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SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY General Manager's Office, Personnel Branch, Secunderabad. No.P/L/694/VI/Sangh/126th PNM

Date: 01.4.2010

DRMs ­ SC, HYB, BZA, GTL, GNT & NED CWMs ­ LGDS, GTPL, TYPS Dy.CSTE/MFT/LGD Sub: Minutes of the 126th Zonal PNM meeting held with SCRE Sangh on 2.3.10 and 3.3.10. -.A copy of the minutes recorded during the Zonal PNM meeting with SCRE Sangh held on 2.3.10 and 3.3.10 is sent herewith. Action may please be taken in accordance with the minutes recorded against each subject and compliance reported on or before 15.4.2010. Decisions taken in the PNM meetings should be implemented forthwith. If any agreed item needs separate clarificatory orders, the same may be obtained by the controlling officers from the concerned competent authorities. Encl: As above (Dr. K.C.BAL) CPO/IR For General Manager C/C/C/ C/AGM for kind information please. CPO for information please. CSC & COS for information please. FA&CAO, CSTE, CEE, PCE, CAO/C, COM, CCM, CME, CMD, FA&CAO/G for information and necessary action. They are requested to give early compliance on the subjects concerned. Secretary to GM for kind information. Dy.CPO/Admn., Dy.CPO(W&IT), Dy.CPO/HR, Dy.CPO/MPP, Dy.CPO/Con., Secretary to CPO, all SPOs/APOs for information and necessary action. They are requested to furnish feed back on the implementation of decisions taken in the PNM meetings on the subjects concerned, to the Union Section. Wherever necessary, cadre officers shall address separate letters to the Divisions/Units conveying the decisions taken during PNM for implementation. General Secretary/SCRE Sangh for information. 20 copies of minutes booklets are sent herewith. Dy.Director/Estt/LR/New Delhi for information. (Dr. K.C.BAL) For General Manager







ON 02.03.10 & 03.03.10 MEMBERS PRESENT OFFICIAL SIDE Sri/Smt M.S.Jayant Manoj Pande Radha Variyar Pradeep Kumar P.C.Gajbhiye S.K.Sharma Rakesh Saksena P.M.M. Rao Anand Kumar Mahesh Chandra S. Tripathi N.K.Saxena T.P.V.S.S. Rao Uma Ranade K. Yesupadam G. Srinivasa Rao G.Srinivasa Reddy G. Subrahmanyam B.Vanikumari Roshan Ahmed P. Radha Krishna Rammohan R.Prabhakar SECTION 'A' INTRODUCTION Welcoming CPO and other officers, President, General Secretary of SCRE Sangh and their th Assistant General Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries and Divisional Presidents to the 126 Zonal PNM meeting with South Central Railway Employees Sangh, CPO/IR mentioned that we would be discussing pending cases, new cases and most of which are policy nature and hence the old cases were dragging for years. Expressing hope that cordial relations would continue, CPO/IR stated that out of 85 cases tabled for discussion, 45 cases had come to much more conclusions which would benefit the staff as a whole. Address by CPO Taking pleasure in welcoming General Secretary and all the office bearers of the SCRE Sangh, th FA&CAO, FA&CAO/G, CPO/IR and other officers to the 126 Zonal PNM with SCRE Sangh, CPO stated that all the PHODs were busy in the last one and half months in MPs meetings as well as GM's inspections being conducted on the divisions. Thanking GS for the PNM meeting, CPO mentioned the following achievements: (i) There has been highly positive trend of compassionate ground appointment cases on this Railway. Written examination was conducted for the first time in the Indian Railways to the Diploma holders for the post of JE/II on compassionate grounds. A lot of effort has been made by Sri Srinivasa Reddy, Dy.CPO/Admn. & Rect. in this regard in making out the syllabus, conducting written examination and offering appointments. CPO complimented Sri Srinivasa Reddy, Dy.CPO/Admn. & Rect. for this achievement. (ii) For Sports quota recruitment and Cultural quota recruitment, advertisements have been issued. (iii) Notification has been issued calling applications from course completed Act Apprentices for employment in Railways. (iv) Indents were placed long back on RRBs for more than 2500 vacancies in all categories for which advertisements have been issued by RRB for the categories of Loco Pilot, Goods Guard and also for ECRC and Comml. Clerks. Nodal RRB issued main advertisement and our RRBs will issue indicative advertisement. Written examination will be conducted on a single day all over the Indian Railways so that duplication of passing in both the examinations will be eliminated. STAFF SIDE Sri/Smt S.Muthukrishnan, President M. Raghavaiah, GS K. Jogender Reddy, Wkg. President Ch. Hari, Vice President G. Prabhaker Andrews,JGS A. Raja Gopal, JGS C.P.S. Sarma,Treasurer M. Uma Nagendramani,AGS M.BharaniBhanuPrasad,AGS V. Veerabhadraiah, AGS P.S. Perumal,Divl. President/SC T.A. Sai Kumar,DS/SC K. Bikshapathy, DS/HYB P. Surender, Divl. President/NED P. Govinda Rajulu,DP/GTL D. Reddappa,DS/GTL K. Jagapathi Raju, Secy/BVRM B. Venkatasubbaiah, DS/BZA B.K. Visweswara Rao, DS/GNT K. Hemanth Kumar, Divl. President



(v) Panel were received from RRB for the posts of Goods Guard, Traffic Apprentice, Signal Maintainer, Telecom Maintainer and shortly 200 papers of Loco Pilots are expected and the panel of ASM is also ready. This will relieve overworking of the ASMs to some extent. As regards implementation of MACPS and filling up of vacancies as existed on 31-8-2009, workshops have done good work. Wherever possible, we have finished non-selection and selection posts except for the written examination for JE/II posts and Gr.'D' to Gr.'C'. If any category is left out, list of such categories may be given. As far as pre-2006 revision of pension cases are concerned, NED, GNT, LGD workshop, TPTY workshop, headquarters have completed this task. Only in SC, HYB and BZA divisions, the work is pending substantially. There are large numbers of surplus teachers now on S.C.Railway. It is suggested that these surplus teachers are redeployed in the category of ASMs where the administration would be able to find some useful work for them. We can decentralize the posts of JE/I in certain categories of Mech., Elec. and S&T and start thinking about it. Whenever we send some proposals regarding decentralization, opinion of the Sangh may be given so that we will address all grievances of the staff.






