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Nectar in a Sieve Kamala Markandaya

Suggestions for Week 2: Chapters 13-23, pages 71-135 Everyday: Wordwall, Lifeline, OMPs, One day: Storyboard, retelling, 6g6 (Venn), qwrites MONDAY Day 6: Chapters 13 & 14, pgs. 71-87 Today: Quickwrite and storyboard setting village characters Rukmani, Nathan Sivaji (rent collector) Biswas Kunthi Ira, Kuti word wall mar meager haste festering relinquished pages 71 72 74 75 83

Brief summary: Chapter 13: It has not rained for weeks and their crops are dying. They are praying for rain. Sivaji comes to collect rent for the land for his master. Rukmani and Nathan have nothing to give to him. Sivaji, being a kind man, told them to try to pay half and then he would ask his master for more time for them. If they did not come up with the money, they would rent the land to another family. Rukmani and Nathan went into their little hut and collected anything they could find to sell. They had to sell their bullocks as well as their special, wedding clothing. Rukmani had to sell them to Biswas, who is always out to take advantage of people. Rukmani meets up with Nathan who has also been out selling their belongings. They pool their money and have 125 rupees, not even half of what they need to pay rent. They had to decide whether to sell the very last seeds that they had. They decided to wait and talk to Sivaji. They paid the money to Sivaji, but it was not enough. After begging him, he left, caught in his own predicament of trying to keep his job and his family safe. The drought continued. Finally, it rained but it was too late to do any good. They felt extremely discouraged.


Chapter 14: The rains ended and the seeds started sprouting. They replanted the seedlings and felt hopeful for their future. Nevertheless, it would take time for the crop to ripen. In the meantime they needed to eat. They had to dip into their last reserves to eat. They had 24 days of food left. Rukmani is suspicious that someone is going to take her last rice away. She has nightmares about it. She buries half of her rice in a hole some distance from her hut, and keeps the other half with her at all times. Kunthi shows up on Rukmani's doorstep looking horrible, she is starving. She asks for food and says she will tell Nathan about seeing Rukmani out late at night cheating on him if she doesn't comply. She's blackmailing Rukmani for food. Rukmani gave her some rice, then went to the rice stored in a hole. It was almost all gone. Someone had stolen it. Rukmani questioned her family, asking if they had stolen it. Rukmani was so upset she said if the Kuti (4 years old) dies it would be one less mouth to feed. She is scared and desperate and saying things she does not mean. Finally, Nathan said he took the rice to give to Kunthi because he was the father of her sons and if he didn't give her the rice she would have told Rukmani. Nathan had had an affair with Kunthi. The first time was before they were married. Then Rukmani told him of the grain Kunthi had extorted from her as well. After their conversation they both felt better. The last grain had been eaten. They were scavenging around town finding food in gutters and so forth. At times they had to eat grass, that later gave them stomach cramps and made them retch. The baby Kuti is starving. Today's activities: I. Review lifeline and introduce new wordwall words II. Read selected pages III. Add elements to lifeline and new thoughts to OMP IV. Possible Key Paragraph [page 78] "Hope and fear. Twin forces that tugged at us first in one direction and then in another, and which was the stronger no one could say. Of the latter we never spoke, but it was always with us. Fear, constant companion of the peasant. Hunger, ever at hand to jog his elbow should he relax. Despair, ready to engulf him should


he falter. Fear; fear of the dark future; fear of the sharpness of hunger; fear of the blackness of death." V. Snapshot Think about a time in your life when you have felt hopeful. Was fear present as well? What was their relationship to one another? How can they support one another to help you make appropriate decisions? What is Rukmani's relationship with hope and fear? VI. Storyboard Think back on the major scenes of what you just read. Represent the major scenes in chronological order in cartoon form. Feel free to add captions and a title.

Supplementary Key Paragraph [page 85] "It became possible for me to speak as well. I told him of her earlier visit and the grain she had extorted from me also; and it seemed to me that a new peace came to us then, freed at last from the necessity for lies and concealment and deceit, with the fear of betrayal lifted from us, and with the power we ourselves had given her wrested finally from Kunthi." Snapshot Think about a time in your life when you have told someone the truth about something that was difficult to admit. Did you feel relieved? What were the advantages of being honest? Write a paragraph describing what happened.

