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St Scholastica's College, 4 Avenue Rd, Glebe Point 2037, T: 9660 2622 F: 9660 7939 E [email protected] W Ranier Uniforms 9552 2870 To advise absences: [email protected] TERM 4, ISSUE 4, 6 DECEMBER 2011


Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent marking the four weeks of waiting and longing for Christmas. At the end of a busy year I think of our three teachers, Ms De Silva, Ms Oxley and Ms McNeill who have their own little babies after the long waiting: Eloise, Noah and Willem. Our love and congratulations to them and to all the little ones and their parents who are waiting for their first Christmas. The world waited for the coming of the Lord except, of course, no one knew he would be in human form or so innocent and vulnerable. They were really waiting for a conqueror with a military army under his command. Since that momentous event we have spent the last two thousand years retelling the story of the birth of Jesus and the Christian western world celebrates the feast in an ever more extravagant fashion each year. We tend to forget the message of "peace on earth good will to all men" as we get caught up in a frenzy of buying. This year for the first time I have come across a new version of the Advent Calendar on a site called The four weeks are themed under Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. Each day has a snippet from a movie or a celebrity which explores the theme. The first Sunday for instance has a two minute grab from "Lord of the Rings" with Frodo and Sam exploring their ability to move forward in their battle to establish good in the world. Sam tells Frodo, "The great stories are full of danger and darkness. You didn't even want to know the end". But the darkness passes and "A new day will come and when the sun shines it shines the clearer. Folk kept going holding on to something". Frodo asks desperately, "What are we holding on to Sam?" Sam replies with great conviction "There's some good in this world and it is worth fighting for". Let us all keep striving for the good in the world just as Jesus did all those years ago.

St Scholastica's College Orchestra and Year 7 Choir directed by Ms Kristina Bruveris made a splendid sight (and sound) in the Sydney Town Hall on Speech Night

In this busy season when we are totally consumed by shopping, cleaning, cooking and holiday planning, you might enjoy the inspirational words of people like Desmond Tutu, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Audrey Hepburn to bring us back to the central message of Christmas: the birth of an infant who overwhelms with love and brings joy to all and peace on earth. I recommend the site to you and hope you enjoy the messages of advent as much as I did. A special farewell to all those who leave us this year: staff, students and parents. To Ms Marchetto, Ms Shaw, Ms Archer, Mr Sciberras, Mr Phelps and Mr Zavone we wish you well for the future and hope you will keep in touch. To Malcolm Wallace, our P&F President, and Julie and Andrew Tighe, who have been loyal and faithful P&F members for the last twelve years, we will miss you and your daughters. Keep in touch. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all within the community a happy and holy Christmas and a happy and restful holiday. I thank parents, staff and students for a year of challenges and fulfilment and look forward to 2012. Loretto Richardson (Principal)

Jaclyn Fletcher plays Bartok


OPEN HOURS DURING TERM TIME: Tuesday & Thursday 9am-2pm ADDITIONAL TRADING DAYS DURING VACATION: DECEMBER 2011 12th ­ 16th December JANUARY 2012 16TH ­ 20TH January 23rd ­ 27th January Trading Days/Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 2.30pm (Closed Australia Day 26th January and between 20th December and 13th January.) To make an appointment call Mrs Jeneva Sweyda on 9552 2870



Term 1

Wednesday 25 January Thursday 26 January Friday 27 January Monday 30 January Tuesday 31 January Sunday 11 March Wednesday 4 April Thursday 5 April Term 2 Monday 23 April Tuesday 24 April Wednesday 25 April New staff induction Australia Day public holiday Staff Day Staff Day Boarders' Orientation Day Classes commence, Day 2 Open Day College closes 3.20pm Boarders' travel day (day in lieu Open Day) Staff Day Staff Day Anzac Day Public Holiday / Boarders' travel day Classes resume, Day 4 Staff Day; Boarders' travel day Queen's Birthday public holiday College closes 3.20pm Boarders' travel day


Usually open during term time Tuesday and Thursday 1.10pm ­ 1.45pm To make an appointment with Alexi during the week before school commences call 0407 014 147. Both shops are located on the courtyard level of the main classroom block. Enter at the main glass doors, go downstairs and turn left to enter the courtyard. The Ranier shop is directly to the left; the second hand shop is further along and is opposite the canteen.

Thursday 26 April Friday 8 June Monday 11 June Thursday 21 June Friday 22 June Term 3 Monday 16 July Staff Day; Boarders return Tuesday 17 July Classes resume, Day 7 Friday 21 September College closes 3.20pm Term 4 Sunday 7 October Boarders return Monday 8 October Classes resume Wednesday 5 December College closes 3.20 pm Thursday 6 December Staff Day Friday 7 December Staff Day


January 23-25 Good Samaritan Student Leaders' Conference January 25 New Staff Induction January 26 Australia Day Holiday January 27 Staff Day January 29 Boarders Return January 30 Staff Day January 31 Tuesday--all students commence February 10 Friday St Scholastica's Day February 11 Saturday New Parents' BBQ 6 pm February 13 Monday Cybersafety for Parents 7pm TFC February 16 Thursday COLLEGE PHOTOS February 22 Ash Wednesday Yr 7 Parent Workshop followed by P& F General Meeting/ AGM 7.30pm February 24 Friday SWIMMING CARNIVAL February 28 Tuesday Year 7 vaccination (1st) March 11 Sunday OPEN DAY 11AM-3PM March 19 Monday YEAR 7 & 10 PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS 3.45--8pm March 26-28 YEAR 7 CAMP 4 April Wednesday COLLEGE CLOSES 3.20PM 5 April Holy Thursday (Boarders' Travel day)



EMAIL ADDRESSES REMINDER GENERAL: [email protected] ABSENCES: [email protected] SPORT: [email protected]


