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Stroud in nomination for the office of District Attorney of Columbia Co.; he was induced to accept the nomination, though without any expectation of election, the regular Republican majority in the county being from 1,000 to 1,800; again his owf town gave him a majority, he receiving 193 votes to his opponent's 60, while the Republican majority in the town was 47; at the time Mr. Stroud ceased to act with the Republican party, the town, county, assembly, senatorial and congressional districts, and also the State, in which he resided, were all strongly Republican, in which party he had a good standing, having frequently represented his town in county conventions, and his county in congressional and State conventions, showing that political preferment had no influence over his political views or actions. Mr. Stroud has a good reputation as a lawyer and a public speaker; enjoys the confidence and respect of the people where he is best known, and is highly respected by men of all political parties for his candor and fairness in his public discussions of political questions.

( ILBERT B. VANALSTINE, farmer, Sec. 12; P. O. Kilbourn City; born in Onondaga Co., N. Y., Feb. 22, 1832; his parents removed to Buffalo when he was a child; from Erie Co., N. Y., to Erie Co., Penn.; thence to Ashtabula Co., Ohio, and to Newport, Wis., in 1853; Gilbert B. went to sea in 1849; he was engaged in a coasting vessel, between New Orleans and Boston, for one year; in February, 1850, shipped on board the Monongahela, a whaling vessel of New Bedford, for fo.ur years; in February, 1851, landed at the island of Juan Fernandez, where he remained about six weeksS A feeling of dissatisfaction existed between the officers and crew; Mr. Vanalstine engaged passage on a rdpanish brig to Valparaiso, Chili, where they remained about two months; in May, 1851,.shipped on boa o an American vessel, Capt. Wood, bound for Europe, which vessel Mr. V. and comrades left at Hong K ng, China; shipped thence to New York, where they arrived September, 1851; was afterward engaged on a coasting vessel between Charleston, S. C., and New York; returned home in December of that year; was afterward engaged on the great lakes for several years; came to Adams Co., Wis.; enlisted February, 1865, in 49th W. V. I.; served about a year. Was married to Amelia V. Rea, of Adams Co.; have six children -Florence E., Gilbert E., Mary C., Byron R., Walter C. and John F., the last two twins; locat ed on present farm in 1870; number of acres in farm, 160.

NATHANIEL VANALSTINE, wagon-maker and blacksmith; born in Onondaga Co.,

N. Y., in December, 1826; learned his trade in Erie City. Married Nancy Hawes, of Erie City, Penn.; lived in Crawford Co., Penn., for six years; came to the village of Newport in 1854, and to Kilbourn City in 1856; was burned out in the fall of 1866. Mr. Vanalstine has three children-Eugene, Gilson and Lillian, now Mrs. Frank Durea, of New York City. IRVING W. YORK, of the firm of Walker, Munger & Co., proprietors of flouring and planing mills, Kilbourn City; born in Brookfield, Madison Co., N. Y., in 1833; his parents removed to Warsaw, Wyoming Co., when he was 6 years of age. He was married to Eliza C. Munger, of Wyoming Co.; came to Kilbourn City September, 1856; all the members of the firm came from Wyoming Co., N. Y., about the same time; they were associated in the building of their planing-mill in 1858; in 1860, built the flouring-mill. Mr. York has three children-George E., Hattie M. and Ernest R.


OLE M1. BENDIXEN, farmer, Sec. 20; P. 0. Lewiston; born in Norway in 1833; he came to this country with his parents, Tollag and Anna Bendixen, in the fall of 1850; his father settled on Sec. 17, where he still resides; his mother died in the fall of 1861; Ole is the only child of his parents now living. He enlisted, November, 1861, in Co. D, 15th W. V. I., and served three years and four months; he participated in all the battles in which his regiment was engaged, including the siege of Island No. 10 and the battle of Murfreesboro, till the battle of Chickamauga, where he was wounded and sent to the hospital, where he remained about ten months, when he again rejoined his regiment, and was mustered out of service Feb. 13,1865; he enlisted as a private, was made a Corporal, and Second Sergeant December, 1862; in consideration of his gallant conduct as a soldier, he was breveted Captain at the close of the war, to date Oct. 8, 1863. He was married to Julia'P. Scott, a native of Norway; they have four children Anna M., Josephine T., Ellen S. and Tollag B. L. He settled where he now lives in June, 1867; he has 220 acres of land. DENNIS CANNON, farmer, Sec. 2; P. 0. Portage; was born in County Donegal, Ireland, in 1812; he came to the United States in 1827; lived in Wilmington, Del., for about four years, when he returned to Ireland; returned to the United States, and locating in Wilmington resided there about six



