assignments for Arla Foods ­ Europe's largest cooperative dairy company. Transports from creameries and distribution of cheese and butter is part of the normal network traffic, while transports between Arla's own installations are mainly carried out as charter traffic. The logistic solutions are under constant development to be as effective and as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Our assignments for Arla Foods cover all the main areas of the DB SCHENKERcoldsped range. The traffic between Arla's own plants in Alingsås, Göteborg, Götene, Jönköping, Linköping, Skövde, Stockholm and Örebro is carried out in the DB SCHENKERcoldsped company vehicles as charter traffic exclusively to Arla. The traffic run at scheduled times in approximately 20 routes. Transports from four creameries to Arla Foods' central depot in Götene as well as the distribution of cheese and butter from Götene to customers and Arla Foods' own distribution centres are covered in the normal DB SCHENKERcoldsped network. At present the transports between Göteborg and Stockholm also run as modale transports. The percentage of goods on the railway is increasing gradually. Simple booking with Control Tower The transports are booked and controlled from the Schenker Control Tower in Johanneshov near Stockholm, and administered in a separate booking system that is specially developed for Arla Foods. In addition to the transport assignment an extensive cross-docking of imports, primarily from Denmark, is carried out in the cold storage terminal in Göteborg. The import goods then proceed in the DB SCHENKERcoldsped network and charter traffic. The traffic is constantly evolving to optimise the most cost effective and climate sustainable method of transport. Arla Foods ­ Europe's largest cooperative dairy company Arla Foods is a cooperative association owned by approximately 9,400 dairy farmers in Sweden and Denmark. Today they deliver nearly 6.1 billion kilos of milk annually. In addition Arla Foods weighs in with 2.5 billion kilos in other markets, mainly Great Britain.


How to contact us at Schenker in Sweden

We have 30 offices around the country, so you are always close to Schenker. Every day we work to meet your transport needs as effectively and with as little environmental impact as possible.



Telephone numbers for Schenker´s Coldsped offices in Sweden

Head Office Göteborg +46 (0)31-703 98 10 Domestic n Eslöv Göteborg Warehouse f Eslöv Göteborg Haninge Kalmar +46 (0)413-55 45 65 +46 (0)31-703 98 20 +46 (0)8-585 106 60 +46 (0)480-160 10 International n Malmö +46 (0)40-671 36 00

Karlstad Örebro Umeå

+46 (0)413-55 45 55 +46 (0)31-703 98 10

Örnsköldsvik Östersund Sundsvall

Johanneshov +46 (0)8-585 10 600 Kalmar Visby Örebro +46 (0)480-160 10 +46 (0)498-24 80 56 +46 (0)19-16 40 60

Gävle Borlänge

Kristianstad +46 (0)44-18 84 80 Malmö Örebro +46 (0)40-671 36 00 +46 (0)19-16 40 50


Johanneshov Jordbro

Skara Vänersborg

Norrköping Linköping


In other areas, please contact your nearest Schenker office. More information is available on Click on `About the company'.


Jönköping Hultsfred


Kristianstad Eslöv





Schenker AB SE-412 97 Göteborg Tel +46 (0)31-703 80 00 Art. No 1174 October, 2008 ASR Reklambyrå


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