WATER POLO Congratulations to all girls who played in term 4; we had some outstanding results. Schols 1 finished in 3rd spot, Schols 2 won silver and special mention to Schols 5 (Year 7s) who went through the rounds undefeated and won their grand final by 9 goals, a great achievement! Ms Sharrock, PDHPE Department

GRAND FINALS Grand finals for all sport were to be held last weekend. Unfortunately the weather did not hold out for us and Volleyball and Touch Football grand finals had to be cancelled. Basketball play-offs for the year were also cancelled. This was very disappointing for all girls. The decision for Volleyball was to award both teams in the grand final with gold medals. So this means that the 7-2 Volleyball team were gold medal winners. Congratulations, girls. In Touch Football they based the results on the ladder and Schols 6 were awarded runners up. Congratulations, girls. Water Polo went ahead. Congratulations to Schols 5 (year 7) who won gold medals and played a fantastic game. Schols 2 played a hard game and were runners up. Schols 1 won their bronze medal match. All in all it's been a fantastic term of sport. Congratulations to all girls who have participated in a sport. It has also been confirmed that Gymnastics and Sunday Volleyball will take place next term. More information to follow shortly. Thanks to all students and families for your support with sport over 2011. Best wishes from the PDHPE Department to you all for Xmas. Ms Jodie Osborne Sports Co-ordinator [email protected]



SCHOLS 5 On 29th November Ms Kennedy and Ms Spaulding's Physical Activity and Sports Studies classes went to Long Reef for their long awaited Surfing excursion. The sun was shining and the swell was small which made for perfect conditions for beginners. The girls had the opportunity to learn both surfing and body boarding and had a blast learning these new skills. Kristina Simic was a stand out on the longboard and managed some good rides. Several of the Year 9 girls are already planning their electives for next year to ensure they get a chance to show off their surfing skills again and maybe "get barrelled". It was a great way to finish off the course and everyone had a fun day. Ms Spaulding, PDHPE Department



What an exciting year for Music at Schols! From the fundraisers for the Emma De Silva Foundation, to the annual Grandparents' Day, Mother's and Father's Day Breakfasts, as well as Year 7 Orientation Day - our music shone and rang gloriously like the angels dancing throughout our school grounds. Splendour in the Gardens and Speech Night were obvious stand outs for this year. Mastering the art of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker to William's Star Wars, Dvorak's Fifth Symphony to Cohen's Hallelujah - you could say that we truly enlightened the ears of the school community. The strength and dedication of the music community at Schols were evident throughout. All the hard work put into these events was perhaps best displayed in the magnificent ending piece of Dvorak's Fifth Symphony. In the words of our Deputy Principal, Mr Zavone himself, it was very dramatic indeed and worthy of a dramatically late start to school the following day! To conclude I would like to thank the co-ordinators of the ensembles: Ms Bruveris, Ms Phythian, Ms Sakai, Ms Heinrich, & Ms Broughton for all their hard work in preparation and their endless commitment in running the ensembles each week. Thank you to all the teachers as well: Ms Mc Neill, Ms Miao and Ms Fried for their continuous support and encouragement that allowed us to bring out the best of the best through our music. Lastly, thank you, to all the students who have contributed to such an unforgettable year in the music history of St Scholastica's. Carmen Li Music Captain 2011 - 2012 Speech Night 2011 Music- Stravinsky Strings Speech Night 2011 was packed with fun, exciting and evocative rehearsals and performances in the weeks leading up to Speech Night. Everyone in Stravinsky Strings was anticipating the long hard hours of practice that would bring us to our best performance of the year. Stravinsky Strings as the name suggests is a string ensemble comprising violins, violas, cellos and a double bass. We performed The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. It was a great musical experience performing at the Town Hall in front of our peers, parents and College guests. On behalf of the Stravinsky Strings I would like to thank Kristina, Ms Miao and Ms Fried for their endless help in preparing for Speech Night and their dedication to the growing music program of St Scholastica's. Ciara Morris 9.3

Our Experiences in Music during Year 7 Maryanne's story: I had a unique music experience in Yr 7. One of the most significant was joining the glockenspiel ensemble, which really isn't much compared to what the orchestra does, but it was a start. It all started when I asked Ms Fried if I could join an ensemble, preferably playing piano. Overall it took about two weeks to find out if there were any positions vacant for piano players, but unfortunately there were none. Suddenly, she found out that another glockenspiel player was needed in the glockenspiel ensemble, which was playing for the Year 12 Graduation mass. I had less than four weeks to learn all the pieces to accompany the strings! I thought it might be interesting for me to try an instrument that was pretty unfamiliar to me, so I signed up. I had to get up at 6:00 every morning, as the school specials weren't running so early and public transport is often delayed. It was worth it though, as I was the only Yr 7 playing glockenspiel (which is a sort of percussion instrument similar to a xylophone) with three other Yr 11s. Also, learning all the school liturgical songs was a breeze, as they were all pretty straightforward. Recently my friend Eilidh and I won Highly Commended at the form talent quest; we performed Someone Like You by ADELE. Of course I did many more things in the music scene at Schols this year, but those were the highlights. Eilidh's story: I have had many music experiences before such as the clarinet and singing, but nothing like this. I have sung in talent contests and come in the top three, but as I've gotten older I have come to realize that it's not about winning but about having fun, and that's exactly what I have done. Even though Maryanne and I came runners up in the talent quest and won chocolates, the main thing was having fun. Schols has a very good music program which is getting better and better as time goes by. Overall, I would say that if you haven't joined an ensemble or band up to now, give it a go next year, as it will be a special experience that will help you learn about many different styles, rhythms and melodies. Maryanne & Eilidh, Yr 7.1


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