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Santa Clara University COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES COUNCIL OF CHAIRS Wednesday, December 2, 2009 3:30-5:00 PM Wiegand Conference Room, Arts and Sciences Building MEETING AGENDA I. 3:30-3:45 PM · · Email addresses for alumni ­ continue to work with alumni relations Kathy Kale Exam times ­ there is a conflict in overlap with exam times, can this be addressed? What about the 8:00 a.m. classes having evening exams, can this be changed? The reasons they are set now is to avoid conflicts and to give students maximum planning information. The chairs noted that some students plan their schedules with exams in mind. This issue will be discussed by the Kitchen Cabinet. Is it possible for the chairs to accept and share CV's through Angel? The answer is "Yes". Some departments already post files to Angel for increased ease of access. Having applicants upload their applications directly to angel might be more challenging. Departments wishing to pursue this option should contact Nancy Cutler in Media Services. Follow up item: reform of lecture system. Eileen Elrod says this is in progress (Faculty Affairs Committee).



II. 3:45-4:05 PM · Is harassment training necessary for QPT and AYLs coming into the university? Do tenured faculty have to do it as well? The answer to both questions is "Yes"; it is a state law. Every faculty person has the contract stipulations stated in their appointment letter and they are obliged to take the training. If QPTs can show proof of training at another institution they do not have to repeat the training at SCU.

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Tuition: The differential tuition for summer classes is under analysis right now. Furniture to fill voids or new spaces can be acquired by checking with Dean Ulate. We have an off-site storage area that houses unused furniture and office equipment.

III. 4:05-4:25 PM Discussion: "The Chair-Administrative Assistant Team" · · A hand out will be discussed. Question: Is there a way to work on increased compensation for the administrative staff that is senior in rank?

IV. 4:25-4:45 PM Discussion: Simplifying Faculty Evaluations ­ Next Steps · · Chairs discussed what can be done to simplify our current faculty evaluation process. Should we simply streamline the current "short-form" used for all tenured faculty, senior lecturers, and RTLs? Or should we revisit the 2007 discussion on a simplified system that evaluates faculty in one of three categories: Truly Exceptional, Excellent (Meeting Expectations?), or Significant Concern?

V. Adjournment · A farewell to Andrea Saade, our beloved and endearing staff person who has supported Atom and various deans over the last three years. We will miss her dearly.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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