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The Adventures of Ulysses Bernard Evslin

Suggestions for Week 7: Chapter 9 ­ Chapter 13, pages 82 ­ 123

Everyday: Newsline, Map, Postcards, KWL, Wordwall Oneday: omp, g6, cubing MONDAY setting Ocean characters Ulysses word wall skirt port vengeful pages 82-85

Ocean, near Thrinacia

Ulysses, Sirens rawhide Perimedes, Eurylochus fearsome


Possible Key Paragraph [pg. 85] "I see that I can avoid nothing that was foretold. I cannot bear southward around the Isle of the Sun where lurk the demons and the monsters I have been warned against but must speed towards them as swiftly as toward a rendezvous with loved ones. These rocks shepherd me..." Possible Snapshot In the above paragraph, Ulysses realizes that it is pointless to try to avoid the prophesies he received on the Island of the dead. He realizes he must face this adventure and his foes head-on. In detail, re-tell how Ulysses manages to keep himself and his crew safe from the wandering rocks and the dangerous Sirens. Possible Concepts and Background Knowledge Acceptance When to change direction or gears Thinking things through Not acting on impulse/pausing

TUESDAY setting The sea, between two monsters characters Charybdis Scylla word wall insatiable greed bade dumbfounded lurking pages 91-95

Possible Key Paragraph [95] "From where he sat he could see Scylla's rock. He could see her squatting at the door of her cave. He saw her plainly, stuffing the men into her six bloody mouths. He heard the shrieks of his men as they felt themselves being eaten alive." Possible Snapshot In this chapter, Ulysses had to make some difficult leadership decisions. It was almost inevitable that he would lose some men. The decisions he made helped to decide how many. In a paragraph, describe the route Ulysses decided to take between Charybdis and Scylla. Then explain his reasoning for following this route. In a second paragraph, describe a difficult decision you have had to make. Ideally, this would be a decision that contained no truly right or wrong choice. Describe the situation. Then explain the reasoning you used to arrive at your decision. Upon completing this second paragraph, use it to fill in any blank spaces on your character analysis worksheet titled, "Me." Possible Concepts and Background Knowledge Tides Currents Whirlpools Making tough choices Weighing your options Hedging your bets

WEDNESDAY setting anchored at sea Island of the Sun-Titan Windy sea characters Ulysses, Eurylochus Perimedes word wall underchiefs counsel pages 96-97 98-102

Ulysses, Eurylochus fated Perimedes, Sun-Titan cunning Zeus Ulysses vortex


Possible Key Paragraph [page 99] "For thirty days the strong south wind blew, keeping them beached. Finally, one night when Ulysses was asleep, Eurylochus secretly called the men together, and said, `Death comes to men in all sorts of ways. And however it comes, it is never welcome. But the worst of all deaths is to die of starvation. And to be forced to starve among the herds of fat beef is a hellish torture that the gods reserve for greatest criminals. So I say to you men that we must disregard the warning of that meddlesome ghost, Teiresias, and help ourselves to this cattle. We can do it now while Ulysses sleeps. And if indeed the Sun-Titan is angered and seeks vengeance--well, at least we shall have had one more feast before dying.'" Possible Snapshot Eurylochus made a decision that went against Ulysses' orders. Explain his rationale for doing so. Explain the events that followed. Then discuss whether or not you think he made the right decision. What would you have done? Possible Concepts or Background Knowledge Reasoning Rationalizing Responsibility Chain of Command Consequences Foresight/hindsight

THURSDAY setting Island of Ogygia characters Ulysses, Calypso, Crow word wall grotto hearth interlude courtship tapestry pages 106-116

Possible Key Paragraph [111] "He stood up and said, `Thank you for showing me myself, Calypso. I do seem to be a hero, don't I? And worthy to love the daughter of the Titans?' `Yes,' said Calypso." Possible Snapshot Explain in detail what Ulysses saw when he looked back through Calypso's log. These things make him proud, but do these things make Ulysses a hero? Why or why not? (Recall the quote from page 26, "The gods honor courage, but punish pride.") In a second paragraph, pretend it is twenty years from now and you are looking back over your life. What will you see? Will you be a hero? Continue to fill out Character Analysis worksheets for Ulysses and for yourself. Possible Concepts or Background Knowledge Pride Courage Honor Heroism

