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Porta-Test RevolutionTM Separator Porta-Test RevolutionTM eliminates foam and improves separator performance

NATCO's Porta-Test RevolutionTM is a unique separator inlet device used to eliminate foam and improve fluid management within the separator. A Porta-Test revolutionTM may either be connected directly to the inlet nozzle during fabrication, or it may be installed as a retrofit through a manway. It is suitable for use in both vertical and horizontal vessels. With over 500 installations worldwide, we have the experience and expertise to optimize your separator performance.

How it works

NATCO's Porta-Test RevolutionTM is a centrifugal separator inlet device that consists of pairs of cylindrical tubes connected by a manifold to the vessel inlet nozzle. Fluids enter the Revolution tubes tangentially, creating centrifugal force. Liquids are spun outward against the walls of the tubes causing gas/liquid separation. The centrifugal force created in the Revolution tubes can be over 200 times the force of gravity. The tubes are designed to create the centrifugal force that best suits the application ­ foam removal, gas/liquid separation, liquid/ liquid separation, solids removal or combinations of these. To prevent gas from blowing out of the Revolution tubes' bottom openings, the tubes are partially submerged in the liquid phase to create an effective seal.

Porta-Test RevolutionTM

Porta-Test RevolutionTM installed as separator inlet device

Consider the advantages Consider the advantages of including a Porta-Test RevolutionTM in your separator: · Minimize footprint area and weight in new separator installations. · Increase efficiency for greater throughput in existing separators. · Eliminate or reduce expensive defoaming chemicals. · Eliminate or reduce liquid carry over in outlet gas streams. · Often lowers BS&W content in separator outlet oil streams.

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Porta-Test RevolutionTM Separator

Footprint and weight reductions

Most production separators are designed with excess capacity to allow time for foam disengagement. In high pressure applications, when foamy crudes are present, this excess capacity can be very costly. The chart demonstrates the weight savings that can be achieved by installing NATCO's Porta-Test RevolutionTM, eliminating foam and improving flow management.

Increased throughput

NATCO's Porta-Test RevolutionTM is ideal for debottlenecking existing separators. It is designed for easy installation through a vessel manway to reduce downtime. Results in prior installations have been dramatic. In some cases, throughput in existing vessels has been more than doubled. Retrofitting existing vessels with the Revolution reduces the high cost of installing additional new vessels or replacing existing vessels.

Estimated weights for separators with and without Revolution

Product selection NATCO Group will help you select the right model for your application: Revolution I Revolution II Foam elimination only 2-Phase separation w/foam elimination

Research and development

Our research and development facilities are dedicated to improving the performance of the Porta-Test RevolutionTM. Recent R&D efforts have led to design enhancements that improve gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation, and eliminate gas carry under.

Revolution III 3-Phase separation w/foam elimination Revolution IV 4-Phase separation w/foam elimination


NATCO's Porta-Test RevolutionTM is ideal for installation in horizontal or vertical separators in 2-phase, 3-phase, or 4-phase separation processes. Because of its versatility, the Porta-Test RevolutionTM has been successfully utilized in many applications: · Production separators · Test separators · Slug catchers · Flare/vent scrubbers · Free water knock-outs · Overhead accumulators · Underbalanced drilling separators

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