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So You Want to make a quilt with all these fun charms??!! Here are two quick sizes with directions. These are for Charm Packs that are pre-cut to 5". If you need rotary cutting basics for strips or pressing instructions, check out this great website for all the basics.

Basic Directions: Twin Size 67 ½ " x 85 ½ "

Need 221 Charms 1 1/8 yards of Border fabric 3/4 yard Binding 5 Yards Backing All seams are sewn with a 1/4 " seam allowance Sew 17 rows of 13 charms each


I like to number each row. I write with a blue water soluble pen on the first charm of each row. That way my design stays where I want it. (Just spray with water when you want the numbers to disappear!) Press all odd rows to the left and all even rows to the right. This will make it so each row

sews together nicely and the seams fit nicely in opposite directions when sewing rows. Once you have 17 rows, it's time to sew each row in numerical order. Press.

From Border Fabric: Cut 7 strips of 5". For the left and right borders piece together 2 strips that measure approx. 77". **It works mathematically, but you will need to check YOUR measurements before fitting. For the top and bottom borders, piece together 2 strips that measure 68"**. Sew side vertical strips on first, press to the border fabric. Finish off with the top and bottom borders. Press to border fabric. Binding: Cut 8 - strips of 2 ½ " for a double fold binding.

Queen Size: 90" x 94 ½ "

Need 324 Charms 1 ½ yards of Border fabric 7/8 yard Binding Sew 19 rows of 18 charms each. Follow directions above. Borders: Cut 9 strips of 5". Side borders piece together 2 strips that measure 86". ** Top and bottom borders piece together 2 strips that measure 90 ½ ". Binding: Cut 10 - 2 ½ " strips for double fold binding.


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