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Altistart 22

Soft Starters with integrated bypass contactor for 3-phase motors

7.5kW - 315kW Selection guide

Compact Easy to use Reliable Complete Protection

Offer available

First quarter 2010


Simplified Motor Starting Solutions

Altistart 22: 7.5kW to 315kW

Increase production... reduce costs!

Ideal for easing stress on mechanical components and electrical networks, Altistart 22 Soft Starters offer uncompromised protection for motors and machinery resulting in increased equipment productivity and greatly reduced maintenance costs. > Available from 7.5kW to 315kW at 400V supply > Application specific protection settings > Integrated bypass contactor > Continuous protection for the motor, starter and application > Quick and easy star/delta or DOL starter upgrade


Conformity and reliability

Altistart 22 specifications

Degree of protection ATS 22D17...C11 ATS 22C14...C59 Conducted and radiated emissions Vibration resistance Shock resistance Maximum ambient pollution Relative humidity Number of controlled phases Type of control Number of I/O PTC probe Analogue outputs Logic inputs Logic outputs Relay outputs Dialogue Embedded Available as an option Communication Certifications Embedded Conforming to IEC60947-4-2 Conforming to IEC60068-2-6 Conforming to IEC60068-2-27 Conforming to IEC 60664-1 Conforming to IEC 60068-2-3 IP20 IP00 Class A 1.5mm from 2 to 13Hz 1gn from 13 to 200Hz 15 gn for 11ms Step 2 95% non condensing, no dripping water 3 Configurable voltage ramp 1 3 2 C/O (N/O or N/C) Integrated 4 digit LED display Remote display terminal (IP54 or IP66) Modbus IEC/EN 60947-4-2,UL, CSA,CE, and C-Tick and CCC, RoHs

Clear, easy to read status screen Simple navigation and adjustment keypad Internal bypass contactor Modbus communications port

User assignable I/O

PTC inputs for enhanced motor protection

Starter selection

Integrated bypass contactor across the entire range

Altistart 22 Soft Starter range ­ standard connection

Motor power (kW) 400V 7.5 15 22 30 37 45 55 75 90 110 132 160 220 250 315 400V * 11 22 45 55 55 75 90 110 132 160 220 250 315 355 400 ATS22 current A (IcL) 17 32 47 62 75 88 110 140 170 210 250 320 410 480 590 ATS22 D17Q ATS22 D32Q ATS22 D47Q ATS22 D62Q ATS22 D75Q ATS22 D88Q ATS22 C11Q ATS22 C14Q ATS22 C17Q ATS22 C21Q ATS22 C25Q ATS22 C32Q ATS22 C41Q ATS22 C48Q ATS22 C59Q Part number Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 130 x 169 x 265 130 x 169 x 265 130 x 169 x 265 145 x 207 x 295 145 x 207 x 295 145 x 207 x 295 150 x 229 x 356 150 x 229 x 356 150 x 229 x 356 206 x 299 x 425 206 x 299 x 425 206 x 299 x 425 206 x 299 x 425 304 x 340 x 455 304 x 340 x 455 Heat loss W 39 44 48 59 63 66 73 82 91 117 129 150 177 218 251

* kW figures for 400V

are for inside delta configuration. Please see ATS22 catalogue and manual for correct wiring and setup.

Integrated bypass contactor

The Integrated bypass contactor operates at the end of the start up sequence and deactivates once the stop command has been given. The motor is continually protected by the starter during starting and stopping modes, as well as in bypass. Benefits include: Extended life of the Soft Starter power electronic components Reduced heat build up Greatly reduced external wiring No need for external motor protection components

Options & accessories

Refine your installation using simple options


Description SoMove Lite setup software See SoMove description below this table For more information contact Schneider Electric or your authorised supplier USB RJ45 Cable For connecting PC to an ATS 22 starter Cable length: 2.5m Modbus Bluetooth® adaptor Contains: 1 x Bluetooth ® adaptor, range 10m 1x 0.1m cord set with 2 RJ45 connectors USB to Bluetooth ® adaptor for PC Range: 10m Required for PCs not equipped with Bluetooth ® Remote display (IP54) Remote display (IP65) Cord sets (for above displays) Size All Part number NA