FRIDAY setting characters Island of Ogygia Crow, Calypso, Olympus Zeus, Athene, Poseidon word wall shroud immortal plight grudge Lyre pages 116-120 120-121 121-123

Island of Ogygia Hermes, Calypso Possible Key Paragraph [119]

" `You are eloquent,' said Ulysses. `And you need no eloquence, for your beauty speaks more than any words. Still, I cannot be immortal, never to die, never to grow old. What use is courage then?' " Possible Snapshot If courage is no use to an immortal, what is it about a limited lifetime that gives courage meaning and power? Are you living your limited lifetime in a courageous manner? Add to your character analysis worksheet titled, "Me." Alternate Possible Snapshot It seems that Ulysses values chance and adventure more than he does security. Why do you think that is? Provide at least one example from today's reading to back up your argument. In a second paragraph, discuss what, in life, you value most. Add to both character analysis worksheets titled, "Me" and "Ulysses." Possible Concepts and Background Knowledge Fate/Destiny Greek gods' chain of command Courage






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Trait: Trait:



Mini-Lessons Based on Patricia T. O'Conner's Woe Is I Exploring the Structure of the English Language CBL Quarter 1, Week 7 Responsibility Requires Action

Day 1 ­ What's What Read Aloud: Pgs. 17 - 18 Student Activity: Circle the correct verb form. 1. Lou sees what appear/appears to be ghosts. 2. What scare/scares Lou the most is Bud's sudden disappearance. 3. What seem/seems to be supernatural events are really sleight-of-hand. 4. What look/looks like rocks chasing Ulysses really are rocks. 5. What sound/sounds so beautiful to Ulysses is actually coming from two very fearsome Sirens.

Chapter 2 ­ Plurals Before Swine

Day 2 ­ Blunders With Numbers Read Aloud: Pg. 19 Student Activity: Circle the correct noun in each sentence. 1. I had a bagful of peanut/peanuts at the game. 2. I had several bagfuls/bagful of peanuts at the game. 3. Charybdis, the monster under the left rock, could suck up the ocean in one giant mouthful/mouthfuls. 4. Scylla has 6 sets of arm/arms. 5. She also has 6 heads. How many pairs of eye/eyes and how many sets of tooth/teeth does that make? Day 3 ­ What Noah Knew Read Aloud: Pg. 20 Student Activity: Write the plural form of each noun. 1. Child:_____________ 2. Goose: _____________ 3. Self: _____________ 4. Fish: _____________ 5. Sky: _____________

Day 4 ­ Keeping up with the Joneses: How Names Multiply Read Aloud: Pg. 21 Student Activity: Fill in the blank with the plural form of required name. 1. Charles and his friend Charles are just a couple of _____________ (Charles). 2. When Eliza met her third Henry, she realized she would have a hard time keeping her _____________ (Henry) straight. 3. I wonder if Ulysses has a hard time keeping his ___________ (Circe) and his ____________(Calypso) straight? 4. What if there were two ____________? (Ulysses) 5. What would be worse, two Ulysseses or two __________? (Poseidon) Day 5 ­ Compound Fractures: Words That Come Apart Read Aloud: Pgs. 22-23 Student Activity: Circle the correct plural form of the compound word. 1. Churchmen/Churchesmen love soapboxes/soapbox's 2. Mothers-in-law/Mother-in-laws like to attend court-martials/courts-martial. 3. Poseidon and Zeus are father-in-laws/fathers-in-law. 4. I bet that if Ulysses ever reaches home, he will join the ranks of revered major-generals/majors-general. 5. By the time Ulysses reached Ogygia, there were no more hangerons/hangers-on.


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