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Biology 230 Human Anatomy Miramar College Room: S5-212 MW 6.00 pm - 9.50 pm

Fall 2008 Instructor: Fabienne Bouton-Sander E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: S5-212, Friday ­ hours to be determined


Catalog Course Description Students will embark on a study of the systems of the human body. This is accomplished through a study of the organization of the body's systems from the microscopic level of organization to the gross anatomy level. In addition, the relationship between structure and function will be examined through the study of histological slides, anatomical models and charts, human cadavers, and preserved mammalian (cat) dissection. This course is intended to meet the requirements of students in the fields of nursing, psychology, exercise sciences, physical education and biology, or those who wish to extend their knowledge of the human body beyond the scope of introductory biology. The study of anatomy has a great deal of material to memorize and understand. It is a large and complex area of study that will require much dedicated energy and time by you. This course requires a commitment from you that you may not have experienced in your education thus far. Thus it is YOUR responsibility to make the necessary arrangements that you personally need to allow you to be successful in this course. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of the Human Anatomy course, the student will be able to: 1. Recognize and demonstrate adequate knowledge of the tissue makeup of the body's organs including the ability to identify microscopic slides of human and animal tissue. 2. Recognize and demonstrate adequate knowledge of the organ makeup of the body's organ systems including the ability to relate anatomy to the general function of the organ systems. 3. Determine the positions and discuss the relationship of the organs and parts of his/her own body, a human cadaver, and other mammals. 4. Demonstrate skills in dissection and recognize relationships of tissues, organs, and systems in an animal the student has dissected. 5. Use the nomenclature of standard references of anatomy and the basic terminology of anatomy. Required Materials Human Anatomy, by F.H. Martini, M.J. Timmons, and R.B. Tallitsch (6th ed.) Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual, by Fabienne Bouton ­ Mira Mesa Copy Center, 9363 Mira Mesa Blvd; open Mon ­ Fri: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm; Saturday: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Useful Anatomy Websites - great for histology


Optional Materials The Anatomy Coloring Book, by Elson and Kapit Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, by R.M. McMinn and Hutchings Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy with Cat dissections, by Marieb Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory, 6th edition by Van De Graaff & Crawley Photographic Atlas of Histology, by Leboffe Deadlines September 5, 2008 Last day to add with instructor's permission and to withdraw with no "W" recorded. September 8, 2008 Last day to drop and be eligible for refund of enrollment fees and/or non-resident tuition. September 25, 2008 Last day to file a petition for Credit/No Credit grade option. October 31, 2008 Last day to withdraw from the course with an option of "W" grade. No drops accepted after this date. Method of Instruction The text chosen for this course is an excellent source of information and graphics. You are responsible for all of the assigned reading material in your book. The reading assignments are given in the schedule. I suggest that you read the respective assignment prior to attending class. I strongly recommend that you start by reading the Chapter Review at the end of each chapter. The lecture portion of the course will cover concepts in anatomy as explained in the text book. Some of the material covered in the lecture may overlap in the laboratory. Working in the laboratory requires your participation. Human anatomy can only be truly learned by working with the specimens (models, charts, cadavers, etc.) with your own hands and mind. You must put items where they belong when done with them. If you do not, the lab will quickly become a mess and no one will be able to find things. Quizzes Six 15-point quizzes will be administered at the beginning of the lecture session. Quiz dates are indicated on the schedule. Multiple choice and/or True or False questions will be drawn from your assigned reading and lecture/lab up to but not including the day of the quiz. There are NO make-up quizzes given. A missed quiz will be counted as a ZERO. Exams Six exams (between 125-135 pts each) will be given throughout the semester. Exam dates and times are listed on the schedule. These laboratory exams will be a combination of structure identification from charts, models, diagrams, microscope slides, cadavers, etc., short answer questions from lecture and/or lab materials, and fill-in-the-blanks. In addition, there will be 25 multiple choice and/or T/F questions, cumulative for that unit. There are NO make-up exams given. A missed exam will be counted as a ZERO. Spelling counts and you will be penalized by a ¼ point for each misspelled word. However, these points can be recovered by handwriting each misspelled word (correctly spelled!) 25 times and submitting to me within one week after receipt of your graded exam.


No Make-Ups! Check your course schedule now! There are NO make-up quizzes given. There are NO make-up exams given. There is NO extra credit work. Grading Letter grades will be calculated based on the percentage of total possible points. There will be no curving or grade adjustments.

