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Grade 7 Science: Course Outline, Expectations and Evaluation

Science 7 consists of five topics or units of study. Each unit is investigated for approximately seven or eight weeks. Tests will be administered near the middle of each unit and upon their completion. Most tests have multiple choice questions similar to those which have appeared on previous Provincial Achievement Exams in grade 9. The final exam scheduled for the end of June will represent 20% of your average for the year.

Course Outline 2011-2012

Based on Science Focus 7

Unit 1: Structures and Forces

Focusing Questions: How do structures stand up under load? What forces act on structures, and what materials and design characteristics contribute to structural strength and stability?

Unit 2: Heat and Temperature

Focusing Questions: What heat-related technologies do we use to meet human needs? Upon what scientific principles are these technologies based? What implications do these technologies have for sustainable use of resources?

Unit 3: Planet Earth

Focusing Questions: What do we know about Earth--about its surface and what lies below? What evidence do we have, and how do we use this evidence in developing an understanding of Earth and its changes?

Unit 4: Plants for Food and Fibre

Focusing Questions: How do we produce useful plant products? What techniques do we use, what knowledge are these techniques based on, and how do we apply these techniques in a sustainable way?

Unit 5: Interactions and Ecosytems

Focusing Questions: How do human activities affect ecosystems? What methods can we use to observe and monitor changes in ecosystems, and assess the impacts of our actions?


The following are the common expectations for all students in science classrooms: 1. Arrive to class on time. Notebooks should be opened in readiness before instruction begins. All required materials must be brought to EVERY class. 3. Always use available class time to complete assigned work. Complete assignments after school when you do not get them finished in class. 4. Always seek help from your teacher when you experience learning problems. When you don't understand ask for further explanation. If after receiving help in class you still do not understand, arrange to see your teacher after school. Your teachers EXTRA HELP TIMES ARE: _____________________________________________ 5. 6. "Make-up" of missed tests due to absence must be arranged immediately upon return to class and are the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT. An "unexcused" absence on a test day will result in an automatic 0 score. Hand in assignments promptly on their due dates. Marks will be deducted for the late submission of assignments according to the following guidelines: Late assignments may incur a penalty. Homework Club will be mandatory to students who are missing work. Missing assignments will not be accepted beyond one month following the most recent progress report.


In calculating your report card grade several measurements of progress will be made. The following are the variables and their relative weightings that will be considered when calculating report card grades: 1. Knowledge (Understanding key concepts) 70% of grade 2. Skills (Application of key concepts) + 30% of grade Attitude/ Effort anecdotal comment Report total = 100% *Please note that the Science Midterm will be valued at double the weight of a major exam. In order to indicate that you have read and understood the expectations outlined in this letter and to further assist in parent-teacher communication, please fill out and return this `contact-memo' sheet to your teacher as soon as possible.

Text Books Grade seven science students will be using the Science Focus series. This textbook will be available in hard copy format for in class use. Students will also be permitted to sign-up their prescribed book to use outside of class. Books must be returned the following school day to ensure that all books are available for class use. The science eight textbook is also available on-line and can be accessed 7 days a week through the Clarence Sansom CBE website.

Science "Expectations and Evaluation" Student/Parent Memo

We (parent/guardian & student) have read the memo and we are aware of its contents. Student's name in full (please print) _____________________________________________ Student's homeroom ________ Parent/Guardian signature ___________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Textbook Access: ___________ Please initial if you have and computer at home that your child can use to access the online textbook and are familiar with the log-in procedure. ___________ Please initial if you do not have a computer and you are aware that your child can sign-out a hard copy version of their textbook daily from their science teacher. If text book is lost or damaged, you will be charged up to $75.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PRIMARY CONTACT INFORMATION: Parent/Guardian name in full (please print) ________________________________________ Home Phone Number __________________ Work Phone Number _________________

Which number is better for reaching you during the day? _____________________________ Email ________________________________________________________ COMMENTS: (medical concerns)

Please KEEP the following piece of information somewhere accessible: KEY SCIENCE INFORMATION: My child's science teacher is : _________________________ Science Teachers email address: ____________________________ Science Teachers phone number: 777-7700 ext __________________ Homework Hotline number: 777-7700 ext ____________________ Extra Help Times are: ___________________________ My child's science textbook is located at: _____________________ Monthly Science Progress updates will be EMAILED during the weeks of: Sept. 26- 30 Oct. 24-28 Nov. 21-25 Dec. 19-23 Jan. 22-26 Mar. 5-9 Apr. 23-27 May 28-June 1

Science Resources: username: clarencesansom username: LA 06

password: sansom

password: 4105


Course (7) Outline_Current

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