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CAPTURE THE MOMENT FREEVERSE: If poets decide to ignore meter, they'll write in the loose groupings of words and phrases known as free verse. Just as there is no regular beat in conversation, there's no regular beat in free verse. Free verse is simply poetry written to sound like regular conversation. Read the example below about a very unpoetic subject "Good Hot Dogs," and then use your learning log entry from earlier to write a similar poem that mimics Cisneros' poem.

Good Hot Dogs

Fifty cents apiece To eat our lunch We'd run Straight from school Instead of home Two blocks Then the store That smelled like steam You ordered Because you had the money Two hot dogs and two pops for here Everything on the hot dogs Except pickle lily Dash those hot dogs Into buns and splash on All that good stuff Yellow mustard and onions And french fries piled on top all Rolled up in a piece of wax Paper for us to hold hot In our hands Quarters on the counter Sit down Good hot dogs We'd eat Fast till there was nothing left But salt and poppy seeds even The little burnt tips Of french fries We'd eat You humming And me swinging my legs --Sandra Cisneros

for Kiki

Teacher Example of a Capture the Moment Free Verse Mimic of Cisneros' "Good Hot Dogs"

Good River Camping

for Judy

Early morning On the Manatee River We'd slide the boat Into the brackish water At the end Of Fort Hammer Road The engine rumbles to life Smelling like gasoline I perch on the bow The wind whips my hair Slapping my face I breathe in The sweet grass smells Of nearby fields We stare at the brown waters The color of mud As smooth as a mirror Reflecting the oak trees Lining the banks Good river camping I jump on the sandy bank Throw the anchor line Around a tree The whole weekend Stretched out Like a promise We'd camp under a canopy of stars You roasting marshmallows And me staring at the night sky. -Janet Huffine


Microsoft Word - Free Verse Cisneros Mimic Directions

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Microsoft Word - Free Verse Cisneros Mimic Directions