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SCIO HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS 1. Chemistry: 1 Year, 1 Credit; Selective: Sophomore-Senior Content: This course will focus upon the major concepts in Chemistry. The science of Matter will be explored through lecture, demonstrations, readings and laboratory work. Prerequisite: Biology and Algebra I. 2. Course Goals: The student will understand how matter is categorized, how matter reacts, the Atomic and Molecular Theories, the causes of chemical reactions, the properties and structure of matter. The student will understand and appreciate the development of chemistry which is an abstract science. The study of chemistry should allow a person to handle daily chemical problems that one would encounter and help one to relate to the world with a greater understanding. 3. Course Outline:

1st Semester Measuring and Calculating* Matter* Chemical Formulas** The Mole* Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry* Atomic Structure Electron Clouds and Probability 2nd Semester Periodic Table Periodic Properties** Chemical Bonding Gas Laws* Gases and the Mole* Acids, Bases, Salts* ** Solutions* **

*Math Chapters, Expect Homework ** Memorization Chapters, Have Required Material Memorized

4. Grading Procedure:

Homework Laboratory Reports Projects Chapter Tests Semester Finals 10 points 25 Points 25 - 50 Points 50 Points 100 points Your Accumulated Points Total Possible Points 90-100% = A 80 - 89% = B 70 - 79% = C 60 - 69% = D 59% and Below = F

X 100%

5. Extra Credit: There is no opportunity for extra credit in this class.

6. Work Sample Information: In Chemistry you will have the opportunity to complete 4 Science Inquiry Work Samples during the year. Two of these work samples will be done as part of a group and two will be done individually. Only the two that are done individually can be used as portfolio quality work for Mentor/Mentee. Additionally, upon request, one of the individual effort work samples can be evaluated as a Writing Work Sample. 7. Late Assignments: All assignments are due at the beginning of the period. Other than excused or prearranged absences, assignments handed in at any other time are considered late. ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE A GRADE FOR THIS CLASS. Penalties for late work: 1st Quarter 75% of your grade will be Recorded 2nd Quarter 50% of your grade will be Recorded 3rd Quarter 25% of your grade will be Recorded 4th Quarter A Zero will be Recorded 8. Make-Up Assignments and Tests: Work missed due to an excused or prearranged absence will be due as per school policy. It is the responsibility of the student to find out what work was assigned and what information was missed. Labs missed due to absences must be made up. It is very likely that your partner will be assigned to another group which may leave you alone to complete the lab. Often you can team up with another student that also needs to make-up the lab. Tests missed due to an absence should be taken as soon as possible following an absence. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the time to make-up the test. Missed tests will only be given either before or after school. No make-up tests will be given during class time. A grade of "I" (Incomplete) will be given as a quarter or semester grade if any work is not completed by 1 week before the end of the quarter or semester. The grade of "I" automatically will turn to an "F" if the work is not completed. 9. Assignment Requirements: All assignments must be on the paper specific to that assignment. Only one copy will be given, do not lose it. All assignments must be written in ink, not pencil. All work must be shown on assignments, labs, tests, and exams. No calculation work, no credit. Refer to example calculations in class for examples of what work must be shown. 10. Detention Policy: Detentions will be served during the Lunch Period only. A date will be assigned by when the Detention needs to be served. It is your responsibility to serve the detention before the assigned date and prepare by having a lunch available. Because you can pick the day there is no opportunity to reschedule.

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Weekly Lesson Plans which include Assignments, Tests, and Due Dates are available at the Chemistry Web Site. E-mail- [email protected]



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