years; he came to Wisconsin and settled on his present farm in 1855. He was married to Celia McCurdy, born in Ireland; they have twelve children, nine sons and three daughters. Mr. Cannon's farm contains 120 acres. JAMES AND WILLIAM CLARK, farmers, Sec. 10; P. 0. Portage City; sons of Mr James and Ann (Bain) Clark, who came to the United States from Scotland, in the spring of 1849; Mr. Clark made a claim of the farm now occupied by his sons, James and William, in the fall of that year, where he remained till his death} which occurred in September, 1873 ; his widow resides at the homestead. The parents had seven children, all of whom are now living-Joseph, Elizabeth (now Mrs. McFarland, of Dane Co.), James, Mrs. Ann Robbins, William, Susan and Mary Ann; James was born in Scotland, about 1840; William was born about 1846; Susan and Mary Ann reside at the homestead. The farm contains 240 acres. They are members of the Presbyterian Church. J. P. COLBURN, farmer and cooper; P. 0. Briggsville; son of A. W. Colburn, who came to Columbia Co. from Waukesha Co., and settled on Sec. 20, Newport Township, in the spring of 1855; he was born in Genesee Co., N. Y., and came to Waukesha Co. with his parents in 1846. He enlisted, Feb. 1, 1864, in the 23d W. V. I.; was in Banks' Red River campaign, at the battles of Sabine Cross Roads, La., Pleasant Hills, Cane River, Bayou Sara, Spanish Fort, etc.; was transferred to the 35th Regiment, and made a corporal of Co. C; was mustered out of service March 15, 1866. Mr. Colburn Was married to Lucy C. Jacobs, daughter of Lester Jacobs; have four children-Frank L., Cora M., Lester and Lucy May. He settled on his present farm in February, 1877; he has 115 acres. E. B. CRAIx, farmer and stock-dealer, and owner of Menomonee House, Marquette Co., Sec. 4; P. 0. Briggsville; was born in Burlington, Vt., in 1821; his parents removed to Clinton Co., N. Y., when he was about 12 years of age; he went to California in the fall of 1849, and engaged in mining; returned to Clinton Co., N. Y., in the fall of 1850; he came to Wisconsin in the fall of 1851, and settled near Briggsville, Marquette Co., but purchased his present farm at about the same time; built his hotel in 1853, which, being on the old pinery road, did a large business, in the earlier history of the county; the hotel and farm have been successively in charge of L. V. Rich, William Robinson, William Treadwell and the present occupants, Jonathan and Asa Douglass. Mr. Craig has resided on the farm since 1854. He was married to Harriet Hayes, born in Clinton Co., N.Y. Mr. Craig is engaged in buying and selling of stock.RICHARID DEMIPSIE, student, resides with his brother in-law, Mr. Joseph Hay, Sec. 26; P. 0. Portage. Mr. Dempsie was born in Portage in September, 1 55; his parents, Richard and Mary Dempsie, came to Portage in 1849; his father was thrown from his wagon and killed by the running away of his team, October, 1864; his mother, by a former marriage with Mr. John McDonough, had four children; of these, William McDonough, enlisted in 1863 in 19th W. V. I., served one year; she had five children by her marriage with Mr. Dempsie, all of whom are living. George Dempsie; brother of Richard, enlisted March, 1862, served three years. D. D. EITHit]E, farmer, Sec. 2; P. 0. Briggsville; born in Buffalo, N. Y., July, 1838; his father, Daniel Eighme, native of the State of New York, removed from Buffalo to Pennsylvania; thence to Illinois, and to Lewiston Township in 1849; he is now a resident of Adams Co., Wis. Mr. Eighme was married to Ann Worden, born in the State of New York; they have three children; settled on his present farm in 1874. DR. JOHN EWIN(G, farmer, Sec. 4; P. 0. Portage; born in Vermont in 1816; he removed to Chautauqua Co., N. Y., with his parents, in 1835. He was married in 1835, to Angeline Needham, born in Vermont; in the fall of 1849, he came to Columbia Co.; he lived in Lowell one year and came to Lewiston Township in the fall of 1850; settled on the farm where he now lives in the spring of 1854. Eie has four children-Mariette, Jasper, Malvina and Edgar A.; he lost two children-Oscar and Malvina, aged respectively 16 years and 14 months. Dr. Ewing has been Chairman of the Board of Supervisors one year, and Town Treasurer one term; his farm contains 160 acres of land. Besides attending to the business of farming, Dr. Ewing has Practiced medicine, more or less, for many years. JOSEPH G. I[AY, farmer, Sec. 26; P. 0. Portage; was born in Nunda, Livingston Co., N. Y., August, 1824; removed to Pennsylvania in 1849; came to Columbia Co. in 1851, where his father, Almon Hay, settled, locating on Sec. 17, Lewiston Township. Mr. Hay was married, March, 1866, to Harriet A. McDonough, whose mother, then Mrs. Richard Dempsie, came to Portage in 1849. Mr. Hay's farm contains 160 acres. ANDREW ISAACSON, farmer, Sec. 22; P. 0. Lewiston; was born in Sweden in 1835; came with his father's family to the United States in 1851; they came to Columbia Co. and settled on Sec. 22, where they now reside; his parents had three children, Andrew being the youngest. His wife is



