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Scripps Encinitas is moving full-force ahead with the campus master plan to meet the needs of our community and expand our services. The following are projects upon which Scripps Encinitas is focusing: Café Santa Fe new HVAC ­ UPCOMING PROJECT Conference Center renovation ­ IN PROGRESS Room-a-week renovation project ­ IN PROGRESS Room furniture replacement ­ UPCOMING PROJECT PC replacement ­ IN PROGRESS Engineering office renovation ­ IN PROGRESS Seimans mobile MRI ­ IN PROGRESS Nurse call upgrade ­ IN PROGRESS Sculpture garden ­ UPCOMING PROJECT


This past May, 9,000 employees took the annual Great Place to Work® survey and set a new record with 92 percent total participation. According to the Great Place To Work® Institute, the average participation rate for this type of survey is only 70 percent, so this is quite a triumph for Scripps -- and what a long way we've come. This year, 85 percent of all Scripps employees agreed that this is a great place to work which is a huge jump from 2002 when only 58 percent of employees agreed. For Scripps Encinitas, 85 percent answered "yes" to this question which is a six percentage point increase from last year's survey. In other areas, more than 90 percent of employees who took the survey agreed that: · I'm proud to tell others I work here · I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community We also noted ongoing workplace improvements, especially in benefits, quality and safety, which all had significant increases over last year. · We have special and unique benefits here (+5 points). · I feel we have improved quality of patient care over the past year (+4 points). · We have the appropriate number of people to provide safe, high quality care and services (+5 points). "We've made significant strides in employee satisfaction, but there is much more work to be done," says Scripps President and CEO Chris Van Gorder. "The Great Place to Work initiative is more than just an annual survey. It's a year-round program for

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employees and managers to work together in improving our workplace to that we can attract and retain the best talent to provide the best patient care." All Scripps employees have an important role to play in improving the workplace. In the coming months, managers will be holding departmental meetings to review GPTW survey results and develop unit action plans. This is your opportunity to take part in creating those plans. Thank you for taking the survey -- YOU make the difference!

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Ooooh ahhhh! It's our Executive Team when they were just tiny tater tots! Can you guess who these cuties are?

2. With over 20 years at Scripps Encinitas, she is the longest Scripps family member on the E-Team. 3. Now, that's one satisfied baby!

1. This director is almost due with baby #2! 11. This director moonlights as a "smack talking" iron chef champion.

6. This Belize native understands the ins and outs of patient safety. 4. This director is always "Baby-Friendly." 5. The newest member of the Scripps E-Team loves to surf!

9. This baby can't see -- it must be Julie Lee! 7. This chief thinks y'all ARE THE BEST! 8. A New York native, this E-Team member may be the youngest but he is all business.

a. Tim Collins, chief operating officer, VP b. Jason Cook, director, business development c. Carl Etter, chief executive, senior VP d. Brenda Flores, director, performance improvement, clinical analysis, service excellence e. Ana Jackson, director, patient safety, accreditation and licensing f. Bella Kaufman, administrative director, clinical services g. Julie Lee, director, marketing and communications h. Bob Lennon, administrative director, facilities and operations i. Bernadette Mills, administrative executive assistant j. Pam Teufel, administrative director of human resources k. Jan Zachry, chief nursing executive, VP ANSWER KEY IS ON PAGE 11