Address by GS Thanking the Administration for convening the 126 GM-PNM with SCRE Sangh within a short time, GS said that Personnel Department was keen to maintain regular dialogue with the Organised Labour for the purpose of ensuring that the industrial and healthy relations are further consolidated. Specially complimenting CPO for highlighting certain important developments and progress made by the Railways in respect of filling up of vacancies and also the RRB panels which are expected to be received, GS brought out the following points to the notice of CPO: (i) Administration has to look into the aspect of the candidates trained by S.C. Rly. Administration and deserted the S.C. Railway. Employees particularly in the category of ALPs, when they are trained and positioned to work as ALP, they left the job on S.C.Rly and were working in some other Railways especially on W.C.Rly, W.Rly and E.C.Rly. There is no machinery to stop this. It is requested that Administration may take necessary action to see that our machinery is properly streamlined in order to contain such situations. (ii) As regards dragging of PNM subjects for years, it is mentioned that the position and sometimes the remarks were changed from time to time. When there is a merit in the case, that merit warrants the Administration to take a decision. In the vision-2020 document also, Railway Ministry said they would further strengthen the PNM machinery so as to see effective participation, very cogent dialogue for the purpose of resolving the issues. This may please be appreciated so that Administration can see the cases combined with genuineness and humanitarian grounds and they should be settled with human face and human mind. CPO is requested to see that we further level up ourselves as participants of this machinery. (iii) Joining with CPO in complimenting Sri Srinivasa Reddy, Dy.CPO/Admn. & Rect. for the job done in granting CG appointments to Diploma holders and Degree holders against the vacancies of JE by framing syllabus and conducting written examination, GS said that other Railways would copy this procedure, since no other Railway have done this. (iv) Of late, replies are not received to the letters written to the Administration. Both the sides are working as one family for the purpose of improving the efficiency of the Railway and equally for safeguarding the interests of the employee. If replies are given promptly on the grievances raised, we will be in a position to analyse the cases and get it closed. (v) Decisions of the Joint Meeting should be implemented immediately and the result of the joint meeting must flow which will add additional advantage to the Railway Organization. For example ­ IRCTC surplus catering staff, they are willing for redeployment, but Administration is not able to finalise and paying lakhs of rupees as salaries and allowances without utilizing their services. It is requested to see that action is taken within 7 days particularly where joint meeting is held and conclusions arrived. The entire Man Power Planning is dealt by CPO and his decision is final. It is requested that orders are issued for redeployment of catering staff as per their request in writing so that they may be redeployed in ticket checking. (vi) As regards surplus teachers, they are highly qualified staff. Suddenly, if you ask them to go as ASMs, they may not go. One joint meeting should be conducted so that we can solve the problem. Sangh is willing to be consulted to solve the problem so that these teachers can be judiciously redeployed. There are vacancies in Railway Degree College. The Zonal Railway is not competent to fill these vacancies, since they are now in Gr.'A'. There was avenue and certain percentage of posts were filled by Jr.College Lecturers in the past. The administration should approach Railway Board to restore the previous avenue with appropriate amendments, facilitating Junior Lecturers to join Degree College.


(vii) As regards Gr.'D' to Gr.'C' selection in HQ, 7 years have passed after the last selection. Gr.'D' staff are deprived of their promotion to Gr.'C' category and are frustrating. It is requested to finalise Gr.'D' to Gr.'C' selection. If need be, the matter will be discussed with GM. In respect of Act Apprentices, GS thanked CPO for issuing the notification for inducting the course completed Act Apprentices because there is heavy shortage. Priority may given where there is heavy shortage. While distributing the candidates, care may be taken that good number of people are given to CRS/TPTY so that the staff under orders of transfer are relieved out of TPTY. Railway Board recently issued orders regarding payment of OT to Loco running staff and Traffic running staff and other categories. It is requested that these OT arrears are paid without much delay. In respect of stepping up of cases, Railway Board issued orders where the senior employee is drawing less pay than the junior employee recruited on or after 1-1-2006. CPO and FA&CAO may see that orders of stepping up of pay are implemented as quickly as possible. Regarding MACPS, Board issued orders that what should be the criteria for awarding marks slightly modifying the earlier instructions. These instructions have given greater flexibility to grant financial upgradation without creating any problem. It is requested that wherever cases were not considered and upgradations denied, those cases are reviewed in the light of Board's recent instructions. As regards deduction of income tax, whatever arrears are paid to the employees, it is from 1-12006 onwards. In order to avoid hardship to the staff in paying more income tax, FA&CAO is requested to see that suitable instructions are issued to the field units thereby the income tax is saved. As regards periodical transfers of office bearers, Board's instructions are very clear that when GM approved to transfer the office bearer out of the present station, the office bearer may be allowed to continue for a period of one year or till the next office bearer is elected whichever is earlier. There is no mention that the one year should be counted from the date of notice given to the Union. It is requested that the one year period should be reckoned from the date the GM approved the transfer.