Possible concepts of Background Knowledge Farming in India Drought Starvation Health care


TUESDAY Day 7: Chapters 15 & 16, pgs. 88-100 Today: Quickwrite and 4g6 setting village characters Rukmani, Nathan Raja (4th son) Ira Kuti word wall dirge bier compensation appalled countenance pages 88 88 90 91 100

Brief summary: Chapter 15: Raja dies at the tannery. Supposedly he was stealing a calfskin and they hit him. Because he was so frail already from not having enough to eat, he died. The family burns the body in a funeral ceremony. Men from the tannery came and said it was not their fault and Rukmani should not try to get compensation. One man from the tannery was compassionate about their loss and the other was not. Chapter 16: The rice will take 3 weeks until it is ready to harvest. Kuti might not live to see the harvesting. Suddenly however, Kuti started to get better, even though the family did not have food. Several days later Rukmani heard an intruder and attacked the person. It turned out to be Ira. There was big gash on her left side. Rukmani had thought it was Kunthi. The glass bangles she was wearing shattered and she had glass in her cuts. She was very bloody. Ira was prostituting herself for money to feed Kuti. Nathan confronts her and is angry and does not want her to make this choice. She is able to buy rice, salt and milk. Nathan will eat none of it. Despite all of Ira's help, Kuti dies. This had been Rukmani and Nathan's last son--one conceived in peaceful and happy times. Today's activities: I. Review lifeline and introduce new wordwall words II. Read selected pages


III. Possible Key Paragraph [page 94] "This has been a bad time but it is passing as all things must, and now it is not joy, which passes in a trice, but sorrow, which is slower in the going, and so one must be patient. A few more days' waiting, a few more days' anxiety--it is not beyond enduring, it is not too much to ask. This I thought as I lay there, listening to the sounds of sleep and lost in my own imaginings." IV. Possible Quickwrite Why is it so hard to be patient sometimes? What can we say to ourselves that will help us cope during these times? Take 3 minutes to write down your ideas and then brainstorm as a class. Write a paragraph stating your views after your class discussion. V. Character profile sheet update (4g6)- Continue to think of specific character traits Rukmani has and fill out another part of the 4g6 chart. When did she show these qualities? Once again, turn to your chart. Do you have the same quality? An opposite or different quality? Fill out another section describing how you see your character. Possible Concepts or Background Knowledge Funeral rituals


WEDNESDAY Day 8: Chapters 17-19, pgs. 101-112 Today: Quickwrite and 4g6 setting village characters Rukmani, Nathan Biswas Kenny Selvam (fifth son) word wall fallow laden ludicrous covertly forlorn pages 100 103 104 105 107

Brief summary: Chapter 17: The next crop was abundant. They feel hopeful that they can pay back what they owe, stock the fields with fish and plant a vegetable garden. Their hearts are grateful and they offer prayers in thanks. Chapter 18: Rukmani goes to market to sell her grains and produce. While she no longer has to sell to Biswas, he still calls to her and tells her Kenny is in town. He knows, from Kunthi, that Rukmani in some way used Kenny for something--either an affair or something else. He threatens her with this knowledge. She gathered some gifts and went to see Kenny. Rukmani fills him in on their lack of food and that they lost one son at the tannery and one to starvation. Kenny mentions that his wife left him. They disagree on the role a wife plays to her husband. Rukmani believes she should accompany him everywhere. Kenny believes independence is fine. Ira is pregnant and they do not know the father. Rukmani is worried about what people will say. Kenny says a person should not care! Chapter 19: Selvam is not a good farmer. He decides he wants to assist Kenny at the soon to be built hospital. He is bright and a good student. The money for the hospital is coming from both India and Kenny's country. Rukmani does not understand why people who have never met them would pay for a hospital. Kenny explains that you must reach out for help if you need it. Rukmani says that they are taught to bear their sorrows and pain in silence. Kenny tells her to leave before he becomes entangled in her philosophies.


