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Fill in the missing words

1. The caterpillar was very _________ and wished he had a cosy place where to sleep. 2. Beebie asked Sammy the snail to help him find a cosy bed and __________. 3. In the forest Beebie found a lovely soft ________ to use as a blanket. 4. Next, he went to look for Michelle the ________ at the seaside. 5. They found a pearly _____ _____ to use as a bed.

6. Caterpillar curled up inside the shell, tucked the leaf around her and had a long nice _________. 7. In _________, Beebie went to look for the caterpillar but he could not find her. 8. Caterpillar was no longer asleep, she had become a beautiful, colourful _____________. butterfly crab sea shell nap sleepy leaf blanket Spring

Butterflies are Free Theme Pack-C.Carabott

Worksheet 9


Microsoft Word - Worksheet 9.doc

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Microsoft Word - Worksheet 9.doc