Address by CPO on 03.03.10 While inviting GM/SCR, GS/Sangh, President/Sangh and all the PHODs, Office Bearers of Sangh to the 126th Zonal PNM with Sangh, CPO mentioned that this is the first PNM meeting in the year 2010. CPO also gave an account of the proceedings that took place in the PNM meeting on 2.3.10 and 3.3.10 and mentioned that discussions were fruitful and were held in a congenial atmosphere. CPO said that during the discussions, SCRE Sangh has also raised certain important issues such as providing new AVC to Pointsmen category. Providing career improvement opportunities to group-D staff of Commercial Staff and also throwing open promotional opportunities in commercial department to group-D staff of other departments as well. Address by General Manager : GM while expressing his happiness over the performance of S.C. Railway said that he salute one and all who are associated with achieving the excellent results despite recessionary trends and requested the staff representatives to take his message to all the staff down below. He mentioned that SCR has picked th up 11.4 million tonnes more than previous year and its contribution in total earning of IR is 1/4 . He also mentioned that SCR ran 338 special trains and 6970 additional coaches in the year. GM commended the hard work put in by SCR officers and staff. Passengers are also happy with the performance of SCR. GM said that our gross earnings have gone up due to hard work put in by the railway staff and officers. He said that earning would have been much even more if more wagons and coaches were made available. Coming to the capacity augmentation, GM mentioned about the doubling of Samalkot-Kakinada Port section, guage conversion of Dharmavaram - Pakala section and electrification of 119 track kilometers during the year. 21 road under bridges and sub-ways, 12 Road Over Bridges were created because of dedicated staff. SCR is having finest blend of officers, staff and staff representatives. In any criterion SCR is the best zonal railway. Speaking over the issue of Compassionate Appointments, GM said that the number of pending cases have come down to 200 odd cases from more than 500 cases. GM further mentioned that economic well being may be there for the widow, but cases are to be dealt on its merit keeping in view the large number of vacancies and railways need men. Regarding exgratia payments, GM stated that earlier there were more than 100 cases. The number has now came down to less than 10-15 cases. GM while mentioning about the recently convened MPs meeting stated that unlike earlier meetings this time meetings were held at the MPs places instead of convening at Hyderabad/Secunderabad. 90% of the Zones have so far not convened the meetings. The meetings were held in extremely cordial atmosphere. GM said that it is his pleasure to have a PNM meeting with SCRE


Sangh and mentioned that he will look forward for the same cooperation with Sangh in the years to come to achieve greater heights of performance. Address by GS/SCRE Sangh GS mentioned that he is overwhelmed with the observations made by GM/SCR over the present performance of S.C. Railway and he has also mentioned that he is equally grateful to GM for thanking the railway employees and officers on this achievement. He further mentioned that GM is having a positive approach and he is able to pull the people towards his direction and opined that under his able leadership SCR will further prosper. GS stated that there is heavy shortage of staff in the diesel loco shed, particularly at MLY. Here creation of posts is a problem. New shed is created, people are aspiring for promotions. Likewise, in TRD, Operating categories, there is an urgent need to take a decision by General Manager and solve the problem of filling up of vacancies. In Gangmen category we are facing serious crisis. Whatever panels pending or drawn should be operated and vacancies are filled. The crux of the problem is creation of posts. Wherever, there is a need for creation of 100 posts, atleast 60-65 posts may be created and on this aspect GS/Sangh requested FA&CAO to kindly cooperate. GS requested GM/SCR to consider the CG cases more sympathetically. He said that wherever administration is of the view that cases are genuine and not malafide, they may be considered liberally. GS mentioned about a widow's case seeking the post of Staff Nurse and requested GM to write a DO letter to Member Staff for their formal sanction. He also mentioned about a deceased railway employee - late Shri Dasarath, Loco Pilot's case and said that even though adoption case was genuine CG appointment was not offered. In another case, where a widow of the loco running staff of Renigunta who is graduate was not given a post matching to her qualification. GS/Sangh recollected an earlier decision where a 3-member committee consisting of SAG Officers was constituted to clear the pending cases and requested for constitution of such committee again. On the issue of surrender of posts, GS mentioned that whenever there is a need to surrender there should be advance planning and organized labour should be taken into confidence before such surrender is made. He mentioned about the plight of Catering Staff who were sent on deemed deputation to IRCTC. He mentioned that their payments delayed, seniority not processed, their promotions lost. This can be taken up as a lesson in future so that such things should not happen. Now, there is Teachers problem. He said that the old AVC available for teachers was discontinued. It should be restored now. In this regard, proposal may be sent to Railway Board. GS stated that surrenders have to be done in the recruitment grades. Promotional prospects should not be affected. On SC Division, even though panel was available, promotional posts were surrendered. Instead, they could have promoted the employee and released vacancy should have been surrendered. Inspite of COM stating promotions should be given, since the staff were empanelled, it was not done. Discussions are going on since 3 ½ years on this issue in the PNM Meeting. GS/Sangh commended the work of Personnel Department Officers in respect of Staff Welfare of issuing identity-cum-medical cards to all the employees of RN building and allowing IT rebate of Rs.19, 00,000/- to the staff which was possible as a result of spreading of pay commission arrears from 2006 onwards. On this issue, GS complemented FA&CAO and CPO. Speaking on the aspect of Safety, GS said continuous night working may be reviewed. He mentioned that it rd is very difficult to work in 3 continuous night. GS requested to draw the links and rosters in such a way that on completion of 2 night works the employee may be relieved for day duty. If this is done, it will be a history creation for south central railway. GS/Sangh requested GM to take up welfare measures like community halls. GS also mentioned that the condition of Gangmen is miserable. They are the most loyal workforce and there should not be any delay in filling up the vacancies. GS also brought to the notice of GM that on NED Division, out of 500 odd running staff, 386 staff are in receipt of charge sheet. Casual Labour in Civil Engineering Department, who have put in 25 years are still with temporary status, not regularized. As regards catering facilities in rest houses for Ticket Checking staff, CCM has given assurance.