Today's activities: I. Review lifeline and introduce new wordwall words II. Read selected pages III. Add new daily comments to OMP IV. Possible Key Paragraph [page 106] " `Save your wishes,' he said unpleasantly. `My wife has left me. My sons have been taught to forget me.' I tried and failed to imagine her, this woman who could after so many years renounce altogether her husband, break the bond that must surely have existed despite his long absences. Perhaps it is just this that has driven her to it, I thought. He is not without blame. `You think it is my fault,' he said. `Do not deny it, your face speaks plainly enough for me.' `Women need men,' I said, shrugging. `It is not right to deprive a woman.' `Tell me also, he said, `Do you not think a man must choose his work?' `Such a man as you, yes,' I replied. `What then if his wife cannot accompany him?' `Cannot?' I said. `She must. A woman's place is with her husband.' V. Quickwrite: Rukmani believes it is a woman's duty to follow her husband wherever he goes. Kenny has a different perspective about the possible relationship a husband and wife can have. Turn to a partner and brainstorm some ways Rukmani's views differ from Kenny's. Then, think about your views about the relationship a husband should have with his wife. Write your thoughts in paragraph form, then debrief with the class as a whole. How do the two cultures differ? VI. Character profile sheet update- Complete both character profile sheets, adding one last trait with examples for both you and Rukmani. Again, reflect on how you are both similar and different from Rukmani. [Note: Feel free to refer to page 107, where Kenny and Rukmani disagree on caring about what other people say. Where do you stand on that issue?]


Possible Concepts or Background Knowledge Cultural expectations about husband/wife relationships Caring what other people say or not


THURSDAY Day 9: Chapters 20-22, pgs. 113-126 Today: Retelling and Quickwrite setting village characters Rukmani, Nathan Ira Sacrabani Kali Selvam Kenny word wall perilously ghastly translucency irked precariously pages 113 115 116 120 122

Brief summary: Chapter 20: Ira gives birth to an albino baby. At first Nathan is ashamed, but Rukmani and Ira love the baby. People came to see the unusual baby. After 10 days they decided to have a naming ceremony where people come and bring gifts and good wishes for the baby. They named him Sacrabani. Old Granny gave Rukmani her last rupee to hold on his behalf. Kali came and made fun of the baby with pink eyes and white skin. Nathan, who never liked her to begin with, defended the baby. Chapter 21: The hospital began to be built and Selvam and Kenny met regularly to talk about medical matters. Rukmani mentions that the hospital actually took 7 years to build, not one year, as they had hoped. Old Granny died in the street she recalls and they had a funeral for her. Rukmani feels guilty for having accepted her last rupee, thinking somehow maybe that would have kept her alive. Nathan says we must move on. The hospital is taking a long time to build and there are so many people in need. Chapter 22: Selvam and Ira are close as brother and sister. Selvam accepts her son Sacrabani completely as an albino, unfortunately others do not. Other children exclude him. One day Sacrabani asks Ira what a bastard is. She told him he did have a father and he was away and that he was a wanted child. Both were lies. She did not know the father and she had tried to have an abortion. She cried all night distressed about the situation.


Today's activities: I. Review lifeline and introduce new wordwall words II. Read selected pages III. Add new daily comments to OMP IV. Retelling With a partner think back on what you just read. Pretend you are a journalist for National Geographic. Tell your viewers what just happened. Repeat to 2 other audiences for different channels. V. Possible Key Paragraph [page 111] " `I have little understanding,' I replied humbly. `I do not know hwy people who have not seen us and who know us not should do this for us.' `Because they have the means,' he said, `and because they have learnt of your need. Do not the sick die in the streets because there is no hospital for them? Are not children born in the gutters? I have told you before," he said. `I will repeat it again: you must cry out if you want help. It is no use whatsoever to suffer in silence. Who will succour the drowning man if he does not clamour for his life?' " VI. Quickwrite Throughout the novel Rukmani has accepted things that have happened to her as fate. Some of those things have been out of her control, like monsoons or drought. Other things perhaps have been in her control. Do you think it is because o she grew up in India that she believes she needs to accept things as they are? Or do you feel that is her individual choice? Or, perhaps is it a combination? How is this the same or different from people in the United States? From you, your friends, or your family? Possible Concepts or Background Knowledge Taking control of your life Giving to those you do not know personally for the greater good


