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December 2001 Circular N° 44/2001 To: National Programme Commissioners National Sea Scout Commissioners

Dear colleagues, NAUTICAL GAMES Sea Scouting, and water activities in general, are especially popular among adolescents and young people. Whether there is access to the sea, lakes, rivers or only man-made bodies of water, Sea Scouting can offer adventurous outdoor activities, inspiring symbolism and rich maritime traditions. It can also offer young people the chance to develop useful technical skills for their personal and professional lives, as well as to build close relationships with both peers and adults through intense teamwork in challenging situations. In fact, water provides an attractive framework for a wide range of educational experiences, which enable young people to develop all aspects of their personalities - physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and character. The valuable experience gained by Sea Scouts worldwide can be used to enrich youth programmes in general. For this reason, the World Youth Programme Service is delighted to promote the nautical games kit produced by Scouting Nederland. The Netherlands enjoys an abundance of water and the Dutch Scouts have considerable experience in organising water activities. There are currently more than 12,000 Sea Scouts in over 200 groups in the Netherlands. What caught our eye was the innovative approach used by Dutch Sea Scouting to give children and young people confidence in the water and progressively develop their nautical skills through games. They have kindly offered to share their games kit, developed through the contributions of local Scout groups, with other Scouts worldwide. Even if there is no Sea Scouting in your country and you have no experience of water activities, you can use these games as an inspiration and a starting point. The nautical games kit has been translated into English at the request of the European Sea Scout Network, with support from the Fund for European Scouting. It contains 160 games and is now available on line at



Index - Training Requirements Index - Ages Index - Places 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Introduction Games Ashore Canoeing Games Rowing Games Sailing Games Games with Floating Material Swimming Games Other Games


5.05 Assignment on the Lee Shore 5.16 Deadly Beam (Night Game)

Boating Courses

2.13 Compass and Map Sailing 3.10 Orienteering 3.15 Canoeing Courses 3.27 Catch the Egg 3.28 Eat the Cookie 3.29 Tow the Air Mattress 3.42 Nail in a Bottle 4.08 Knights' Tournament 4.09 Throw the Sticks 4.10 Tug of War 4.17 Balloon Relay Race 5.07 Drop-out Race 5.12 Hunt the Blue-finned Fish 5.21 Handicap Race with a Compass 5.24 Figure Sailing 5.32 Treasure Hunt

3.04 3.05 3.07 3.08 3.09 3.11 3.12 3.13 3.14 3.16 3.17 3.18 3.21 3.22 3.23 3.26 3.30

Canoe Relay Race Basketball Balloon Dancing Save your Balloons Limbo Steal the Flag Collect the Flags Canoe Football Canoeing Formations Throw Water Balloons Wimbledon Tow Gold Bars Chair Dancing Throw the Ball Korfball Bombing Hockey in the Water


2.06 Fasten the Sail 2.26 Kim's Game with Knots 2.27 Key Ring 2.35 Tying Liquorice Laces 6.01 Catch the Cable-ferry Buoy 6.04 Waterbikes

Lowering the Mast

5.06 Sailing under the Yoke

Man Overboard

5.04 Man Overboard 5.11 Smuggling


2.15 Living Knot 3.19 Catamaran 3.25 Triathlon 5.26 Sailing Inventions 6.02 Raft Race 7.01 Castle Game 7.02 Polo 7.04 Relay Game 7.07 Synchronised Swimming 8.06 Balloon Volleyball


2.30 3.01 3.02 3.03 3.04 3.05 3.06 3.07 3.08 3.09 3.11 3.12 3.13 3.14 3.16 Canoe Match Whale Hunt Steal the Flag Hide the Ring Canoe Relay Race Basketball Blowing in the Wind Balloon Dancing Save your Balloons Limbo Steal the Flag Collect the Flags Canoe Football Canoeing Formations Throw Water Balloons


3.01 Whale Hunt 3.02 Steal the Flag 3.03 Hide the Ring

Presented by the European Sea Scout Network

Hoisting and Lowering Sails

5.02 Fox-hunting


3.17 3.18 3.21 3.22 3.23 3.26 3.30 4.09 4.11 4.12 4.18 4.21 5.11 5.14 5.23 5.29 5.33 5.34 5.37 5.40 6.03 6.05 7.06 7.08

