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Topic: Reading ­ Making Inferences Contributor : Ricah del Mundo

DIRECTIONS: Read the following statements then encircle the best answer. 1. The Del Mundo family entered a place quietly. They knelt on the kneeling pad, put their hands together and closed their eyes. They are in the __________ Mall Church train

2. They soon opened the door of the vehicle. They sat comfortably. Near the driver they see a red counter that shows how much they are going to pay. They were riding a _____ Jeepney taxi cab train

3. Pinky boticed something moving under the table. Its skin is covered with fur. It ran and purred when she touched it. It is a _______ cat snail spider

4. The children listened attentively to the speaker. The speaker speaks softly while telling the life of Jesus and His family. He shared wonderful stories from the Bible too. The speaker is the ________ janitor security priest

5. Raffy is happy. He sees balloons all over the room. A big cake is on the center table. Two clowns are going around the place. The children are singing. It is Raffy's _______ graduation birthday recital

6. Anna is crying. She did not eat yet. Something is missing. She is worried and hungry. Anna lost her________ lunch box pet toy

7. Grade 1-E is singing and dancing on stage. There are many colorful lights on the ceiling. There are props everywhere. The people are excited and clapping their hands cheerfully. They are in the ________ cafetorium covered court theater

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Syllabication - RFA - 1

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Syllabication - RFA - 1