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Our main experiences in the DMS/EMS field

DMS system for the electric power distribution network for the city of Verona (AGSM). DMS system for the electric power distribution network of Brescia and for the transmission and distribution network of Salò Walley (AGSM). Telecontrol peripheral (RTU) MV/LV substations for the electric power distribution network of AEM (Milan and Milan district). New generation Station Computer SCADA/HMI for HV/MV sub-stations of Terna using IEC 61850 protocol and providing sub-station automation. SCADA/HMI for HV/MV sub-stations of Terna providing monitoring functions MMS/UCA.2 protocol.

automazione industriale

Electrical networks telecontrol and supervision

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DMS (Distr ibution Management System) for electr ic power distr ibution

The telecontrl, supervision and management system, eXPert DMS, for the electric power distribution, is constituited by software and hardware components produced by s.d.i. automazione industriale. The software components runs over Windows or Linux based systems. It is a complete DMS system that provides all the functionalities needed for the electric distribution management, integrating network topological editing and import, anagraphical plant and users information, analysis and simulations of network status, quality of service related reporting. The system receives real time information from the peripheral devices and integrates them with operator entered information (relating to remote not controlled substations). The HMI representation of the whole network represents topology and network status using graphical animated object (up to 100.000 objects ) positioned over a virtual page of 40x40 monitors of 1600x1200 pixels, viewable using scrolling, panning and de-cluttering functions.

Network status analysis

The system provides several network view modes that highlight the functional aspects such as energy flows and voltage levels . Failure detection and localization is handled automatically. The system is connected to a simulation station thet allows a failure post-analisys and a simulation of corrective operator actions.

Telecontrol per ipherals

Plant data acquisition is carried out by telecontrol peripherals (RTUs of the STAR family produced by s.d.i. or third party RTUs), the data are transmitted to telecontrol center using the site available media (PSTN, ISDN, GSM, dedicated lines, radio bridge, LAN, WAN, power line communication) and using standard protocols (IEC 870-5101/104, TIC1000) .


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