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Resizing Images for Use in PowerPoint and Word Documents

James Falkofske, Center for Online Learning - Fall 2006

1. Open Microsoft Photo Editor (Under Microsoft Office Tools)

Microsoft Photo Editor is part of the default Microsoft Office installation. It can normally be found under START > PROGRAMS > MICROSOFT OFFICE TOOLS > MICROSOFT PHOTO EDITOR.

[Image 1-1: Screenshot showing Microsoft Windows START > PROGRAMS with the location of Microsoft Photo Editor.]

2. Open the Image

Use FILE > OPEN to browse to and open the image you wish to resize.

[Image 2-1: Screenshot showing Microsoft Photo Editor.]

3. Resize the Image

Use the menus for IMAGE > RESIZE. You want to resize the image to be the smallest size possible - since this will reduce your overall filesize as well as the amount of time required to download the PowerPoint or Word file. The image dimensions should be no greater than: 800x600 - to view as FULL SCREEN on the monitor - as background images 400 pixels - for half-screen image / illustration 300 pixels - for accent image in Word File 200 pixels - for accent image in most PowerPoint shows 75 pixels - for thumbnail image

[Image 3-1: Screenshot showing menu controls for Image > Resize under Microsoft Photo Editor.]

In the RESIZE dialog, choose the units as PIXELS. Adjusting the larger dimension (height / width) will automatically adjust the other dimension. Original Resized

[Image 3-1: Resize screen set at 600x600 pixels with image sample below.]

[Image 3-2: Resize screen set at 200x200 pixels with image sample below.]

4. SAVE AS New Name

In order to avoid destroying your original image, use the FILE > SAVE AS to create a new filename for your image. It is sometimes useful to add the suffix "web" to the image name. For example "JamesMugshot2.jpg" becomes "JamesMugshot2web.jpg" to make the files linked and easy to identify.

5. Use the New Image in Your File

Use the resized image in your PowerPoint or Word file. In the sample above, the image went from 600x600 pixels to 200x200 pixels (9 times smaller than the original).


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