SECTION `B' : AGENDA SUBJECTS S.No Sub. No. Subject Official concerned 1 126/01/10 Restoration of Family Pension in favour of Smt. P.Azimunnisa Begum, W/o FA&CAO/G, DRM/BZA Late P.Ibrahim, SWM/MBL expired on 12-01-1968. SCRE Sangh has given a Photostat copy of the representation submitted by Smt.Azimunnisa. where certain references are available. Sr.DPO/BZA will be asked to send a Welfare Inspector to investigate. 2 126/02/10 Non-implementation of financial upgradation under MACPS ­ I.T.Cadre FA&CAO General Secretary requested FA&CAO that reversions need not be resorted to as vacancies are existing in Group 'C' Apex level as well in Group 'B' level FA&CAO agreed to review and also explained to Sangh that there is a Court case pending. So far as implementation of MACPs is concerned, the SCRES th demanded the initial recruitment grade pay should be Rs.4200/- as their entry grade in 5 PC Scales is th Rs.5000-8000 for which the corresponding grade pay in 6 CPC is Rs.4200/-. Further upgradation under MACPS should commence from the grade pay of Rs.4600/- etc. as per 10/20/30 years of service. Sangh also requested to rectify the irregularities taken place in the order dt.23.2.10 extending the benefit of MACPS as per Board's orders. 3 126/03/10 Posting of Cable Jointers for maintenance of underground cables in GTL CSTE, DRM/GTL division ­ Reg. It will be examined whether the work of cable jointer and TCM can be combined and additional posts created in TCM cadre in GTL division. Sangh stated that the AVC of the cable jointers as existing at present needs to be reviewed to provide promotional avenues in Supervisory capacity. 4 126/04/10 Outsourcing of Quad Cabling work in S&T Department CSTE, DRM/GTL Proposal for creation of 14 posts is under process. 5 126/05/10 Creation of posts in TRD Organisation in BZA Division & augmentation of staff CEE, DRM/BZA, DRM/SC, APO/M&El strength in SC Division (TRD Organisation). SCRE Sangh requested the CEE to make available the details of staff required for maintaining the newly created assets and also for manning the services introduced in the light of difficulty in finding matching money value within the department to the extent of posts required. After discussion, it was agreed to give the full position indicating the priority as well as total requirement. SCRE Sangh mentioned that they are opposing the decision to outsource the activities as such step would undermine the safety and eventually contribute to accidents. TRD Organisation, GTL Division ­ Non fulfillment of promotion quota posts of CEE, DRM/GTL, Junior Engineers. APO/M&El According to Sangh, there are 4 vacancies of JE-I which should also be taken into account for assessment for JE-II. This will be checked up. Sangh also requested to expedite the selection of SSE/SE to generate resultant vacancies. Revision of hourly rates of incentive bonus in Workshops ­ 5% improvement in CME, All CWMs productivity on a prospective basis. GS SCRES stated that even prior to the revision of incentive bonus for Workshops, the productivity of each individual workshop was much beyond 5% of target laid down and as such there should be no curtailment of staff. Since January, 2009 onwards, the productivity in the Workshops is further increased.The Sangh requested the administration to keep in mind these factors for the purpose of taking a view on staff matters. Sangh also requested that the productivity details for the year 2008-09, 2009-10 with reference to the laid down targets may be made available for further deliberations. CME said that full details relating to target as well as performance will be furnished to the Sangh besides staff sanctions and actuals. Creation of posts for Diesel Shed/MLY CME, DRM/HYB, APO/M&El Proposal for creation of posts will be followed up. Action will be taken as per Para 7 of Joint Meeting held on 18.06.2009. Sangh stated that redeployed staff should not come in way of regular promotions in MLY. They should be kept as a separate block. Upgradation of Gatemen to the Pay scale Rs.2750-4400 ­ Implementation of PCE, All DRMs, SPO(E&HQ) Railway Board's order.










On GTL division, upgradation implemented from 11.08.04. On BZA division, all Gatemen were given upgradation from 1.1.06. The issue from Nov. 03 to Dec.05 is yet to be finalized. NED division upgradation not implemented.GNT division upgradation partially implemented.SC division upgradation implemented from 21.09.07 after CPO's letter for issue.They are waiting for orders from Hqrs. for implementation from 1.11.03 onwards. HYB division upgradation implemented from 2008. Thus various divisions have implemented from a date subsequent to 1.11.03,which was the date specified by the Board for implementation. All divisions will be directed to implement the orders from 1.11.03 and arrears paid. SCRE Sangh has requested that Trackmen deployed to work as Gatemen should be given benefit from 1.11.03. Training to the staff promoted as Junior Engineer-II (Works) in scale Rs.5000- PCE, All DRMs, SPO(E&HQ) 8000 (Pre-revised) against 25% Promotional Quota. All such promoted staff will be given 2 months training as per Module CE 25. Sangh brought to the notice of PCE that there are instances of promotee holding the post of JE I is made to work under JE-II who happens to be a direct recruit and junior. This is creating difficulty in work place as the Senior incumbent feels that he is put to humiliation. Sangh requested PCE to look into that aspect. Allotment of 6th CPC Grade Pay to staff kept on supernumerary CCM, PCE, DRM/SC, DRM/BZA, posts. SPO/T, SPO/E&HQ, SPO/Rules Instructions will be issued to grant grade pay of Rs.1800/- to eligible staff and feed back will be obtained from Divisions. Circular to be issued by SPO/Rules. Provision of cooking facilities at rest rooms meant for Ticket checking staff. CCM, All DRMs Instructions have been reiterated to implement the Board's instructions as mentioned by Sangh. Copy of the letter dt.2.3.2010 is handed over to Sangh. Problems of Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerks working at PRS/SC and HYB. CCM, DRM/SC Sangh explained the prevailing conditions. CCM mentioned that there is need to improve the machinery and as well other facilities. He agreed to take necessary corrective steps on all the five points mentioned in the agenda. Heavy shortage of staff vacancies in Commercial Department. CCM, DRM/BZA, DRM/NED, DRM/GNT SPO/T Sangh stated that in NED, BZA, GNT there are very few group-D staff in commercial department available for departmental promotional quota. Letter will be written to all the three divisions for extending the promotional quota to all group-D categories, if required. Sangh also stated that the Group-D staff who were formerly Coach Attendants, be given another opportunity for promotion to TC post against DR quota. Creation of posts of TTEs for manning the reserved coaches as per the Amenity CCM, SPO/T, Charts. Action for creation of 327 posts is under process. Sangh requested that the links may also be shown before finalization. Unrealistic excess fare targets fixed to Ticket Checking staff working in Squads. CCM Sangh suggested that CCM may call representatives of Ticket Checking from all divisions and have interactive session to find out their problems as well as receive their ideas for achieving targets. Policy implementation ­ Requests of staff for transfer on completion of one year stay CCM, SPO/T, or on expiry of punishment period. SPO/Rules This will be discussed separately. Filling up of posts of Dresser Gr.III/OTA Gr.III in Medical Departemnt. CMD, SPO/E&HQ Examination will be conducted early. 121 surplus staff of S&T Workshop Unit have been sent to various units by way of CME, CWM/LGD supernumerary posts. Sangh said that such redeployed staff should be kept as a APO/M separate block and their career should get pursued in that block itself as done in the past. Sangh mentioned that these Technicians from MFT are being counted as part of LGDS cadre, which is not proper. Sangh requested the administration to issue detailed clarificatory orders to LGDS. Surrender of posts of Stenographers in BZA Division. DRM/BZA, SPO/E&HQ Stenographers posts will not be surrendered and if required, Typists posts will be surrendered in lieu of that. Fixation of Pay of disabled/medically de-categorized staff on absorption in alternative DRM/GTL, employment. APO/Rect,
















