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Leaf beetles - Chrysomelidae

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Australian tortoise beetle (Trachymela sloanei)

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Native to Australia, now widespread in S CA. Hosts: Red gum eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis); Blue gum eucalyptus (E. globulus); and Rose gum eucalyptus (E. grandis). Field ID: Adults about 6-7 mm long, brown with darker mottled spots, hemispherical and flattened underneath. Legs with tarsomeres bilobed and covered ventrally with a thick set of bristles. Larvae brown, caterpillar-like, with black head and three small pairs of legs on thorax, and sclerotized tubercles along the body. Elliptical, orange eggs are laid in crevices or fissures in or under bark. Both adults and larvae feed on foliage during the night. adult

Life size

adult on ground

bilobed tarsus larva

Damage on E. camaldulensis


Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner's Office/Weights and Measures Department ­ Prepared by N. von Ellenrieder, September 2003 and


Microsoft PowerPoint - Australian tortoise beetle

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