10. This "save the day" executive assistant grew up in the African country of Zambia.

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Human resources (HR) is the one-stop shop for all employment opportunities, education and benefits -- whose goal is to help Scripps Encinitas become the employer of choice for the San Diego County. Throughout the year, HR drives many system-wide and site-based projects including Great Place To Work®, Open Enrollment, Scripps Wellness, Spring/Fall Compensation, the Spring Recruitment Campaign, education scholarships and much more! Sue Chatterjee, HR generalist, oversees benefits administration and day-to-day employee relations, leaves of absence and retirement. Jackie O'Grady, human resources coordinator, helps on-board new employees with name tags and tax forms, providing initial assistance to all employees. Lori Watson, senior recruiter, leads all recruitment efforts and provides assistance to potential candidates for employment. Employee health nurses, Michelle Moser, Kellie Rolph and Lisa Diaz-Peters assist with all pre-employment testing, assist with initial injury reports and help employees stay healthy and safe in the workplace. Karen Lennon, human resources manager, oversees new employee orientation, assists employees and managers with employee relations, and provides policy and procedure interpretation. Pam Teufel, human resources director, manages both employee health and human resources and focuses on reducing first year turnover by ensuring compensation is administered equitably, site is meeting its goals, hospital is following all state and federal laws and overseeing overall employee relations. HR is focused on education for FY08 with three exciting opportunities, the R.N. New Grad Program; Crucial Conversations, a course to improve dialogue in the workplace; and a new program for charge nurses and lead level employees to help grow them into leadership positions by providing stronger skill sets. For more information on these opportunities or to find out how HR can help you, contact x37676. Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Don't let the petite frame of Nuttacha Suwannakul, R.N., fool you. This Progressive Care Unit (PCU) nurse has quite the heart of courage and a lifetime of stories to prove it. The first born to a Taiwanese farmer and his Vietnamese wife on August 10, 1977, Nuttacha grew up in Sakhonnajorn City, Thailand -- eight hours from Bangkok. She spent her childhood on a 20-acre family farm which was home to her parents and younger brother, as well as her aunt and extended family. The farm was also home to many chickens, roosters, hens, pigs, tilapia ponds, and a rainbow of vegetable gardens. From the age of eight until she left for college, Nuttacha was the sole caretaker of a herd of Asian water buffalo, yes -- buffalo. When she was not in school, she would care for the buffalo from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., feeding, bathing, walking and riding the buffalo. A true tomboy at heart, she felt right at home with the animals who became great companions for her throughout her childhood. A math and physics whiz, Nuttacha received an academic scholarship and began attending an engineering school. However, her academics were cut short when she was driving her motorcycle one day and was involved in a bad accident. She broke her mandible, as well as several other bones and was unable to eat solid food for six months! She slowly regained her strength, her weight and her life back and was able

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to slide into nursing school at the University of Bangkok, just in time for the start of classes. Nuttacha fell in love with the city life and although she experienced some major culture shock at first -- a county girl in the big city -- she grew to appreciate the opportunities, people and time she spent in Bangkok. After finishing up her B.S.N., she worked in the ICU in a private Bangkok hospital and soon went after her Master of Science degree -- working at night and attending classes during the day. In her miniscule amount of free time, she even managed to obtain a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In 2003, she decided she wanted to learn English, so she found a program where she could move to the U.S. and work as a nanny while taking English courses in the evening. She soon moved in with a small family in San Diego -- her first time away from Thailand. The grandmother in the household, a retired English teacher, served as a mentor to Nuttacha and provided assignments, tutoring and support as she learned the new language. In 2005, she passed the R.N. exam in English and began working her first job in the U.S. in August of 2006 -- in the PCU at Scripps Encinitas. If you thought that wasn't enough for her first 30 years of life, Nuttacha plans to go back to school within the next five years for Anesthesia nursing -- her ultimate dream job. Quite the woman and quite the inspiration in one tiny package!


Scripps Health is committed to making this organization a great place to work. Based upon feedback from employees in focus groups and in former GPTW surveys, Scripps Health has implemented a new incentive award program called Success Shares. This program recognizes and rewards employee contributions toward our goals of providing excellent patient care (patient satisfaction) and strong financial performance (EBIDA). Each month, we track our performance for these measures. If you would like more information about Success Shares, talk with your manager.

August 2007 YTD Performance


Patient Satisfaction

Minimum Target: 9.7%

10.1 %



As of September, we currently are scheduled to receive five days pay at year-end as a reward for our financial and patient satisfaction scores. More information to follow soon!

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The program is appropriate for individuals who are interested in being an active participant in their health care. The course requires, however, that there be a willingness to invest time and effort toward these goals. This eight-week course is taught at more than 200 medical centers in the US including Mayo, Stanford, Harvard and Duke. This evidence-based, systematic approach to coping with stress develops new kinds of control based on our innate capacities for attention and self-regulation through meditative/contemplative disciplines. Persons experiencing situational stress, chronic disease, anxiety, pain, as well as other acute and chronic medical conditions may find it to be a powerful compliment to medical management. The course is taught by Thomas Chippendale M.D., Ph.D. and Julie Chippendale RN. Scholarships are available for Scripps Employees. Courses are held on Mondays from 68:30pm. and are scheduled to begin October 1, 2007 and January 14, 2008. Contact 760-944-7735 for more information.


Over the month of September, Café Santa Fe has undergone a green makeover to offer recycle-friendly goods. The old Styrofoam servingware has been replaced with recyclable paper plates and cups. This effort will help clean up our land fills and create a more eco-friendly community to live in. In order to stock and supply recyclable servingware, prices have been raised in the café by $.05 -- this small increase will cover the cost of the recyclable products, help protect our environment and keep it free of waste. Thank you for your support and cooperation as we move in the right direction and go green!