126/17/10 CLOSED 126/18/10 126/19/10

18 9


126/20/10 CLOSED




The case will be examined with respect to his educational qualifications. Sangh said that he is a Diploma holder and being running staff the 30% of pay will be taken into account for offering the equivalent stationary post which in his case is post in grade Rs.6500-10500 RS(RP). It was agreed to re-examine the case. Implementation of Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) All DRMs All cadre Officers SPO/Rules It has been informed to Sangh that entire substitute service followed by temporary status and regularization without break can be taken into account for grant of benefit under the MACP scheme. The position of MACPs reviewed and Sangh said that a copy of the proceedings be given and it was agreed to. DRMs Denial of payment of Over Time Allowance to the staff working in Grade Pay of All Rs.4600 SPO/Rules Sangh stated that since there is no change in designation and classification and status, there should be no change in the allowances including overtime. Hence, clarification should be issued. Action will be taken accordingly. The subject can be closed after issuance of instructions. Fixation of pay ­ Juniors are drawing more pay ­ Case of Shri M.Abhiram, DRM/GTL, SPO(E&HQ) Safety Counsellor (Engg) CSO/SC Details are yet to come from GTL division. This will be settled within one month. Screening and absorption as regular Welder and Vehicle Driver in DRM/BZA,DRM/GNT, Engineering Department ­ BZA/GNT Divisions. APO/Rectt File will be put up to General Manager. Revised classification and mode of filling up of Non -Gazetted posts. All DRMs All Cadre Officers & SPO/Rules 1) In terms of Board's letter dt.11.1.2010 (RBE No.8/10) in cases where even after merger, mode of filling up in merged grades, as indicated in Board's letter dt.3.9.09 (SC No.143/09) has not been changed, all such panels, suitability lists, if any, as finalized/partly operated before restriction was imposed on making promotion to such merged grades, which was effective from 4.9.08 may be further operated. All other panels/suitability lists cease to exist i.e. the cases where a non-selection' post has been changed to `selection' or `suitability with prescribed benchmark' and where a `selection' post has been changed to nonselection or suitability with prescribed benchmark. The instructions issued under para-9 of this office letter dt.25.9.09 are in consonance with the Board's instructions on the subject. 2) Proforma fixation of pay is allowed only in the type of cases indicated in para 228 of IREM. However, in terms of Board's letter dated 13.11.81 (SC No.138/81), an employee on promotion to a higher post shall have the option to have his pay fixed on the date of accrual of next increment in the lower scale. Since employees promoted during the period from January to June can exercise their option for fixation of pay, they will not be put to any monetary loss. 3) In regard to filling up of resultant vacancies with the modified procedure, all Divisions/units including headquarters have taken into account the resultant vacancies in the lower grades in the assessment of vacancies as on 31.8.09. Where doubts were raised by Divisions/Units, they were advised accordingly. Subject is closed. Protection of Grade Pay and status for medically decategorised staff ­ Case DRM/SC, APO/Rectt, of Md.Rafiuddin, Ex.RPF Constable absorbed as Sr.Watchman in S&T Department. Sangh requested to re-examine the case to extend the benefit of pay fixation/scale. It has been agreed to review the case. Sangh quoted the similar case where benefit was given. Speed test to the Stenographers for granting advance increments on their All DRMs, SPO/E&HQ qualifying in 100 or 120 words per minute. This work will be completed by 15th April, 2010. Issue of revised classification and mode of filling up of Non -gazetted posts All PHODs, All DRMs ­ Ref. SPO/Rules In terms of Railway Board's letter No.E(NG)I-2009/PM1/15, dt.3.9.09, the revised classification and mode of filling up of non gazetted posts were issued for the posts as existed on 31.8.09 and the Board has made it clear that the revised classification for filling up of the posts arise after 1.9.09 will be issued separately. As such, AVC can only be finalised on receipt of the revised classification from the Railway Board. Granting of appointment on compassionate grounds. APO/Rectt In view of the position apprised to GS/Sangh vide CPO/SC's letter No.P/SC/268/PNM/SCRES/2010, dt.25.2.10, the subject is closed.


