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Western Region Municipality (WRM) - Department of Municipal Affairs

ENTITY Abstract GIS Section Profile SDI Involvement

Western Region - Madinat Zayed P.O. Box 50012, Abu Dhabi, UAE Phone: +971 (0) 2 898 8888 E-Mail: [email protected] In May 2006, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, may Allah The Almighty preserves him, has issued the Law No. 10 concerning the formation of the Western Region Municipality and the Municipal Council of the Western Region in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This vast unspoiled land of the Western Region is bountiful with potential and life. Western Region constitutes the western part of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It represents around 80% of the total area of the Emirate and contributes over 40% of the gross domestic production. Western Region is considered one the richest areas of oil and gas fields in the UAE in addition to being renowned for its diverse farm and livestock resources, especially camels which enjoy considerable care by the inhabitants who are interested in keeping purebred camels. The Western Region contains several diverging cities, villages and islands. Some of them are located in the heart of desert such as (Mahader Liwa ­ Madinat Zayed ­ Bainona ­ Gayathi ­ Abu Rahma ­ Abu Monzer), and some of them overlook the Arabian Gulf, such as (Mirfa ­ Ruwais ­ Silaa), in addition to several islands (Such as Delma Island) which has extensive population and (Abu AlAbiadh Island) and (Bani Yas Island) which was turned by the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May Allah have mercy on his soul) into a fantastic natural sanctuary of unique planning to become a destination for tourists from the UAE and abroad. Our Vision: Modernity and prosperity for cities by providing advanced infrastructure and municipal services. Our Mission: Providing the well being and comfort of living for residents of the Western Region in an attractive region recognized by its healthy environment and civilized sceneries through establishing the appropriate infrastructure and providing distinctive municipal services.

Town Planning Division - GIS Section Our Strategy: To develop a centralized geo-database to support business needs of all WRM divisions including their satellite offices, and additionally provide digital services to the public and private sector within the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Our Mission: To provide proactive support and assistance, in terms of both technology and staff, to acquire, convert, integrate, maintain, document, analyze, coordinate, and distribute geographic information for a variety of Western Region needs. Our Goals - Identifying resources and organizing them. - Managing GIS data requests efficiently. - Determining other divisions' plans and goals related to geospatial data. WRM became a member entity in the SDI community in May 2008. The Town Planning Division/GIS/Survey Sections representing WRM on the SDI Working Groups which aims to develop a common data model to share with the SDI stakeholders. GIS & Survey Sections has been involved in some major data projects: Large Scale Basemap Enhancement Project including aerial orthorectification New Base Map NBM Project covering ADM and WRM Global Reference Station and VRS (Virtual Reference Stations) Densification of the Geodetic network and Precise leveling net Land Management System (eLMS) Municipality Administrative Boundaries Elaboration and demarcation Common Satellite Imagery Updating Program Cadastral Plot Boundaries and Updating of the eLMS Street Addressing Program

SDI Coordinator:

Eng. Mohammed Odtalla ([email protected])



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