a native of Norway; has six children-John A., Henry, Charles, August A., Edward and Susan A.; lost one daughter, Mary C. ANDERS JERTSON, farmer, Sec. 21; P. 0. Lewiston; born in Norway in 1821. Married to Martha S. Jertson; came to the United States in 1850; lived a few months at Pine Lake, Wis., when he came to Columbia Co.; he settled on his' present farm about 1866; has seven children-Swen, Hans, Nellie, Ann, Amelia, Martha, Sophia. Mr. Jertson and his oldest son, John Jertson, enlisted during the war of the rebellion in the 1st Regiment U. S. Heavy Artillery; John died at the hospital in Alexandria, June, 1865. Mr. Jertson's farm contains 190 acres of land; his improvements are good. JAMES H. JERTSON, carpenter and builder, Sec. 22; P. 0. Lewiston; born in Norway, 1844; he came to the United States with his parents, Hans and Aslang Jertson, in 1850; his parents soon after came to Columbia Co. and settled on Sec. 22, where they now reside: Mr. Jertson is, by trade, a carpenter and builder. His farm contains 160 acres; his improvements are good. He was married to Clara C. Isaacson, daughter of Lars Isaacson; has four children-Ann M., Herman L., George C., and an infant son. E. F. LIEWIS, farmer and manufacturer of knit underwear, Sec. 21; P. 0. Lewiston; was born in New London Co., Conn., July 16, 1821; he removed with his parents to Cortland Co., N. Y., in 1830; then to Rock Co., Wis., in 1839, where they resided till their death; his father died in 1858; his mother died in the spring of 1874; in June, 1849, Mr. Lewis came to Columbia Co., and made a claim of the farm which he now owns. He was married, April 19, 1841, to Miss Betsey L. Barrett, born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., March 29, 1819; her parents removed to Ashtabula Co., Ohio, when she was a child, then to Rock Co., Wis., in 1838; her father, Stephen Barrett, was a soldier of the war of 1.812; was a member of M. B. Tubb's company, New York militia; he died Oct. 24, 1877, aged 86 years; her mother died March 10, 1879 ; they died at the residence of Mr. Lewis where they had resided since March, 1875; Mr. Lewis has had seven children, three of whom are living-Stephen B., Franklin F., and William L.; his oldest son, Judson A., enlisted August, 1862, in Co. C, 23d W. V. I. was made second Corporal of the company, afterward promoted to Sergeant, and was killed in the charge on the enemy's works at Vicksburg, May 22, 1863, at the age of 19 years and 8 months; Edward B., fifth child, born Dec. 28, 1852, died June 4, 1872; Charles L., second child, and George W., sixth Child, died in infancy. Mr. Lewis, in honor of whom the town was named, made the third settlement in the town of Lewiston, and is the earliest present resident; he was elected Sheriff in 1856, and has served as Under Sheriff, two years; has held various township offices, and was appointed Deputy Provost Marshal for Columbia Co. in July, 1863, served till the close of the war; during his long residence in Columbia Co., Mr. Lewis by his sterling qualities, has maintained the respect and esteem of the people, and is a worthy representative of that pioneer element of our country, which laid the foundation for our present success and prosperity as a State. Stephen B. Lewis, born July 12, 1848, graduated at the State Normal School, Whitewater, Wis., 1875, married Elizabeth Church, of Whitewater. Franklin F. Lewis, born Sept. 28, 1850, married Victorine Rockwell, of Whitewater; has one child, Mabel. WILLIAM1 McDONALD, farmer, Sec. 10; P. 0. Portage City; was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, in 1824; his parents removed to Jefferson Co., when he was about 8 years of age. Mr. McDonald was married in 1849, to Elizabeth Cannon, a native of England; they came to Columbia Co. in the spring of 1851, and settled on Sec. 26, Lewiston Township, on the farm now owned by his sons, David and John; he bought his present farm of Hans Osmundson in 1854, where he settled permanently in 1859; has twelve children--David, John E., Nancy, Samuel, William, Ann, Margaret, Elizabeth, James, Abraham L., Ulysses S. and Julia. Mr. McDonald enlisted in the 1st Heavy Artillery, September, 1864, served till the close of the war; his father, David McDonald, was a native of Inverness, Scotland; he came to this country and settled in Columbiana Co., Ohio, about 1811; he died in March, 1870; his mother was born in West Virginia; died November, 1878. His farm contains 484 acres ; his improvements are second to none in the town of Lewiston. CARL PHIIEHILER, farmer, Sec. 32; P. 0. Lewiston; was born in Prussia, Germany, in 1825; he came to the United States in 1850; came to Lewiston Township and settled on his present farm in 1851. He was married to Wilhelmina Myer; they have five children--August, Carl, Ernst, Gustaf and Lizzie. His farm contains 200 acres. He and wife belong to the Lutheran. Church. PETER TENNISON, farmer, Sec. 17; P. O. Lewiston; born in Norway in 1842; came t. this country with his parents in 1852; his parents settled in Lewiston Township, but now reside in Faribault Co., Minn. Mr. Tennison enlisted in 1861 in the 18th W. V. I.; served till August, 1865; he entered the service as a piivate; became successively Corporal, Sergeant, Orderly Sergeant and Second Lieutenant, receiving his commission as Lieutenant in the spring of 1865; he participated in many of the

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