126/22/10 CLOSED








126/26/10 CLOSED






126/29/10 CLOSED


126/30/10 CLOSED


SECTION `C' : AGENDA SUBJECTS S.No Sub. No. Subject Official concerned 1 109/73/04 Provision Of Additional ASMs At All Stations With Central Panels ­ COM, All DRMs Implementation Of Railway Board's Decision. Divisions have identified the following stations with central panels for study for provision of additional ASM. SC Division : Raghavapuram, Peddapalli, Jammikunta, Uppal BZA Division: Venkatachallam, Ulavapadu, Kondapalli, Nuzvid GTL Division : Juturu, Nalwar, GNT Division : Nallapadu, HYB Division : nd Mahaboobnagar NED Division : Nanded Proposals for posting of 2 ASM are being processed by Divisions for Accounts vetting and thereafter for sanction by Headquarters office. 2 112/36/05 Maintenance of 140 Tonnes Crane Hydraulic Homed at C&W Depot, CME, FA&CAO/G Gooty. DRM/GTL Finance has concurred for 245 posts, which also include posts for 145T Crane. Further action will be taken 3 113/65/05 A)Artisan staff ­ Implementation of 80:20 Ratio between Skilled and CME, CWM/TPTY, Unskilled Artisans at CRS/TPTY. FA&CAO/G, APO/Mech B)Requirement of Additional posts ­Mechanical Department (C&W). C)Augmentation of staff-Carriage & Wagon Department, SC division. 113/65/05 : Proposal sent to Finance for concurrence on 19.11.2009. 118/09/07 & 119/38/07 : The proposal for creation of additional posts of SC division has been concurred by FA&CAO for 113 Group-C posts. GM's sanction is to be obtained. 4 114/95/05 Requirement of Man Power and creation of posts for Memu Car Shed, CEE, Rajahmundry and ELS/KZJ DRM/SC, BZA APO/Mech MEMU/RJY - Proposals are yet to come from BZA division. ELS/KZJ - Proposal for creation of posts is awaiting matching surrender 5 115/09/06 Creation of posts CMD,SPO/E & Proposal for creation of 109 posts of para-medical staff has been sent to Finance for concurrence on 117/77/06 17.02.2010. 6 116/49/06 Injustice done to Ticket checking staff in respect of promotion- BZA CCM, DRM/BZA,SPO/T division Sangh stated that the persons were promoted to grade Rs.4000-6000 in May, 2005 and therefore they are eligible for benefit para 2 (i) of Board's letter dt.17.02.2006. 7 117/63/06 Movement of heavy vehicles Via SCRE Sangh Central Office Road to S&T PCE, CSTE/Const. (Cons.) Stores premises causing disturbance to the working of the DRM/HYB CLOSED organization. As recorded during the last PNM meeting, Joint inspection of the site has been done. For S&T (Con) Stores, a level area of 40 to 50 mt away from the existing low lying stores has been located and S&T(Con) has to shift to this new location. The new location is having direct access from main road and on shifting to the new store premises, lorries will not ply through the present road. 8 117/89/06 Inordinate Delay in revision of pension consequent upon implementation of DRM/BZA, FA&CAO/G new pay scales from 1.1.1996. APO/M The Indian Bank/Kavali has been advised to refund the overpayment. Further, DGM/Indian Bank/Chittoor was also addressed to direct Kavali Branch to remit the money. Further action will be taken after receiving the reply from the Bank. 9 118/24/07 Loss of promotion opportunities to the staff of HYB divn. Consequent CCM, DRM/HYB, & SPO/T upon bifurcation of the division. CPO explained that the restructuring numbers in HYB & NED were worked out in Jan. '2007 by the then CPO in a meeting with Personnel Officers & implemented accordingly.GS mentioned that the administration must confirm that the full number of staff due for restructuring be it in NED or HYB have been given the benefit or not. It was agreed to check up and apprise to Sangh. 10 119/39/07 Creation of additional posts for RCD fuel/Dhone ­ GTL Division. CME, DRM/GTLAPO/M CME said that 4 posts are identified. Copy of the letter will be handed over to GS. CEE, CCM, All DRMs 11 121/11/08 Restoration of Bed Rolls distribution activity to Electrical Department. As desired by Sangh, the Railway Board has restored back the activity to Electrical Department. The CLOSED subject is treated as closed. 12 121/13/08 Promotion to the post of Technician Grade I in TRD organisation ­ Case of CEE, DRM/SC, HYB & Sri Mohd. Ibrahim, Technician Gr.II, SSE/TRD/O/KCG HYB Division. APO/M&El. The case is under further examination. 13 121/14/08 Vacancy position in Trackman category ­ serious unrest among staff. PCE, All DRMs,SPO/E&HQ