Based on patient feedback and to make the patient experience more enjoyable, facilities and engineering implemented a DVD project to install one DVD player per patient bed throughout the entire hospital. Patients and family members are now welcome to bring DVD's from home for their entertainment. Since implementation, feedback from patients and families has been very positive.

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The Foundation is proud to display the works of Lia Kondilis, the most recent artist to participate in the Arts for Healing Program. Lia personally chose artwork she felt added to the hospital environment with the hope patients and staff would feel the same. The latest installation will hang on loan in the hospital until November 17. The health information lecture series begins this month with a presentation on Emergency Medicine in North San Diego County given by Jim La Belle, M.D. Local community members have been invited to attend lectures in their areas in an effort to raise awareness about the hospital and the services provided at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas. If you would like more information about the lecture series or other Foundation programs please contact x37722. Mr. and Mrs. Jere Oren of Rancho Santa Fe made a Charitable Gift Annuity of $700,000 to Scripps Encinitas. This type of planned gift allows the donor to receive life income from an annuity funded by an appreciable asset, in this case, real estate, and the remainderment will be left to the hospital as part of their estate. This is a very generous gift from the Orens and will help support the future of our hospital. The Circle of Life 100, women's fundraising organization that supports Scripps Encinitas, held their annual luncheon and fashion show on August 10 at the Four Seasons Resort Aviara. The event, which welcomed more than 200 guests, raised more than $125,000 for The Campaign for Scripps Encinitas. JoAnn Irving, a long-time Community Advisory Board member, founding Circle of Life Member, and this year's Circle of Life honoree for its Distinguished Achievement Award, made a gift of $50,000 in memory of her son Marc Shore, to the event. The Employee Campaign wrapped up with nearly $200,000 in pledges from our own employees! Any employee who would still like to participate can contact Lauren Nelson at x37418, or [email protected] All donations and pledges will be used exclusively in the building of our new emergency and acute care building, and are 100% tax deductible. You can use payroll deduction if you would like to contribute. We are launching our Physician Campaign and Leadership Campaign, as part of the "Quiet Phase" of our efforts. We will keep you posted on our progress. Thanks for your support. If you have any questions or need for information, please contact the Foundation at x37722.







We welcome the following physicians who were recently appointed by the Board of Trustees: Robert Bickerton, M.D., Internal Medicine, (858) 901-5180 Brian Carlos, M.D., Cardiology, (858) 457-1234 Donald Hillebrand, M.D., Gastroenterology, (858) 554-8054 Katherine Ludington, M.D., Cardiology, (858) 764-3310 Around Encinitas 6


Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas welcomes the following employees hired in August 2007. We are honored you chose Scripps Encinitas and we are here for you. Congratulations and Welcome Aboard! CASE MANAGEMENT Jennifer Bearden Cruz Sandra Mc Ferran 2 NORTH Cathy Brizeno Bree Cornforth 2 SOUTH Ashlee Brizzee ECHOCARDIOLOGY Iryna Chavarha EMERGENCY Christopher Cornils ICU Jessica Darnell Mercylyn Kennedy EVS Cyrus Hutchins PHARMACY Douglas Johnston RESPIRATORY THERAPY Janel Kozuma Bonnie Parker ACUTE REHAB Vatsana Phommavongsay OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Vanessa Preston CARDIAC CATHERIZATION Beverly Quinn MRI Kathleen Winbigler HEALTH INFORMATION Cynthia Wood


Congratulations to the Service Excellence Superstars of the month! Each of you was selected by a co-worker, manager, patient or visitor, as an exemplary employee. Thank you for your commitment to the Scripps Encinitas standards of service excellence. Socorro Hembrador Peter Milnes Kathy Sherrod Andrew Accardi Miquel Hernandez Mike Moore Catherine Smith Racell Angeles Laurie Hill Obi Nwehmch Katharine Sotelo Anthony Bailey Ellen Hinanay Thelma Olivarez Jane Stedman Teresa Bazan Arcelia Huecias Leann Pena Becky SteinEdgar Beton Maria Johnson Cody Perkins Quintana Steve Boer Barbara Kavalus Erin Powell Jay Tagliapietra Janice Britcher Tom King Louie Prieto Erica Torres Jeena Calado Harriet Longuet Lucy Quasebarth Stephanie Trujillo ToniAnn Calbo Chris Malesh MaryCarol Reeder Andrew Aurora Carreno Sean Marco Christina Resendiz Trzebiatowski Beth Cruel Martha Marshall Megan Robbins Jose Vidrio Debbie Daly Robert Martinez Melba Ruffin David Whittington Tim Daly Susan McAllen Jesus Saldana Margaret Wilson RT Davis Sean McGraw Tonya Saliba Francine Zaczek Carlos Duran Amy McGuire Wes Schott MannyZepeda Mary Essex Deepty Mehra Danielle Scott Ernest Ziegler Mary Felkins Kevin Meldrum Jila Ghabeljoo Around Encinitas 7


Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas welcomes new volunteers who have recently come on board. Thank you for choosing Scripps Encinitas! Phyllis Meyer Margarita Eder Maryna Sohrabi Brad McCollum Alex Beschasniy Good Things Buenas Amigas Emergency Emergency Emergency


Congratulations and welcome to our newest spiritual care volunteers! We are delighted and honored you have chosen Scripps Encinitas! Lynn Clayton


Scripps Encinitas celebrated two decades of exceptional work, compassion and achievements at the 20 Year Rehab Reunion reception on Wednesday, September 19. Patients of the past and present, employees and visitors were treated to a slideshow and several displays created by the rehab team highlighting the history of the department. Guests munched on delicious hor dourves, dips and cheeses, as well as decadent desserts. Antonio Abrazado dazzled attendees with his beautiful songs as guests walked up and down the rehab hallway to reminisce and check out how the unit has changed over the years. Carl Etter, chief executive, and Michael Lobatz, chief of staff, both spoke on behalf of the achievements and the future of the rehab department and many patients of years past gave touching speeches of their time and experiences while the in rehab program. Congratulations to our rehabilitation team for 20 years of excellence and many more to come!


The 16th Annual Heart Walk was held on Saturday, September 15 at Balboa Park. Scripps Encinitas was in full force along with hundreds of fellow Scripps employees standing out from the rest in the official bright red Scripps Heart Walk 2007 shirts -- definitely a crowd that could not be missed. The ever popular dunk tank day was held at the employee forums on Friday, August 31, with all proceeds benefiting the Heart Walk fund. The volunteer dunkees dressed up in costume before hitting the tank. Special thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to this year's event! Around Encinitas 8


Look for the new Patient Essentials magazine, now available through WorkFlow One as part of the forms library. Developed under guidance from the system-wide patient rights committee, the new publication was designed based on feedback received during one-on-one interviews with patients and family members. The format is novel in that it mimics a contemporary magazine, something our patients and customers say they find easier and more enjoyable to read. The publication is packed with valuable information to support quality care and includes content mandated by regulatory agencies: Patient Safety, Managing Pain, Making Health Care Decisions, Advance Healthcare Directives, Billing and Insurance, Blood Transfusion and Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Additionally, "public service ads" are scattered throughout the magazine, promoting such things as spiritual care services, safety regarding falls, financial assistance, interpreter services, hand washing, volunteer recruitment, dietary services, smoking cessation, safety around hospital equipment, classes and support groups and 1-800-SCRIPPS.Though this is in a magazine format, it is meant to serve as a tool for patient education, so this magazine should be included in all inpatient admission packets and should replace any other brochures, flyers, etc. that you include on these same topics. The Scripps Patient

Essentials magazine is available in English and Spanish through Workflow One. 1008720-206SW (English version) 100-8720207SW (Spanish version). Contact your patient rights committee representative for additional information or suggestions for future updates.


When we position Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas physicians and staff as clinical experts and Scripps as a resource for health information to the media, we put forward our superior health services to the community. The following are a few examples of recent positive media coverage: Sports-Related Brain Injuries and Adolescent Athletes Michael Lobatz, M.D., chief of staff North County Times Sunday, September 23, 2007 Reporter: Brad Fikes Emergency Department Delivers Excellent Care To Local Reporter Corridor News Thursday, August 16, 2007 Reporter: Alan Polk Hemphill



Friday, December 7, 2007 6 to 10:30 p.m. The Crossings at Carlsbad All hospital, medical staff and volunteers are invited to attend the event. You are welcome to bring one additional guest. More details to follow soon!

