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Grade Level: 4 Topic/Content: ELA

Unit/Theme: Theme 5, lesson 23 "Cricket in Times Square" Time Frame: One Week

Essential Framework Standards: GS 8 Understanding a text Students will identify the basic facts and main ideas in a text and use them as the basis for interpretation. 8.12 Identify sensory details and figurative language GS 19 Writing 19.12 Write a brief interpretation or explanation of a literary or informational text using evidence from the text as support. GS 5 Structure and Origins or Modern English 5.4 Recognize subject-predicate relationship in sentences

Essential Questions: What questions point to the identified themes, skills and understandings? What questions provide a broader intellectual focus to the work? When we contribute to our community how are we affected?

Focus Skills Story events T166,167

Focus Strategies Ask Questions T168,169

Instructional Techniques that further content understanding, interpretation, application, and perception. What should small group instruction look like in this theme/unit? Small group instruction should take place once to twice per week, at a minimum. Small group: Main and paired selection: Partner and small group reading Small group: Literacy centers T163 Leveled Readers T160 Whole Group Build Background T165,170 Spelling T206,207 Vocabulary T171-205

Six Traits Emphasis ­ Which components of Six Traits (from both the ELA program and the Six Traits kits) should be emphasized in this unit? One lesson from the Six Traits student workbook should be taught every week. Six traits: Fluency Lesson 19 Storytown: Conventions Writer's Companion Using Dialogue

Writing Form Write Poetry Write about a character in "Cricket in Times Square" Write about the sensory imagery and figurative language in "Cricket" Discuss and make drawings


Grammar Emphasis Subject ­ Verb Agreement

Assessment: What evidence will show that the students understand the Essential Questions? Describe how students will be assessed to demonstrate understanding of the key theme, skills and strategies in this unit. Weekly test, Spelling test, publish one piece of writing with a rubric

Relevant Tradebooks The Important Book (Wisegard, 1999) Night of the Gargoyles (Bunting 1994)

Interdisciplinary Connections Science of temperature Matter, Molecules, Temperature

Technology Options Read about Crickets on line

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Microsoft Word - 23 ELA grade 4.doc

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