Grade A B C D F Percentage (%) 89.45 - 100% 79.45 ­ 89.44% 69.45 ­ 79.44% 59.45 ­ 69.44% < 59.45%

Giving grades over e-mail is not allowed. Keep track of your exam scores using the Grade Sheet in your lab manual. Open lab All anatomy material will be available for self-learning and review during the open lab, in your classroom S5-212. Check open lab hours on MWF in the Miramar Class Schedule under Biology 231. You must register for this 1.0 unit class (Bio 231) and accrue 16 hours of open lab time to obtain credit. It is not to be used for formal instruction. Make sure you come prepared with the appropriate books and materials to help you study. Remember to place items where they belong when done with them! Attendance Attendance is mandatory. You are expected to attend each class meeting, arrive on time, and stay for the entire class period. Students who never attended the first two days of class will be dropped. It is the instructor's discretion to withdraw a student after the add/drop deadline (October 31, 2008) due to excessive absences. Two unexcused absences (including late arrival and early departure) are considered excessive absences. Students who remain enrolled in the class beyond the published withdrawal deadline, as stated in the class schedule, will receive an evaluative letter grade in this class. However, it is the student's responsibility to drop the class in which he/she is no longer attending. Student Conduct Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating on any test will result in a ZERO for that test AND an F grade for the course. The student will be reported to the Department Chair, and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken. Please silence your cell phones in class and during exams. Their use is inappropriate in this class. Disabled Students Any student with a disability who may need academic accommodation or advice should contact me and Disabled Student Programs and Services Office during the first week of class. Refer to the Miramar College Catalog for more information.


Student Facilities There are tutors, anatomy models, slides, and microscopes available for anatomy students at the "PLACE", room D-106. Tips on how to succeed in this class 1. Read chapter prior to coming to class 2. Attend all lectures and labs 3. Stay on track with the schedule 4. Study in small group 5. Participate and ask questions if confused 6. Get tutoring Disclaimer The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule and course curriculum in order to optimize the progress of the class.


CLASS SCHEDULE Reading should be done BEFORE class! Date August 25, M August 27, W September 1, M September 3, W Topic An Introduction to Anatomy The Tissue Level of Organization Labor Day Quiz 1 at 6.00 pm The Tissue Level of Organization (cont'd) Integumentary System Exam 1 at 7.30 pm Skeletal System: osseous tissue & skeletal structure Skeletal System: axial division Quiz 2 at 6.00 pm Skeletal System: appendicular division Skeletal System: articulations Exam 2 at 7.30 pm Muscular System: skeletal muscle tissue & muscle organization Cat Dissection Muscular System: axial musculature Muscular System: appendicular musculature Cat Dissection Quiz 3 at 6.00 pm Muscular System: appendicular musculature (cont'd) Cat Dissection Muscular System (cont'd) Exam 3 at 7.30 pm Nervous System: neural tissue Nervous System: brain 13 15 9 5 6 4 (to p 104) Chapters in Text 1 3

September 8, M September 10, W September 15, M September 17, W September 22, M

7 8

September 24, W September 29, M October 1, W

October 6, M

10 11

October 8, W

October 13, M October 15, W October 20, M


Date October 22, W

Topic Nervous System: cranial nerves Nervous System: spinal cord & spinal nerves Quiz 4 at 6.00 pm Nervous System: autonomic division Nervous System: special senses: olfaction; gustation; hearing

Chapters in Text 15 14

October 27, M

17 (up to p 458) 18

October 29, W

Nervous System: special senses: equilibrium; vision (cont'd) Brain and Eye Dissection Exam 4 at 7.30 pm Cardiovascular System: blood Cardiovascular System: heart Cardiovascular System: heart (cont'd) Cardiovascular System: vessels & circulation Quiz 5 at 6.00 pm Lymphatic System Endocrine System Heart Dissection Exam 5 at 7.30 pm Holiday Respiratory System Digestive System Digestive System (cont'd) Quiz 6 at 6.00 pm Urinary System Reproductive System Review Exam 6 at 7.30 pm 24 25 20 21

November 3, M November 5, W

November 10, M


November 12, W

23 19

November 17, M

November 19, W November 24 -26 December 1, M

December 3, W December 8, M

26 27

December 10, W December 15, M December 17, W


I have read and understand this complete syllabus. I am aware of the testing policy and grading policy. I also understand that any kind of cheating on any exam is a zero grade for that exam AND an F grade for the course. I agree to abide by these rules while enrolled in this course. Sign, tear off, and return I have read and understand this complete syllabus. I am aware of the testing policy and grading policy. I also understand that any kind of cheating on any exam is a zero grade for that exam AND an F grade for the course. I agree to abide by these rules while enrolled in this course.

_________ Signature Print Name Date

I agree to have my grades posted in the classroom using the last four digits of my student's I.D. number I disagree to have my grades posted in the classroom using the last four digits of my student's I.D number



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