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CBE and Provincial Goals

CBE Values Students come first. Learning is our central purpose. Public education serves the common good. CBE Ends* E-1 Mega End: Each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning to function effectively in life, work and continued learning. E-2 Academic Success: Each student will possess the knowledge; skills and attitudes required for academic success and be effectively prepared for life, work and further learning. E-3 Citizenship: Each student will be a responsible citizen by being an informed and involved member in his or her local, national and global communities. E-4 Personal Development: Each student will acquire the skills, attitudes and knowledge to achieve personal highest potential. E-5 Character: Each student will possess the character to do what is right, act morally with wisdom, and balance individual concerns with the rights and needs of others. CBE Vision The Calgary Board of Education is the dynamic learning community of choice. Provincial Goals** High quality learning opportunities for all Excellence in student learning outcomes Highly responsive and responsible jurisdiction

* See Board of Trustees' Policy for full, detailed Ends statements. **Alberta Education Requirements

Our School

Grant MacEwan School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 School that is situated in North East Calgary in the area of Falconridge. Students who attend Grant MacEwan School reside in Falconridge as well as the outlying area of Martindale, from where they are bussed. Students from Grant MacEwan School typically attend Terry Fox Junior High School upon completion of Grade 6. The High School that is affiliated with Grant MacEwan School is James Fowler High School. Grant MacEwan School has a full day Kindergarten program. Students are able to attend a lunch program at the school. Community after-school programming takes place on some evenings at Grant MacEwan School. Our Students Approximately 480 students enrolled 32 % speak English as their first language 68 % speak English as their second language 26 languages represent the populas of Grant MacEwan learners The most predominant non-English languages spoken are Punjabi, Urdu,Farsi, Bengali,Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Cantonese and Togalog.

Annual School Results Report

2010-2011 Highlights

Grant MacEwan School

180 Falshire Drive N.E. Calgary, AB T3J 3A5 Telphone: 403.777.6930

Our Staff Grant MacEwan School is comprised of 35 certified teachers, including a Music Specialist, a Resource/English as a Second Language teacher, a .5 Technology teacher, a .3 Math Literacy support teacher, and a .5 Early Literacy support teacher. Grant Macewan has 21 support staff working in a variety of roles to support learning and school operation.

School Development Plan Highlights

Outcomes (What we are trying to achieve?) At Grant MacEwan School we have aligned student growth and development with the ENDs statements to reflect the "whole child" as a learner in our school. We have extended learning into our entire day to support student need and develop dedicated learners. Goals

Students are able to read and comprehend material in all curricular areas at or above their grade level. Students learning will be supported by a school wide balanced literacy initiative in both Language Arts and Mathematics. Students take greater ownership for their own learning, experience success, demonstrate academic growth, through embedded strategies for personal growth. Students will demonstrate engagement in school, positive social skills, leadership skills and characteristics of socially responsible citizens through embedded strategies for character development. Students demonstrate empathy and care and are positve contributors to the community through embedded strategies for citizenship.

More Information

Grant MacEwan School Comprehensive Literacy Program K ­ 6 includes:

Uninterrupted learning blocks for instruction, Daily direct reading instruction using a balanced literacy approach to ensure regular guided reading to increase comprehension with appropriate material, Daily direct writing instruction. Regular reading assessment ­ data being used to regroup for instructional purposes and assign learning support, Home reading programs.

Student Results

Provincial Achievement Test Results

Grade 3 LA: 91.4% Acceptable Standard, 13.8% Standard of Excellence Grade 6 LA: 81.7% Acceptable Standard, 14.6% Standard of Excellence Grade 6 Science: 67.1% Acceptable Standard, 6.1% Standard of Excellence Grade 6 Social Studies: 51.8% Acceptable Standard, 2.4% Standard of Excellence No results reported for Grade 3 & 6 Math as the students wrote the test based on the new curriculum

For a complete report of CBE and provincial results visit the CBE website at:

Grant MacEwan School Technology Plan includes:

Daily access to technology for all students in order to ensure a wide range of learning resources and opportunities, Increased technology support in classrooms through ongoing use of SMART boards, Ongoing teacher technology support through technology modelling from .5 Technology teacher.

Class Size Initiative

For a detailed report on the school and CBE average class sizes go to:

Alberta Education has provided additional funding for teaching staff in order to reduce the average class size. The following table shows the average class size for our school for this academic year. School Year Kindergarten Grade 1-3 Grade 4-6 2010-2011 18 19 21

Grant MacEwan School Community programs include:

Embedded weekly professional learning based on goals within the School Development Plan, AISI project using Universal Design for Learning based on Math Literacy, Identifying and developing a framework of best instructional practices based on current research, Dynamic Student Council, Active Buddy Class program

Measures and Results (How do we measure?)

Accountability Pillars Survey Parent survey PAC input Staff and AISI support team are involved in school development planning and work towards goal attainment Ongoing assessment of ESL Benchmarks, Dibels Fluency, Fountas and Pinnell (Diagnostic Reading) GLA completion and PAT Analysis

Grant MacEwan School Partnership programs include:

After School programs with: Bridge Foundation and the Calgary YMCA, Calgary Reads, Calgary Public Library, Crime Not to Read (partnership with the Calgary Police Force), Learning Partnership: Entrepreneurial Program Teaming Up 4 Healthy Learners.

School Fees For a detailed report of school fees and expenditures visit our school website at: or contact the school directly. School Council Involvement Grant MacEwan School has a School Council comprised of dedicated parents who work to support school initiatives and student learning. Efforts to additionally support students are funded generally by Casino evenings that are organized annually to provide adequate funding to enrich and enhance learning opportunities for the students.

Targets (What are we aiming for in the current school year?)

By June 2010, our aim is:

GLA statistics will indicate a 90% success of students working at grade level in literacy in Language Arts and Mathematics 100% of ESL students will show growth in some area of Benchmark measures for English Language proficiency.


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