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Dear Juno

Name ________________________ # _____ Yellow


Divide your paper into 3 parts. Label the parts Characters, Setting, and Plot Tell what you know about each of these from the story. Write at least 2 sentences for each part. Illustrate your work.


Research about South Korea. Write at least 4 sentences telling how it is alike and different from the United States. Illustrate your work


Find at least 15 long o words in books. (spelled with /oa/ or /ow/) Write them in a t-chart like this one: oa ow

Word Work

Find and write a sentence in the story that has these words. 1. faraway 2. picture 3. persimmon 4. letter 5. answered 6. moment 7. crackle 8. photograph

Use three of the words in sentences. Illustrate.


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