Approval of Railway Board has been communicated to the divisions for re-engagement of the retired employees below 62 years of age for the post of Trackmen/Gatemen/Keymen and Trolleymen on daily remuneration basis vide CPO/SC's office letter No.P/E/288/Re.eng/Tracknman, dt.30.12.09. Sangh stated that young candidates are required for ensuring track standards. Formation of Crew Links consequent upon introduction of new Trains COM, DRMs SC & GTL The issue will be discussed during the Joint Meeting. Provision of adequate office accommodation to Electrical and Workshop CWM/LGD, Dy.CPO/Wel Canteen Branch of SCRE Sangh, Lallaguda Unless the handicrafts centre is relocated, it is not feasible to made available additional accommodation. However, efforts are on hand to do the needful. Transfer of staff to New Division ­ Grant of seniority treating them as DRM/GNT, APO/M&El. optees ­ Guntur Division. Information obtained from GNT division containing the details of the optees is handed over to GS /SCRE Sangh . Stepping up of pay of seniors on par with juniors ­ Cases of Sri TVG Dy.CPO/ Rajnikar and Sri B.Krishnamurthy, Loco Supervisors (retd) ­ Fixation of Admn. correct pension and payment of arrears. APO/M&EL Representatives of the Sangh will have separate meting with Dy.CPO/Admn. and finalise the issue. Grant of Training Allowance to the Instructors of Training Centres ­ C&W CME, Basic Training Centre, Vijayawada. DRMs ­SC, BZA, GTL FA&CAO/G APO/Mech Posts of Instructors have been redesignated in respect of Carriage & Wagon Training Centre at BZA and GY. In respect of Ramagundam, issue of conversion of one post of SE into Instructor is in process. Payment of conveyance allowance/road mileage to the staff performing CEE, DRM/BZA official duties away from their depots/headquarters. FA&CAO/G, SPO/Rules Proposal from BZA division received CPO's office on 3.3.10. Further action is on hand. Promotion as CYM in Scale Rs.7450-11500 consequent upon merger of COM DRM/GTL, SPO/T YM Cadre with SMs and ASMs ­ GTL Division. Sangh explained the merits of the case. Within 10 days decision will be taken. Surrender of posts meant to be filled by promotion ­ Staff lost promotion ­ COM, DRM/SC, SPO/T Rectification requested. This will be settled within 15 days. Office accommodation for SCRE Sangh Branches i.e., Administrative PCE, DRM/HYB, APO/IR Offices Branch (Tech)/Rail Nilayam, Administrative Offices Branch (Tech) Rail Nilayam and Printing Press Branch in HQrs area. A joint meeting was held on 2.2.10 wherein alternative site available at 3 locations has been shown to representatives of both the Trade Unions. Working of Freight Carrying Trains by GTL-GY-DHNE Crews between COM, BAY AND OMC of South Western Railway- Problems being faced by DRM/GTL Running Staff of South Central Railway. Extended crew run by GTL division staff upto HPT, RNJP and by UBL division staff upto GTL/GY has been implemented successfully w.e.f.18.3.09. UBL division has provided running room at RNJP with cooking facilities to enable GTL Division crew to take proper rest. UBL Division has also agreed to provide cooking facilities at BAY Running room shortly. At TNGL outstation crew i.e. GTL Division crew is being given preference to work through trains. The subject is closed. Dis-satisfaction among Track Machine staff of South Central Railway due PCE, All DRMs,Dy.CPO/ to changed working conditions ­ Remedial requested. HR While thanking PCE/CPO, Sangh requested that the implementation of the duty roster may be given effect from back date. Revision of Essentially Intermittent Rosters of Pointsmen of Vikarabad, COM,DRM/SC Dy.CPO/HR Tandur, Seram and Malkhaid Road stations (Secunderabad Division) from road side stations to `other than road side stations, for restricting the rostered duty hours from 72 hours to 60 hours per week. Further information sought from SC division and relevant papers will be given to Sangh for follow up action. Creation of additional posts of SCOR and change of classification of roster COM,FA&CAO/G, - Control boards in Nanded Division. DRM/NED, SPO/T

14 15

121/19/08 121/26/08













22 122/51/08











Following posts are under creation: CHC Grade Pay Rs.9300-34800 Rs.4600/Dy.CHC Grade pay Rs.9300-34800 Rs.4600/SCOR Grade pay Rs.9300-34800 Rs.4200/Total 27 28 123/24/09 123/25/09


123/29/09 CLOSED 124/31/09 124/35/09

30 31














125/64/0 9 125/67/09 CLOSED


Opening of Goods Guards base of DHNE The matter rests with SCRE Sangh. Frustration among Pointsmen consequent upon loss of promotion COM, opportunities due to abolition of higher grade posts in Operating All DRMs, SPO/T Department ­ Review for providing Avenue of Promotion ­ Urged. COM while agreeing with the views expressed by SCRE Sangh said that need has arisen to provide adequate opportunities of promotions to Points men category. He has assured to work on this and further consultations will be held. Grant of Senior Grade and Selection Grade to Smt. L. Soujanya Reddy, Dy.CPO/Wel Librarian/RDC/LGD. The subject was discussed and closed. Future of I.T. Cadre structure and I.T. staff FA&CAO A separate meeting will be organized with Sri Hari, Vice President, SCRE Sangh Need for creation of additional posts at Electric Loco Shed Vijayawada as CEE, FA&CAO/G, per existing Loco holdings / Yardstick. APO/M Finance concurrence for 42 posts has been given. Proposal under process for obtaining money value with necessary matching surrender. Posting of adequate No. of staff for Bridge Organisation in Guntur Division PCE,FA&CAO/G, for effective maintenance. DRM/GNT, All DRMs All the divisions have been advisesd to call applications from willing employees from Bridge units who are seeking transfer to GNT division to fill up the vacancies. A) Grant of recognition for "Padmachandra Super Speciality Hospital at CMD, DRM/HYB Kurnool as "Referral Hospital" for the benefit of Railway employees at Kurnool and adjoining stations of Guntur Division and also staff of DHNE, Guntakal and adjoining stations of Guntakal Division. The proposal is under process. Denial of promotion as Vehicle Drivers to the staff working on adhoc in CAO/CN, Dy.CPO/CN, Construction Organisation. SPO/E Matter rests with SCRE Sangh. Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of sixth Dy.CPO/MPP, All DRMs, Central Pay Commission (VI CPC) ­ Revision of Pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners / Family Pensioners. Progress made (Division/Unit wise) in revision of pension/family pensions of pre-2006 retirees has been apprised during the meeting. Counting of service of State/Central Government for Pensionary benefits ­ FA&CAO/G, SPO/E Case of Smt. M. Vajram, Matron Gr.II, Central Hospital, Lallaguda. MD/CH/LGD is being addressed to confirm whether the personnel branch circular issued during 1999 on the subject pertaining to counting of service rendered in State/Central Governments' was notified to the staff of CH/LGD where the above named had worked during the year 1999. Restoration of pay from 01.01.2001 and re-fixation of Pension with DRM/SC, SPO/T consequential benefits ­ Case of Shri Zahed Rahim, HTTE/SC, SC Division - Retired ­ PPO No. 59021108015, P.F. No. 001456610. The case is being attended to by SC division. Denial of Transport Allowance to physically challenged employees. FA&CAO Sangh requested the FA&CAO to consider the payment of Transport Allowance from the backdate. This will be examined. Transfer of posts from Electrical/TRD of Vijayawada Division to other CEE, FA&CAO/G divisions, in the name of temporary transfer. DRM-BZA, GTL & GNT Transfer of vacant posts from Electrical/TRD/BZA and GTL divisions was done due to acute shortage of manpower and inability to create the revenue posts. However, it was ensured that only vacant posts are transferred thereby the promotional prospects of the staff of BZA division are not affected. On sanction of posts for GTL and GNT divisions, the temporarily transferred posts will be restored back to BZA division. Hence this item may be closed.

