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RF - CNC Series CNC 6 - Axes Gear Hobbing Machine

The old Schiess was located in Düsseldorf, Germany; it was one of the most famous manufacturers of gear cutting machines. It manufactured a total of 600 pieces of gear hobbing machine ranging from the gear cutting capacity of the maximum diameter of 12 meter to the minimum diameter of 1 meter. Moreover, in the late 1980's, the old Schiess designed and manufactured the very first and the largest 6-axes CNC gear hobbing machine in the world. This machine has been operating functionally until today in one of the factories located in Germany. The most significant advantage of CNC gear hobbing machine against its traditional and mechanical gear hobbing models is that the gear cutting production time can be shortened significantly (about 5 ~ 10 times faster), because for CNC models, the carbide tipped hobs with approximately 160 m/min surface speed can be utilized verses only the 16 m/min HSS-cutters for the traditional mechanical models. The CNC machines have additional advantages against its mechanical counterparts, for example, the production of gears can be programmed and recorded within the CNC control system, which can be used competitively; manufacturing gears of more complicated shapes, such as spiral bevel gears; the structure of the machine is simplified and it is easier for operation and maintenance. Schiess Brighton GmbH of Germany continued this serial of products of the old Schiess; the RF-CNC series gear hobbing machines applied the latest state-of-the-art technology within the machine tool industry. By building on the foundation of the previous models, and re-engineering this series of CNC gear hobbing machines, the new machines become one of the most modern gear manufacturing machine tools. This series of CNC gear hobbing machines has 3 models, the maximum gear cutting diameters are: 16, 10 and 7.2 meters (single indexing); or14, 8.5 and 6 meters (hobbing). These 3 units are all CNC controlled 6-Axes gear hobbing machines. The relative movements of these axes are described as the follows: X-Axis ­ Column horizontal travel; V-Axis ­ Milling head tangential travel; Z-Axis ­ Milling head vertical travel; A-Axis ­ Milling head slide ± 30° swiveling; B-Axis ­ Milling spindle rotation; C-Axis ­ Table rotation.

Technical Specifications

Model No. (RF - CNC) Max. Gear Cutting Diameter (Single Indexing) Max. Gear Cutting Diameter (Hobbing) Min. Gear Cutting Diameter Max. Gear Width: For Straight Teeth For 30° Inclined Teeth Max. Module (single indexing) Max. Module (hobbing) Table Diameter Index Gear Diameter Table Loading Capacity Column Travel (X-Axis) Milling Head Tangential Travel (V-Axis) Milling Head Vertical Travel (Z-Axis) Milling Head Swiveling (A-Axis) Main Milling Power Milling Spindle Rotation Speed (B-Axis) Max. Table Rotation Speed (C-Axis) Note: 1800 1500 60 40 5200 5000 250 6150 400 2000 ± 30 16 - 125 - 125 12.5 - 100 - 160 0.52 1400 1200 60 40 4000 3800 150 3550 400 1600 ± 30 16 - 125 - 125 12.5 - 100 - 160 0.70 1400 1200 60 40 4000 3800 150 2150 400 1600 ± 30 16 - 125 - 125 12.5 - 100 - 160 0.70 mm mm ton mm mm mm degree kW rpm rpm mm mm 50 / 140 - 160 16000 14000 3700 38 / 85 - 100 10000 8500 2900 38 / 60 - 72 7200 6000 2900 mm mm mm

(1) All above machines are CNC 6-axes controlled. (2) The company reserves the right of making changes to the specifications for product improvements. (3) All above referred technical specifications are based upon existing achievements.


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