Wimbledon Tow Gold Bars Chair Dancing Throw the Ball Korfball Bombing Hockey in the Water Throw the Sticks Gunfight Catch the Whale Hunt the Submarine Fishing Smuggling Sternway Sailing Hansel and Gretel One-to-one Race Flying Fish Siamese Twins Sailing Slalom Rope Casting Ice Floe Walking Long Gangway Boardsurfing Medieval Knights

8.03 8.04 8.05 8.07 8.08 8.09 8.10 8.11

Watersports Day Programme Themes Blue Ribbon Obstacle Course Newspaper Catch Oar Wrestling Spacehopper Race Slipway

2.23 Domino Rigging 8.08 Newspaper Catch


2.22 4.01 4.02 4.03 4.05 4.07 4.16 4.18 4.21 6.06 8.02 Rowing Ashore Hunt the Whale Boatball Steal the Flag Bank Robbery Privateer Obstacle Race Hunt the Submarine Fishing Tug of War Triathlon

Regulations - Lights and Daytime Signals

2.01 Pin the Tail on the Donkey 2.09 Photograph the Lights 2.11 Memorise the Regulations

Mooring and Getting Underway

4.01 Hunt the Whale 4.03 Steal the Flag 4.04 Night Game with Fireworks 4.14 Freight Traffic 5.01 The Old Pirate 5.05 Assignment on the Lee Shore 5.17 Waiter 5.20 Musical Buoys 5.28 Cannibalise the Boat 5.45 Find the Treasure

Regulations - Naval Signs

2.14 Buoys 2.18 Make a Model from a Nautical Chart 2.20 Fill in a Nautical Chart

Rowing Commands

2.22 Rowing Ashore 4.13 Rowing Blindfolded 4.16 Obstacle Race

Regulations - Rights of Way

2.02 2.07 2.19 5.22 Find the Flag Boat Dominoes Rights of Way Cat and Mouse


4.06 Chinese Rowing


2.24 Trivial Pursuit 2.25 I Leave ... and Take with Me 2.31 Water Course 2.32 Smuggling Ashore 2.33 Catch 2.34 Hold On 3.20 Environmental Disaster 5.41 Yahtzhee 8.01 Hikes

Presented by the European Sea Scout Network


2.17 Safety on Board Quiz 5.09 Overturn the Ship

Parts of Boats and Rigging

2.03 Bingo 2.04 Kim's Game 2.05 Pictionary 2.08 Regulations Quartet 2.10 Hints 2.16 Wheel of Fortune 2.21 Boat Equipment Quartet

Regulations - Signals

2.12 Signals Ashore

Sailing into and away from the Wind

5.30 Slalom 5.32 Treasure Hunt


5.28 Cannibalise the Boat 5.31 Rigging Race


Sail Positions

4.17 5.07 5.24 5.30 Balloon Relay Race Drop-out Race Figure Sailing Slalom

Sternway Sailing

5.14 Sternway Sailing


7.01 Castle Game 7.02 Polo 7.03 One-to-one 7.04 Relay Race 7.05 Dive for Letters 7.06 Boardsurfing 7.07 Synchronised Swimming 7.08 Medieval Knights 7.09 Bun Biting

Sail Trimming

5.10 Catamaran 5.19 Sailing with a Handicap 5.27 Square Rig and Jib


4.19 Limbo


5.20 Musical Buoys 5.22 Cat and Mouse

Through the Wind

4.02 Boatball 4.15 Naval Battle 5.01 The Old Pirate

5.03 Warrior 5.07 Drop-out Race 5.08 Fish up the Balls 5.12 Hunt the Blue-finned Fish 5.13 Sailing Catch 5.15 Basketball 5.16 Deadly Beam (Night Game) 5.18 Miss the Bomb 5.22 Cat and Mouse 5.24 Figure Sailing 5.35 Raft Hunt 5.36 Battle of Waterloo 5.39 Tenball 5.40 Rope Casting 5.42 Sailing Basketball


2.28 Weather Story 2.29 Weather Logbook


3.06 Blowing in the Wind 5.38 Wind

Wind Direction

2.36 Sailing Match 5.24 Figure Sailing 5.38 Wind

Towing a Boat

8.02 Triathlon

Presented by the European Sea Scout Network


This promotional material includes the list of contents, 3 games indexes (on training requirements, ages and places), examples of swimming games, as well as a diagram and scale model of a traditional Dutch Sea Scout boat the "Lelievlet" for you to make. We hope that these games provide endless inspiration and enjoyment to Scouts in your country! Yours sincerely,

Jacques Moreillon Secretary General


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