FRIDAY Day 10: Chapter 23, pgs. 127-135 Today: 6g6- Venn diagram setting village characters Rukmani, Nathan Murugan (3rd son) Durgan Ira, Sacrabini Sivaji word wall rheumatism myriad juggernaut resignation scathed pages 127 131 131 131 132

Brief summary: Chapter 23: Murugan gets married and Rukmani and Nathan could not be there because the town they were married in was 100 miles away. They could not afford to go by rail because they did not have the money. The dairyman, Durgan, offered to take them by bullock, but Nathan has rheumatism and is weak. Ira and Rukmani would try to help out in the fields, but the work needed to be done needs to be done by a strong man. Kenny tries to help him, but states that he needs more food. Plain rice is not enough, he needs milk, vegetables and butter. Kenny asks Rukmani if there is anyone she can turn to that will help her. Sivaji, the rent collector, came and told them they have give up the land and vacate their home in two weeks. The owners of the tannery were buying it. Nathan and Rukmani were distraught. Rukmani goes back into her hut and thinks about all the things that have happened to her there. Nathan tells Selvam and Selvam is angry and wants them to fight back and not just "accept" it. Nathan and Rukmani decide to travel the 100 miles to the city to stay with Murugan. It is a long, hard trip, and will be difficult on their health. Selvam promised to take care of Ira and her son as well. This is the end of Part One. Today's activities: I. Review lifeline and introduce new wordwall words II. Read selected pages III. Add new daily comments to OMP


IV. 6g6- Venn diagram Take out all the Quickwrites and character profile sheets you have completed. You will be using the Venn diagram sheet to examine both similar and different character traits between you and Rukmani. On one side of the diagram list all of Rukmani's character traits. On the other list yours. In the middle, where the circles meet, write down any that you share. Debrief as a class. Are there any that you missed? Possible Concepts or Background Knowledge Making hard choices Love and loyalty of family Saying goodbye to places we love


Week 2: Social Studies Research Opportunities Find out more about: Farming in India, starvation, health care, funeral rituals, husband/wife expectations, cultural norms about Fate and Destiny.


Mini-Lessons Based on Patricia T. O'Conner's Woe Is I Exploring the Structure of the English Language CBL Quarter 2, Week 9 Change Requires Effort

Day 1­The Incredible Shrinking Words: Contractions Read Aloud: Pg. 72 Student Activity: Fill in the blanks. 1. The _______________--two words combined into one, as in ________ or I'm--seldom gets a fair shake from English Teachers. 2. Today's _____________ always include a ________________; the other word is usually a subject or the word, "________________." Day 2 ­ Fit To Print Read Aloud: Pg. 73 Student Activity: Write the contractions for the following phrases. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Are not Can not Could not Does not He would I would I am I have Let us Might not ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________


Day 3 ­ Fit to Print Read Aloud: Pg. 73 Student Activity: Write the correct phrases next to each contraction. 1. Mustn't 2. Oughtn't 3. She'll 4. That's 5. There's 6. They'd 7. They've 8. We'd 9. We've 10. Weren't ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________


Day 4 ­ Fit to Print Read Aloud: Pg. 74 Student Activity: Write 5 sentences using contractions from page 74. 1. ______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ______. 2.________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ______. 3.________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ______. 4________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ______. 5. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ______.


Day 5 ­ Out of Bounds Read Aloud: Pgs. 74-75 Student Activity: In one sentence each, describe why the following contractions are inappropriate in text. 1. Example: Ain't: Ain't has never been and will never be accepted as proper English. 2. Should've: ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________. 3. It'd: ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________. 4. That'll: ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________. 5. When'll: ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________. 6. Gonna: ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________.


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