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Super Science Spectacula

The Questacon Science Squad

The Questacon Science Squad performs entertaining, educational science shows and workshops in shopping centres, schools and other venues in the Sydney metropolitan area. The Questacon Science Squad performs fun shows that include spectacular and intriguing science demonstrations. Combining humour and drama with fascinating science, Questacon Science Squad shows not only entertain, but also spark curiosity and inspire interest in science. All shows are presented by qualified science communicators, with experience performing for children and adults. Questacon ­ The National Science and Technology Centre is a familiar name to Sydney residents. Each year thousands of Sydney families visit the world-class science centre in Canberra and 25,000 Sydney school students are visited by the Questacon Science Squad.

Super Science Show

A spectacular collection of dramatic science demonstrations, this energetic 30-minute show is presented on a large scale with lots of audience participation and involvement from volunteers. Suitable for large venues, this visually intriguing performance captures the attention of both children and adults.

Science demonstrations include:

Liquid nitrogen volcano Incredibly cold liquid nitrogen produces a mountain of foam and frozen bubbles when poured into soapy water. Balloon bonanza Watch flying helicopters, soaring balloons and volunteers race the crazy flying rocket balloons. Giant bubble It's big enough to fit a whole person inside and a brave volunteer is invited to step inside the giant bubble. Dry ice rainbow A rainbow of colours and clouds of white fog are made in this astounding demonstration using dry ice.

Science Workshop

Ordinary objects do extraordinary things in the Questacon Science Squad's Science Workshop. Plastic cups, drinking straws and sticky tape reveal the hidden science behind the everyday world.

Science activities:

Creepy crawler Make a pet and discover the secrets of friction as you watch your new friend climb up some string. Clucking cup A plastic cup and a piece of string cluck like a chicken in this strange exploration of sound.

Technical requirements

· A stage area approximately 5m x 5m · Two large tables on stage (eg. trestle tables) · Access for unloading equipment and setting up · Access to water for cleaning up after each performance · Area for the audience to sit or stand to watch the show · Access to mains power · Secure area to store equipment between performances (if available) · Sound equipment can be provided if not available at the venue (CD player, 1 x hand-held microphone 2 x head-worn radio microphones)

Technical requirements

· Tables and chairs for workshop participants · Access for unloading equipment and setting up · Secure area to store equipment between workshop sessions (if available).

For further information including availability and prices for the Super Science Show or the Science Workshop, please contact:

Questacon Science Squad

Phone: (02) 9209 4110 Fax: (02) 9209 4091 Email: [email protected]

Australian Technology Park Locomotive Workshop Suite 13001 2 Locomotive Street, EVELEIGH NSW 2015


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