3 posts 7 posts 2 posts ----------------12 posts -----------------COM, DRM/GTL


40 125/68/09 Delay in regularization of services of App. Junior Engineers-II, Electrical CEE, DRM/SC against 50% RRB Direct Recruitment Quota in the General Services APO/M Cadre of Electrical Department. Following items will be checked up: What was the old system and why it was discontinued? Who were candidates in the instant panel and their dates of completion of training in different divisions? Absorption of medically de-categorised staff ­ Case of Sri Mohd. Basheer, CEE, CCM, DRM/SC presently working as Parcel Porter UNDER SS/Hyderabad. SPO/T APO/M General Secretary stated that in terms of Board's policy of granting seniority to medically decategoriesed staff, Sri Md. Basheer should have been given alternative job in the pay scale of Rs.3050-4590/- (prerevised) / grade pay Rs.1900/- (6th CPC). The employee has been shunted from place to place without even assigning him proper seniority and protecting his pay scale. While he is kept in the pay scale of Rs.3050-4590/-, he is utilized as Parcel Porter, he has not been absorbed in any cadre. Thus, there is no hope of promotion for him. In view of the above scenario, the Sangh requested the administration to deploy him in any Group 'C' post which should match with the skills thereby he may have career opportunities. It will be checked up where his seniority and lien is given. Payment of Overtime Allowance to C&W Breakdown Supervisors and staff CME, DRM/SC as per Rules SPO/Rules, APO/M A copy of letter referred to Board has been handed over to GS/Sangh. Subject may be closed. Transfer of Trackmen to Secunderabad/ Hyderabad Divisions. PCE, DRM/GTL, DRM/NED SPO/E Only 4 cases out of 61 are left over on GTL Division; and only 23 out of 112 are left on NED division. As regards GTL Division, transfer in respect of 4 trackmen of DHNE section has been agreed by Sr.DEN/Coord. Personnel Branch of GTL Division to issue transfer orders. As regards to NED division, necessary action will be taken for relieving them.The subject is treated as closed. Promotion to the post of Junior Engineer-II (Works) against Departmental PCE, SPO/E Quota of 25% Sangh stated that since it is not possible to change the policy in short span of time one time exemption should be taken citing the difficulties and the outcome of the previous two selections. Non-provision of covered accommodation for IOH activities and provision CWM/CRS/TPYS of EOT Crane ­ CRS/TPTY. DRM/GTL Proposal for provision of covered accommodation for IOH activities and provision of EOT crane is planned under plan head 4200 and the estimate is under preparation. GM has recently visited CRS/TPTY and directed DRM/GTL to provide covered accommodation for the working area. Installation of Reverse Osmosis Plants centrally in LGDS and Rail Nilayam PCE premises. Discussed and closed. Adverse working conditions of C&W staff at TPTY Depot PCE, CME DRM/GTL Letter has been addressed to DRM/GTL to look into the issue of drainage getting chocked. Regular pumping should be done as and when required. Restoration of seniority in the category of "MATRON" ­ Case of Smt. J. CMD, SPO/E Leelavathi (SC), Matron/RH/LGD. This may be closed. Reimbursement of medical expenses CMD CMS/BZA Pending claims so far not settled will be discussed with CMD shortly separately by Sangh. Subject may be closed. Consideration of Inter-divisional request transfers prior to the allotment of COM, RRB candidates to different divisions ­ Assistant Loco Pilots category. All DRMs APO/M A letter will be written to all divisions to advise the status of inter-divisional transfer applications pending with them. Divisions will be advised to update the position. Sangh stated that divisions should be advised to forward the applications. COM, All DRMs DY, CPO/ HR Loco Crew utilization ­ Problems arising due to advance warning calls. SCRE Sangh has explained the hardship involved in the present system of giving call wherein the pilots are made to wait with mental anxiety. COM said that the 1/2 hour time is decided to be given to facilitate him to prepare and reach the lobby for taking over the train working. SCRE Sangh requested to revise 1/2 hour to 1 hour. COM has agreed to consider. Requirement of additional staff for manning newly opened crossing stations COM, DRM/GNT SPO/T and manned traffic L.C. Gates in Guntur Division Memorandum of creation of posts is under issue. Copy will be given to Sangh. Heavy shortage of Station Masters ­ Special efforts for filling the vacancies COM, All DRMs ­ Urged. SPO/T




125/71/09 CLOSED 125/74/09 CLOSED





125/76/09 CLOSED


125/77/09 CLOSED 125/78/09 CLOSED



125/82/09 CLOSED 125/83/09 Closed 125/85/09






125/87/09 CLOSED 125/88/09



185 Goods Guards panel received from RRB/SC and distributed to divisions. ASM panel is awaited. In addition, 38 papers of Traffic Apprentices and 15 papers of Commercial Apprentices were also received and distributed to divisions. Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the All DRMs new defined Contribution Pension System (NPS) SPO/Rules Instructions issued to all concerned to expedite the cases. Copy handed over to Sangh. Denial of Over Time Allowance to Car/Jeep Drivers. DRM/HYB SPO/Rules Test check of 4 individual cases has been under taken and it is noticed that OT is being paid. Sangh pointed out the written instructions of the division and demanded action for ensuring payment in full. SECTION `D': SUMMARY


125/89/09 CLOSED 125/90/08



No. of discussed 30 55 85


No. of subjects closed 06 14 20

No. of subjects pending 24 41 65


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