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Safer conditions for our patients and our fellow employees. A plan to eliminate foot steps and time. A major clean up project that benefits everyone in the hospital. Money saving solutions for patients, visitors and employees. What ideas or projects can you think of to improve our hospital? A Bright Idea from you can make a world of difference for our patients, our visitors and ourselves. All you have to do is share your Bright Idea and it could become a reality. No harm can come from just asking. Fill out a Bright Ideas form, submit it to our committee and we will contact you with the results. You can find forms on the intranet, under service excellence, bright ideas forms. The following are some of the Bright Ideas that have already been submitted and completed. Thank you to all of you who have shared your Bright Ideas -- YOU make the difference! - submitted by Silina Mauga, Bright Ideas Committee


Cenia Bernardo, rehab Shelley Clark-Galapi, access Patty Hirst, ICU Nicole Lafond, access Alissa Meredith, rehab Kim Nicholson, lab Marin Pierce, rehab LeeAnne Robotta, rehab Tonya Saliba, 2 south Andrew Trezbiatowski, facilities Tonya Saliba, 2 south Maave Taaffe, ICU/PCU "T" mirror in rehab hallway to view oncoming foot traffic. Beverage and treat vouchers for family/friends waiting for patient during exams. Restaurant-style pagers to notify family/friends when procedure is complete. Wireless internet "Guest Account" available for patients when requested. Toilet seats and fresh paint for rehab outpatient waiting area bathrooms. Mirrors in stairwells to view oncoming foot traffic and clearly show large hiding areas under stair case. Odor improvement for utility rooms. Access to Medline to keep up with current rehabilitation research. Small paper copies of maps to highlight and handout to patient visitors. Spring cleaning dumpster available for all departments in April. Get well cards made for patients without families. Room-a-week program to keep patient rooms up-to-date and sparkling.


How has the bright ideas program helped you or your department? I suggested that stairs be placed at the ED end of the new parking lot. I think we are the only department that comes in to a 5 a.m. shift, so we were thrilled to have the steps conveniently placed for us to use. It saves us worrying about hidden dangers and means we don't have to walk all the way around to the roadway. Thanks to Bob Lennon and all of the engineering/maintenance/grounds men departments. Kim Nicholson, laboratory

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16-22 National Rehabilitation Awareness Week 17-23 National Surgical Technologist Week 9-15 National Healthcare EVS Week Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma Awareness Month Prostate Health Month


All classes are held in the Conference Center and are free, unless otherwise noted. To register, call 1-800SCRIPPS. October 7: Bike Helmet Fittings -- 10:30 a.m. -- 1:30 p.m. October 8: Heart Healthy Nutrition -- 6 -- 7:30 p.m. October 16: Multiple Sclerosis -- 6:30 -- 8 p.m. October 18: Female Incontinence -- 6:30 -- 8 p.m. October 22: Military Brain Injuries -- 4 -- 5:30 p.m. October 23: A Stroke in Time -- 4 -- 5:30 p.m. October 24: Varicose Veins -- 6:30 -- 8 p.m.


The Conference Center is undergoing a major makeover! The following is a list of what will be included in the new state-of-the-art conference center: Completed: carpeting, new wallpaper, decorative drapes and pull down sunshades. Upcoming Projects: 108" drop-down display screen for video and PowerPoint presentations, two 50" flat screens and 18 new speakers. The new remodel will also feature a state-of-the-art Sympodium® which allows users to email presentations directly to the conference center instead of hauling down c.d.'s or travel drives. The touch screen technology also controls lighting, A.C. and displays. The new space can be split into two separate meeting rooms, both equipped with stand alone audio/visual system. More updates to follow over the next few months.


CPR Renewal Wednesday, October 24 Noon -- 3 p.m. -- Conference Center Registration: Contact Jan Williams, x36510


WANTED Body Mechanics Trainers for New Employee Orientations Tuesday, October 30, 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Rehab Gym Deadline to sign up is Thursday, October 4, 2007. Class is limited to 10 people. For more information or to sign up, contact Margaret Fuller, x36456.

Preceptor Update Class Monday, November 12, 8 a.m. -- noon Westlake First Floor Classroom This class will enhance the effectiveness as a preceptor in communicating, resolving conflicts, and maximizing the orientee-preceptor relationship by understanding personality style differences based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Only those that have attended the Initial Preceptor Course in the last four years may attend this update class. Space is limited! Mandatory registration: Contact Jan Williams, x36510

GUESS WHO ANSWER KEY a. 5, b. 8, c. 7, d. 3, e. 6, f. 4, g. 9, h. 11, i. 10, j. 1, k. 2

If you have an article you would like to submit to a future edition of Around Encinitas, please send it to Nichole Warren, marketing specialist, at [email protected], by the 7th of each month. We will do our best to include all submissions and will edit them accordingly.

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