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Lone Star College ­ CyFair: Checklist for Dual Credit/Exceptional Admission

Use this checklist to check off each item as you complete it in preparation to submit to the high school Dual Credit Counselors.

o Complete the online Enrollment Guide and Lone Star College Admission Application at: and return printed Enrollment Guide Completion page with Lone Star ID#.

o Sign up for the Compass test in the Counseling Office. Will be administered at Cy-Woods on April 19th or May 4th after school in the library.

o Complete the Dual Credit/Exceptional Admission Form. This is a blue form available in the Counselor's office once online enrollment is complete and test scores have been obtained (TAKS, Compass, ACT/SAT, etc.)

o Turn in all of the above to one of the Dual Credit Counselors at your high school. (Ms. Robbins-Williams or Ms. Armstrong) All paperwork is due by June 9, 2011.

Dual Credit Registration Timeline

Registration: April 15 ­ June 9, 2011

Compass Test given on campus: Please sign up in the counselor's office by 2:00 the day of the test. You must have online registration completed with Lone Star in order to take the Compass. Tuesday, April 19th 2:30 ­ until finished Library ­ CyWoods Wednesday, May 4th 2:30 ­ until finished Library ­ CyWoods Possible Fall 2011 Courses: (based on student enrollment) High School Course College Course AP/Dual U.S. History(full year dual) History 1301 AP/Dual English III (full year dual) English 1301 AP/Dual English IV (full year dual) English 1301 US Government AP/Dual (fall or spring) Government 2301 US Government AP Dual II (spring only Government 2302 - on transcript as Special Topics) Both College Algebra and Calculus courses will register later in the Fall. College Algebra K/Dual (dual in spring) Math 1314 Calculus AB/AP (dual in spring) Math 2413 ** The following pages will help in the Dual Credit Registration. You may also access information on the CyWoods website. Please see Ms. Armstrong or Ms. D. Williams in the Counselors Office for information! All Dual Credit paperwork and fees due June 9th to CyWoods Counseling Office.

Lone Star College CyFair

Dual Credit Students: Completing the Lone Star College On-Line Application

First-Time Applicants: · Start on our home page: · At the top of the page, hover over: Future Students · Click on Admissions. · On the next page, click on Step 1 ­ Online Enrollment Guide · Go to step #2 and click on "Apply for Admissions" · Click on the link for "Fall 2011 Application" · Click on the link "Click here to create an account" · This should bring up your start-up page. If you have computer programming or log-in difficulties during the application process, you may call our college district IT tech support office at 832-813-6600. They are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR USER ID AND PASSWORD AND MEMORIZE THEM. You will need these any time you want to access your student records or update your information. Social Security Number: Please do not guess! This is very important information and is required by the state of Texas. Your social security number will not be released to any unauthorized parties. If you do not know your social security number, find your card and copy if from that document. If you give us the wrong number and then elsewhere give another number, there is much time and paperwork involved in making corrections. In addition, your grades and payments may be incorrectly credited.



On the next page you will find some helpful hints on completing the online application. · Name, Address, Mailing Address, etc. ­ household income, parent education level, etc.: Ask your parents.

Educational Goal: Credit for transfer. Select College: Lone Star College ­ CyFair Academic Program: Undeclared Academic, Associate of Arts or Associate of Science · Residency: 1. During the 12 months prior to the term ...did you attend...NO 2. Did you graduate or will you graduate prior to ...NO 3. Do you file your own federal income tax as an independent tax payer...NO, if appropriate 4. Are you claimed as a dependent...Yes, if appropriate 5. Is the parent...a US citizen or Permanent Resident...Most, but not all, will answer Yes. If No, then answer the following path of questions. 6. Does this parent live in Texas...Yes, if appropriate. 7. How long has this parent lived in Texas...please answer in years or months, not "all their life or all my life". 8. I reside in the following school district...Cypress Fairbanks (this is not your school name, but the name of the entire school district) 9. Certificate of residency... Yes Continue 10. High School...Choose your School from the drop-down menu. 11. Anticipated graduation date...If you do not know, ask your counselor. Example Graduation date: June 2012= 06/2012 12. Meningitis information...Read and then answer Yes Continue 13. Review and submit application...Make sure everything is correct and then click Submit Application. Please remember to write down your Lone Star Id number. · · · Thank you for submitting your application!


Number of Credits 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 In District $28 $44 $60 $76 $92 $108 $124 $140 $156 $172 $188 $204 $220 $236 $252 $268 $284 $300 $316 $332 Out-of-District/In State of Texas $98 $184 $270 $356 $442 $528 $614 $700 $786 $872 $958 $1,044 $1,130 $1,216 $1,302 $1,388 $1,474 $1,560 $1,646 $1,732 Out-of-State/International $200 (legislated minimum) $214 $315 $416 $517 $618 $719 $820 $921 $1,022 $1,123 $1,224 $1,325 $1,426 $1,527 $1,628 $1,729 $1,830 $1,931 $2,032

The new schedule is based on a 100% tuition waiver with the standard $7.00 per credit hour technology fee, $2.00 per credit hour student activity fee, $7.00 per credit hour general use fee and the $12.00 registration fee. LAB FEES**: Lab fees are not included in the above tuition amounts and must be added if you take the following classes: · PHYS 1401-Physics I $12.00 for a total of $72.00 in-district tuition. · BIOL 1406-Biology I $18.00 for a total of $94.00 in-district tuition. · BIOL 1407-Biology II $18.00 for a total of $94.00 in-district tuition. Acceptable forms of payment include: · CHECK-please make out to Lone Star College-CyFair · MONEY ORDER-please make out to Lone Star College-CyFair · CREDIT CARD PAYMENT SLIP · NO TEMPORARY CHECKS CAN BE ACCEPTED-only pre-printed checks will be accepted.

Placement scores that are required by every student in order to be placed in collegelevel courses are:

12th Grade Dual Credit Composite Score Assessment (required for TSI) 80+ and 6 Essay or 7 Essay Only *19+ 45+ and 6 Essay or 7 Essay Only 85+ and 6 Essay or 7 Essay only **500+ 2200+ and 3+ Essay (ELA) 220+ Math Reading Writing


EA 87+




*21 + IA 47+ or 25+ CA




e-COMPASS 1070 (Reading + Math)

A 67+ or 0-5




**520+ Must be assessed, see LSC advisor 275+



2200+ and 3 Essay (ELA) 230+

11th Grade Dual Credit TAKS (10th grade TAKS) Must be assessed, see LSC advisor 2200+ and 3 2200+ and 3+ Essay Essay (ELA) (ELA)

PSAT/PLAN scores (Only accepted for 11th grade Dual Credit. To qualify for 12th grade Dual Credit, student must submit scores from the above list or complete English 1301 or Math 1314.) *PSAT 107 (Reading + 50 50 (Critical 50 (Critical

(Effective 10/FA) *Currently under review. Policy is subject to change. PLAN




23 (Effective 10/FA)


19 (Reading)

19 (English)

*The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires that students also have an ACT composite score of 23 for English & Math along with the specific subject score. However, it is not needed for college - level placement. ** The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires that students also have an SAT composite score of 1070 for Critical Reading/Verbal & Math along with the specific subject score. However, it is not needed for college - level placement.


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