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Title The Frog Prince Year Year 4 Subject English Topic Opposites

Author/s Jeannette Cardona Duration 45 ­ 60 mins.

Instructional Objectives This lesson will help the children consolidate their concept of opposites. They will have already dealt with the topic during their previous school years, but this year we will go into some more detail and stress is put on the variety of vocabulary. This implies that the children will learn an amount of new vocabulary. They will also see that some words may have different meanings and thus the same words put into different contexts would have different opposites. Educational Objectives The children will work in pairs on the computers, so they will get the opportunity of exercising their communication skills in order to agree and decide what they should do. The activity away from the computer is individually based, but the children will be able to discuss their work within their group and children of lower abilities will be helped when in difficulty. ICT Objectives Children will make use of the following Kid Pix tools to complete the variety of on-screen activities: alphabet tool, paint can tool, typewriter tool.

Teaching Aids

ICT-based PowerPoint Presentation On-Screen Activities with Kid Pix Deluxe Printed Material Worksheet with Print Shop Premier 5.0 Handout with Print Shop Premier 5.0 Others

Method (Mark X where applicable) Expositio X Whole class X Groupwor n k Remote Preparation Work done on subject in previous years.




Introduction The lesson will start with the PowerPoint presentation. This presentation starts with a short story about a prince turned into a frog by a cruel witch. It includes many adjectives; one opposite to the other, but the children will just watch and listen to the story without being told what the lesson is about.

Resources /Links

Click on the link below to view the Powerpoint Show. The frog prince.pps


Development Step 1 1. When the story is over, the children will be asked if they noticed anything about the adjectives in the story. Then the next two slides will show all these adjectives together for the children to understand that these words are corresponding opposites. 2. The next few slides give more examples with pictures to illustrate the opposites. 3. At the end of the presentation, the children are asked to think of more opposites and jot them down on the board. 4. Then all the children will be given the Opposites handout (Handout.PDS) for reference (to be used later in follow-up). 5. There will be a thorough reading through the list, with explanation of the meaning of selected words.

· Handout.PDS

Explanation Step2 1. Since all the children will be working on all the activities, each activity will be explained to all the class before each group moves to the activity assigned to it. · On-Screen 1: Opposites Crossword ­ Oppo1.bmp


The pair on computer 1 will have to fill in the crossword using the Alphabet tool.


On-Screen 2: Opposites Wordsearch ­ Oppo2.bmp


The pair on computer 2 will have to find the hidden opposites using the Paint Can tool.


On-Screen 3: Matching Opposites ­ Oppo3.bmp


The pair on computer 3 will also use the Paint Can tool to match opposites.


· On-Screen 4: Fill in with Opposites ­ Oppo4.bmp The pair on computer 4 will use the typewriter tool to delete words given and inserting their opposites. Individual Work · Off-Screen Activity 1: Worksheet.PDS Some children are given a handout where they have a word search. They use a pencil and ruler to mark the opposites found in the word search. After finding all the opposites they fill in the sentences underneath the word search with the opposites found.

· Oppo4.bmp


Group Work · Off-Screen-Activity 2: The Dominoes Game(oppodomino1-7.PDS) A group of 5/6 children will play a game in the form of dominoes to sequence one card after another according to the opposite word. This activity has 7 sheets x 3 cards each to be printed on PrintShop Premier 5 and then cut out and preferably laminated.

Sample of Dominoes Cards

Game Layout



Off-Screen Activity 3: The Lotto Game (lotto1/6.PDP)

Sample of Lotto Cards

A group of 5/6 children will play this game in the form of lotto. This activity has 6 sheets x 9 cards of opposites each. These are to be printed out with PrintShop Premier5, laminated and cut out. The cards will then be placed in a box or bag. The children will take turns to pick one at a time until they are finished. Then they will use their copybooks to write a sentence, using each opposite word they have selected. When groups finish their work, they will rotate from computers to the tables activities and vice versa. Closure: A sample of each activity is selected and a person from each group will explain to the rest of the children how the activity was carried out. One-click download Click here to download the full pack, including lesson plan and all related resources. Instructions: When download window opens: 1. Select Open. 2. Note the Folder name. This will tell you where to find the files. DO NOT CHANGE. 3. Click on Unzip. 4. Click Close to exit window. DOWNLOAD IS COMPLETE! Look up the folder and load the files from your applications as usual.




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