All All 1m 3m

VW3G22101 VW3G22102 VW3A1104R10 VW3A1104R30 VW3G22400 VW3G22401 VW3G22402 LA9F702 LA9F703

Fans, (220V control voltage) * Modbus Bluetooth® adaptor Protection shrouds for power terminals **

ATS22D17Q...D47Q ATS22D62Q...D88Q ATS22C11Q...C17Q ATS22C11Q...C17Q ATS22C21Q...C59Q

* The ATS22D17Q...C17Q are cooled by natural convection. For more demanding applications (ie greater number of starts) fans can be added as an option. These are controlled by the soft starter and are attached to the back of the starter, adding a further 40mm of depth. Fan noise is less than 60dBA. ** The ATS22C11Q...C59Q have 6 unprotected power terminals. Protective shrouds can be fi tted. Fans, (220V control Voltage)*

SoMove Lite SoMove Software

SoMove Lite setup software enables users to configure, adjust, debug and organise maintenance tasks for the Altistart 22 starter, as well as to customise the integrated display terminal menus. The software can be utilised with a direct cable connection to the starter or via a Bluetooth® wireless connection.

Co-ordination chart

Complete your installation with upstream protection

Altistart 22: Type1 Co-ordination chart. Your choice of either a circuit breaker (grey) or a fuse (green) based solution

Motor power (kW) 400V 440V

Altistart part number

Line contactor

Circuit breaker solution Part number Required circuit breaker setting (A) 25 50 50 80 80 100 150 150 220 220 320 320 500 500 500

Fuse solution Switch disconnector GS1DD3 aM fuse



ATS22 D17Q

LC1 D18

GV3 L20 NS80H6-MA




ATS22 D32Q

LC1 D32

GV3 L32 NS80H6-MA





ATS22 D47Q

LC1 D50A

GV3 L50 NS80H6-MA





ATS22 D62Q

LC1 D65A

GV3 L65 NS80H6-MA



37 45 55 75 90 110 132 160 220 250 315

37 45 55 75 90 110 132 160 220 250 355

ATS22 D75Q ATS22 D88Q ATS22 C11Q ATS22 C14Q ATS22 C17Q ATS22 C21Q ATS22 C25Q ATS22 C32Q ATS22 C41Q ATS22 C48Q ATS22 C59Q

LC1 D80 LC1 D115 LC1 D115 LC1 D150 LC1 F185 LC1 F225 LC1F 265 LC1F330 LC1 F400 LC1 F500 LC1 F630

NS80H6-MA NSX100 * MA NSX160 * MA NSX160 * MA NSX250 * MA NSX250 * MA NSX400 * MA NSX400 * MA NSX630 * MA NSX630 * MA NS630b*Micrologic 5


DF2FA80 DF2FA100 DF2FA125 DF2GA1161 DF2HA1201 DF2HA1251 DF2HA1251 DF2JA1311 DF2KA1401 DF2KA1501 DF2KA1631

* Replace with B, F, N, H, S, or L depending on the necessary breaking capacity; see Compact NS or Australian catalogue for details.

Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Limited

Head Office Postal Address: Locked Bag 5500 Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Australia Australia Wide Tel: 1300 369 233 Fax: 1300 369 288 [email protected]

Printed with vegetable oil-based ink on Harvest Recycled paper: Made from 70% recycled sugar cane + 30% elemental chlorine free softwood fibre from internationally certified (PEFC, FSC, SFI, CSA) plantations. Manufactured under Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Information given in this publication was accurate at the time of printing.


As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, always ask for confirmation of the information given in this publication.


Altistart 22 selection guide

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Altistart 22 selection guide