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2008-2009 Active Skills for Reading Book 3

Vocabulary List 2008-2009 Fall Midterm

Unit 1 Ch1 intensify movement issue (v.) colony off-season (adj) splash (v.) delightful monsoon procession promoter offbeat offshore to respond to to take notice (of) Selling India's Rainy Season Active humid display (n.) domestic agreed-upon appropriate (adj.) accessible package reduced festival feature (v.) facilities exotic former operator Passive wildlife sanctuary resort (n.) disco allure open-air offhand off-key Phrases next to in addition to Unit 1 Ch2 destination adapt fundamental gratitude taboo (n.) host (n.) outstretch verbally locale so that...

Avoiding Cultural Taboos Active various conservative sensitive display (v.) tip (n.) critical Passive gesture (v.) wrapping precaution Phrases


raise (v.) offend/offensive enjoyable unacceptable affection avoid sacred tolerant (of) far-off

used to thanks to to be related to as a precaution

dictate (v.) decade cue (n.) perceive oversized additionally explode dizzying retro (body) piercing loose-fitting lead to to look back at/on to take one's cue from provide (sb.) with (sth.)

even though to be unsure of for fear of to even if to be similar to to point out Unit 2 Ch1 Fashionable Decision Active identity trend /trendy(adj.) casual popular/popularity influence (n./v.) /influential formal celebrity combine personalize torn Passive idolize slogan synthetic icon punk wave accessory earpiece baggy businesslike midriff low-rise Phrases to have ...influence on in fashion to be popular with on the scene to look to (sb.) for (sth.) at the forefront of

2008-2009 Fall Final

Unit 4 Ch1 realize demand (n.) dense average (adj.) suburbs retire/retirement complex (n.) install overcrowding (n.) inseparable


What Does a Million Dollars Buy? Active cost of living population dramatically property necessity district assume immature illogical

industrialized soar (v.) supply (n.) approximately inflation calculation life expectancy irresponsible Passive mortgage

Phrases in reality over time as a result to live on due to in other words Unit 4 Ch2 Lottery Winner---Rich, but Happy? Active purchase (v.) luxury (adj./n.) employ financial sensibly vehicle extravagant recall (v.) calculate/calculation invest Passive jackpot account mortgage unforeseen to end up with/in/V+ing to be banned from... to have trouble V+ing institute irate tricky Phrases to keep up with to be in trouble with to give away (as) counselor reportedly windfall

lottery affluent expert release (n.) secure (v.) vacant

to turn...into... to apply for

ancient purity progress (v.) exchange (v.) newlywed originate conceal veil union well wisher to originate in rather than

Unit 5 Ch1 Wedding Customs Active practice (n.) customary fabric uncommon modesty remove eternal everlasting household (adj.) boundary Passive secrecy engrave bloom Phrases (and) vice versa not...until


internationalization memorable

circular bouquet spotlessness other than to show off

to be incorporated into

2008-2009 Spring Midterm

Unit 6 Ch1 mysterious speculate carve opposite (adj.) monument feat scarce sensation marvel (v.) archeologist inner etching aerial observatory baffle isolated resemble ruin (n.) origin phenomenon awaken witness (v.) defy Passive volcanic plateau insignificant enigma introspective formation etch geometric prehistoric retrospective Mystery Tours spectacular intriguing inhabit/inhabitant transport (v.) remarkable preserve (v.) incredible first-hand prospective Active

as to to sign up for

Phases given that... to defy description Unit 7 Ch 1 Successful Dieting Active forum portion calorie clinic overweight Passive carbohydrate Phrases to cut down on to get/be fed up with


diet (v./n.)/dieter fad moderate (adj.) fiber vegetarian (n.) appreciation dieter weight-loss to keep (it) off either...or...

veteran (adj.) fix (v.) nutrition alternate (v.) benefit


to do the trick (for) to fill sb. up

to make a big/no difference

to be worth it Unit 9 Ch1 Is an Only Child a Lonely Child? Active namely demanding argument (against/for) spoiled despite percentage significantly decline (v.) pressure (n.) overwhelming (adj.) prime (adj.) consideration advocate (n.) advantage quality time self-esteem affect (v.) unique adopt Passive give-and-take exceedingly overpower disgrace (n.) Phrases with regard to to be associated with to negotiate with to be involved in on average to to be combined with to feel comfortable about

dilemma keen sibling replacement concern (n.) elect (v.) pregnancy potential (n.) circumstance negotiation stigma fertility (the) pros and cons of to interact with to be capable of to arise from

08 Spring Final

Unit 9 Ch 2 Changing Roles: Stay-at-Home Dads Active question (v.) gender prevail conventional involvement thereby presence/absence juvenile decrease (n.) opposition primary grant (v.) rule (v.)/ruling (n.) flexibility breadwinner nonetheless patriarch corporate reluctant sue pioneer (n.) priority Passive reap matriarch paternity


maternity leave messy discriminate/discrimination concession day-to-day caregiver maternal patronize

to be on the rise to switch to be out of touch (with)

Phrases to compete with to contribute to on the grounds of

as opposed to to discriminate against

relatively radical (adj.) prohibit attention secure (adj.) thus critic resort (n.) homeschool (v.) convene inventory to apply to to point out on a...basis

Unit 10 Ch1 Homeschooling---a Better Way to Learn? Active compulsory alternative (to) complex formally behavioral shortage escalating (adj.) motivate reportedly monitor (v.) competent restore compromise (n.) assert Passive dissatisfaction (with) circumvent Phrases to take on in contrast in terms of Unit 11 Ch2 to remove...from to miss out on to allow sb. access to Words to Remember Active insert accelerate enhance link (v.) deposit (v.) dinosaur embarrassing Passive

disgruntled revenue

differ chip (n.) otherwise vivid visual/visualize absorb memorize tremendous unlock retrieval

fluency feasible landmark association progress (v.) retain index (n.)

mnemonic divisible Phrases


locus/loci pairing (n.)

to put away to be connected to

to divide...into... not only...but also...

to common



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